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Rolly Worms Tips, Cheats & Tricks: How to Get a High Score

Appsolute Game’s new iOS-only title Rolly Worms is another one of those “fake/unusual adjective ending in ‘y’ + single-syllable noun” games titled not unlike Flappy Bird, and with a similarly bare-bones, yet addictive set of mechanics. As you may infer from the game title, this is an endless rolling game, and since the worms (meaning you) have invaded the apple tree, you’ll have to roll your way down the branch and onto the path, while trying to avoid the gaps. Tap on your screen to make worms pop out of the apple, and to make them jump over those gaps, because if you fail to clear them successfully, that’s the end of your run.

As is the tradition with these unusually named games, you shouldn’t expect any special twists and turns along the way – it’s just simple, straightforward fun where the only thing you’re trying to beat your high score. So join us as we present to you our list of Rolly Worms tips, cheats and tricks, because it could be a bit frustrating at times to play this game, but surprisingly simple to regularly have a good score, preferably one that’s better than your previous high.

1. The Basics Of Jumping

How do you make your “rolly” worms jump around and over the gaps? Just tap on the screen, as that will make them stick their heads out. That might sound a bit odd, but you’ll find out soon enough that a lot of your jumps will involve sticking the worm’s head out of the ball at various times. A straight jump would be fine if you’re trying to move up, while an angled jump will allow you to jump lower, but roll faster down.

2. It’s Better To Jump Early When On The Log

You don’t want to play it too safe when on the log. Instead of jumping too late, you should jump a bit early. Waiting too long and playing it conservatively will only be your downfall, as it often won’t matter where the heads stick out of. Unless your angle is almost perfect and you make what should amount to a “trick” jump, you won’t make it. Faster rolling means more wiggle room and greater leeway for mistakes, though the catch here is that it would be a little harder to time your jumps.

3. Beware The Bird

From time to time, you will see a bird flying overhead, but that bird’s not going to rain down power-ups or any other goodies that might help you in the game. This bird is nothing but trouble, and once it’s flying, you should not stick your worms out of the apple, lest the worms get chomped on by the bird. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to avoid the bird; as it flies overhead, the only time you will be in danger is if you’re jumping in the air. Stay inside the apple until the bird flies away, and you won’t have any problem with that nasty old bird.

4. What Does The Third Button Do?

See that third button from the button located on the left side of the interface? It doesn’t do anything to your game, but clicking the button will launch an ad video, where you could watch a 30-second clip and get 25 coins in return for viewing the ad. One of the ads become available after a cool down period of about three minutes or so, which may not be ideal for everyone. Still, a short cool down of a couple minutes is better than one that lasts a couple hours, so that should at least allow you to earn coins quickly.

5. How To Get New Worms

You can buy new worms for 100 coins each, and that’s going to unlock you a brand new set, with the sets getting awarded to you at random – unfortunately, you cannot choose specific worms through this option. The worm store also allows you to buy worms for $0.99 each, though we only recommend this option if you’re really low on coins and willing to part with real-life money to add some customization to your game.