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Revived Witch Tier List: A Complete Guide to the Best Characters in the Game

Revived Witch is an exciting gacha RPG published by Yostar. It has beautiful pixel artwork, a story worth reading through, and of course, loads and loads of cute anime girls. And approximately one hot anime guy, since nobody uses the other hot anime guy. While all of them are worth getting just for their looks and personality, some are better than others in combat.

revived witch tier list

That being said, even the characters on the lower end of the scale are viable in the story mode, as long as you keep them fed and put them in a team that works to their strengths. There is also the fact that the lower a character’s in-game tier (UR, SSR, SR, R, not X-C), the less they cost to upgrade and max out, which means you might have to use some of the lower tiers early on anyway until you can grind for the URs.

You really only should truly avoid using a character if they’re low tier AND an SSR or UR, since they don’t have the ease-of-logistics Rs and SRs provide while still being relatively weak or janky. Too bad for Anemone then!

Now, let’s get started with our comprehensive Revived Witch tier list, as we showcase and rank the best characters that are currently available in the game!

X Tier – Burn The Witch!

These girls are beyond just being good. They’re as good as the ones in S tier but have that bit of extra pizzazz that make them particularly devious or fun to use and watch. Or in the case of characters like Afallen, are brain-smootheningly broken in most normal circumstances. Get these girls in the right team, and not only will you win, but you’ll get an evil grin on your face doing so.


Guardian, Mercury, UR, All-Target Attack, Mage-Supporter, Child Of Ultimate Cheese

afallen revived witch

A truly broken tank who can render your team almost immortal, if you’re willing to let her spam her defensive Order skill endlessly and sacrifice DPS in the process. Her Chaos skill is fairly ordinary as far as Guardians go, but still pretty good: She drops a pillow on the enemy team, causing 300% Magic damage and reducing their Magic DEF.

It costs 3 Chaos energy, which ties in to the real reason she’s so busted: Her Order Skill renders her immune to damage for 2 seconds, puts a shield on top of herself, and makes her soak up all the damage the entire team takes for 10 seconds, counting the two seconds where she’s immortal and therefore, the entire team is immortal. This also costs 3 Order energy, which charges in roughly 4 or 5 seconds.

Tell her to spam this using Free Mode Auto, and your opponent has a measely couple of seconds to deal damage. In that tiny bit of time where her entire team isn’t immortal, they still have to get through Afallen’s HP shield, increased damage resistances, fat UR Guardian statline, and whatever healing she’s being given.

Then she becomes immortal again, gets healed back to full, and you laugh as you slowly torture the enemy to death with your admittedly poor DPS. For this to work, you typically have to tell the designated Healer (who might just happen to be a Compeller instead) to use their secondary skill and Afallen to use her first skill, meaning your damage dealer isn’t doing anything…

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Unless you use a healer or damage dealer with a Charge skill instead of an energy-using skill. Then you laugh even harder, since you now have some form of DPS on top of your cheese-powered near-invincibility. The greatest threat against Afallen would be anything that can stun her in that short attack window, expanding it and making her take more damage.

Or it could also be a massively overblown, powerful attack that will kill Afallen through her shield and resistances in one extremely well-timed strike, or at least deals more damage than the healer can fix during the time it takes to wait out her invincibility AND break her shield. And the incredibly rare battle timer. But if there isn’t a battle timer (like in the great majority of the story mode), she makes the game very, very easy.


Healer, Saltstone, UR, Chaos Battery, Charge Skill Secondary, Team Healer, Shield Generator, Pure Vanilla Flavor

tuonel revived witch

The best healer in the game, bar none. Her Order skill is a team heal that also generates a shield on top of it. Simple, powerful and effective. Her Charge skill is par for the course for many Healers, in that it raises ATK for the whole team, provides a heal over time, and increases the amount of damage they do directly, separate from the ATK stat buff.

She becomes truly amazing once she unlocks her passive: She starts generating a bar of Chaos energy every 4 seconds (2 seconds when maxxed). Paired with the fact she consumes no Chaos energy herself as a Charge skill secondary user, this lets the other people in the squad spam their Chaos skills excessively. Truly one worth dumping all your Mana and Skill Pacts on.


Assassin, Brimstone, UR, Continuous Rear Attack, Order Spammer, Chaos Energy Clearout Sale

akasha revived witch

A spammy backstabber with a 1-bar cost basic skill, and a passive that gives her a chance to reduce the cost of her Chaos skill from 3 bars to 1. Akasha does best against bosses and enemy teams with important rear targets, but she does fine enough against crowds too.

Her basic Order skill hits the enemy backline twice while increasing her own crit chance by 5% and her crit damage by 10% for five seconds. You can spam this skill hard enough and stack those stats up to 25% extra crit chance and 50% crit damage, which you can then follow up with her Chaos skill.

Her chaos skill strikes the rear 6 times, and if the enemy dies, they do it to the next guy, then the next guy until they die or block the attack by staying alive. The slashes also get stronger every hit, increasing the likelihood of kill chains. One can’t help but laugh when a kill chain happens.


Destroyer, Saltstone, SSR, DEF-Penetrating Attack, Single Target DPS, Sailor Miko

yui revived witch

A front unit who excels in face-stabbing other tanks to death. Yui has a fairly normal but hard hitting Order skill, Demonsbane Spear, a 300% damage strike that dispels buffs and hits a single target, costing 3 Order energy. Her Chaos skill is particularly deadly, a self-buff that further increases Demonsbane Spear’s damage by another 50%, and turns her normal attacks into rapid, roughly double damage blows.

Her passive makes it so she ignores Phys DEF worth 20% of her ATK for 10 seconds after using her Order skill, so the combo would go something like this: Use a teammate’s 2 Order skill, use Demonsbane Spear for the DEF ignoring buff, then use her Chaos skill, then Demonsbane Spear again within the next 10 or so seconds.


Destroyer, Saltstone, UR, Regen Tank, All-target Damage Dealer, Annoying Dragon

ella revived witch

An All-target spammer extraordinaire and all around decent tank, Ella is a welcome sight in front of your team. Her Order skill is a Physical DMG All-target fireball, which dispels buffs and reduces enemy ATK, for 3 Order bars. Her Chaos Skill is an expensive 5 bar transformation, where she turns into a dragon. This makes all her basic attacks deal damage to the whole enemy team while increasing her own ATK and max HP.

This also makes her Order skill stronger, allowing it to reduce enemy Physical DEF. Early on, she’s just a relatively bulky damage dealer, but once you unlock her passive, she regenerates 2.5-5% HP per second and reduces the damage she takes by 10-20% depending on the passive’s level. This turns her into a legitimate tank, able to shrug off attacks while cheerfully setting the enemy team on fire.


Mage, Mercury, UR, Repeating Attack, Single Target Nuker, Dolphin Button of Doom

mineer revived witch

A truly weird, dangerous mage who favors excessive violence in her attacks. Mineer’s Order skill, Overflowing Magic, gets the name from its mechanic: Costing a minimum of 2 Order energy to cast, casting this expends ALL your saved up Order energy, to unleash a ruthless magic bludgeoning on a single target.

She will attack the target repeatedly based on how much energy was spent, with each blow doing 90% Magic Damage at level 1. Her Chaos skill ties in well with this, slapping a single target with a  debuff that causes them to take a lot of extra damage when attacked by Mineer. You can rip one victim open by saving up for the Chaos skill, casting it, then nuking them with her Order skill.

Her passive lets this happen faster, allowing her a small chance to increase her damage and generate 1 bar of Order energy every time she hits something. This may take time, but watching an entire Order full charge get dumped on a single person (preferably a boss) is always funny.

S Tier – Borderline Heresy

These characters, at least in terms of general effectiveness, are up there with X-tier. Picking these characters (if you have them, for some people, not even the 100-chance first roll may be enough to save them from Lady Luck’s wrath) is generally a nice, practical choice. Though you might wind up laughing evilly a little less.


Guardian, Brimstone, UR, Ignores Physical Damage, Self-HP Regen, Damage Redirection, Glory To France

catherine revived witch

An absolute hard counter to enemies reliant on Physical damage, while still being able to take a general beating against Magic damage. Catherine’s Order skill renders her immune to the next 5 physical damage blows she receives, while redirecting all damage the team takes to herself for the next 10 seconds. This makes your team near unkillable when all they have to worry about is Physical damage.

On top of this, she recovers her HP every second while this is active, by 30% of her own Physical ATK stat, so she’s able to simply heal herself if the team starts taking magical blows instead. As for her Chaos skill, she gives the team a shield and makes it so for the next 10 seconds, every 5 blows her or her team takes triggers an attack that hurts and stuns the whole enemy team for half a second.

Against Physical damage enemies, you can use Catherine a lot like you use Afallen, negating the enemy a chance to do damage. Though her increased DEF against both Magic and Physical blows upon using this skill, mixed with her self-healing, means you shouldn’t sleep on her just because the next opponent prefers sparkling you to death over clobbering you with a mace.


Assassin, Brimstone, All-target Damage, Physical Damage Assistance, Hunting In The Snow

celanya revived witch

An assassin who pairs well with a Destroyer friend, thanks to her ability to boost Physical damage. Celanya’s attacks are both All-target attacks, which hit the enemy multiple times. The Order skill hits 3 times for 30% of her ATK each blow, and the Chaos skill hits 5 times for 20% of her ATK each, both dealing Physical damage.

Her Chaos skill also increases her teammates’ Physical damage by 30% of her own ATK. Her passive makes her deadly in long-winded battles: Every attack she deals boosts her damage by 1%, and that 1% ignores Physical DEF. This stacks for a total of 10%, and the percentages double when the passive’s level is maxxed.


Mage, Mercury, SSR, All-target Damage, Light Healing, I Hugged A Tree And Liked It

mahayuel revived witch

A mage with multihit magic All-target attacks, and a weird passive for her class. Her skills are normal, if powerful, All-target attacks that hit multiple times. Her Chaos skill in particular can reduce the enemy’s Magic DEF by 5% of her ATK, maxxing out at half of the enemy’s Magic DEF when you stack it.

Her passive though is what makes her weird yet powerful: It allows both her skills to double as healing, with a team heal based on her own ATK stat. Being a mage, this stat is pretty big for her, so this means her heals are substantial, a great chaser for a true Healer’s main drink.


Compeller, Mercury, UR, Team Heal, Team Buff, Debuffer, All-target Damage, Charge Attack, Sun Power

amanami revived witch

A double whammy All-target healer and damage dealer, with an autocasting attack spell. Amanami’s Order skill is a team-healing spell that raises ATK for the team, and costs 3 Order energy, but generates 1, allowing it to be easily followed up in spite of its fairly high cost.

She has a Charge Skill instead of a Chaos skill, one that deals damage to all enemies and makes them take an extra 30% damage from Magic attacks, and that’s before you even level it up. This takes 4 skills from anyone to charge, and casts automatically upon being ready regardless of your input, making it useful for Free Mode Auto-combat users.


Compeller, Saltstone, Team Healer, Team Buffer, All-target Attack, Stance Changer, One-Lady Theater Troupe

metamorphoses revived witch

Compellers are already more complicated than the other classes most of the time, and Metamorphoses takes the cake. She has a stance system, where she changes her Mask everytime she uses her Order skill, and this determines what kind of buff she gives to your team.

Her order skill, Borrow, swaps her between Rage, Joy and Sorrow masks: Rage gives an ATK buff based on 24% of Metamorphoses’ ATK, Joy gives a straight 12% damage boost to everyone, and Sorrow gives everyone a 12% damage resistance buff.

On top of this, it comes with a team heal worth 120% of Metamorphoses’ ATK stat. Her Chaos Skill, Emotion Surge, is simpler, dealing 240% damage to everyone on the enemy team, while increasing your own team’s damage and healing effects by 60%. It also doubles the effect of Borrow, making its buffs fatter and its healing more chunky.


Compeller, Saltstone, All-target ATK, Team Buffer, Debuffer, Easily Sustainable Buff, Coal For Naughty Kids

dorin revived witch

A highly offensive Compeller with a damage-dealing Order skill, and a very cheap Chaos skill, with both skills only costing 2 bars of their respective energy. Dorin’s Order skill gives the enemy a lovely giftbox filled with trolling, dealing 180% damage to the enemy team and making them take an extra 20% damage from everyone and everything else for 10 seconds.

Follow this up with her rather cheap Chaos skill, Careful Preparation, which buffs the whole team’s ATK and Crit DMG by 20% for 10 seconds. Laugh as Dorin’s friends melt the enemy into a puddle with their own follow-up strikes, made possible by Dorin’s low cost abilities. 10 seconds later, rinse and repeat if the enemy is somehow still alive.


Destroyer, Saltstone, UR, HP Regen Tank, Self-Shield, Front-target Damage, Counterattacker, Stop Hitting Yourself

kapla revived witch

Finally, they put a counterattack passive on someone in front! Kapla is an aggressive front unit, the quintessential Destroyer. They excel in keeping themselves alive while dealing damage, with keeping her backline alive still a priority, but less so than a Guardian. Her Order skill is a single target blow worth 200% of her attack, preceeded by a hefty 10-second buff: HP Regen worth 12% of her ATK per second, and an increase to damage and damage resistance by 18%, before any upgrades. All this for 2 Order energy. 

Her Chaos skill costs 4 energy and gives herself a shield worth 150% of her ATK for 15 seconds, while throwing a physical blow to the front-most opponent for 300% of her ATK. You can then follow this up with other Physical attacks, because it also reduces the enemy’s Physical DEF by 30% of her ATK.

Her passive is similar to those seen on some lower tier units, but on her it’s particularly good since she’s in front: Every time she gets hit 8 times by any attack, she casts her Chaos skill, guaranteed. Paired with her hard-to-kill nature, this works out pretty well for her.

A Tier – Highly Magical

The units here typically do a good job backing up the X and S tier units and filling in slots for jobs you don’t have X and S tier units for. If it’s this tier or above, they’re typically worth investing in even in the long term, especially if you got them very early.

Though considering you can also do well enough in the campaign using even the bottom tier Dolls (In combat ability, majority of the characters in the game are top-tier adorable) as long as you’ve fed them, this is understandable.

Tuonel of Night

Guardian, Mercury, UR, Shield Generator, All-target Attack, Clutch Mechanic, Healing, Tuonel With A Bear

tuonel of night revived witch

From greatest healer in the game to… Well, a pretty good tank. A downgrade, but still good! Tuonel of Night has a cheap 2 Order (most defensive Order skills cost 3 but are stronger, at least on high tier units) defensive skill as an Order skill, generating a shield for everyone worth 24% of her HP, for 15 seconds. This also gives them a 5% ATK buff tied not to Tuonel of Night’s attack, but her HP.

Once the shield breaks, it heals the Doll using it for 18% of Tuonel’s Guardian-statline max HP. Her Chaos skill is pretty normal for the stronger Guardians in the game: An All-target magic attack, but rather than being based on their ATK, it’s based on 30% of their max HP.

It comes with a pretty solid 1-second stun (Most stuns last half a second), and weakens both the enemy’s general damage ability and their Magic resistance by 18%. Overall good, but Tuonel is a better Healer than Tuonel of Night is a Guardian.


Mage, Mercury, SSR,  All-Target Attack, Poison, Mommy Snakebites

ushpia revived witch

A powerful yet fairly standard damage dealer, both her skills are fairly similar to each other: They both do an All-target attack that inflicts a stack of poison, with the Chaos skill costing 3 Chaos bars and the Order skill costing 2 order bars and dealing a bit less damage.

She becomes markedly more dangerous once she unlocks her passive, which allows her Chaos skill to stun enemies for half a second (A full second when maxxed). Now she can interrupt enemies in the middle of their attacks using her Chaos skill.


Healer, Saltstone, SSR, Charge Skill Secondary, ATK Buffer, Toiletpaper-Sama

cynetia revived witch

An SSR tied for second best healer in the game with 2 UR healers, and about as simple and practical a healer gets, barring one small important detail. She has a single target heal for an Order skill, and rather than a Chaos skill, her team heal-over time skill is a Charge skill, powered directly by other people’s skill use.

This makes her particularly useful when you use Free Mode Auto-combat, as you don’t have to tell her to use any of her skills for her to do her job: She’ll just use her Charge skill healing automatically as soon as her teammates accumulate 4 skill uses. On top of this, her healing is quite powerful. No wonder the people in her comment section call her Toiletpaper-Sama.


Destroyer, Saltstone, SSR, All-target Physical Damage, All-target Magic Damage, Underworld’s Worst Employee

kyphon revived witch

A versatile Destroyer who has options for fighting either physical or magical enemies. Kyphon has a rather powerful Order skill, an All-target physical attack that automatically recasts itself when it kills something. This makes it very useful for clearing mooks quickly in PVE, though it costs 3 Order energy, pretty pricy. Her chaos skill deals magical damage to one target.

This skill is good for finishing off weakened enemies: It gives Kyphon the Deathbringer buff, which makes this skill deal  double damage against heavily weakened (below 20% HP) enemies, and makes her Order skill deal 30% extra damage to the same. This buff also stacks, making her Order skill deal up to 90% damage on maximum stacks.


Assassin, Brimstone, UR, Rear Attack, Order Spammer, Crit-based, From Disney Princess to Starlight Superweapon

matveiffe revived witch

A crit-heavy attacker with a very cheap Order skill costing just one bar. Matveiffe’s Order Skill raises her crit chance by 5% up to 5 times, and hits the target out back for 120% damage. Simple, and easily spammable. Her Chaos skill on the other hand is on the costly side at 4 Chaos energy, a 7 hit blow with six of the hits dealing 54% damage, and the final hit dealing 72%.

Every blow reduces the enemy’s CRIT DMG resist by 7%, making them more vulnerable to her crit-buffed attacks. Her passive puts her high on the list, as it allows her to ignore 2000 (4000 when maxxed) Physical DEF with all her attacks.


Guardian, Brimstone, UR, Healer, Charge Skill Primary, Named After An Old Nation

caledonia revived witch

A weird tank-healer hybrid with an All-target knockback stun attack. Caledonia’s primary skill is a Charge Skill rather than an Order skill, and it heals the whole team by what looks like a pathetic 12%… Until you realize it’s based on their beefy Guardian HP stat rather than the usual ATK stat healing is based off of. It also reduces the damage they take by 30%, very helpful.

They also work well with Physical damage dealers, as their Chaos skill makes it so everytime Caledonia hits something, she strips off the enemy’s physical DEF by 5% of her own, for the next 10 seconds. Oh and it’s also an All-target attack that knocks enemies off their positions and forces them to walk back before they can attack again, and while she’s running through the enemy, she is immune to damage and cleans herself of debuffs.


Compeller, Mercury, UR, Single Target Attack, All-Target Damage Over Time, That One Boss

cersivey revived witch

The first truly irritating boss in the game’s story, now made playable. She’s classed as a Compeller, but her skills definitely say Mage. Her Order skill is pretty normal for a Mage, a single target magical attack that deals heavy damage and applies a Magic DEF reduction to the victim for 10 seconds. Her Chaos skill is also a relatively standard piece of kit for Mages, a damage over time attack directed to the enemy team, but this time it gets stronger everytime you cast it, for 15 seconds every cast.

Her Passive is what makes her a Compeller, whatever enemy Cersivey is focused on at the moment is marked for death, taking 30% extra damage from everything and everyone. If you can pair this with a single target nuker and time your attack right, you might actually get through Afallen’s cheese shield, though you’d never actually have to face it since the AI in PVP isn’t smart enough to use that cheese.


Compeller, Mercury, SSR, Luck-based Buff, Order Battery, Magic Support, Mercury’s Best Friend

arcana revived witch

Arcana has a very useful healing skill, and weird but powerful luck-based buffs. Arcana’s Order skill is a 3-bar cost burst heal for the whole team, with a buff that increases energy generation. There’s a 70% chance it is increased by 40%, and a 30% chance it is straight up doubled. Leveling it up makes you more likely to get the strong buff, and also strengthens the weaker buff.

The same goes for her Chaos skill, a 70& chance to buff Magic Damage by 30%, and a 30% chance to just plain double it. Her passive makes both her skills more likely to get the better result ( by 5-10% depending on passive level) after using her Order skill. Arcana fills a crucial gap for Mercury teams, since they lack actual Healer units and have to rely on Compellers to get their healing jobs done. And she does it very well.


Compeller, Mercury, UR, Healer, Chaos Battery, Transformation, Underworld’s Employee Of The Year Gone Postal

goorveig revived witch

Goorveig’s Order skill is very useful, a burst heal and all-target attack that also generates an extra 2 Chaos energy, all for 3 Order energy. Her Chaos skill transforms her into a nasty monster (the game calls this a Creature of the Abyss), and the transformation itself deals an all-target magic attack and debuffs their resistance to Magic damage by 24% for 10 seconds. Her passive is a pretty huge boost to herself, at least when maxxed: It simply increases her Creature of the Abyss form’s HP and ATK by 30% when maxxed out. Hefty stuff.


Guardian, Mercury, UR, Damage Redirection, Shield Generation, Magic All-target, Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Most Broken One of All?

nannar revived witch

Imagine Afallen, except just ‘very good’ as opposed to ‘mind-numbingly overpowered’. They have a fairly similar Order skill, both being damage redirecting skills that force all damage to hit them rather than their teammates. But while Afallen is rendered invincible for two seconds (and therefore, so is her team), Nannar gets a saner 20% DMG reduction and a stronger HP shield instead.

You won’t be pulling off any cheesy immortality spam nonsense, but she’s good enough to get the job done. To make up for her weaker order skill, Nannar gets a harder hitting but still similar Chaos skill, a 5-hit magic damage strike that hits the whole enemy team and dispels their buffs, and weakens their magic DEF.

They even have similar passives: While Afallen casts her pillow attack if she gets hit 15 times, Nannar has a 10% chance to use her own Chaos skill every time she takes a blow, with a 2 second cooldown if it procs. While Afallen’s passive is more consistent, Nannar can chain her skill if she gets lucky.


Healer, Saltstone, UR, Team Heal Over Time, Max HP Boost, General Buffer, Harp Player Extraordinaire

flora revived witch

A plain yet effective healer, Flora comes with two heal over time spells and simple buffs useful for any sort of situation you may find yourself in. Her Order spell heals the team over time for 3 seconds while increasing their Max HP for 10, making it useful not just for healing the team, but for opening a battle where you expect a heavy blow early.

As for her second skill, which is a Charge skill, it’s a longer lasting  heal over time, which comes with a buff to everyone’s ATK and general DEF, which can stack twice. The fact this is a charge skill means she works well with skill spammers, who can keep her healing the team constantly simply by doing their jobs. Her passive is also simple but useful, everytime she uses a skill, her buddies get 15% DMG resistance for 5 seconds.


Healer, Brimstone, UR, Attack Blocker, Burst Healing, Likes Talking To Herself

sher revived witch

Sher is a healer who is more useful when sent against enemies with slow, highly damaging attacks rather than rapid fire spammers. Her Order skill heals the entire team by 180% of her ATK, and puts up a 10-second shield that will completely block a single hit from anything, whether it be a tiny finger poke or a nuclear missile.

Naturally, if you can block a giant mace to the face with this thing, you’re fine, but if they try to kill you via a death of a thousand papercuts, it’s not going to help much, apart from the chunky heal of course. Her Chaos skill and passive also makes her work well with Crit-based teams.

As usual, it’s a chunky burst heal for the team, but this time it takes 30% of Sher’s own Crit Chance and hands it to the entire team, while giving them a buff that increases their crit damage everytime they crit, for the next 10 seconds. Her passive also helps increase damage and healing everytime her teammates crit for 10 seconds, after Sher pulls out a skill.

Idol Flora

Mage, Mercury, UR, Damage Dealer, Late Attacker, From Harpist To Vocalist

idol flora revived witch

Idol Flora can do both crowd-fighting and single target damage fine. Her Order skill hits the entire enemy team 4 times, and applies a debuff that lets her deal an extra 30% damage with any of her attacks for 10 seconds. Her Chaos skill hits hardest when deployed late: She hits a single target 4 times.

Seems simple enough, but while it costs 4 chaos energy, it hits hardest when cast with a full Chaos bar, since every leftover bar of Chaos energy increases the damage of this attack by 20%, without actually spending the bars. Once she gets her passive, her Chaos skill gets bumped down to just 1 Chaos bar cost every 3 uses, allowing it to hit much harder when cast late, or come out more quickly.


Mage, Mercury, EX, Interrupt-Resistant, Buffer, Easily Mistaken For A UR

lilia revived witch

A mage that with similar abilities to a Compeller, all in aid to cause more damage as her job demands. Lilia’s Order skill is easy to understand, an all-target attack that hits enemies 3 times with damage worth 60% her ATK each blow, before upgrades. Timing this to coincide with an enemy stun could save her from trouble, as it also renders her immune to stuns and disables while she’s casting.

Her Chaos skill is odd for a Mage, as it’s a pure buff rather than an attack: She gives the Aurora’s Blessing to her teammates, allowing their skills to do 90% Magic Damage to all enemies everytime they cast a skill. You can pair this with the likes of Afallen so her cheese button also hurts the enemy, making her normally low DPS tanking tactic do some real damage.

The buff lasts 5 seconds and costs 3 Chaos energy, so it’s most useful when the purple star is filled and everyone can spam their skills. As for skill spamming, her passive charges a bar of Order energy every 6 (3 when maxxed) seconds.


Mage, Mercury, SSR, Single Target Nuker, All-cost Attack, Shield Generator, The Dude

datheios revived witch

You remember how in the Beginner’s Guide we said there was only one guy in the game? Technically there are 2 of them, but we don’t talk about the other one since they’re bottom tier. Datheios has a single-target nuke attack, with a minimum cost of 2 order energy to cast. If you DO cast it though, it eats all your Order energy and converts each bar to an extra 120% magic damage, on top of the initial 180%.

Their Chaos skill is a self-buff, giving Datheios a shield, and increasing his Magic DMG by 24% for 10 seconds, before upgrades. If you want one guy out of the way early, wait for the Order bar to charge and watch Datheios delete the poor fool.

B Tier – A Good Parlor Trick

These Dolls have a hard time catching up to the ones up above, though they are solid enough choices. This is also where the SR tier dolls start appearing: SRs, while typically weaker than URs and SSRs, are generally cheaper and faster to upgrade.


Destroyer, Saltstone, SR, All-Target Attack, Buffer, Lost A Lot Of Good Soldiers

hilda revived witch

One of the better SR’s, Hilda is a fairly basic Destroyer, with a little something extra that puts her above a lot of other SR units. Her Order skill is a fairly hard-hitting but costly Order attack, a 240% damage physical blow to the whole enemy team, but costing 3 Order energy for something rather simple.

Their Chaos skill makes them very useful though: A 3 chaos energy All-target attack that’s actually weaker than her Order skill… but it doubles the damage of whatever skill comes after it. If you want a big fat damage number to activate your neurons, use this before say, Datheios slaps someone with their incredibly bloated order skill. Her passive also makes enemies take extra damage for 5 seconds.

Inn and Lou

Assassin, Brimstone, SSR, Stance Swap, Rear Attack, 2v1 US BRO

inn and lou revived witch

A pair of assassins with a very cheap Order skill and abilities based on whoever is doing the skill between these two girls. Her order skill hits the enemy twice for 48% Physical damage per hit unleveled, so it really needs some Skill Pacts dumped into it before it really does much. It costs a measely 1 order bar though, so it can be spammed to get rid of the backline pretty fast.

Everytime the skill is cast, the character using it changes. If Inn is doing the stabbing, it straight up does an extra 20% more damage. If it’s Lou, the target loses 5% of their Crit damage resistance for 10 seconds, stacking up to 50%.

Their Chaos skill is also for hitting the rear, 6 times for 60% Physical damage each blow. It also gives the victim a pretty nasty damage over time debuff, worth 30% of Inn and Lou’s Physical Damage per second for 6 seconds.


Guardian, Mercury, SSR, Damage Redirection, Self-healing, All-target Magic Attack, Buff Remover, Torches Weirdoes

luan revived witch

As far as Afallen-alikes go, Luan’s one of the middling options in general, sadly. Her Order skill costs 3 bars of energy, redirects all the damage to herself, and gives herself a 20% damage resistance buff and heals her for 6% of her HP per second, for the next 10 seconds.

Nowhere near a hilarious immortality spam shield, but it gets the job done. Her Chaos skill is an all-target magic attack worth 270% of her ATK, while cleaning out the enemy’s buffs. It also reduces the enemy’s Magic DEF by 100, stacking up to 5 times.

If you have one of the other higher-tier damage-redirection units, you can let Luan take a vacation. Her passive is pretty powerful thbough, a self-revive that increases her ATK and general DEF, and keeps her healing for 10 seconds. It could be enough for her to clutch a battle at the last second.


Healer, Brimstone, SSR, All-target Attack, Damage Resistance Buff, ATK Buff, Healing People Backwards

norn revived witch

A strange, offensive Healer more reminiscent of a Compeller. Her weirdness immediately appears with her Order skill, which doubles as a damage over time attack for the enemy team, and a healing over time skill for her buddies, both being 7 instances of damage or healing within 5 seconds.

Her Chaos skill provides no healing, but gives a Physical ATK buff worth 24% of Norn’s own ATK power, and gives an 18% damage resistance buff, both for 10 seconds. Her passive is a constant HP regen for the whole team every 2 seconds, which can be useful.


Mage, Mercury, SR, All-Target Attack, Damage Stacker, Counterattacker, A Likely Suspect

pakane revived witch

One of the stronger earlygame choices, Pakane is a fairly typical mage with a nasty surprise for anyone who attacks her, at least if she’s been given upgrades. Her order skill is an all-target attack that deals damage and slaps a stack of Frostbite on the target which does nothing… until she casts her Chaos skill anyway.

The Chaos skill deals damage to the whole enemy team, and detonates any Frostbite stacks on them for extra damage. Her passive is the nasty surprise, as it gives enemies a 10% chance to get frozen every time they hit her. Not much against heavy burst damage, but it’ll be funny to watch a rapid attacker get iced midway through their skill.


Mage, Mercury, SR, Healing, Damage Resistance Buff, Single Target Attack, Damaging People Backwards

dana revived witch

Mage, ha, she’s a Compeller and the game can’t convince this writer otherwise!  Her order skill is a straightforward healing skill, giving a burst heal to the whole team and giving them a damage resistance buff of 12% for 10 seconds, for 2 Order bars.

Her Chaos skill hits the frontmost enemy with magic damage 5 times, each blow worth 50% of her ATK and making the target eat a stacking Magic resistance debuff, 8% per blow for a max of 40%, for 10 seconds. Even her passive is less Mage and more Healer or Compeller: She has a 50% chance (fully guaranteed instead when upgraded) to remove all debuffs from the team when using her Order skill.

La Crima

Compeller, Mercury, SSR, Single Target Heal, Order Battery, Charge Skill Secondary, Please Do Not Commit La Crimes

la crima revived witch

La Crima is one of the weaker Compellers in the game. Her order skill is a slow (Costs 3 Order but generates 1 Order so it’s cheap but slow to charge) single target heal that gives a strong health regen buff and increases their damage resistance by 18%.

A pretty good buff, except it happens to only one target. Her Charge skill is much better than her Order skill though, an all-target magic attack that stuns the enemy for one second while weakening their defenses against other magic attacks for 10 seconds.

Overall, neither truly bad, nor truly amazing. As a side note, she has a 20% chance to generate 1 order energy when hurt, with a cooldown of 2 seconds. Considering she’s normally to be placed in the rear, you won’t see this happen often unless the enemy is dumping All-target attacks all over you.


Compeller, Saltstone, SSR, Buffer, Single Target Healer, A Painful Medical Bill

tama revived witch

Four Chaos Energy to heal one person!? At least they get a hefty buff to their next skill, but that’s not economical in the slightest. To be specific, it’s a 180% heal based on Tama’s ATK stat, and it increases the damage or healing of the beneficiary’s next skill by 60%.

As for her Order skill, it’s a team heal-over time with a damage resistance buff of 24% Tama’s ATK. You’re gonna need her passive to make her good: Everytime she attacks, she heals an ally for 50% of her ATK.

C Tier – Sleight of Hand

Down here are the weaker units in the game. While even they may be viable when fed, you’ll usually find better units in a short enough time that you won’t be using them for long, unless they’re one of the SSRs or URs. In which case, avoid them since they’re weak or janky without having the advantage of being cheap to upgrade.


Witch, Aether, SR, Single Target Attack, Defensive Multipurpose, Our Lovely Heroine

witch revived witch

Sadly, the protagonist of the game is all the way down here, though it’s understandable as ironically, any stronger and they might jump to being overpowered due to how they work compared to Dolls. Unlike Dolls, the Witch is able to select between 4 different Chaos skills when fully upgraded. Sounds amazing, until you read the skill descriptions: None of them are particularly strong, especially considering they all cost 4 Chaos energy to cast. Chronospace Gate teleports any attack entering it to another Chronospace for 1.8 seconds.

Bloom heals all allies for 51% of her ATK while giving a 15% damage buff for 5 seconds. Time Freeze does exactly that, freezing time for the enemy for 1.5 seconds. Cleansing is a debuff remover and raises damage resistance by 12% for 5 seconds. Her Order skill is pretty basic too: Soul Arrow hits one target for 180% magic damage and makes the next Skill cast 20% more effective.

Their passive is okay, they have a 50% chance to make 1 Chaos energy every time they expend Chaos energy. The Witch is meant to be a highly versatile earlygame defensive support, though the fact you need to complete the story campaign to unlock all her upgrades makes this point moot. By the time you unlock even half of everything the Witch can do, you likely already have a pretty solid team to do all that unlocking with!


Destroyer, Saltstone, SR, All-target Damage, Single Target Stun, Starter Muscle

octavia revived witch

The first front Doll you get. While she isn’t going to last very long on your team (especially with the game’s oddly generous true first gacha roll, keep rerolling until you get an X-tier UR and some good SSRs!), she’s there to teach you how to time stuns and disable bosses at the perfect moment, hence her skillset.

Her Order skill is a simple  all-target Physical attack. Her Chaos skill is a stun against a single target, useful against early Bosses but a bit wasteful against mook teams. Enjoy your first Live2D girl, because she gets a free costume before anyone else!


Healer, Saltstone, SR, Single Target Healer, ATK Buffer, Starter Goth

mortimer revived witch

Generally considered a bottom-tier healer AND top-tier cute at the same time, Mortimer is one of the first units you get in the game, teaching you the importance of healing and keeping the team alive. Both their skills are single target heals, with the Order skill prioritizing the most injured Doll and the Chaos skill prioritizing the frontmost Doll.

The Chaos Skill also comes with a simple ATK buff worth 30% of Mortimer’s ATK for 10 seconds. Not really that good in combat, especially as those skills are energy-inefficient, but as a newbie you’ll appreciate having a healer in the first place!


Destroyer, Saltstone, SR, Single Target Attack, Heavy Normal Attack, The Coolest Sprite In The Game

miku revived witch

One of the better damage dealers… All the way down here on this tier, and proud owner of one of the best 2D pixel sprites in the game. Miku (not to be confused with a certain Japanese public domain android girl) is all about savage, brainless DPS and minimal utility.

Her Order skill is simply to stab one target really hard with their spear, for 300% Physical DMG. Her Chaos skill is expensive, but just as simple: For 5 Chaos energy, she makes her Normal attacks deal 195% damage and increases her Order skill’s damage by 24%.


Destroyer, Saltstone, R, Single Target Attack, Heavy Normal Attack, Miku In Black

fey revived witch

In a nutshell, Miku but edgier. Fey has a very similar skillset to Miku, with a simple single target physical stab worth 300% ATK  as an Order skill, and a Chaos skill that does the same job as Miku’s but in a slightly different manner. Instead of buffing the normal attacks directly, Fey’s Chaos skill changes her normal attacks into consecutive stabs, dealing an extra 54% of damage. Miku is the stronger choice, but there are better options than both of them.


Assassin, Brimstone, SSR, Cleanup Killing, Rear Target Attack, Skirt Full Of Bludgeony Objects

shuffle revived witch

A quintessential assassin, and as basic as assassins tend to come, at least for an SSR. Their Order skill is a double physical attack against the rear target, doing 48% damage each hit and giving her a 6% boost to crit chance for 5 seconds, stacking to 30%.

Their Chaos skill targets whoever has the lowest HP, hitting them 6 times for 60% damage each blow. If the enemy is at less than half their HP, the attacks deal more damage. Sadly, you can do cleanup jobs too with All-target attacks, so you will rarely see use for this skill.


Assassin, Brimstone, SSR, All-Target Attack, Buffer, Self-heal, Nighttime Bloodsucker

nocturna revived witch

A weird Assassin with the ability to heal themselves. Their Order skill is typical as far as all-target Assassins go, hitting each enemy 3 times for 36% ATK each. Her Chaos skill on the other hand is pretty weird: A self buff for 10 seconds, in which the team deals an extra 30% worth of Nocturna’s ATK stat while healing herself for 12% of the damage they deal. Pretty cool, but the main point of an Assassin is hitting hard, while leaving survivability to other units.


Assassin, Brimstone, SR, Rear Attack, Animal Whisperer

elis revived witch

An incredibly simple rear-attack Assassin, both her skills do the same job: Hit the person out back several times. Both the Chaos and Order skill target the reat enemy, with the Chaos skill hitting 6 times worth 60% of her ATK per blow, and the Order skill hitting twice for 40% of her ATK, while being cheap at 1 Order Energy cost. If anything, her Order skill seems like the more special skill, increasing crit chance for 5 seconds, stacking to 25%.


Assassin, Brimstone, SR, Rear Attack, Crit-Based, Target Marker, Grew Up In The Streets

nemesi revived witch

An Assassin that works well with other Assassins. In most other games this would be fine, but you’ve only got 3 slots on your team, so trying to take full advantage of this will lead to an unbalanced team with fairly low survivability. Her Order skill is pretty average for an Assassin, she teleports to the back of the enemy team and stabs someone with 210% of her ATK.

If it crits, it hits again, up to 3 times. Her Chaos skill marks a rear target for 10 seconds, increasing the crit chance of anyone attacking it by 24%. Great for her and other rear target assassins, a bit dull for anyone that doesn’t focus on the rear, unless you have a front unit with an all-target attack.


Guardian, Brimstone, SR, Single Target Attack, All-Target Stun, Self-Shield, Debuffer, Cersivey’s Right Hand

cetess revived witch

One of the weaker Guardian choices, though it’s understandable since she’s an SR in a game where the main bulk of units tend to be SSRs and URs. Cetess’ Order Skill is a single target physical blow that puts a shield on herself worth half the damage she caused, which is 270% of her ATK. This shield lasts 3 seconds, which is pretty bad for a 3 Order cost skill.

Her Chaos skill has her bash the enemy with her shield, stunning and damaging all of them for half a second, and reducing their Physical DEF by 5% of Cetess’ own Physical DEF everytime they take a hit. This stacks to 100%.

She can pair well with rapid fire attackers for this. She also hits harder the more HP she loses, if she has her Passive. But since her job is to stay alive AND keep her teammates alive, this doesn’t work out too well in her favor.


Guardian, Mercury, SR, Damage Redirection, Shield Generation, All-Target Attack, Debuffer, A Rather Uncomfortable Bed

yurugu revived witch

Likely the first damage-redirector Guardian you will get depending on your Gacha luck. Yurugu has the second simplest of the damage-redirect skills, with her Order skill generating a shield for everyone worth 30% of the unit’s HP while forcing all damage toward Yurugu for 10 seconds.

With only that shield protecting her, she may wind up needing her coffin to sleep in. Her Chaos skill is par for the course for other damage-redirector types, an all-target magic attack that dispels buffs and reduces Magic DEF.


Guardian, Brimstone, R, Damage Redirector, All-target Stun, Debuffer, The Other Dude

avil revived witch

And just below Yurugu in the damage redirector contest, the other dude in the game: Avil. His Order skill redirects all damage to him, while increasing his Physical DEF by 5 seconds. He’s gonna die if the enemy uses Magic attacks.

Their Chaos skill is an all-target physical blow with a 0.2 second stun, while reducing their Physical DEF everytime they take a hit, maxing out at a DEF reduction worth all of Avil’s own Physical DEF. This is why we don’t talk about him.


Healer, Saltstone, SR, Team Heal, Single Target Heal, ATK Buffer, Passive Heal, Deadly Chef

yothaya revived witch

As far as SR Healers go, she’s pretty decent, but there are better choices out there. Though she does have a pretty nice passive. Yothaya’s Order Skill heals everyone on the team for 120% of her ATK, and makes them more damage resistant, by 30% of her own ATK, for 5 seconds.

Her Chaos skill is a single target heal worth 300% of her ATK, while buffing the beneficiary’s ATK power by 30% of her own ATK for 10 seconds.Her passive is quite useful: Every 5 seconds, whoever on the team is the most badly injured gets healed by 50% of Yothaya’s ATK. Again, there are stronger healers out there, but you could do well with Yothaya early on.


Healer, Brimstone, SR, All-target Attack, Team Heal, Buffer, Chaos Battery, Lost In The Tower Looking For Skin Cream

ruda revived witch

At once a basic and weird healer, Ruda has one of the simplest healing skills while possessing an offensive move, rare for Healers. Her order skill heals everyone for 144% of her ATK. Nothing more, nothing less.

Her Chaos skill, rather than healing anyone, hits the entire enemy team with a magic strike worth 180% of Ruda’s ATK, while buffing everyone else’s Physical damage by 24% of her ATK for 10 seconds. Any time she uses a skill, she has a 10% chance to make a bar of Chaos energy, once her passive is unlocked. Sadly, her SR stats don’t help with her weird loadout.


Healer, Brimstone, SR, Single Target Heal, Debuff Cleaner, Crit Booster, Luck-based Revive, Get An Excorcist!

croche revived witch

What is it with this game making bottom tier units out of top tier waifus? Croche has a much nicer personality than her edgy, gloomy design and backstory implies, though sadly that doesn’t make her heal any better. Her Order skill is as simple as healing skills get, a burst heal targeting the most badly injured teammate, nothing else.

Her Chaos skill doesn’t even have healing: She cleans the team of any debuffs while raising the crit rate of her allies every time they attack with Physical DMG, for 10 seconds. The buff only stacks to a 12% crit chance without upgrades, not much at all. Maybe you won’t send her to combat, but if you really like her anyway, there’s no harm posting her as your secretary at the bottom of the tower!


Healer, Saltstone, R, Revive, Single Target Heal, Mortimer’s Shopping Buddy

eulalia revived witch

Units with resurrection spells are pretty rare, but sadly Eulalia is hampered by her rather basic order skill. Her Order skill heals the Doll with the lowest HP by 180% of her ATK, a pretty simple healing skill. Her Chaos skill marks whoever has the lowest HP on your team for 5 seconds.

If they die within that time, they get revived and healed for 360% of Eulalia’s ATK. Revives are cool, but it might be better to just prevent the death altogether by getting a better healer.


Healer, Brimstone, R, Team Healer, Physical ATK Buffer, Wannabe Housewife

primula revived witch

One of the better R-rank healers. While most R and SR healers are pretty simple, they’re usually hampered by being purely single target healers with fairly low percentages compared to higher tier healers with both single and team heals, or by having one skill or another that doesn’t do healing.

Primula has neither problem, since both her skills are team burst heals, with the Chaos skill also buffing the Physical damage of her team by 24% of her own ATK for 10 seconds. Again, there are better choices out there, but picking Primula over the other R and SR healers is a fairly common-sense plan until you get someone like say, her apothecary-school buddy Tuonel.


Mage, Mercury, SSR, All-Target Attack, Debuffer, Goorveig’s Boss

acheronte revived witch

A simple damage dealer ultimately let down by their short-lived passive. Acheronte’s skills are both all-target magic attacks, with her Order skill being a burst hit with a magic resistance debuff of 5% for 10 seconds, and her chaos skill being a damage over time skill doing 120% damage pers second for 3 seconds.

An average kit for most Mages. Unfortunately, if a fight lasts long enough, she might as well not have a passive at all: She increases her atk by 12.5% (25% when maxxed) for 30 seconds upon entering the battle. So 30 seconds in, you have no passive anymore.

Since the really hard fights tend to last several minutes, this makes her passive rather weak for anything other than clearing mooks, which can be done with other characters just fine anyway.


Mage, Mercury, UR, All-Target Stacking Damage, No Bully Please

anemone revived witch

To be a UR all the way down here. It seems poor Anemone’s fate is to be bullied, both in and out of the game. She faces the same problem as Acheronte: A basic, even decent skillset utterly held back by their terrible passive.

Her order skill is a simple all-target magic fireball, adding a stack of Burning for 10 seconds, to a maximum of 10 times. This ties in to her Chaos skill, which deals extra damage when the enemy has Burning stacks on them.

This would have been cool… If she didn’t have the same passive as Acheronte! A damage boost that lasts 30 seconds, after the battle starts. Again, in a game where the really rough fights may last several minutes, this doesn’t do much, and is better replaced with a more consistent passive.


Mage, Mercury, UR, All-Target Attack, Damage Splitter, Robot Girl

viola revived witch

Viola is down here because her Chaos skill doesn’t make sense with the game’s mechanics. Her Chaos skill would be better but still a little risky in many other games (The large team sizes in certain gamemodes of Figure Fantasy comes to mind), as it splits the damage taken equally among all teammates.

Why it works so poorly specifically in Revived Witch? Because there are only 3 dolls to a team, therefore the damage is not split sufficiently to be helpful. This may even cause the rearline to die from attacks the front Doll is there to tank for them in the first place! At least it comes with an 18% damage resistance buff, but this isn’t enough to make up for giving the squad Guardian or Destroyer a hard time doing their jobs.

As a side note, her Order skill is pretty ordinary as far as Mages go, an all-target magic deathray that hits for 60% of her attack 3 times in one second. Her passive is a roundabout way of reviving: If Viola gets blown to bits, her core is revealed, which takes double damage. If it doesn’t get killed in 5 seconds, Viola puts herself back together. This can only be done once.


Mage, Mercury, R, Single Target Damage, Self-Buff, Debuffer, No It Is Not Spelled Cupid’s Data

cuspidata revived witch

A very weak Mage, with a rather adorable design. Her Order and Chaos skills are both very simple. Cuspidata’s Order skill hits a single target thrice with the damage per blow being worth 60% of her ATK stat. Her Chaos skill buffs her own DMG by 30% for 5 seconds, highly inefficient for something that costs 3 Chaos energy.

Her passive spices things up a bit. Everytime she hits something with any sort of attack, she reduces the enemy’s damage by 3% for 6 seconds, stacking to a maximum of 15%. Overall, you have far better choices for combat.


Compeller, Mercury, SR, Team Heal, Luck-Based Skill, Draw The Cards

czerni revived witch

Compellers are already weirdoes in the game, and Czerni, unlike Metamorphoses, takes the cake in a bad way. Her Order skill is a 120% ATK team heal that debuffs the enemy and makes them eat more Magic damage, about 18% of it.

Her Chaos skill is what makes her painful to use: She either heals the team for 270% her ATK, or damages the enemy team worth the same, but never both at the same time, because it depends on whether she picks a Healing or Damage card from her deck.

If you desperately want to heal back your team by doing both her skills and get Damage instead on the Chaos tap, you might just kick her off the team in a fit of rage after the still-strong enemy bludgeons everyone. Metamorphoses’ mask-based skill being a set of buffs using Order energy rather than a direct heal or attack using Chaos energy makes her a lot safer to use than Czerni.


Compeller, Mercury, SR, Team Heal, All-Target Attack, Non-Sailor Miko

mikoto revived witch

Now, Mikoto is also a rather weak Compeller, but at least you can trust her to do what she can do consistently, unlike Czerni. Both her skills are pretty simple: An Order team-heal worth 270% of her ATK while generating 1 Order Energy to make it slightly cheaper, and a Chaos skill dumping the same percentage on the enemy’s head as magic damage, while making them take 18% more magic DMG for 10 seconds.

Her passive is weird: everytime Mikoto takes a hit, she has a 20% chance to generate a shield worth 25% of her max HP on whoever has the lowest HP. Usually a skill like this would simply be directed toward Mikoto herself, but hey, the other injured Doll would appreciate it.

And that ends our Revived Witch tier list. If you have anything you would want to add, feel free to leave a comment below!