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Super Auto Pets Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build a Fierce Team and Dominate Your Opponents

Animals – they’re everywhere, we’ve seen a lot of them, and yet we know very little about them (unless you are a zoologist by profession, you love reading animal books, or you avidly watch animal documentaries).

These mysterious creatures have been around since time immemorial and have given mankind companionship, sustenance, clothing, and even danger. Regardless of their purpose, animals have coexisted with humans especially in the modern era. Aside from all of the examples we’ve given here, let’s talk about how they provide companionship.

super auto pets guide

Some animals are trained to help their human companions with hunting, rescue, pest control, and more. But more often than not, animals that offer their companionship to humans are regarded as pets. Here, we introduce to you a game about pets where you fight using them similar to any Pokémon game available. This is Super Auto Pets.

Created by Team Wood Games, Super Auto Pets is a frantic multi-platform auto battler requiring lots of strategy. Unlike most auto battlers existing today Super Auto Pets prides its gameplay in understanding how each creature behaves rather than relying solely on their stats. With that said, Super Auto Pets can be quite complicated and intimidating in the very beginning. But never fear, dear pet battler; that’s why we have decided to make this guide!

super auto pets strategies

Due to Super Auto Pets’ complexity, we will discuss the game in parts: game basics, preparation and strategy, battle, and sample team compositions. If you’ve just picked this game up and want to get into it, read our Super Auto Pets beginner’s guide below!


super auto pets fighting
What’s even going on?!

First and foremost, we will explain the rules of this game and what its objective is.

super auto pets team name
Part of the fun is coming up with a silly team name. How about the Dry Icecubes?

Your game consists of two phases, the shop phase and the combat phase. Each time you end your turn during the shop phase, the combat phase begins.

super auto pets tier up
Things pick up fast whenever the Tier goes up.

After every two turns, or during every odd-numbered turn, your game will go up a Tier. This means stronger pets and items will make themselves available. Higher Tiers also means more hearts lost every defeat. You have a maximum of 10 hearts per game.

super auto pets defeat

Winning a fight earns you a trophy, losing a fight makes you lose some hearts, and having a draw causes nothing to happen. None of these conditions keep the Tiers from going up.

super auto pets winning
Much better!

You have to make use of a combination of animals and items that can overpower your opponent. The catch here is you don’t know who your next opponent is, so it’s best to be prepared.

super auto pets trophy points
And you get rewarded for losing… if you won any trophies anyway.

The game ends when you either lose all your hearts or win 10 trophies. The trophies you collect may be used for cosmetics in the shop.

It looks puzzling at first, but let’s get down to the nitty-gritty!


The undeniable truth about Super Auto Pets is, despite its rather simplistic nature, the game can be overwhelming and hard to understand at times. We’ll break down the basics of the game so you don’t get lost yourself.

Learn How The Shop Works

super auto pets shop
This is where the magic begins.

Before you get into battle, you must first understand how the shop and the animals work, but most importantly the shop.

The shop is a place where you can strategize in peace, to plan out your team before you engage. Unless you are playing a Versus match where the shop is timed, you can think up your next move here indefinitely until you run out of resources. Veterans could most likely complete their moves in the blink of an eye, but to newbies, this interface might be a little bit confusing.

Let us dissect the shop screen, shall we?

super auto pets shop dissected

a. Your Lineup – This is where your animals are placed. Simply drag or tap a pet from the shop and into any of your slots and you will have bought it. If the shop possesses a duplicate of an animal you currently have on your team, you can level this animal up by dragging or tapping the duplicate shop pet to your existing one. But this isn’t always a good idea, as we will explain later.

b. Pets and Food for Sale – The row below your lineup is what the shop sells. On one side are pets and on the other is food. Once you tap any of these, you will be given the choice to Freeze them, a button that appears next to the End Turn button, or Unfreeze them if they’ve already been frozen. Freezing both pets and food is completely free, and this can be done to prevent them from getting removed by pressing the Roll button or after coming from a battle.

c. Price – This is a simple reminder that tells you that everything in the shop costs 3 gold. This is unless you have a Squirrel on your team which discounts food items only.

super auto pets battle

d. Your Stats – This bar represents your stats. Each symbol represents something:

  • 🪙 – Your current gold. You will always receive 10 gold after a battle. This amount does not increase if you end your turn with excess gold or if you win a fight.
  • ❤ – This represents how many lives you have. Initially, you will lose just one life every time you lose but whenever you go up a Tier, you will lose more hearts per loss. The farther you get, the easier it is for you to lose the game.
  • 🏆 – These are your wins. Unlike hearts, you will win only one trophy per victory no matter the Tier. If you get 10 trophies, you have won the game. As mentioned above, trophies earned translate to points which you can use to purchase cosmetics with.
  • ⏳ – Your current turn. Finishing a battle moves you to the next turn. Every odd numbered turn bumps you up a Tier, allowing the shop to spawn more powerful animals and food.

e. Reroll Selections – Rolling costs 1 gold. Do this only if you don’t like the shop’s selections or if you’re trying to get a specific animal. These are all completely random, so roll at your own risk. Just remember to Freeze the animals or food you want for later if you cannot currently afford them.

f. End Turn – Ending your turn immediately sends your team to battle. This should only be done after you’ve spent all of your gold and if you’re completely sure with your decisions. You cannot go back a turn, so good luck!

Read The Tooltips And Numbers

super auto pets tooltips
Read them… or else!

This is the crux of understanding how the whole game works.

Each time you are at the shop menu, make it a habit to view what each pet or each item does. Simply tapping anything there should tell you if you need the item now or later. What some players fail to understand here is that spreading out your strategy and having a team that’s got its priorities spread out is a one-way ticket to defeat.

Aside from the tooltips that pop up from each animal and item are the numbers below your animals. Some animals and items give temporary buffs while others give permanent ones. If you’re not sure of how you can tell, it’s a very subtle adjustment to the numbers of your pet: an underline. Take for instance, whenever the Horse buffs a friend, that friend’s stat boost will only be for the battle ahead. A thin line beneath the number should appear. Unlike the Horse, the Otter and the Fish do this permanently.

Now, to avoid some mistakes early on and because you now know that it’s important to read tooltips, consider that some items or pets should be bought in a specific order.

Buy Or Sell Things In Order

super auto pets buying in order
Priorities, priorities…

Suppose you have both a Horse and an Otter currently in the shop. Which do you think you should buy first?

It’s these questions that will linger for a while in the minds of many newbies. But let us answer that question for you: the Horse should be bought first before the Otter. When you buy the Otter first and then the Horse, nothing will happen. If you instead buy the Horse before you buy the Otter, the Horse buffs the Otter for the battle and the Otter buffs the Horse temporarily.

Upon reading the tooltips of each pet and item, you’ll quickly notice that some of these should be bought (or sold, in some cases) in a specific order. For instance buying Canned Food before buying any shop pet is very important since this item boosts the health and attack of the shop pets and the shop pets that pop up after every re-roll.

super auto pets the flexible housewives

With the case of selling things, selling the Duck on your team (if you have it) before buying any pet from the shop will raise the store pets’ stats slightly. But only do this before you decide on buying from the Roll that you have. If the pet you wanted came after you re-rolled the shop, the Duck’s bonus will be gone. It doesn’t work the same as Canned Food.

Likewise, the Beaver can be sold anytime but should be done so if you found a pet you want to make room for. This can get a little bit complex and thus, we will talk more about this later.

As far as stat boosts go, some of them are temporary while others are permanent. Let’s explain how this can affect your game.

Opt For Permanent Bonuses Over Temporary Ones

super auto pets cupcakes
Cupcakes aren’t forever.

Do you feed your pets the Cupcake or the Apple? Let’s take a look at both.

The Apple is a simple item. It permanently gives a pet +1 to both its attack and defense. The Cupcake, on the other hand, gives a pet +3 to both attack and defense but temporarily. You might think that the Cupcake is superior because it will boost your chances of winning by a slight amount, but its effects are only temporary. The problem you are likely to face here is an opponent with creatures much stronger than yours. A loss from such a battle will likely waste your Cupcake money.

Instead of temporary fixes, invest in permanent ones. Buy Apples, Salads, Sushi, Pizza Slices, and any other items but the Cupcakes. While they may have a viable strategy somewhere, their purpose doesn’t help in the grand scheme of things. Permanent bonuses help your pets even out the battlefield slowly but surely. These will be even more powerful when you obtain pets like the Rabbit or the Worm that benefit greatly from eating food from the shop.

Food aside, let’s now talk about leveling pets up.

Save Level Ups For Tiers 2 Or 3 In The Early Game

super auto pets leveling up
Get ahead of the competition.

As you play through any mode, you’ll notice that you can level up your pets. But should you?

We will soon discuss why having duplicate animals early game but first let us address why the title of this item says what it says. It sounds easier said than done, that’s for sure. Here’s our explanation.

If you’re unfamiliar with how the game works, every time you do battle, you will finish a turn. Every odd-numbered turn, your game will go up a Tier. This is where you face stronger opponents but have the chance to get stronger pets, too. These are the moments you should start leveling up your pets.

Why this should be is because you get a new pet in the shop with one Tier higher than your current Roll every time you level up any of your pets. Getting a higher-Tiered pet early could situate you in an advantage during your next battle (that is unless you are matched with someone just as skilled or more skilled than you). Regardless the outcome of the next battle, your high-Tiered animal should be something that fits the composition of your team.

That wraps up the game’s basic techniques. Let’s now get a little bit more advanced.


This section of the guide is where you will learn how to make use of your time in the shop. As we’ve stated earlier, Super Auto Pets does not come with combat ratings per animal. Each animal is useful in their own right and therefore strategy and planning often wins battles. Raw numbers can prevail, but doing so will require lots of dedication. For now, we will discuss what ideas you should explore while you’re in the shop screen.

Multiple Animals Are Better Than Singular Ones… Sometimes

super auto pets multiple animals
Three ants are better than two!

You start your game with two Horses and a Cricket. Do you merge the two Horses together?

Remember what we said about saving your level-ups for higher Tiers? Apply that thinking here. Taking the example above, both Horses will buff the summoned Cricket twice, making it hit substantially harder. This technique is very important in the early game and could carry you well over into mid-game.

Another example would be having two Sheep in your team and having a single Turkey in the back. The Turkey should be able to buff the Ram pairs that spawn after the Sheep die. If you have two Turkeys, it will be much more powerful since they will both buff the army of Sheep advancing at the enemy team.

There’s also having two Crabs or so, both mimicking the animal in your roster with the highest HP. Putting them one after the other is sure to give the enemy two walls to face, both of which may delay their advances. But this is all provided that the Crabs do have a friend to copy HP from.

But how is it possible to get multiple animals at once? This is where you take a gamble, friends!

Don’t Be Stingy With Your Rolls

super auto pets rolled
Another ant!

Super Auto Pets operates greatly on a dice system.

Each roll of the dice during the shop phase grants you different animals every time. To squander your Rolls solely on purchases could mean the demise of your team, but this doesn’t mean to say that you should constantly re-roll the shop. This is all within reason, of course.

What we are trying to say is that you should try to Roll for the items and pets that you want, to cast the die every time the shop’s display isn’t to your liking. You will always have a chance to find that one thing that will make your lineup stronger than it was last turn. Whether it’s a better pet or a great piece of food, it’s all hidden under a couple of Rolls depending on your plan.

This is also why the game asks you if you want to end your turn with excess gold. The gold you don’t spend does not carry over to the next turn, so you’re encouraged to just spend it. After buying things from the shop, there’s no other thing to do but re-Roll the shop. Even though the Roll gets refreshed next turn, better that you make the Roll before you end the turn so you can Freeze whatever might come up.

This is extremely important especially if you find two animals that work well together… Did you know that some animals do work well together?

Get Animals That Synergize Together

super auto pets synergy
And the Fish is the star of the show.

Just like in real life where some animals have a mutualism-type relationship, Super Auto Pets has this, too (but not realistically). We will discuss this bullet in detail below, but let us give you a quick sunmary on what this is all about.

Imagine your team like a machine. All animals in your team have to possess and wield skills that are complementary to each other. If one animal is out of place, you will lose entirely. Take for instance a Peacock and an Elephant.

The Elephant damages whatever’s behind it before it attacks. The Peacock gains damage as it takes a hit. This synergy is quite powerful provided that the Elephant doesn’t kill the Peacock immediately. Or the Ant being able to buff any friend it has on the team when it dies. Setup is very important and it’s all a matter of experimentation.

If you would like to know more possible animal pairings or combinations, look no further than the bottom of this guide. For now, let’s tackle another important aspect of preparation: placement.

Placement Is Important

super auto pets placement
When the Flamingo faints, it gives the two pets behind it a boost. Where you place it is up to you.

The animals line up and the battle rages on! But oh no! Your plan didn’t seem to work out as well as you’d hoped! Perhaps the placement of one of your animals is off?

Placement is quite important in Super Auto Pets. You have a team of five slots. Each slot can hold one animal. The slot placement is as follows:

5   4   3   2   1

That said, a Sheep can spawn 2 Rams when it faints, but if placed in the very front of a full team (slot 1), it will only spawn 1. Why? Because of the slots rule. Same goes for a Cricket bearing a Honeypot. If the Cricket is way up front and faints first, the Bee will not spawn.

super auto pets vs

One more thing we can add to this bullet is that there are certain positions in your team that are more important than others. The most important slots are usually slots 1 and 5. Slot 1 is typically used for tanks and hard-hitters while slot 5 is used for buffers like Turkeys and Horses or animals equipped with the Honeypot. Sharks also greatly benefit from the 5th slot.

Beware that some animals attack these slots. The Crocodile, for example, targets the last animal on the enemy’s team with its skill. We all go back to the whole “reading the tooltips” bit as this should determine the apt placement of each animal. Where does a Badger go? Or a Hedgehog? Or a Dog or a Cat? We’ll let you figure these out yourself!

Animals can win on their own at times, but feeding them is just as important as placing them.

Feed Your Pets Wisely

super auto pets pear
+2 to both Attack and Health is a pretty big bonus. Who should you feed here?

You only have 10 gold per turn unless you have a Swan, a Squirrel, or a couple of Pigs on your team to save money. How should you feed your pets then?

Here’s an easy, categorized lineup of the different food you can encounter:

  • Strengthening Food – 🍎🍐🥛 These will permanently increase the health and attack of a singular animal. The most powerful one, the Milk, comes from the Cow. After buying a Cow, it turns all the shop food into Milk. The best part is, the Milk is completely free and this counts if you buy a Cow to level up your existing one.
  • Group Strengthening Food – 🥗🍣🍕 These will permanently increase the health and attack of multiple random animals on your team. The Salad and Sushi will strengthen 2 random animals while the Pizza Slice strengthens 3.
  • Utility Food – 🍯💊🍫🥫 The food in this category have special effects that aren’t like the other food. The Honeypot allows your pet to spawn a Bee as soon as it faints, the Sleeping Pill causes a pet to faint permanently, the Chocolate Bar adds experience points to a pet’s current level, and the Canned Food strengthens current and future shop pets.

    Let’s talk about the Sleeping Pill in particular. It can summon a random Tier 3 pet when used on a Spider, and can cause permanent upgrades to come from the Ant, Flamingo, and Mammoth. The use of the food in this category is completely situational.
  • Defense Food – 🧄🍈 The food grouped here add a layer of armor to a selected pet. The Garlic allows them to take 2 damage less while the Melon allows them to take 20 damage less, but only once per round.
  • Attack Food – 🍖🥩🌶 Lastly, these types of food will grant your pet a boost in their attack. While the Meat and the Steak greatly increase your pet’s raw damage, the Chili Pepper allows your pet to attack the first two pets it hits.

Deciding on how you wanna feed your pets should be done before you run out of gold or right as the shop phase begins. Study your lineup and throw them what you think will work for them. Just remember that some pets like Oxen will overwrite the effect of any Honeypot, Meat, Steak, Garlic, or Melon effects when they use their skills.

Most of what happens in preparing for your next fight is reading. Read everything before you end your turn. Once you completely understand how it all works and after you’ve decided on a strategy, it’s time to fight.


Here comes the enjoyably frustrating part of the game. The battles in Super Auto Pets are unpredictable as they are chaotic. Pets popping up from everywhere, some coming back from the dead, Honey Badger Clutches, and more. The battlefield is where you will learn many things, but here are a few firsthand tips from us to you!

Expect A Draw Or Defeat The First Few Rounds

super auto pets draw

The game can be rough but let’s set something straight here: you are most likely to have a draw or lose outright in the first few rounds.

Can you secure a win at least? Yes. But given the animals in Tier 1, they all possess low health and attack. The battles here can be swift and unforgiving and most of the time, you really can’t gauge what your opponent will pull off. A simple tip that we can give you here is to stick to the Fish (if you get these early).

Another reason why you are less likely to win early on is because most of the Tier 1 pets are quite plain in skill. The really exciting or powerful pets come along, but building on a Tier 1 until it gets super strong will propel you through your later matches. Just make sure you stick to one pet to strengthen at this moment and you’ll start to see trophies pop up.

There is one Tier 1 item that stands out…

Honey Can Help Win Early Fights

super auto pets bee clutch
Ye bee victorious!

What’s golden and precious and rhymes with money? That’s right! Sweet, sweet Honey!

If you didn’t know already, Honey allows your pet to summon a Honeybee when it dies. This bee, although bearing only 1 attack and 1 health, is usually a trump card for many. Here’s a very likely scenario that could happen in the many early battles:

super auto pets honeypot army
Different team, same scenario.

Each of your pets and the pets of the enemy knock each other out of the match and you’re down to your last pet. Oftentimes, it will result in a draw but not if your final pet has Honey. It will result in a draw if your opponent has Honey, too, and worse if they have a Cricket using Honey. The latter will result in a loss for you (but hey, take that as a tip! *wink wink*).

Speaking of which, let’s touch upon a particular strategy that could help you in the early game.

Commit To A Single Animal As Much As Possible

super auto pets fish feed
A nice, meaty Fish.

Imagine this for a moment: you start out with the Tier 1 animals but as you fight, there is one of them that you just won’t sell. This is a viable tactic.

Keeping any animal and building your team around how they play can propel you forward. Let’s take a look at the Fish, for example. This creature starts with pretty high stats and has a great skill it uses upon leveling up. Beefing the Fish up with lots of food will guarantee you a couple of wins as you go.

This also helps if you know what kind of skills your animal possesses. This time, we take a look at the Horse. The Horse is quite deadly if it is joined by the likes of Crickets, Sheep, Roosters, or Deer. Basically, anything that gets summoned, it strengthens. Have a Turkey join the Horse, and you have the strength of an army at your disposal.

But this also begs the question: what should you value more? An animal’s raw numbers or their skills?

Numbers Or Skills?

super auto pets buff hippo
That Hippo went to the gym and then some.

Some pets bear high stats, some of them have really low ones but have powerful skills at their disposal. Who is it that you should choose?

The answer here is: it depends! Yes, it really depends on who you want to build on. We mentioned early on that the Fish is quite meaty with its basic stats (2 Attack, 3 Health). By itself, the Fish can become quite the monster if fed properly and often. But then, there are those that could give boosts to anyone on their team. Let’s talk about the Ant, this time.

The humble Ant is a welcome addition to any team. As it faints, it bestows an attack and health bonus to a random animal on your team. Similar animals are the Flamingo and the Mammoth, both quite powerful in their own right but not through raw stats. Just like the Ant, they give out powerful buffs onto their living allies after they’ve lost, only the Flamingo does this to the two allies behind it and the Mammoth does it for everyone.

Surely a balance between these two conflicting schools of thought is needed, but most players just stick to one or the other. It all depends on what you think your current team values more. In all honesty, finding out what works for you will make you get through your fights more.

Observation is only secondary, and that can be achieved through playing lots of Arena Mode.

Play Arena Mode… A Lot!

super auto pets 8 trophies
Get used to seeing this a lot!

Arena Mode! The mode where only the finest salt is mined! It’s brutal, it’s difficult, it’s infuriatingly satisfying! This is where your dreams are made or where they are crushed and thus it’s important to play here and see where you stand!

In all seriousness, you play here to observe your opponents as well as figure out what build works for you. Look at how your opponents play and learn from their builds; observe which animals and items they use so the next time you come across them, you’ll know how they behave and how you can use them to your advantage or defeat them if they’re on the enemy’s team.

The Arena Mode also teaches you how to strategize on the spot by being in the shop menu. Once you’ve reached a high enough Tier, you’ll be finding ways to make your team stronger than before and that making bad decisions could teach you valuable lessons through failure. The game tends to match you with people more powerful than you and you will only get stronger if you prepare well.

super auto pets versus mode

While we might have not said so much here, we mean it when we say that Arena Mode is the best place for you to practice. It’s this mode that will prepare you for the time you’ll want to play this game with friends since the shop menu in Versus Mode is timed. The best way to go about this is to have fun and never stop fighting.

We’ve discussed the basics of battle and the core mechanics of the game. Now it’s time for us to impart great knowledge upon you, dear reader.


There are tons of ways to make animals work together. But from us to you, here are a few combinations that work:

  • Ant in Slot 4 with an Animal Behind It

Pros: Cheap, Easy

Cons: Animal behind the Ant should be powerful

Notes: This is a very easy tactic that can be useful even late into the game.

super auto pets the domesticated abs
  • Peacock with Garlic Armor and Camel in front with Garlic Armor

Pros: Powerful, Camel is tanky

Cons: Peacock may need to be strengthened beforehand

Notes: The Camel buffs whoever’s behind it every time it gets hit. Once the Camel faints, the Peacock is ready to fight. Not to mention, the Garlic Armor keeps them protected, maximizing the amount of buffs they get.

  • Honey Badger Clutch (Badger with Honey Pot in Slot 5)

Pros: Fun, Easy to Use

Cons: Badger has to be last to fight or the clutch will fail, will also fail if the last enemy animal was also equipped with a Honey Pot

Notes: Upon fainting, the Badger deals its attack damage to the animals adjacent to it. This is basically the Badger taking its enemy with it having the Honeybee pop up out of nowhere to be abuzz with your victory.

  • Kangaroo with Meat Behind Peacock with Garlic Armor

Pros: Minimal setup

Cons: Both animals may need to be strengthened for maximum efficiency

Notes: As the Kangaroo braces itself through the Peacock’s defense, it’s sure to give its opponent a knockout punch after the Peacock falls.

super auto pets the boring bagpipes
  • Blowfish with Garlic Armor, Snake Behind Blowfish

Pros: Powerful artillery strikes

Cons: Late-game setup, Snake can be rare

Notes: As the Blowfish takes hits and fires at random enemies, so too, does the Snake since it attacks anyone at random when the animal in front of it attacks.

  • Turkey Behind Sheep, Roosters, Deer, Crickets, or Flies

Pros: Buries enemies in summoned animals

Cons: Turkey can’t do much to protect itself, Turkey is susceptible to Crocodiles if put at the last slot

Notes: The Turkey buffs any animal that spawns (Buses are not animals, but still). This works for any of the animals mentioned in this tip.

  • Ox Behind a Sheep, a Cricket, a Deer, or a Rooster

Pros: Ox wields its might at a withered enemy team

Cons: Ox can get sniped by a Skunk if its health is the highest, Ox cannot equip other kinds of armor

Notes: Granted that an Ox will power itself up as its friend in front of it faints, the Ox is best placed behind these animals since they technically faint twice.

super auto pets the extra shirts
  • Whale Behind Deer with Mushroom

Pros: Unexpected bus attacks!

Cons: Deer won’t be able to do much, Whale may need strengthening, will require proper positioning

Notes: The Whale swallows the Deer, causing it to faint and spawn the Bus, the Deer will revive again as a level 1, ready to spawn another Bus when it dies.

  • Dodo Behind Crab

Pros: Relatively easy setup

Cons: Both Dodo and Crab will need some strengthening, Crab will need an animal with high health to copy

Notes: The Crab copies the health of the animal with the highest health, the Dodo makes the Crab stronger. An easy strategy but requires a tiny bit of setup.

  • Boar with Garlic Armor

Pros: Brings out the Boar’s full potential

Cons: May need friends to back it up

Notes: The Boar raises its health and attack with every attack. Giving it Garlic Armor grants it the chance to grow in power as it fights as well as keeps it alive much longer.

To conclude this guide to Super Auto Pets, it’s all in the reading of the tooltips and experimentation. Fighting in Arena Mode is the most important aspect of the game as it teaches you possible combinations of animals and items that work. Save your animal fusions for whenever you go up a Tier so you can get an early high-Tier animal after a successful level up. Good luck and have fun!

Do you have any tips of your own or more combinations that you can add to our list? Leave them in the comment section below!