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Revived Witch Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Fulfill Your Destiny

Revived Witch is an adventure RPG  published by Yostar, of Azur Lane fame. With a story worth seeing through to the end, absolutely gorgeous use of 2D spritework and 2½D environments, and gloriously pretty mood lighting, this is one of the most gorgeous  games you will find on any phone. Not to mention all the cute anime girls, and the two guys in the entire playable roster. At least so far.

As for the gameplay, it would be familiar to anyone who’s played Atelier Online or Summoners War: Lost Centuria: You have a team of cute anime girls (called Dolls), and a regenerating energy bar (called the Order bar) at the bottom of the screen. Certain Dolls’ skills consume a certain amount of Order Energy.

revived witch tips

The fun bit comes with what happens after consuming Order Energy: Your team generates a bar of Chaos Energy for every bar of Order Energy consumed, and this allows them to use their strong secondary abilties, while also filling up a star to the right of the screen that lets them spam attacks like maniacs for a few seconds when full. Of course, this can be set to Auto if all you want to focus on is making a team that works well with each other, though which kind of Auto, we will discuss later.

You play an unnamed (though not for long, you get to name them) Witch who enters the Chrono Tower, a mysterious place connecting multiple worlds together through magical time-space shenanigans. As the chaos from other worlds starts spilling into her own, she has made it her problem, and herself everyone else’s problem.

revived witch gameplay

Using her team of powerful Dolls, the Witch goes into the Paralleled Chronospaces and beats up all the idiots in them causing problems, in hopes of stemming the tide of terrible face-eating, dream-haunting, time-wrecking horrors emanating from within the Tower. On top of this, she also hopes to recover her sealed memories while helping people along the way.

And we’re here to help you with that! So be sure to stay with us and read our comprehensive Revived Witch beginner’s guide for tips, tricks and strategies to fulfill your destiny!


There are a quite a few things to keep in mind in any gacha game, and Revived Witch is no different. For one thing, in the story mode, you may occasionally be better off simply ignoring enemies in favor of saving Stamina, or you noticed you ran out of Stamina without making much in the way of progress. Here’s some tips and notes about all that.

The First Thousand Tries

summoning characters in revived witch

A rarity in gacha games, Revived Witch starts you off with a whopping 100 attempts at 10-rolls, though you can only accept one result from it. Don’t waste this by rushing, keep rolling until you get someone you’re gunning for, whether it be for their power or their looks. Preferably both! On top of this, you also get a single discounted 10-roll afterwards everytime a new gacha banner appears, worth 1000 Souls rather than the usual 2000. If you ever catch yourself rerolling your whole account, that means you fouled up very early.

Explore Every Inch

revived witch pack of lies

When in a mission, always explore the entire map for treasure, and keep an eye on the minimap: Not only is everything marked on the minimap for you, it may even reveal secret paths that your character can’t walk past yet, or at least those obscured by graphical decorations like houses or trees.

revived witch truth revealed

Sweeping a map completely clean of chests gives you extra rewards which you can collect in the Paralleled Chronospace mission select screen, such as Souls for the gacha, and equipment upgrade stones.

Evade or Kill ‘Em All?

revived witch flare

Since enemies can be found in the story mode’s adventure map, they can also be avoided. Killing them yields your squad (including the backup team even if you didn’t use them) a small amount of Mana to level your squad after finishing the map, some immediate EXP for the participants, and some Affection points.

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If you skip the battles by going around them, you can get some Stamina refunded after you make it to the mission’s end, letting you have some extra to start the next one. Considering the rewards for winning normal mook fights are fairly small, especially once you’re in chapter 3 (by this time you’re mostly gonna want to do this for the Affection), you have an incentive to avoid combat and spend the saved stamina elsewhere, like in the Dreamworld or the next mission.

Note that evading an enemy on the overworld is far different from retreating from a fight you’re already in.

Already in a Fight? See It To The End

revived witch retreat

Yeah, if you think you can escape a fight and still wind up in the overworld because you wanted to try being nice and not killing anything, don’t bother. A retreat immediately kicks you back to the bottom of the Chronotower, and you have to start the level again.

The only time you should do this is when a fight goes so badly that you have no choice anyway. At least you get to keep your chest hunting progress if you leave or lose a battle during the story.

Assist Doll?

revived witch assist doll

The Assist doll is a Doll other players can use that gives them a single use Chaos skill. Seeing as an Assist Doll’s skill can only be used once per battle, you’ve got a couple of options for who to set as your Assist Doll if you want to help others as effectively as you can: You can either bring someone with a powerful healing skill, or someone with a highly damaging attack, whether it be single target or for clearing crowds.

Both can be used to flip a bad fight around, which is when you would need an Assist Doll the most anyway. Setting a Guardian as an Assist doll is typically not the best idea unless they have some form of powerful AOE attack as a Chaos skill too, since you’re not actually using them to block attacks.

As for picking an assist doll to help YOUR team, prioritize a high ascension level, then their actual level. Though picking people around your ascension level might be a good idea if you want to grow your friend list for the tasty delicious Friendship Shop. Usually, people with extremely high level characters have full friend lists, simply because they’re old.

Plan Out Your Day

revived witch the plan

In the vein of older mobile games, Revived Witch is not entirely generous with its stamina bar. Early on, you’ll be given lots of Stamina Potions, and the game does give them to you with events, weekend rewards, and leveling up refills your stamina. Later on though, you’ll be burning through your stamina at an alarming rate, so it helps to make a plan on what you’re going to do for the day or even the week.

A few suggestions: You have the option of spending the majority of your Stamina in Dreamland missions to make your characters stronger, while spending less stamina on Story missions. This makes you more likely to be overleveled during story missions while making as much levelling progress as possible, though the actual story will take time.

Another option is to do the complete opposite, playing story missions until you run into a fight you can’t win, then grinding until you can beat it. This allows you to rush through the story and get furniture early, at least until things start getting difficult.

You also have the option of planning by the day: Maybe today, you spend all your Stamina grinding in Mana Dreamland, then tomorrow you spend it all enjoying the story missions, then maybe the day after you gather Skill Pacts so your Doll team’s skill levels are on par with their actual character level. Either way, make sure you have a plan, and be prepared for the long haul.

Lastly, use your Stamina Potions and take them into account when planning your day! You can use them by tapping the + icon in the Stamina meter, and these potions often have expiration dates. You don’t want all that getting wasted just because you forgot they exist!

Auto-Combat, Free Or Default?

revived witch auto combat

There are two types of Auto-combat in the game, and the tutorial tells you nothing of it. So we’re going to tell you instead!

There is Default Mode, where the AI tries to figure out the attacks on its own and spams everything as hard as it can. For most battles and Dreamworld grinding, this works well enough. The AI isn’t completely stupid about it, since it is smart enough to prioritize healing when the team is injured.

Though it’s not very good at figuring out whether to use a defensive skill or an attack skill, since it will prioritize whichever has a lower energy cost, and will typically use the more expensive skills only if the purple star on the right of the screen is filled up.

In the Settings menu though (tap your character portrait and go to System Settings), you can set your Auto-combat to Free Mode, which gives you a measure of control: You can command the AI to prioritize one Order skill and one Chaos skill over the rest, allowing you to play with a more coherent plan while still being able to spam skills as fast as the AI can, which can be the decisive factor in a really rough bossfight.

This is especially useful for emulator players since fighting on full manual controls with a mouse or keyboard can be sluggish compared to using your thumbs on a smartphone or mid-size tablet. As a sidenote, Free Mode auto-combat works very well if you have one person on the team who uses a Charge Skill (a skill that gets charged directly by use of other skills, instead of using the Chaos bar as their energy pool) as their secondary, as it will automatically trigger regardless of your choice of Chaos skill to spam.


revived witch dolls

There are many different kinds of Dolls in Revived Witch, but you can only bring two teams of three Dolls each into battle, along with another player’s designated Assist Doll, who does their skill once per battle.

Knowing what a Doll can do is important so you know who they work well with, and you should diligently read a new doll’s skill descriptions instead of relying solely on them being a shiny UR or SSR. That being said, here is each class in a nutshell.


revived witch guardian

What you would call a tank in any other game. Guardians are usually placed in front, and often have some form of protective ability as an Order skill, and an attack with special effects as a Chaos skill. As tanks, they always have high HP, PHYS DEF, and MAG DEF, making them hard to kill especially when paired with a Healer or one of the support-type Compellers. Their damage power on the other hand typically suffers, though some of the best Guardians (the absolutely broken Afallen comes into mind) still have fairly hard-hitting attacks on top of being nigh unkillable.

Guardians tend to be a hit-or-miss choice as Assist Dolls, since a Guardian’s most important job is soaking shots, which they can’t do if they’re not actually part of the team proper. If you’re picking a Guardian for the assist slot, make sure you read their Chaos skill description first!


revived witch destroyer

Frontline damage dealers with good HP and usually Physical, sometimes Magic attack spells, Destroyers are what would typically be called fighters or warriors in any other game. While their stats say tank, their abilities are there to deal damage, either against the enemy team or to a single target.

If you think getting some extra damage is a bit more important than making sure nobody pokes the Dolls out back, then put a Destroyer in front. While Destroyers make better choices for Assist Dolls than Guardians, they’re still a relatively odd choice. Just like Guardians, part of their job is taking hits, they just have more focus on hitting back this time.


revived witch assassin

Backstabbing and wet tissue armor is what you expect from any class named Assassin in any other game, and it is no different here. Assassins have the highest ATK in the game, but typically require someone else to take the heat away from them, especially if an enemy starts using area of effect attacks. Their abilities typically target an enemy in the rear, and their powerful damage ability could be useful for bossfights.

Naturally, you don’t want them in front, or they’ll melt like butter. Picking a high level Assassin as an Assist Doll is usually a good idea if you’re expecting a tough bossfight. Some Assassins have all-target attacks instead, acting like physical damage Mages, since their skills almost never deal Magic damage.


revived witch mage

Maybe rather than stabbing one person really hard, you want to poison or nuke the entire enemy team. Mages live for that, with high Magic ATK power, low HP, and skills that deal AOE damage, whether through a burst of damage, damage over time via burning or poison, or both at the same time. They are generally useable in bossfights, but they truly excel in normal battles against enemy groups.

Picking a mage as an Assist Doll typically means lazy smooth sailing for story adventures, since they have a tendency to oneshot normal mook teams if you’re grabbing one way above your own team’s level. Some Mages have powerful single target attacks like Assassins, but they never deal Physical damage or hit the guy in the back.


revived witch healer

They deal damage, but in reverse. Healers typically have an Order skill that heals either a single target or everyone, and their Chaos skill typically heals, gives a buff so someone or everyone on the team, or both at the same time. You can’t go wrong with putting a healer out back, especially if your plan involves having a Guardian soak up as much damage as possible and protect whoever’s in mid doing the real damage.

Putting them in the mid is fine too if you absolutely want maximum protection for your damage dealer. Picking a Healer as an Assist Doll is usually done as a form of insurance, especially those with powerful burst heals for secondary skills, since they can save you from a fight going badly.


revived witch compeller

In any other game, they would be called the bard, or at least, the weirdo. Compellers are magicians who are less predictable than Mages or Healers. Some of them are offensively oriented, scattering debilitating debuffs all over the enemy team instead of directly relying on raw magical killing power like Mages do.

Some of them are supportively oriented, able to act like Healers, though with a greater focus on providing buffs or still having attack options on top of their healing. While you absolutely must read a new Doll’s skill descriptions no matter the class, this goes double for Compellers.


revived witch witch

We didn’t use the plural, since there’s only one Witch, the protagonist. Unlike Dolls, the Witch progresses only through completing the main story missions and levelling your account (known as Magic Level), as she typically uses special quest items as Ascension and Evolution materials instead of Quartz and gacha duplicate Soulstones.

She is also not beholden to any sort of mission class restriction, to ensure players have at least one person able to do whatever mission is put in front of them, even if it may be ill-advised. Her Order skill is a single target attack, and her Chaos skill is an impenetrable shield (Technically, it’s a portal that outright send enemy attacks into another dimension, but functionally, it’s a shield) that requires precise timing to be effective, but completely negates any attack during its very short duration. If you’re using the Witch, it’s generally a bad idea to use Default Mode Auto-combat.


revived witch dreamworld

Early on, you’ll unlock the Dreamworld, which is where you’ll spend if you want to grind stuff to beat the Paralleled Chronospace with. Here you’ll find everything you need to upgrade your team, like Mana, better gear, Quartz for Ascensions. Etc.

Mana Dreamland

revived witch mana dreamland

The most important of all the Dreamworld missions, the Mana Dreamland gets you Mana to level and ascend your Dolls with, upgrade their skills, forge equipment, etc. You fight against a boss with no unit type restrictions, so send in the best team you have.

While leveling up looks easy early on because of the initial low cost and the large amount of mana the game gives you as a new player, ascending a character ramps the mana cost of leveling up by a ton, since a first ascension lv1 character is stronger than an unascended lv30 character. You’ll need to do this everyday since mana is this game’s bread and butter.

Once you’ve gotten your mana, your main use for it is leveling your character. To do this, go in the Dolls screen (or tap on the magnifying glass on any Doll card you have when you’re prompted to set up a team) then tap the + Level button on the Doll’s own screen. Here you can dump as much mana as the Doll can take until she hits her maximum level, then she will need an Ascension to increase that max level.

Ascension Material

revived witch ascension

Once your team is fully leveled, you can ascend them to make them stronger while resetting their level back to 1. To get the Quartz needed to ascend them, your main haunt will be the Ascension Material tab of Dreamworld. Just like the Mana Dreamland, your team fights a boss, but this time you’re restricted to using the classes (And the protagonist) that you want to get drops for.

If you want to fight the boss that drops Healer and Guardian Quartz, then you won’t be able to bring any DPS characters like Mages and Assassins to the fight. The harder the level you pick, the higher quality the Quartz you get, with the lower level quartz still being available as extra drops. This is available everyday, so don’t hesitate to grind this out if you get stuck somewhere.

Once you have your ascension quartz stones (and the doll you want ascended is max level), you can go to the Dolls screen and tap the Ascend button. This will spend the stones, ascending the Doll and increasing their maximum level, while bumping them back to level 0. Which, by the way, is still stronger than the max level of their previous ascension.

Doll Equipment

revived witch doll equipment

The Doll Equipment fights are quite similar to the Ascension Material fights, since it also has class restrictions based on what weapons you’re trying to get. That being said, it also drops materials for upgrading gear, and all of the fights can drop armor, so there is less worry about having a lack in a certain unit class if all you want are some upgrade stones.

Once you’ve gotten your gear, you can go to the Workshop to upgrade them. You can use old junk equipment or upgrade stones of differing quality to level gear up. Once they reach their maximum level, you can ascend them by feeding them a piece of gear at the same tier as what you want upgraded, increasing its maximum level further. The higher tier a piece of equipment is, the more you can ascend it, so higher tier gear has an overall higher maximum level.

Skill Materials

revived witch skill materials

In the Skill Materials fights, you battle a dark horror that grows ever larger, and beat some Skill Pacts and Shimmering Lights out of them. You need these to unlock and upgrade new skills for your Dolls, so if you’re running into any problems in spite of being properly leveled for the mission at hand, you may need to go here.

Once you have your Skill Pacts or Shimmering Lights, you can go to the Dolls Screen to upgrade skills. Select a Doll, then once you’re in their screen, press the big glowing triangle to the right of the screen. This brings you to their Skill tree, which allows you to unlock and upgrade Skills.


revived witch dimensional trials

As you go through the main Paralleled Chronospace missions, you’re bound to unlock other mission types. If Dreamworld is where you go to grind, these places are where you go to enjoy the effects of all that grinding! Apart from the main story missions of course. You have the Dimensional Trials tab, which is where you go for difficult missions with large rewards, and the Intangible Memory tab, where the adventure might as well be the reward.

Intangible Memory

revived witch that's no witch

A set of quests with Souls as the main reward, you play as other characters within their own side-stories, rather than following the Witch. Gameplay-wise, it is no different from the main quest, as you walk around an overworld and beat up monsters that get in your way, while enjoying the story.

Its level requirements and difficulty arc up much more sharply every level though, to make up for the fact that it is generally shorter than the main story. Perhaps there will be new stories added in the future, but as of this writing the only story here is that of the alchemist Dejase and how she got into the Chrono Tower.

Chronospace Breach

revived witch chronospace breach

As with many gacha games, there is PVP. Chronospace Breach is a seasonal faction PVP mode where you cannot bring a backup team. You have a real advantage over the enemy, as you are allowed to use Manual and Free Mode Auto, while your opponent’s defense team is completely AI-controlled. The game picks 3 foes and gives them a stat advantage to make up for it, depending on which you pick: The Beginner team has no stat boosts, the Advanced team has 20% extra HP, and the Master team has 20% extra HP and ATK.

That being said, this is not the true indicator of a team’s difficulty, as their levels and ascensions may vary wildly. You get more rewards for gunning after the Master team, so if you wind up with a lower level Master enemy, have fun!

And don’t be afraid to do so either if you’re confident in your team composition, or if it looks like your opponent just slapped together their highest level units without regard for how well they work as a team. As the fight goes on, everyone’s attack power increases while their healing ability decreases, though this isn’t enough reason to ditch a healer entirely.

Whichever faction wins the most fights during the season gets an extra reward, and then you get to pick factions again the next time you enter in the new season. Oh yeah, you only have 5 fights a day, so you might as well use them all up!

Evil Return

revived witch evil return

This is a place to get general rewards for powering up your characters, and the most basic of all the Dimensional Trials. Evil Return allows you to beat up bosses you’ve defeated before, this time with increasing difficulty. They give out Mana, equipment upgrade stones, and Skill Pacts in ever greater quantities and quality depending on the boss’ listed difficulty.

You’ll still go back to the Dreamworld for stuff though, since beating a boss increases its difficulty, and you’re eventually bound to run into a wall if you grind it. In which case you go back to Dreamworld, grind that instead, and come back with a bigger hammer to smash that wall with.

The Broken Lands

revived witch the broken lands

You want furniture for the Cottage? This is the place to go. Here, you get into fights with powerful enemy squads, and you’ll notice that each fight gives you Souls, Mana, and most importantly, 100 Furniture Coins, which are hard to come by before unlocking these missions.

Note that Broken Lands missions recharge every week, so you can get a total of 700 coins (You get 4 missions worth 100 coins each, and beating them all gives you an extra 300) every week. This is the toughest of the Dimensional Trials missions if you’re relatively new to the game, as you cannot dispatch a team of dolls more than once per area. If you want to clear this for the week, you need a total of 12 high level Dolls. 12 and not 24, since you can’t bring backup teams here.

Path Not Taken

revived witch path not taken

Path Not Taken battles are bossfights with special rules. You can select these rules (called modifiers) to make the fight harder, so you earn more points (and therefore rewards) for winning. You can take advantage of this by picking modifiers that get countered by your team, like increasing the enemy’s Physical DEF when your team mostly relies on Magic damage.

If you’re confident in your team’s DPS too, you can pick a timer modifier so you get extra points by beating the enemy under a time limit. This mode comes in seasons, with each season resetting the rewards you can earn.


revived witch courtyard

The Witch’s Courtyard could be considered your home away from the bottom of the Chrono Tower. Here, you can do some of the game’s busywork, get some free stuff, and maintain the happiness of your Dolls. While a tired Doll can still fight, they won’t be able to do tasks like exploring the Mirror of the Other World, or engaging in Alchemy.


revived witch cottage

A home for your Dolls, the Cottage can be decorated to provide comfort for any Dolls placed inside. Certain Dolls (along with the protagonist Witch) are particularly friendly and give a bonus to the rest recovery rate of other Dolls in the cottage.

These dolls are marked by a red house icon on the upper right of their card. More and better decorations add to the comfort and energy recovery of Dolls inside too. Upgrading the Cottage adds another floor to it, increasing living space by 5 Dolls.

Mirror of the Other World

revived witch mirror of the otherworld

Or in other words, Azur Lane’s Commissions screen, but with fantasy girls instead of historical warship girls. Here, you can send Dolls on exploration missions within the Mirror to collect loot such as Mana, Hematite gear upgrade stones and Shimmering Lights for skill upgrades. They will take a while, and certain dolls (marked by a mirror insignia on the upper right corner of their card) will collect more loot from these Commissions-er-Mirror exploration.

Thankfully, any Dolls sent to explore the Mirror can still be used in combat and adventuring. Keep in mind that after a Mirror expedition, all of a Doll’s energy is expended, so they will be unable to go to another expedition or use the Alchemy lab, until after they take a break in the Cottage.

Alchemy Lab

revived witch alchemy lab

The Alchemy Lab is where you synthesize materials and Quartz for Ascensions. This is one of the biggest reasons you need the Cottage. You need to assign a Doll to be the Alchemist, and this drains their energy very quickly.

Some Dolls make better alchemists than others, marked by a yellow beaker icon on the upper right of their card. These Dolls have a higher chance of making something extra along with whatever you actually wanted them to craft.

Firefly Lampstand

revived witch firefly lampstand

This is what you use to upgrade the Magic Tree, which is in turn used to upgrade all the other facilities in the Witch’s Courtyard. You have a limited number of fireflies depending on the lampstand’s level, and what you collect from here can be used to level the lampstand too. If you go to the main Witch’s Courtyard screen and see any glowing orbs, tap them to receive the Lampstand’s lights.

Flouresence Villa

revived witch fluorescence villa

The Flouresence Villa is where you send Dolls to grind free EXP and make them stronger, spending a small amount of Lampstand Lights and a large amount of time, instead of precious Mana. They gain EXP and level up simply by hanging around and staring at the little training dummy in the middle of the villa.

Seriously, they never even attack it, they just walk around the place and look at the dummy. Thankfully, unlike most activities in the Witch’s Courtyard, this doesn’t expend a Doll’s energy, so you can put anyone here with no worries.

And this is the end of our Revived Witch beginner’s guide. We hope this helps, and if you have tips of your own or just want a chat with fellow players, then feel free to leave a comment below!