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Remedy Rush Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Get a High Score

Fixpoint Productions’ exciting new mobile game Remedy Rush is now available for the iOS mobile platform. If you were among the many who played Amateur Surgeon 4 when it created quite a buzz last month, you’ll be in for something similar in this new title. The premise of the game is that you’ve come down with a strange and “pesky” illness, and you’re going to have to enter your own body and navigate mazes of cells to deliver some of the strangest remedies out there. And while delivering those remedies, you can also collect health bursts to kill germs and open new pathways for you and your remedies.

This wouldn’t be a surgery-style puzzle, but the fact that you’ll need to use weird items such as tennis balls, teddy bears, and more accounts for the game’s similarity to Amateur Surgeon 4. There’s going to be a lot of strategy involved in this game as you help your body battle those toxins, and while this game has an endless mechanic, it’s definitely not as casual as your average endless title. You may need this Remedy Rush strategy guide to help you in delivering those remedies without a hitch, so read on if you’re having difficulty in any part of the game!

1. Learning The Basics

As we often do, we’ll be starting out at the top and talking you through the basics of Remedy Rush. We mentioned above that this is an endless runner in terms of primary mechanic, and just like your average endless runner, there are obstacles that you’ll have to avoid. There are also certain parts of your body that you need to familiarize yourself with. The white blocks are your cells, and act as walls that may block your path, but are otherwise harmless. Those spiked bugs are yellow germs, and you should avoid them like the plague that they are; they will explode and kill you if they get too close to you, while you just stay there and do nothing. Toxins are represented by the red blocks, which may take the form of squares, Xs, and even question marks. Bumping into them the first time will set off a nearby explosion after a couple seconds, while bumping into them a second time while the explosion is being triggered will make them explode.

2. How To Use Health Bursts

The green crosses, fortunately, are friendly pieces – these are health bursts, which you should be collecting by walking over them; just take note that you’re only allowed to keep a maximum of three. Walking over another health burst while you’re all full won’t do anything – you won’t be able to pick up anything in excess of the three that you’re allowed. As for using them, hold down on the screen until you notice that the green circle around your character is completely filled in. That’s going to set off an explosion on all squares adjacent to your character, and kill any germs and set off any toxins, while weakening cell walls.

You should also remember that it’s possible to blow up toxins from one square away by using your health bursts. That may require you to act differently than you normally would when moving away, though we shall be explaining toxins a little later on, and enumerating the different types.

3. How Can You Score More Points?

Scoring points is the primary objective in Remedy Rush, and there are three ways for you to earn more of them. The first way would be to bump into toxins and blow them up; just make sure you move out of the way so that you don’t get hit by the explosion! The second way would be to use health bursts to destroy the germs, or to “trap” them in a toxin explosion. Lastly, you can make it far enough to start a new “day,” which will give you a bonus where the number of days you’ve entered is multiplied by 10.

4. String Combos Together

Yes, you know what we’re talking about here. Remedy Rush has a combo mechanic, and you can string a combo together by blowing up as many toxins or germs as possible. Doing so will increase the combo meter by one, though you have to act quickly when blowing them up, as the meter won’t take long before it counts back down. And if you aren’t able to blow up anything for several seconds, it’s going to go right back to x1. That makes it important to blow things up as quickly as possible, as that’s going to allow your combo meter to rise and help you earn more points. Practice stringing explosions together so that you can rack up those points.

5. Know Your Toxins

The game comes with four different types of toxins, each of them with their own corresponding shape. That shape will show you how the toxins can explode – an X, of course, will create an X-shaped explosion. It’s also worth noting that each of the game’s toxins come with a specific number of points, which can be multiplied if you string a combo together, as we explained above. They also have their own danger zones, which are specific parts that should be avoided, designated by red dots. X toxins, which are worth a single point, create an X-shaped explosion, and the danger zones can be found at the four diagonal corners. Their explosions always take place on areas where you aren’t able to touch them, and that makes it safe for you to bump into an X twice in a row. T toxins are worth two points, and create T-shaped explosions. Look for the danger zones in the north, south, east, and west points, and always move away whenever you bump into them, so that you can avoid the explosion.

What’s the deal with those question mark toxins? They’re worth three points, are notable for having random danger zones; you may notice that they are limited to only one square, or may take up the surrounding area in full. There may be times when you can bump into them twice, but the catch here is that you have to wait it out a bit to see what their explosion coverage is. Lastly, square toxins will get you four points, and they create square-shaped explosions. Watch out for the eight squares that immediately surround them. Make sure you’re stepping away from them after you bump into them and cause them to explode.

6. Know Your Germs As Well

While you should be aware of what’s in it for you with each of the toxins, you should also be taking note of the yellow spiky germs, which come in different types, and earn you different point values. Large germs with spikes are worth five points and drawn toward cell walls, and will try to break through them unless you’re right in their line of sight. As they break down cell walls and open up new holes, they’ll do you more good at specific points. The small germs with spikes are worth six points and go around walls, and while they’re smaller, they’re also more persistent, and capable of spotting you by going around the cells.

Turtle-shaped germs do not have spikes unlike the other two, but they’re also a pain to deal with, just like the smaller germs. In fact, we can say that they’re a bigger pain, as they move faster and are better in imitating your movements. For example, if they see you moving left and right, they’ll do the same and move left and right as well. Killing them will get you seven points.

7. The Deal With Germs

There’s an obvious catch to the germs being worth substantially more points than most toxins. Their movements can be unpredictable, and as they’re always in motion, it won’t be easy to lure them into an explosion. They will, however, stop chasing you if they move within a square of you, and start flashing orange after staying put. After this happens, they will explode, and take you out right away – as this is an endless game, any explosion you come in contact with will kill you ASAP!

8. Tips For Avoiding Germs

here are multiple ways to avoid germs in Remedy Rush. The first thing you can do is to keep on moving around – make sure you’ve gone far enough to get away from their line of sight, as that’s going to restart their chase and stop their flashing. Don’t worry too much yet if they get close to you again, as that’s simply going to reset their explosion timer, even if they’re flashing once again. You can run into germs and bump them backwards, and if there isn’t anything behind them, that’s going to knock them back; this works especially well if you’re in a long hallway. If there’s a toxin behind them, that will set the toxin off. And if there’s a wall behind them, the wall will crumble partially and do one point of damage against it, out of a maximum three health points. Now if you bump into a germ and it refuses to budge, its timer won’t reset, which should signal you to head to safer ground ASAP.

As a bonus tip, you can bump germs against a wall three times to break it, provided you’re in a situation where you’re at a virtual dead end and with no health bursts on you. As always, step away so you can avoid the explosion.

9. How Can You Kill Germs?

The most obvious way to do this would be to blow them up with a health burst. Setting one off when they’re next to you will blow them up before the explosion gets to you. The second way would be to make sure a germ is affected by a toxin explosion. This would require a bit of timing, as you’ll need to set off toxins just as germs are entering the path of the explosion. There’s also the above strategy we mentioned, which is to bump a germ into a toxin, which would take care of both germ and toxin with one explosion.

10. Choose The Right Remedy

Moving on to remedies, you’ll want to choose the right one, as your choice of remedy may affect the points you will earn, and may even be “game-changing,” as the game description calls them. Take the example of Eggs, which add one point to the value of the toxins you’re blasting – an X would be worth two points instead of one, a Y three points and not two, and so on. Tennis Balls create bigger toxin explosions, but that brings up one key caveat when it comes to the remedies – some of them may not have completely positive results. In this case, the bigger explosions also means you’ll need to act extra-fast to avoid the explosion and stay alive.

11. When To Go For The Coins

You may want to avoid coins if you’re chasing after a high score, but if you need more currency to unlock more remedies, then go chase them by all means. If you earn coins during one of your runs, that won’t add to your point total, so ignore them if you’re close to breaking your high score.

12. Use Your Health Bursts While Still Early

Once again, the game will only allow you to hold a maximum of three health bursts, unless you’re using certain remedies. That means you shouldn’t be holding on to them for an extended period of time, as they’re freely available for you to walk over and pick up. If you see an opportunity to blow up a germ, take it as soon as possible, and use those health bursts while at the early points of your run. The only time you should stock up and hoard health bursts, so to say, is when you’re at day four and beyond. That’s because you will be encountering more germs and toxins, with the number of health burst pickups going down.

13. How To Keep Your Combo String Going

Several tips ago, we told you that it’s very important to string combos together so you can add to your point total and then some. So how can you keep the string alive and ensure yourself of a high multiplier? If you see that the combo meter is close to going back to x1 and you see an X toxin near you, bump into that toxin twice and you’ll add to the meter once again, or use a health burst in a pinch if you see a germ. You might need to go for germs that are out of your reach, but the main thing here is to prevent the string from being broken and prevent your combo meter from going back to x1.

14. The Walls Can Be A Huge Nuisance

Once again, we’re revisiting the walls, which can be quite annoying to deal with. But it is possible to destroy those walls, as they have three health points. And you’ll notice how close a wall is to getting broken down by looking at its color – it will start out white, then degrade to white with dark specks, then once again to dark with white specks. Once a wall is at that final stage, you can use one health burst to break the wall down. But if a toxin explodes, that’s going to destroy any wall regardless of what stage of deterioration it is in.

15. Miscellaneous Score-Boosting Tips

We’re down to the homestretch of this strategy guide, so let’s look at some miscellaneous ways you can increase your score big-time.

For one, you can pick on toxins that are right behind you if you’re trying to keep your combo string going. That’s going to prevent the multiplier from going back to x1, and the more toxins behind you, the better – get some quick and easy bonuses before the toxins go off-screen. You should be able to avoid the explosions if you keep on moving forward. But if you’re trying to obliterate your old high score, you will have to go as far as possible. Toxins and germs won’t be too easy to find once you’ve just started your run, but if you get far enough in your run, the enemies will add up, and that’s going to allow you to fill up the combo meter quickly and earn more points. Just don’t expect a ton of points early on, as long as you’re earning nothing more than base points for each toxin or germ.

And this completes our detailed guide for Fixpoint Productions’ new mobile game, Remedy Rush. In case you know additional tips, that we haven’t included in this guide, feel free to let us know!