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Forge of Titans: Mech Wars Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 7 Hints You Need to Know

Winko Games’ exciting new strategy game Forge of Titans: Mech Wars is now available for Android and iOS devices. This is a game where you can forge and collect mechs, come up with a powerful squad where each of your robots unlocks different skills. And the best part of it all is that you can take part in real-time battles against real players, as you and other human players compete to rule the planet Eden. You’ve got all the familiar hallmarks of real-time strategy titles – interaction with other human-controlled “enemies” and a premium on smart tactics – as well as mechanics you can find in the RPG genre, such as the collection of more characters and the wide variety of weapons you can use. There’s also a crafting mechanic of sorts, although it’s more appropriate to call it forging in this game, as that’s what you will need to do to create new pieces for your Titans.

Although, this game centers on mechs/robots, thus making it rather unusual in the RTS genre, there shouldn’t be anything in here that’s too unfamiliar to longtime RTS players. But we’re referring to game mechanics with that – like other top games in this genre, there are more than a few unique features and twists, and we’re here to guide you through those twists, while helping you learn the game in general. Read our Forge of Titans: Mech Wars strategy guide and allow us to help you formulate a good strategy and come up with a powerful team of Titans and corresponding Pilots!

1. Complete The Missions, As There Are So Many Of Them

We’ve noticed that there are loads and loads of missions available in Forge of Titans. And when we say missions, we’re not referring solely to the quests that you have to complete in RTS titles in order to be up to speed at all times. These are missions that can reward you with premium currency, which you can then spend on new parts, new Titans, or stuff that you can use to level up your existing Titans. Each day you play, you should be completing as many missions as possible.

When it comes to the game’s missions, there are four types. These include your Battle Missions, your Army Goals, Colony Growth missions, and Daily Tasks. Colony Growth missions are essentially storyline missions that you need to follow to be as up to date as possible, while Daily Tasks refresh every day and thusly give you a time limit for completion. Regardless of the mission type, keep on playing more of them so you can load up on the premium currency quickly.

2. Go Back Often To The Academy

One of the bugs of this game is the lack of any notifications to let you know when you’ve got new skill points for your Pilots. But you can work around this by regularly returning to the Academy – tap on it from time to time, and if you’ve got new skill points to spend, then use them to improve your Pilots and make them sharper in battle. The game only allows you one free point per ten minutes, but these points are capped at five, thus giving you more reason to check the Academy and spend your points as often as possible.

3. Earn Extra Premium Currency Through Ad Videos

The game will serve up some advertisement videos, and you should be watching as many of them as possible. Each video is worth ten premium currency units per pop, and that’s not really much if you come to think of it. But those ads and the Money (the premium currency unit) you earn can add up over time; be patient and sit through those 30-second videos!

Also, don’t pass up the opportunity to watch ads if the game asks you if you want to do so before beginning a battle. That’s going to give your Titans an attack bonus, which would be good for 30 minutes. It’s best to take advantage of that 30-minute window and play as many battles as possible during that half-hour, especially those player-vs-player battles. But you can pass on those pre-battle videos if you think you’re going to be busy and won’t have much time to do battle.

4. Leveling Up Your Titans

We would advise you to pay attention to the next two tips, as these talk about two separate things with similar purposes that are, at the end of the day, different from each other. Leveling up is done by sacrificing equipment you no longer need; just go to the Hangar, tap on the Titan you’re wanting to level up, and add the equipment you have chosen to sacrifice. As the same equipment can be used to level up any given Titan at any time, you should be absolutely sure you’ve got the right Titan selected when you’re leveling them up. And while it may seem like equipment is quite easy to find in this game, it actually isn’t – you should also be sure you no longer need the items you’re going to be using for the leveling-up process!

5. Ranking Up Your Titans

Ranking up Titans is a completely different process altogether, though it also refers to a process that could improve your Titans and make them more battle-ready. You can only rank up a Titan once they reach maximum level, and you will need Artifacts in order for you to do this. This would increase their maximum level, as well as unlock a new skill once you’re done doing this for the first time. That means you can level them up again after ranking them up; you’ll need to do this quite frequently if you want to be more competitive in those battles, may they be against AI or human opponents.

6. Expect To Do A Lot Of Multitasking

Now we’re moving on to the battle tips, and these tips apply to both Campaign mode, where you’ll be fighting AI enemies, and PvP, where you will, of course, be up against real players from all over the world. The moment you unlock the feature where you can dispatch two Titans into battle – take note that this would become available quite early in the game – you should get ready for some serious multitasking, as you toggle from one Titan to the other, formulating tactics and activating skills as necessary. There’s also tons of activity on the map to pay attention to – you may be daunted and overwhelmed at first, but such is how things go in this game!

7. Use The Tactical View

All that multitasking could make your head spin if you’re a newer player, but there’s one helpful tool you should be using when the battles start getting more complex, and that’s Tactical View. Hit on Pause, choose your Titans individually, give each of them their specific battle instructions, and hit on Play and watch your Titans follow your instructions. You’ll still have to be on your toes, as you have to hit Pause each time one of your Titans is done with a task, which would usually be destroying an enemy defensive structure, and give them new instructions. Don’t try to wing it by issuing all instructions live, unless you’re quite familiar with how the game’s mechanics work. And even if you are, it’s still much better to use Tactical View and keep tapping on the Pause button whenever and wherever necessary!

Thanks for checking out out detailed guide for Forge of Titans: Mech Wars! If you know additional tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know!