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Monster Trucks Racing Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 4 Ways to Win More Races and Unlock New Trucks

Monster Trucks Racing is a new game from Reliance Big Entertainment, that you download for your Android or iOS device. So what can you expect from this game, which is based on the upcoming film Monster Trucks? Well, you’ll be able to race literal monster trucks in this game – not only do they look the part, they’ve also got actual monsters under the hood. You’ll get to control a variety of different trucks in the game, and compete in different hill climbing tracks from around the world. You can also race against friends and other players from around the world, as you strive to make it to the top of the global leaderboards. But of course, it won’t be that easy, as each track comes with its share of obstacles which you’ll have to overcome.

How can you control your trucks in the right way and end up winning more races, may they be against AI or human opponents? We can help you get started on that path with these Monster Trucks Racing tips and tricks. We’ll be showing you how to properly control those trucks and avoid those obstacles, while finishing in first place most, if not all of the time.

1. Know How To Achieve Control

We did mention controlling your trucks properly a couple of times in the game overview. And that’s precisely what you need to do, and what you need to practice on, if you want to avoid crashing your truck and ensure yourself of victory against any opponent. First off, take note of the basics during the tutorial – hit on the gas and you tilt backwards, hit the brakes and you move forward. That’s going to apply whenever your truck is airborne or if it’s getting a bit unwieldy to drive. It’s also important for you to ensure your trucks is properly oriented before you return to the ground. You don’t want to get too shaky and tilt too much if you end up making a bad landing.

2. What Trucks Should You Be Driving?

There are only a few trucks available in Monster Trucks Racing, but that should allow you simplicity of choice, with each truck’s strength corresponding to a certain statistic or attribute. For starters, Ragin’ Red’s strongest attribute is its stability, but that also means it’s weaker against other trucks in other areas; a quick example would be its power deficit when compared to the Outlaw. Use Ragin’ Red in courses that are set up in such a way that you’ll be getting a lot of air time. But if you’re on courses that have steep hills that require a lot of power, then the Outlaw may be your best option.

3. It’s All About The Grind

When it comes to unlocking new vehicles, you’re going to need to do a lot of grinding in order to get there. One of the early bugs in this game is the inconsistency in terms of what you need to do to unlock specific vehicles. But in order to get around this, you’ll have to head back to those previous tracks and replay them so that you can chase for the fastest time. The unlock requirements for the newer vehicles and tracks will ask you to do any one of a number of things. For example, you might need to hit a specific time when trying to beat a level. You may also be asked to use a specific truck, or asked to travel a certain number of meters in order to successfully unlock a new item. The requirements will be varied, but regardless of what they are, you’ll have to shoot for those requirements, try your best to finish first place and beat the fastest time, and see if that’s going to unlock the vehicle or track.

4. Chase After The Coins While Grinding

It’s going to cost you in-game currency to upgrade your trucks, and that’s going to be particularly true with the newer trucks, as they’ll be unlocked without any upgrade whatsoever. They’ll likely be weaker than the vehicles you currently have, though that’s where the above tip will come into play once again. You’re going to have to be patient and replay a lot of previously-completed levels, but if you’re farming for coins, the good thing is that the coins will always appear in the same places in all of the levels. Try to memorize the layout of the tracks, and prioritize those levels that have long rows of coins, then revisit them as often as needed to earn enough to upgrade.

That’s it for now, as far as our Monster Trucks Racing tips and tricks are concerned. If you happen to know additional tips for the game, let us know below in the comment section!