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LEGO Legends of Chima: Tribe Fighters Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Ace the Game

LEGO Legends of Chima: Tribe Fighters was developed by the LEGO company, maker of the popular toys for children, for iOS and Android mobile platforms. The game is a hybrid of an endless runner clone and a Galaga rip off. Basically, the format of the game is that you choose a fighter from one of the four tribes, and you will be facing off against other members of different tribes. Your character will be shooting directly ahead of you, and the goals is for you to advance as far as possible while also collecting as many studs as you can.

So without further ado, here are the tips and tricks that you need to know!

1. Choose A Good Starting Hero

As mentioned above, there are four different tribes that you can choose your hero from. There is bear, wolf, snake, and lion tribe. The tribes are more or less functionally identical as they all have similar classes. These classes are roughly: warrior, mage, and blaster. There is no difference between the mage class and the blaster class, except the blaster class has a slightly higher rate of fire. The warrior class is terrible as it is melee focused and almost all the enemies you will encounter will be ranged enemies, putting you at a large disadvantage, and making the game a hassle to play.

With this in mind, which tribe should you play with? Basically, you should choose any tribe you want, except for the lion tribe. Each tribe only starts with one hero unlocked, out of a maximum of three. The lion tribe starts with only a melee hero, making the game unnecessarily difficult. The snake tribe starts with a mage, which has decent damage, but his attack speed is slow. The wolf and bear tribe both start with blaster classes which are the best to use in the beginning, they have the same damage as the mage class, but a faster firing rate. So wolf and bear tribe are the best bets.

2. Know What To Upgrade

Although all of the heroes start out quite weak, they can be upgraded further by using studs that you have earned throughout the game. Additional heroes can also be unlocked by paying about 500,000 studs. This takes a long time to actually achieve if you haven’t upgraded any heroes. If you upgrade some heroes you can get more hearts and better damage. At first you will only collect around 20,000 studs per run, but if you buy 3 or 4 upgrades this can be increased to about 50,000 or even 80,000 studs per run if you do well.

So what this means is that you should choose one or two heroes you like first and then upgrade them 3 or 4 times minimum. Otherwise it will take you too long to grind out the studs to purchase other heroes. And all the other heroes are functionally identical so it would be a waste of time. The upgrade tree has basically no choices, so just keep spending your studs and following it and your hero will become more powerful.

3. Move Quickly To Dodge Bullets

The vast majority of enemies you will be facing in the game will be attacking you with ranged attacks. This means that you will spend a long time dodging whatever they throw your way. Usually this can be done by going side to side, but this can be troublesome when the screen is clogged with enemies and you have nowhere to go. Furthermore, if the enemies keep firing at you, there is no time to return fire, which means the screen just keeps getting more clogged as you keep missing your shots because you are dodging bullets.

The best way to avoid them is to keep a close eye on your character model. The animation in the game is actually done quite well, so if you are quick you can dodge enemy bullets quite well. One good way to kill off enemies quickly is to dodge a bullet and then quickly loop around it, putting you right in front of the enemy. This should allow you to finish them off quickly before they have a chance to return fire.

4. Go For Blue Studs

The most important part of the game is to collect studs. Studs are small LEGO pieces that basically function as the currency of Legends of Chima. There are three types of studs that you can collect, each with a different value. The silver studs are worth the least, because they are only worth 20. Gold are slightly better because they are worth 100. But there is one that you should specifically focus your efforts on and that is the blue stud. These babies are worth 1,000 a piece, which will make the grinding pass by a lot quicker.

So when you are playing through the level make sure to be aware of where the blue studs are. It is better in the long run if you prioritize nabbing blue studs, even if that means you might take some damage. It’s worth it if you finish the run with a few thousand more. The distance you’ve run doesn’t actually translate into any score bonuses, so treat the game as a stud collection exercise

5. If You Can’t Beat Them, Go Around Them

Later in the level the screen will get clogged with a mass of different enemies, which can make it difficult to take them all down without getting killed yourself. But here is something the game won’t tell you, there is no need to actually kill all the enemies that continue with the level. The enemies are like you, they are constantly running, just in the opposite direction. What this means is that if you are about to be rushed by multiple enemies just go to the very side of the map. Then you can loop around behind them.

The enemies can’t run nor shoot backwards, which puts you effectively out of harms way, unless there are more enemies behind them. Although you might lose out on some studs, in a life or death situation, this can be a good escape plan.

6. Don’t Be In A Rush To Collect Studs

One final point to keep in mind is don’t be in a rush to collect studs. This may sound contradictory to the earlier tips, but hear me out. Tactically, the best place for you to be is the bottom of the screen so that you can have more time to react and dodge enemies. However, when they die the studs are at the top of the screen, tempting you to come grab them. The risk is that you will take damage, but the reward is some nice studs.

However, the programmers did not do a good job because the studs never disappear. This means that there is no reason to go out of your way to get them, wait for them to come to you. That way you can stay in the game longer and still get lots of studs.

There you have it, all the tips and tricks you need to be the best LEGO fighter around!