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Word Cookies Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 5 Ways to Complete More Puzzles and Spot More Words

We’ve already covered BitMango’s Word Cookies and given you a list of answers and solutions for this exciting Android and iOS word game, but what about a guide that covers the things you should do in order to progress further in the game? We’ve got that all in here, but before we move on to that, let’s jog your memory a bit on what this game is about. According to BitMango, your objective is to find all of the hidden words, and while doing that, improve your vocabulary, concentration, and spelling skills. This game has been described as the “king of brain teasers,” as we said the last time around, and it’s also a game that should appeal to those who like word puzzles, cookies, and challenges.

Playing the game is a bit more challenging than in your average word game, as you will need to look for words backwards, and not just vertically, horizontally, and diagonally in the conventional format. The letters will be all mixed up, and you will have to find “derived” words from main words, which could make things even more challenging. So with that said, join us as we now bring you our list of Word Cookies tips and tricks for finding more words.

1. Don’t Hit The Hint Button Just Yet

At some point while looking for the last few words on your plate, the “Hint” button will start to move around, suggesting that you should hit it in order to find those words that remain hidden to you. Each hint will cost you some coins in order to use them, but instead of spending coins and getting the answers spoon-fed to you, you might want to hit the Shuffle button instead. You’re going to need those hints once your plates/cookie pans are at six or seven letters, so don’t use your hints just yet, and log in every day and complete bonus levels in order to add to your gold stash.

2. Try This Simple Tip With The Tiles

Look at the empty tile grid; it might not look like much with nothing on there, but it may actually give you some hints as you keep completing more words. We’ve noticed that the boards in Word Cookies categorize the words based on their first letter, at least in the earlier levels where you have fewer letters to work with. If you’re a beginner, this tip should be a simple way for you to guess more words, but you may also want to keep it in mind in the more difficult levels.

3. Some Words May Be Too Common

Word Cookies comes with some quirks, and this includes a rather inconsistent list of blacklisted words. We’ve heard reports that some extremely common words, such as “his,” aren’t accepted, same with shortened words such as “lab.” Then again, it’s also been claimed that there are some abbreviated words, such as “temp,” that aren’t on the blacklist. It’s not at all very consistent, but as they say, it’s the breaks of the game.

4. Then Again, There Are Several Big Words In Here Too

The above tip may represent a quirk of sorts in Word Cookies, but BitMango did really try to make this game different from the dime-a-dozen word games out on the App Store and Play Store, and make it more challenging. The game does want you to improve your vocabulary, and you will encounter some big words that you might not be familiar with. And it won’t just be limited to American English, as there are some words that are more common in British English, but still rather obscure overall.

5. Take Your Time

Unlike your average word game, you don’t get any penalties for running out of time, though you don’t get bonuses for solving puzzles quickly either. That means you’re free to take your time while trying to solve puzzles, and you may even take some time off and return if you need a breather and aren’t quite sure what words you can form, but aren’t willing to use your hints either.

These would be our tips, tricks and hints for Word Cookies. Do you know more hints for this new BitMango game? Let us know below in the comment section!


Monday 10th of May 2021

How to use flash?

Amber Barrett

Thursday 12th of April 2018

I haven't quite figured it out and I can't seem to find out anything about it but when you get close to a word or it has some letters the tiles will flash.