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Durango: Wild Lands Resources Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Finding Everything You Need to Survive

Few mobile games can provide you with the same levels of excitement as the electrifying Durango: Wild Lands can. As a result, millions of players worldwide are falling in love with this exciting mobile game. Durango: Wild Lands is an MMORPG developed by Nexon, and you can play it on your iOS or Android device.

The main premise of the game is to survive in the prehistoric environment. Due to unfortunate events, you will find yourself stranded in the wilderness, fighting for survival. Once you select your character class, the real show in Durango: Wild Lands can start. And, one of the integral elements of any survivor mission is the ability to gather and collect resources.

With that being said, we decided to create a comprehensive Durango: Wild Lands resources guide, including tips, cheats and strategies. So, prepare to take some notes, and follow along as we take a closer look at the resources you will come across in your adventures.

How To Find Resources In Durango: Wild Lands

Before we start, it is important to note that this guide will be focused on one specific element of the game. In case you are new to the Durango world, we suggest that you take a peek at our survival guide. By doing so, you will get a grip on all the steps you need to take to survive during those challenging initial stages.

durango wild lands resources

When it comes to resources, they can play a big part in your efforts to survive and thrive. For instance, during gameplay, you will have an opportunity to set your domains. If the location does not provide you with access to some of the most common resources – how do you plan to upgrade the domain and make it sustainable?

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It goes without saying that you will spend a lot of time searching for some of the most prominent resources. At the same time, some of them are rare and somewhat exotic. They may not even be available on your particular island. Thus, it is important to know how to get the resources you may need.

Here are the most effective techniques for collecting resources in Durango: Wild Lands:

Visit The Island Market

durango wild lands tips

As you noticed by now, the Island Market is the hub of all trading activities in the game. You will be visiting it on a regular basis, buying and selling all sorts of stuff. The icon in the bottom left corner will take you to the shop.

Once you arrive at the Island Market, you can search for all the resources you may need. Of course, the Search option is the easiest way, but you can also explore the available categories one by one. At the end of the day, the most important thing about the Island Market is that it can give you access to rare and extravagant resources as well.

Explore The Environment

Of course, you can also acquire things by gathering them in nature. In a way, you would be killing two birds with one stone if you decide to take this approach. First, you could receive the reward for discovering all the landmarks on a certain island.

Other than that, you will stumble on some fascinating resources on your voyages through the wilderness. For instance, mud pits or different kinds of trees could await you in uncharted territories. So, make sure to explore the environment and collect the necessary resources along the way.

Complete Missions At The Communication Center

In case that aimless wandering is not your cup of tea, we have a solution. The missions at the Communication Center can provide you with a sense of purpose and much-needed guidance.

You probably know by now that you can receive tasks from four factions. Their names are The Committee, Frontier Coalition, The Company, and Chlorophyl Forum. Once you accept a mission, you will know in which direction you need to go in order to find a certain resource. On top of that, a small balloon will show the distance you will need to cover to get to your goal.

Why Are Resources So Important In Durango: Wild Lands?

As we said earlier, the goal of Durango: Wild Lands is to survive in harsh conditions and create a lifestyle as enjoyable as possible. So, resources are an integral part of the puzzle. For example, life without water is not possible, and that is why drinking water is a valuable resource. In a similar way, wood or stone can make your life much easier.

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In addition to being life-saving, some resources can boost your financial situation. What we mean by this is that you can sell them, and for good money, too. As it turns out, not all islands are rich with the same resources. So, if you happen to have a sought-after commodity, why not put it on the market and collect a massive amount of T-stones?

Types Of Resources In Durango: Wild Lands

durango wild lands resource types

As you progress through the game, you will notice that not all resources are the same. In other words, some are more available than others. Of course, the ones that are rare can be sold for higher prices. Also, you will need certain resources on a daily basis, while others may be necessary every once in a blue moon.

So, without further ado, here is the quick overview of the most important resources in Durango: Wild Lands.

1. Water

The first on our list is the very essence of life on this planet. According to scientists, life first appeared in the oceans. Nowadays, we use water for many purposes, and the same applies to life in Durango: Wild Lands.

In other words, drinking water is a valuable resource in the game. You can use it to wash up and clean. These activities are important because they reduce fatigue and improve the mood of your avatar. So, when setting up a domain, make sure to have a supply of fresh water close by. Luckily, most islands in Durango are filled with rivers and creeks.

On top of that, salt water can be an important resource as well. Thus, try not to stay too far from the sea. After all, the sandy beaches will provide you with a constant supply of clams. Besides seashells, you will be able to find a lot of fish in the ocean.

If you craft a harpoon, the waters in Durango will turn into a supermarket and you will have access to more food than you can eat. Of course, the Island Market will accept all excess goods. In translation, you can even earn some T-stones by exploiting the benefits of this resource in Durango: Wild Lands.

2. Wood

At the very start of the game, wood will be one of the first resources you will collect. In a way, wood will save your life at those moments. Branches can help you fend off aggressive animals, preserving your health in the process. At the same time, branches and logs are necessary for setting up a bonfire. Of course, there can be no fire without a supply of wood, and that is why this resource is very important as well.

So, how to find wood in Durango: Wild Lands? Well, the islands in the game are covered in jungle and thick undergrowth. In fact, you will find wood almost anywhere you go. Even on the beaches, where palm trees are swaying in the gentle breeze that comes from the ocean. Deeper into the jungle, rotten logs are a common occurrence. This type of wood will provide you with peeled bark, which is another important item in the game.

When it comes to items, you’ll be using wood for all sorts of crafting activities. But, tools and weapons will be the most common. For instance, branches are required for the creation of long sticks. These sticks can allow you to craft various items, such as a pickaxe or a wooden bow. The list does not stop there, and there are many ways in which you can use the branches or logs that you collect along the way.

3. Stone

Similar to wood, stone can also be a life-saver in the early stages of the game. Why? Well, a stone blade can do many things, besides killing hostile dinosaurs. So, you can defend yourself with a stone, but you can also use stones to collect other resources. Talk about killing two birds with one stone, literally this time!

When it comes to the islands in Durango: Wild Lands, it seems that they are full of different rocks and minerals. As a result, you will often encounter pebbles and boulders. To be honest, some areas will offer fewer rocks than others. Thus, it is best to set up a domain in an area that is generous when it comes to stone and its derivatives.

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Speaking of other forms, you will encounter marble and granite as you progress through the game. But, pebbles and boulders will be the primary form you will see. These formations will be scattered all over the place, which makes stone one of the resources that are easiest to collect.

Either way, you can never have enough of those large chunks of stone. This particular resource is an integral part of several tools and weapons, such as a knife or a spear. In fact, you need stone blades to craft working tools for harvesting other resources, including shovels and axes. For that reason, make sure to have some rocks and minerals on stock at all times.

4. Dinosaurs

durango wild lands dinosaurs

Durango: Wild Lands is a mobile game that will take you on an unforgettable journey through time. In short, you will end up in a rainforest full of dangerous dinosaurs. To be fair, some of them are not aggressive, and you could even tame them. So, the next resource in our list is somewhat unusual, but it is essential for survival after all. Dinosaurs can provide you with so many things, which makes it impossible to remove them from our list of resources in Durango: Wild Lands.

So, how can dinosaurs help you? First of all, dinosaur meat is a great source of protein, and if you are not a vegetarian – lucky you! Oviraptors, Protoceratops, or Saurolophus will cross your path at some point. To make a long story short – these animals will provide you with leather, meat, bones, teeth, rib, and so on.

As a rule of thumb, the bigger the dinosaur – the more resources you can collect. Of course, bones can be a great source of material for crafting various blades and tools. In a similar way, leather can be dried or you can cut it into leather straps. Either way, leather is multipurpose material, and Durango: Wild Lands allows you to be creative with the use of resources. All in all, dinosaurs are a great resource, and it will pay off if you invest in developing your hunting skills.

Plants And Vegetation

For the final resource in this list, we decided to combine several species of plants. After all, they are all similar in a certain way. And, you will be using them along the journey, so why not group them?

durango wild lands cheats

For instance, the reed is one of the most common plants you will encounter around creeks and rivers. At the same time, this plant will provide you with useful stalks, which are a must have in the crafting business. So, make sure to place your domain in an area that has a lot of reed around. On top of that, the reed is often accompanied by mud pits, and mud is another important resource in Durango: Wild Lands as well.

When it comes to other species of plants, vegetables and fruits are a great food source. For instance, tropical fruit, such as mango or banana, will satisfy your hunger in a flash. Every once and a while, you will stumble upon a ‘wild plantation’ of these fruits, so make the most of it.

Also, your domain can be a great area for landscaping and farming. For that reason, it is important to know how to find plants such as white roses, carnations, pumpkins, and so on. Vegetables such as onions and peppers are also a great resource, so try to harvest them at every opportunity.

The Final Thoughts

As you can see, the resources in Durango: Wild Lands come in all shapes and sizes. And, that is what makes this game so attractive. If you happen to know any other Durango: Wild Lands resource, don’t hesitate to let us know down in the comments section.


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