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Asphalt Street Storm Racing Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 15 Hints to Win More Races

One of the biggest names in mobile gaming, Gameloft, has released a new street racing game called Asphalt Street Storm Racing. The game is currently available only for iOS devices, and to give you a brief recap of what this game is about, this is a racing game where you can race against AI drivers in campaign mode, or against human drivers in traditional one-on-one drag races or four-person races with especially high stakes. You can choose from a variety of different real-life cars, each of them placed in one of four tiers, and add to your collection as you keep on playing and keep on winning. You can also place bets when racing against real people, and you may even have to deal with the elements – heat, rain, and even snow, all included in this game.

There’s a lot of depth in this game, and a lot of things you’ll need to do if you want to complete the campaign mode and defeat more human opponents. So if you’re trying to win more consistently, earn more currency, and perform the right upgrades, read on, as we present to you our exclusive Asphalt Street Storm Racing strategy guide. We’ve got a good 15 tips in here, all designed for beginners to intermediate players, and we’ve also got an advanced strategy guide coming soon, which you’ll want to watch out for within the next few days.

1. How To Get Off To A Perfect Start

The first thing the game will teach you is how to start your car and launch it the right way. Don’t mind the seemingly difficult tutorial – it is a bit tricky to get your car going in the tutorial stage, but once you actually start racing, it shouldn’t be too hard. Just like you may have done in other racing games, your goal is to make sure the needle on the speedometer is within the green window, or as close to it as possible if you aren’t able to time things perfectly. But that’s where the similarities end, as you’ll need to do a few other things in order to launch your car past the starting line.

On the lower left you’ll see a brake-shaped button that would allow you to start or stop your car, and on the lower right, you’ll see a pedal that you’ll have to tap on as you wait for the light to turn green. Tapping on the left button will start your car, and if you jump the gun, you will automatically lose the race. But you don’t have to wait until the light turns green before hitting the left button; if you want to get the best start possible, you should a) make sure the speedometer needle is in the green, and b) hit the left button once the counter is at “1.” That should allow you to break past the starting line at the right moment, and hopefully get an early edge versus your opponent.

2. Perfect Shifts Are Almost As Important

Having a perfect start is the best way to ensure yourself of the win. But it’s also important that you shift gears once the needle is in the green, and not anytime sooner or later. Perfect shifts may be the difference between maintaining your lead and losing it, or between catching up or falling further back, so be sure you’re gunning for them at all times when shifting gears.

3. When Should You Use Your Nitro?

Just like any good racing game should, Asphalt Street Storm Racing allows you to outfit your ride with nitrous oxide. This gives your car a short burst of speed for a limited number of seconds, and mileage tends to vary as far as timing is concerned; should you use it when shifting from second to third, or from third to fourth gear? We would suggest that you use it when shifting from second to third, as that would allow you less time in between shifts as opposed to choosing the latter option. Activate your NO2 at the right time and you’ll have a better chance of improving your final time and winning the race.

4. Keep Watching Those Ad Videos For More Cash

Cash is the game’s common currency, and it’s the resource you need to buy upgrades and buy new cars, among other things. Now you can win cash simply by winning more races and playing the game like you normally would, but one easy way to win more cash without exerting much effort is to watch the ad videos. The main menu comes with an option (“Watch Ads”) that allows you to do just that – pull up advertisement videos and earn some quick cash once you’re done. You’ll only win $300 per video watched, but as long as you keep watching the videos when they’re available, that’s going to add up over time.

5. Upgrade Your Ride

Speaking of upgrades, you’re going to have to regularly head to the main menu and click on the second button on the bottom part of the screen. That’s the Upgrades button, and unlike other racing games that keep things simple and only offer one type of engine upgrade, one type of transmission upgrade, etc. across several levels, Asphalt Street Storm Racing has multiple upgrade branches per part, and more parts than your usual racing game for mobile. The good thing here, however, is that the upgrades are quite affordable, especially early on.

6. Make Your Car As Balanced As Possible

The game suggests this in the early goings, and it’s something you’re going to have to go by to ensure greater chances of victory , as upgrades get your car’s horsepower, torque, and/or overall rating up, thus making you more competitive as the opposition ramps up. But you should also make sure that your upgrades are as balanced as possible; prioritizing engine upgrades too much will make your car harder to control, with wheelspin becoming more and more of an issue. Prioritizing tire upgrades too much will conversely hamper you as you won’t have the speed to power past your opponents. Keep things balanced, just as the game recommends; in the end, it’s your car’s overall rating that would count the most anyway.

7. Connect Your Game To Facebook

Gems are the game’s premium currency, and you will be rewarded with 35 free gems once you start playing for the first time. But you should also make it a point to connect your game to Facebook once you get the chance. This is going to allow you to do a number of things in Asphalt Street Storm Racing – you can add friends to the game, save your progress regardless of what happens, and with this tip in mind, earn another 50 free gems.

8. The Do’s And Don’ts Of Spending Gems

Gems, in case you’re wondering, can be used to purchase cars, but can mainly be used to buy deliveries, which may contain car blueprints (you’ll need to complete the required collection of blueprints to unlock the cars in question), decals, and other nice freebies. If you have the option to buy a car with cash, we suggest choosing the cash option, and not the gems option, as we’d say they’re best spent on buying those deliveries, which come in three tiers based on the quality of the contents – bronze, silver, and gold.

The biggest don’t of spending gems should be pretty easy for anyone who’s played street racing games on mobile before – you should NOT spend gems on speeding up an upgrade or car repair! The game will often give you the option to spend some gems to expedite things and get the upgrade or repair done immediately, but we’d suggest waiting, rather than wasting a few gems on a speed-up.

9. Log In To The Game Every Day

Once you receive your first reward for logging in, you will see a list of goodies you can win for each consecutive day you log in. These would include free cash, gems, and even free cars – all yours if you spend even just a minute or two logged in per day, or even less. You don’t even have to take part in the races; just load up the game and it will be counted toward the daily login bonuses. But take note that if you fail to log in for one day, you’ll be back to square one, and will have to start your daily login streak from the top.

10. Complete Your Daily Tasks

On the upper right of your screen, you’ll see three buttons, including the one in the middle that has a calendar icon. These are your daily tasks, and these include three that will get you some free cash if you complete them; these may include having a certain number of perfect starts or perfect shifts, challenging a specific number of human opponents, etc. Complete all those tasks and you’ll earn some gems for free – it won’t be much, but again, it can add up as you complete these dailies.

11. Complete Achievements Too

Click on your player avatar on the top left of your screen and once you’re on your player menu, you’ll see the Achievements button, which shows you a number of things you can complete by naturally playing the game – it may be betting a certain amount of money, completing a campaign chapter, or any other thing tracked from the time you started playing the game. Rewards for completing achievements are more substantial than the ones you can win for completing the daily tasks – these include deliveries (bronze, silver, and gold crates alike), gems, as well as substantial cash rewards.

12. Keep On Grinding It Out For More Upgrade Money

The amount of money you can win by challenging human opponents and emerging victorious can be insignificant compared to the prize money you can win in campaign races. But if you’re at a point where your car isn’t powerful enough to win against the AI opponents in campaign, you can always keep racing against human opponents. It’s only going to be a couple hundred dollars tops in most cases, but it’s better than nothing, and it’s not like you’ll be losing those races anyway. Based on what we’ve seen, a lot of the human opponents tend to have weaker cars, so unless your awareness is completely off, beating them should be a walk in the park.

13. To Bet Or Not To Bet?

Asphalt Street Storm Racing allows players to place bets when racing against human opponents, but it’s not always a good idea to place one. As we’ve seen, weaker rivals always fold and chicken out of the race when they decide not to bet anything while you, as their opponent, bet even just a hundred dollars. The best time to place a bet would be if you’re up against a comparable opponent who actually bets something; otherwise, you’ll be picking up a ton of unsatisfying forfeit wins over guys who had actually folded, and decided against racing you.

14. The 1 Vs. 3 Races

Want a great opportunity to win a ton of prize money? Try competing in the 1 vs. 3 races. Your first one will be on the house, and will be extremely easy to win, but once you’ve completed that tutorial 1 vs. 3 race, your opponents will be real players, and you’ll need to contribute a few thousand dollars or so toward the prize pot in order to join. And if you quit after joining, or if your iPhone as much as goes on standby while waiting for the race to begin, your contribution will be gone forever.

We would completely recommend these races if you’ve got several (and not just a few) thousand bucks on you, though we’ve observed that a lot of 1 vs. 3 races don’t push forward because nobody else wants to sign up to them. You’ll also need a formidable set of wheels to guarantee you the best chances of winning the prize money, which would be everyone’s contributions to the pot combined. So if the required contribution is $5,000, that’s a cool $20,000, all yours, provided you finish in first place!

15. A Brief Overview Of Fame And Followers

Asphalt Street Storm Racing has a couple of interesting mechanics we don’t often get to see in mobile street racing games – each human driver has a Fame rating, and a Followers count. Fame is accumulated each time you win a race in campaign mode – beating AI opponents, in other words – and with more Fame, you can unlock more in-game features, such as the Champions Clash, which requires 950 Fame in order to unlock. As for Followers, you gain more by beating real players, and lose some in turn if you’re beaten by those human opponents.