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Bullet Hell Monday Tips & Cheats: 5 Hints to Complete More Stages

Masayuki Ito’s new iOS game Bullet Hell Monday is a bullet hell shooter and an “authentic bullet hell shmup” for your iPhone. The game comes with more than 50 stages, and as you go along, you can upgrade your ship with the points you earn after completing a stage. And once your ship has been upgraded, you can take part in Challenge Mode and see just how good it is in a variety of difficulties – there’s Easy, Normal, Hard, and ironically, Heaven as the hardest difficulty level. As for the chapters, you can complete the missions per chapter so you can unlock new stages, and as mentioned, use your points for ship upgrades.

In this game you’ll encounter a variety of enemies and different types of geographical challenges, and through it all, you’ll have to shoot down those enemies and avoid their fire in order to clear the stages. This is an old-school-style mobile experience that could get challenging quickly, so read on as we shall now bring you a set of Bullet Hell Monday tips, cheats and tricks to help you through those stages.

1. Change The Sensitivity

One complaint we have about the game is the controls – they aren’t exactly that responsive when you play the game for the first time. But if you explore the game’s settings a bit, you’ll find a way to tweak the controls and make them more manageable. Adjust the sensitivity to your liking, but preferably to a level where the ship outpaces your finger. That should make it easy to move your ship and to see it, because it’s all too common for the ship to be hidden behind your finger when using the default settings.

2. Replay Levels For More AP

The game will award you with AP for destroying enemies, gathering items, completing levels, and within those levels, completing the quests or objectives included. But just because you already beat a level doesn’t mean you cannot play it again. You can go back to any completed stage and replay it, repeating the same quests and getting the same amount of AP once you’re all done. Do this as often as possible on stages that are easy to beat and a rich source of AP, as grinding is perfectly fine in Bullet Hell Monday when trying to get a good amount of AP.

3. Watch Ad Videos For More AP

Ad videos, once again, play a key role in helping you gain more of the good stuff in this game – that would be AP, in this case. If you see the option to redeem a free gift, choose the video, though bear in mind that this option will only be available on one out of ten levels. Getting gifts without watching the video would earn you about 40 AP or thereabouts, but watching the video will allow you to earn 200 AP when the ad has been completed.

4. You’ll Have To Redo The Upgrades Once You Get A New Shot

You will be able to unlock new shot types in this game, but the caveat here is that you’ll have to start your upgrades from scratch once the new type has been unlocked. We would suggest returning to the default, classic laser shot, then going to the harder levels and grinding them out. That will earn you a substantial amount of AP, which you can then apply toward to the new shot you had unlocked.

5. What Are The Best Upgrades?

Generally speaking, the ships left and bombs left upgrades are the best common area upgrades in the game, though the caveat is that those two upgrades will cost you a pretty penny. You can upgrade to a maximum five ships and five bombs each, but the thing here is that that’s going to cost you a whole lot of AP. But if you save up your AP and prioritize these upgrades, you can last considerably longer during the tougher levels in the game, particularly those boss stages that can be notoriously hard to beat if you’re low on ships or bombs.