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The amazing success of has led to a good number of mobile game makers creating their own “.io” games with similar gameplay and mechanics. The latest such title is from LastChance, a new game for Android and iOS devices where you can fight against other paper planes controlled by other players, free your wings, and enjoy dog fights with a twist – an .io twist, that is. Your objective is to destroy as many planes as possible while avoiding getting into crashes yourself, as you start out as a beginner war pilot. As you defeat more enemy planes, your ultimate goal in this game is to become the “wing master,” or the “greatest plane pilot ever.” How many opposing players can you take out, and how far can you fly in this game?

Anybody who’s played an “.io” game knows how these titles work – it’s all about becoming bigger and taking up more space. But in this game, there is a little wrinkle to the whole mechanic. As you defeat more players, you will be powering up your own plane and making it easier for you to take out your rivals. So if you want to become that flying ace the game’s makers claim you can be, read on and check out our tips and tricks below.

1. Short And Punchy Is The Way To Go

If you notice the meter below your paper plane, that’s your dash gauge, and you’ll need to keep a close eye on it as you control your plane. Use it so you can keep your dashes short and punchy – you don’t want to use up all of the gauge! Using up your entire dash gauge will drain your energy, and leave you incapable of making emergency or evasive maneuvers, making you vulnerable to all manner of attacks from opposing players. Don’t spend too much of your energy, and if you can, save those high-energy attacks for times you’re sure of making a kill.

2. When Will You Be Taking Damage?

It’s important to note that nothing is going to happen to your plane if you collide with another plane at a neutral speed. But if you’re in the middle of your dash, you can expect to take damage from your opponents. Use this simple tip when trying to stay alive, and when it comes to taking out your opponents, you should be using the pointy end of your paper plane.

3. It’s All About Faking Out The Enemy

In relation to the tip we mentioned above, you can use this to leverage yourself and get an edge over your opponents. That would mean faking out your opponent and trying to get into their head – make your opponents think your zigging when, in fact, you’re going to be zagging. You get the idea – fake-out and juke moves are a great way to gain a good advantage over other planes and when you’ve got your opponents in a false sense of security, you can go ahead and dash at them. Use psychology to outsmart your opponents, don’t brute-force your way on an enemy, especially if you know they can see you. You don’t want to be too obvious!

4. Scavenger Mode

This is what we call the strategy of simply sitting back and collecting the fragments of planes that had just been destroyed. As you collect more of these fragments, your dash regeneration goes up, while your plane becomes bigger than the others. But more importantly, your plane will become more powerful, which is the above-mentioned twist that isn’t present in other .io games. Yes, it is important for you to use your head and use psychology, but when you’re starting a game, don’t go for the kill just yet. Scavenge for loose fragments as they spawn on the board, as these will allow you to power-up and prepare you for the tough battles ahead of you.
As a bonus tip, it is possible to be on “scavenger mode” but also be scavenging around high-level players. What you want to do here is wait until they take out someone else, and move in when they’ve taken out the other player so you can gather a lot of fragments.

5. Sometimes, You Need More Than One Hit

Now you won’t always be able to take out an enemy plane on your first hit – sometimes, you may need two. But before we get to that, we should let you know that players will tend to scavenge for fragment if you’re unable to get the job done in one hit. The amount of fragments may all depend on how hard you hit your opponent, and if there are lots of fragments up for grabs, enemies will tend to feast en masse on those tiny pieces. Take advantage of this quirk and ignore the fragments. This is where playing mind games again comes in, as you want to apply pressure on the enemy in such a situation. You might notice an opponent get close enough to you to fall into your trap, allowing you to attack them and take them out.

6. Watch Out For Damage

It will all depend on the size of your plane and the size of that of the enemy – you may have an easy time taking them out, or you may need more than one hit, as we mentioned above. The opposite, of course, applies when it comes to the other player. So with that in mind, damage is based on level difference – you’ll need to use that pointy end multiple times when taking out someone who’s at a much higher level. Also check your damage and don’t try to attack someone who’s at a higher level (or refrain from attacking, period) if your damage is rather high. You can take the no guts-no glory approach and just charge head-on in such a situation, but you should do so with the expectation that one hit could do you in and end your run.

That’s all for now, as far as our tips, tricks and cheats are concerned. In case you know more tips for the game, feel free to drop us a line!