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Earn to Die 2 Cheats: 5 Useful Tips to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Earn to Die 2 is the sequel to the popular Android and iOS game Earn to Die, Not Doppler’s latest entry in the series, which is available for Android and iOS devices. In this zombie-themed game, you’ll be driving your car through a zombie apocalypse, as you try to drive to the other side of the country to reach the evacuation ship. Of course, you’ll be dealing with zombies all throughout your drive, and you won’t be driving a flashy new automobile, but rather a run-down jalopy. Not Doppler says the game comes with a “massive new Story Mode,” which is five times longer than on the first game. That ideally means five times the fun, but sometimes it could also mean five times the frustration. Thankfully, we’ve got some Earn to Die 2 cheats, tips and tricks that will help you survive this particular zombie apocalypse.

1. Put Your Pedal To The Metal, But Take It Easy On The Rotation Button

Your beat-up car is specifically designed to survive those zombie onslaughts, and you’ll need to keep your finger on the acceleration button to ensure your car stays in motion. Then again, you shouldn’t press too hard on the rotation buttons. Instead, tap on them lightly to avoid the possibility of your vehicle flipping over and ending your game. Going back to the acceleration button, the only time you won’t have to press on it continuously would be when you’re going downhill.

2. User Your Boost When You’re Driving Up Hills

While you really would want to let go of the acceleration button when your ride is cruising down a hill, you will want to use your boost when you’re doing the opposite – driving uphill. Your boost will also come in handy when dealing with road bumps and ramps.

3. Watch Out For The Obstacles

Each level comes with its share of obstacles, such as barriers. You can push through them, but try not to push so hard as that may result in some parts getting knocked off your vehicle. And when you’re going uphill, you will also encounter boxes. These boxes, however, don’t contain some sort of power-up or upgrade – if you run into a box while on boost, you’ll slow down considerably, leaving you more vulnerable to zombie attacks.

4. Focus On Upgrading Your Engine And Transmission Stats

You can upgrade your car in a number of ways, but the most important stats you should focus on would be those for your engine and transmission. Upgrading the former means faster acceleration, while upgrading the latter could give your top speed a much-needed boost.

5. Upgrade Your Guns And Fuel Tank As Well

When you’ve got enough cash on you, purchase a gun and equip it on your ride. And once you’ve upgraded your car’s engine and transmission, that’s when you can upgrade your guns. Upgrading your fuel tank would also be a good second priority, as that allows you to drive farther.