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Renegade Racing Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Race Your Way to Victory

A well-known Australian gaming company, Not Doppler, has just released a new racing game for iOS and Android devices. As it turns out, Renegade Racing could be a popular title among fans of adrenaline-filled racing games. Remember, Not Doppler is also company behind some fantastic releases such as Crash of Cars and Earn to Die. Clearly, this developer has a fascination with unreal stunts and gravity-bending tricks. With that said, we recommend downloading Renegade Racing to your iOS or Android mobile device.

When it comes to Renegade Racing, more than 10 breathtaking rides will wait for you in the garage. Likewise, 12 different power-ups are there as well. All you have to do is collect sufficient cash and unlock all those items. Yet, this could be easier said than done, and you will need all the help you can get. So be sure to check out our Renegade Racing guide, as it comes with several useful tips, cheats and tricks to unlock more power-ups, perform epic stuns and race your way to victory!

1. Focus On The Perfect Timing

One of the most important elements of a good race is the start. If you nail this one right, you can be confident that the race in question will go your way. Once you take the lead, you will be in control of the situation. So, the importance of perfect timing should never be underestimated.

renegade racing perfect timing

The same can be said for the races that will take place in Renegade Racing. At the start of every race, three red lights will signal the countdown. You will hear a sound signal as well. These elements should help you prepare and focus on what lies ahead. Then, when the lights turn green, it’s time to fly out the gates.

To perform the perfect start, the trick is to wait for the green light. By doing so, you will avoid wheel spins and a couple of precious seconds will be saved. As the lights turn green, hit the pedal and channel your inner renegade.

2. Perform As Many Stunts As Possible

When playing Renegade Racing, you will have the opportunity to perform breathtaking stunts and tricks. By doing so, you could earn a lot of points. Luckily, the vehicles in the game are more than ready to take a beating. In other words, a bunch of monster trucks, buses, and even military tanks will be at your disposal.

how to perform epic stunts in renegade racing

To perform a stunt, players should use the controls on the left and the right side of the screen. Two rounded arrows are located in the left area, and they will let you spin the vehicle while flying through the air. On the other hand, the commands on the right-hand side are in charge of acceleration and breaking. More often than not, you will only use the acceleration button. As a result, the vehicle will move forward. If you manage to gain enough speed, the jumps can be epic. The more air time you get, the more aerobatics you will be able to perform.

3. Fill Up The Turbo For More Speed

While playing Renegade Racing, speed will be a highly valuable commodity. In other words, players should do everything in their power to drive the cars as fast as possible. Yet, a wide range of obstacles along the road will affect the speed. For that reason, the Turbo boost can be your best ally.

At the top of the screen, players will notice a meter that shows the level of the Turbo boost. The more Turbo you have – the more speed you will have during the race. To fill up this meter, players need to perform stunts and tricks. So, don’t hesitate to spin the car in every possible way. Wheelies and Spins can be quite generous and rewarding. Also, every Perfect Landing will add lots of points to the Turbo meter. Likewise, you can try performing the Vertical or the Inverted Hold. Either way, the meter will provide you with a crucial advantage during the race.

4. Be The First To Cross The Finish Line

As the name implies, Renegade Racing is all about racing in a crazy and gravity-bending way. Well, we all know that the goal of every race is to be the first to cross the finish line. History only remembers the winners, so make sure to finish every race as the leading driver.

renegade racing tricks

As a matter of fact, you will not be able to proceed to the next level if you don’t win enough races in a chapter. Every win brings a certain amount of XP points, as well as lots of cash. A neat trick for playing Renegade Racing is to get to the leading position early in the race. After that, you can try to perform stunts without risking too much. If you manage to gain some advantage over the opponents, you can then experiment with the tricky maneuvers. Just keep in mind that the position on the Leaderboard is the most important element when driving the vehicle.

5. Double The Rewards At The End Of The Race

In Renegade Racing players need to collect two types of currencies. The first one is the XP, while the other one comes in the form of well-known green dollar bills. To be honest, cash is more important in this game. So, players should focus their efforts on collecting as much cash as possible. We already mentioned some of the ways that can result in massive rewards, but there are a couple of other methods as well.

For instance, players can double the size of the bounty after every race by watching an ad. In other words, Renegade Racing will provide you with a bonus at the end of every event. Of course, the more points you collect during the race, the bigger the Match Bonus will be. Nonetheless, it’s imperative that you double the bounty after the events. Why? Well, cash opens many doors, and the same goes for Renegade Racing. So, invest those 20 seconds of your day and watch an ad or two. It will be worth it.

6. Complete The Mission Objectives

Another great method for earning valuable dollars is to complete Objectives in the game. These tasks are time-limited, which means that they last for about 10-15 minutes. Within this period, you can participate in as many races as you want. And, all the races will contribute to the same goal – clearing out the task in the upper right corner of the screen.

renegade racing missions

In most cases, the Objective will be performing a certain skill a certain number of times. For example, you could be asked to do 20 Back Wheelies in 7 minutes. Or, the Objective could be to amass 55 seconds of Vertical Hold in 15 minutes. These creative tasks are often easy to clear, especially in the early stages of the game. So, make sure to keep an eye on the upper right corner of the screen. A green meter will show how close you are to reaching the reward for completing the task.

7. Splash The Cash And Upgrade Your Ride

We already mentioned some of the vehicles that are available in the game. For example, you will start Renegade Racing by driving a forklift. Even though this first ride will be nimble and easy to spin, faster vehicles will result in better stunts due to increased air time. Yet, players can improve their current rides by investing the cash and buying some upgrades.

At the bottom of the lobby screen, you will notice the icon for the Garage. By visiting this area, you can find highly valuable options. First of all, the green button that says ‘Buy’ is the one you should tap whenever you get the opportunity. By doing so, you will splash the cash and buy an upgrade for your car. No matter if you improve traction or you get better acceleration, the idea is to buy all the upgrades for the given vehicle. Once you do so – the next car will become available.

8. Unlock The Power-Ups And Equip The Car Before Joining A Race

As you progress through the game, the courses will get more and more demanding. Likewise, you’ll be facing better players, and their experience will not let you win every race without putting some serious effort. Since Renegade Racing follows a 1v5 multiplayer format, you’ll be facing five real-life players during every event.

how to unlock more power-ups in renegade racing

In other words, you will need to be on top of your game at all times. Yet, to raise the bar, we recommend that you invest the cash in unlocking a couple of power-ups. The power-ups can help collect even more points during a race. For example, some boosters will fill your Turbo meter right from the start. On the other hand, some may provide your vehicle with giant magnets for attracting cash. In a way, every power-up will be of service, so try to unlock as many of them as you can. Also, don’t forget to equip the ride with the available power-ups before the start of the race!

With the final advice, we end our Renegade Racing guide. Yet, if you are familiar with any other useful tips or tricks for the game, feel free to leave us a comment!