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Amateur Surgeon 4 Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide for Three-Star Operations

Amateur Surgeon 4, or Amateur Surgeon: Regenerations, is a new game by Adult Swim for Android and iOS devices, a game that gives you the opportunity to do operations on more than 100 different patients with your “trusty pizza cutter.” You will be tasked to help amateur surgery pioneer Doctor Bleed solve the mystery of his own resurrection, while “saving some unwitting lives along the way,” and with that comes a chance to operate on patients’ eyes, brains, hearts, and lungs. You will also have an opportunity to recruit more than 30 partners, play in Field Hospital survival mode to see how well you work under time pressure, and operate not only on humans, but also on bears, giant squids, and even robots.

Operating on someone (or something) can be quite a tense and nerve-wracking experience if it’s done in real life. And while this is only a game, albeit one that can get you hooked really fast, it’s important that you do the right things on the operating table to ensure yourself of three stars once the operation is done. So with that said, let us now take you to our exlusive Amateur Surgeon 4 strategy guide, which consists of general tips and tricks that may be able to help you earn a perfect number of stars.

1. It’s Mainly About Speed, But Take Your Time At First

All of the surgeries in this game will come with their own time limits, and you may encounter a lot of pressure as you try to achieve a perfect operation, especially when the surgeries become harder to perform. But we wouldn’t recommend going at breakneck speed right off the bat. Instead, you should practice your technique, and take note of which tools should be used slowly, and which ones you should work as quickly as possible. For example, you’ll want to take it slow when using the chainsaw and the syringes, but you may want to act faster when it comes to the other tools. In any event, you should minimize the time it takes to perform surgeries, as that’s going to give you more stars, more coins, and a higher score.

In addition, some processes, such as removing the bandages and stapling, can be done as quickly as possible, but draining fluids or making incisions would require a gentler, slower touch. Remember that you’re not just trying to beat the clock, you’re also trying to save some lives.

2. Buy And Upgrade Your Tools With Your Coins

If you want to perform more successful surgeries, you should upgrade your tools whenever possible. In Amateur Surgeon 4, you’ll need to spend coins (the common currency) to perform an upgrade, and you’ll also need to invest a good amount of time for this process. Take note that you can buy tools if you’ve got the money for it, and level up the tools whenever possible. When buying tools, you’ll get random tools from the packs, but since it isn’t wise to cherry-pick, you can spend 1,000 coins on tool packs until you’re able to level up the existing ones. Repeat the process after that, and keep on doing so until you’ve got a truly impressive set of tools at your disposal.

3. Tools Need To Be Used In Succession

Your surgeon’s tools will have to be used in a certain order, and that’s explained by the game for some of those tools. But other tools aren’t elaborated on much, and you might need to do some trial-and-error mixing and matching to see which tools should come after the other. For example, you need to use the Tongs after the Chainsaw, and use the Scanner when there isn’t any obvious item to use, followed by the Cutter once you’ve found what you need to find.

4. Use Your Diamonds Wisely

The game comes with a feature that allows you to recruit partners, and they can truly be of help to you as you complete more and more operations. Sometimes, the right choice of partner could be the game-changer you need in order to get the third star. As such, take care when making purchases with your diamonds (the premium currency), and if at all possible, save them for buying new partners, with the only exception being if you spend real money to buy lots of diamonds. Still, you can earn diamonds for free by completing in-game surgeries or other missions, or simply by logging in every day. If you get to 50 diamonds, we suggest you buy the five-pack from the Re-Generator, which is going to give you one guaranteed rare partner out of the bunch.

5. Choose The Right Partner, Then Tag Them In

The latter part of that sentence is important; you really need to tag in your partner when performing a surgery, or else your choice of partner will go to waste. But you should also make sure you’ve chosen the right partner. Familiarize yourself with what each of them does on the operating table, and familiarize yourself with the type of surgery that will be performed. Generally, you don’t want to end up with a partner that you haven’t tested at least once, because that’s going to be wasteful. Brush up on what your partners do, and tag them in because once again, they may be the key to perfecting a level.

6. It’s Still Possible To Operate While Your Partner Is Working

Need to shave off more seconds from your timer? One thing you should keep in mind is that it’s still possible to perform other tasks while your partner is busy operating on the patient. Keep yourself busy while your partner works, and you’ll be completing those levels faster.

7. If You’re Done With A Surgery But Don’t Get Enough Stars, Replay It

Now you won’t get a perfect three stars in the game all the time, as some surgeries may be more complicated than others. You may get only one or two stars in several consecutive surgeries. But once you’ve completed them, you can replay those surgeries to see what you could have done better on; just keep replaying until you’re able to get three stars. But this isn’t just a matter of grinding for stars, as this is also about grinding for currency. The more surgeries you perform, the more coins you can earn for new tools and upgrades on existing ones. Adding to what we explained earlier, upgraded tools will simplify things, so if you’re replaying a level with upgraded tools, you’ll have a better chance of getting all three stars.

8. When To Go On Sudden Death

Aside from grinding for coins by replaying surgeries, even the ones you’ve perfected, you can then take on sudden death missions, but only in certain circumstances. In order to ensure yourself the best chance of doing well, take those missions on if you know the procedure like the back of your hand. It helps to complete a surgery a few times before giving sudden death a try. And it also helps to have the right partner ahead of the operation.

9. How To Kill Those Critters

At some point in Amateur Surgeon 4, you will meet critters, and they are just how they sound like – creepy crawlies that need to be taken care of before you push forward in an operation. You should get rid of them as quickly as possible, but also while making sure you do not miss. This could take a lot of practice, but if you see a critter, use the battery on smaller ones, or combine your battery and Chainsaw on the larger, tougher ones, using the battery to stun and the Chainsaw to kill.

10. Balance Time With Precision

It’s one thing to complete your surgeries quickly in Amateur Surgeon 4. You should also know how to do the right things in the right order, because failure to do so would result in the failure of your operation. Start working on the most significant injuries, as these are the ones that drain your patient’s life the most. Keep on using the same tool until you don’t need it anymore – don’t make the mistake of using one tool, then another, then the first tool again for another area, and so on and so forth.

For example, this could mean using the lighter to take care of all cuts, then the gel on all cuts, and so on. As the green syringe (a.k.a. injector) can take a while to use, use the injector when necessary only so you can shave more seconds off your time. (Just don’t go too fast when using this item!) But to sum it all up, speed AND precision are both tested in this game, so it’s a good idea to know how to balance things out and know that has to be done.

11. Become An Expert With The Tools

There are some tools that are easy to master, while there are others that may take quite a while before you get the hang of using them. One example would be the artery clamps, which can be very challenging to use. But regardless of what the item is, you should keep replaying missions where that tool in question is used repeatedly. Grind it out until you know what to do and know when to do it, and remember that this won’t just help you learn how to use the tool, but also earn you some coins in the process.

12. What Can You Get With Your Stars?

Before wrapping up this list of tips and tricks, we would like to answer a question some of you may have been wondering about. So you’ve got all these stars, and you’ve replayed and replayed certain levels to get all three of them per level. What can you do with those stars? Well, you can use them to unlock new levels, so it would indeed be in your best interests to shoot for three stars, and to grind if needed.

Balance your speed with your accuracy as mentioned above, and you should be fine most, if not all of the time.

That’s it for now, as far as our tips and tricks for Amateur Surgeon 4 are concerned. Do you know other tips for the game? Feel free to share them with us below in the comment section!