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Pottery (Voodoo) Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Complete All Levels and Get a High Score

Voodoo’s game portfolio is one of, if not, the biggest in the mobile gaming market with over 60 games available on both Android and iOS platforms. Just when you think the French company has more than enough to offer for people who enjoy casual arcade games, Voodoo continues to expand its offerings as an active developer and publisher of largely successful titles. With so many fun and unique games to choose from, it’s a treat for fans and followers that their offerings continue to grow. Following tremendously popular titles such as Helix Jump, Paper.io 2, and Snake VS Block, just to name a few, most of the games that Voodoo releases to the market follows closely behind it biggest successful games.

Pottery is one of the latest trending games to come from Voodoo and while it is currently exclusive for iOS platforms, the series of updates and enhancements it went through continues to reel in more and more players each day. Like most of Voodoo’s offerings, Pottery is as simple as it sounds. Truthfully enough, though, it is a perfect example of a game that is easy to learn and play, but difficult to master. While no real-life experience in pottery is required to do well in the game, it takes a lot of patience and some precision to mold those pots masterfully.

Nothing comes as easy as Pottery’s basic controls and mechanics. Tapping and holding the screen turns your chisel on and moving it closer to the clay initiates the sculpting procedure. Releasing your hold on the screen turns it off and the game basically revolves around switching constantly between holding and releasing at the right time and sliding your hold just right to not mess up your masterpiece. It really sounds simple enough even right as you enter the gaming screen and begin to play. As you can afford to make up to 2 mistakes per level, it is relatively easy to finish most levels. If you are aiming for the highest scores on each level, you have to complete each without committing any errors. If you fail to complete a level, you will restart the level and your score resets to zero. If you are having a bit of struggle completing some levels or aiming to secure the highest score to beat your best record, then read on through our Pottery beginner’s guide for some tips, cheats and strategies to help you master the game.

1. Ready Your Device And Finger

Pottery may seem like a game that even the youngest gaming kids can easily accomplish and requiring only a finger to control the game, it should all be that simple and easy. In as much as it should be though, a lot of players will find the actual sculpting to be quite sensitive as it will often be a challenge to chisel through the pots without going in too deep, making an error, and losing a star.pottery voodoo tips

Games like Pottery that require a lot of precision should be net with a bit of preparation. As such, you should prepare and ensure that the screen of you device is as squeaky clean as it should be and devoid of anything that may make some areas feel different from the rest to have just the right amount of friction. It’s probably a habit for some gamers to wipe their device’s screen up before they play and in this case, it is more important than in most cases.

Whether you will be using your thumb or index finger, you should always go for what is more convenient for you. Although each level can be completed with a minute or two, you may become too engrossed and hooked to keep going as your current score continues to register as your high score. Given this, make sure that you have your gaming finger ready as you wouldn’t want it to cause uneasiness later on if your device’s screen starts to feel differently due to sweating more than usual.

2. Take As Much Time As You Need

It’s a natural tendency for everyone, especially newer players to try and breeze through each level given that the game makes everything look light and easy. You should notice early on, though, that the game holds no time limit of any sort on any level. You can earn as many points as you can regardless of how fast or slow you finish sculpting.

While it is understandable that finishing each level as fast as you can will raise the chances of earning you a high score faster within the same amount of time, you should not take the risk especially if you have just started to play the game. In essence, Pottery makes that aspect of the game much like it should be in real life as you should never rush into accomplishing your supposed work of art.

pottery voodoo cheats

Taking it slow is mostly important as you begin to draw closer to the target shape as chiseling further poses the danger of going too deep and losing a star. As such, always make it a habit of slowing down once you are close to revealing the target shape even if you already feel that your quick completions of earlier levels has made you an experienced player of the game. As more complex shapes begin to be introduced in the game, it will become increasingly challenging to sculpt as fast. So if you are targeting higher score with every run in the game, then don’t give in to urge to rush into any level.

Some stages have spiked balls rotating around the carving shape and while it should be relatively easy for experienced players to avoid them, some beginners may still struggle with the timing. Take note that while these obstacles have varying speeds depending on the level, they will always travel from left to right which makes it easy enough for you to track and continue on your progress most especially if you are right handed and chiseling from the right side of the screen.

What is important here is to never to make the wrong estimates of when you are safe from setting off a contact with any spiked sphere especially when they are already circling towards the back of the sculpture. Additionally, with the hold and release method that most people are doing, tapping again after the spiked sphere passes tend to put you in a slightly different location. This means that if you were chiseling right at the border of the target figure and you release your finger to avoid the circling obstacle, your next tap might be slightly adjusted to the left, denting the sculpture and losing a star. With this, always tap a little farther from the pot after evading the spiked spheres to kepp yourself away from potential mistakes.

3. Take Note Of The Target Shape

It is practically a given that you will need to take a quick, good look at the target shape on the upper right side of the screen before you begin chiseling away at the virtual lump of clay before you. Although it may be easy for some to pry deep into the carving shape and almost instantly stop at the sight of the color of the target shape within, it will be a challenge for some players to do so.
You won’t need a photographic memory as for the most part, the target shape will be displayed on the upper right side of the screen. In some cases you will be surprised to find that it will only be displayed at the start of the game. If it does, you will have to be extra careful on how to go about your chiseling especially if the target shape is a little more complex than the usual pot and if you did not get a good enough look at the target before you started the level.

You should make it a habit to get a good look of the shape in cases they disappear shortly at the start of the level. In case the visual guide stays, you can continue to keep glancing at it occasionally to have a steady guide on how to go about your work.

4. Hold And Release Tactic Alternative

If you tend to make chiseling mistakes whenever you release the chisel and tap on it again close to the target shape, then perhaps there is an alternative method that you can try. Instead of releasing your hold whenever the spiked spheres are about to hit you or for any other reason, you can continue to hold and just move away from the path of the spiked spheres. As you may experience a bit of disorientation from releasing and tapping on the screen again intermittently, the alternative method may be the better option.

pottery voodoo tricks

Considering our earlier tip of taking as much time as you need, take note that while you can freely move away from the pot at any speed you want, heading back in should be a little slower as you wouldn’t want to nip away at the target shape and risk losing a star.

5. Try Different Perspectives

Although you can chisel away at the cylinder from either the left or right side of the screen, it seems that the best way to do so is from the right, especially if you are right-handed and considering that the spiked spheres will be appearing from behind the sculpture if you work at the left side of the screen. Given this, you may have an increased challenge if you are left-handed.

Regardless of which hand you use to play Pottery, there is an alternative way to make it easier to play the game. If you tilt your device to the right, you can work as if you are chiseling away at a sculpture that is hanging sideways and truthfully enough, it is much easier to slide your finger across from side to side rather than swiping upwards and downwards.

6. Ignore Pressure And Distractions

There may be very little to no pressure at all if you are just playing for fun and nothing else. If you are constantly challenging yourself and others to secure the highest of high scores, then every level can be contributory to build that up. In as much as taking the game slow can ease down pressure a lot, it may become a little too much on bonus levels which are every fifth stage you play at.

As you play pottery, you will notice that there are four small boxes at the top of the screen and a fifth bigger box. Smaller boxes represent regular levels that earn you a point with every bit of excess material you chisel off of the sculpture. For bonus levels, however, you earn 5 times as many points per chisel so it builds a bit more pressure especially if you are on a high score run.

Given this, the best approach is to consider all levels equally. Despite having some challenging shapes and spheres with varying speeds across levels, the complexity and difficulty of each level as you progress further in the game is not a consistent line.

While you chisel away at the cylinder, you may see random words appear with the intent of motivating you to continue your good work. While it can be appreciated to break a bit of monotony, it can be a distraction especially in instances where you may have to release the chisel or move a bit away from the sculpture or from a spiked sphere’s orbit. Be sure to stay conscious of the target shape and the spiked spheres over everything else. Those things, in addition to the guide image at the top right of the screen, are all you need to pay attention to in the game.

7. Extra Chance Is A Must For High Scores

Incurring 3 mistakes to fail a stage may not be as threatening as it sounds but challenging combinations of odd shapes and spiked spheres can make anyone strike out especially after long periods of play time. As the biggest penalty for failure is losing all your hard-earned score, any opportunity for a second chance at any level should be taken, especially if you are on a high score run.

pottery voodoo high score

Pottery lets you gain an extra chance after failing to complete any level for the first time at absolutely no cost. The only thing you need to do is watch a 5 to 30-second video ad and continue where you left of. While it can be a bit of a hassle to continue watching ads after doing so after completing 2 levels, it can be seen as an opportunity to rest your eyes and finger to not tire yourself out.

You can always turn your Wi-Fi off if you find that ads distract you from performing well in the game, but this will also disable the second chance feature until your next restart of the game. If you are just playing casually and want to finish levels, then feel free to play Pottery offline. Otherwise, make sure that you are online and ready to take second chances if you are aiming to secure scores higher than your previous record.

This wraps up our guide for Pottery and we hope that you found our simple tips and strategies helpful and enjoyable. If you have your own unique strategies you would like to share with us and the rest of our readers, you are very much welcome to let us know of what you think in our comment section!

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