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Piano Tiles 2 Tips & Tricks to Unlock All Songs

Recently, we talked you through Piano Tiles 2, which is the sequel to the original Piano Tiles, and a title that’s true to the arcade/casual staple of not stepping on/playing the white tile. As you may have figured, this game is a music-based game, and its features include the ability to compete with other piano players from all over the world in multiplayer mode, share your piano performances, and take advantage of new gameplay mechanics. That’s just a quick run-through of what to expect in a game we’ve covered not too far back, but you might be asking now – how do you unlock as many songs as possible?

Fortunately, we haven’t forgotten about Piano Tiles 2, and we would be more than happy to help you in unlocking more songs. Check out our compilation of Piano Tile 2 tips and tricks for unlocking all of the available songs.

1. Gain Experience Levels

The majority of the available songs in Piano Tiles 2 can be unlocked by making it to a certain experience level. If you go to the Music submenu in the game, you’ll be able to view all the songs that are available, may they be locked or unlocked. You’ll also see the experience level you need to reach in order to unlock a song; refer to this regularly if you’re trying to get all that musical content unlocked.

2. Earn Experience Points

In order to gain experience levels, you’ll need to earn experience points. It’s as simple as that – you’re playing for experience, so go ahead and gain it! You’ll be able to do that by playing songs that you haven’t previously played, and beating the levels where the song is contained. By beating a song/level for the first time, you’ll gain the most amount of XP, though you can also do it the easy way by playing old songs again; that won’t gain you as many XPs as playing new songs would, but at least grinding is easier. Look for easy songs to play when grinding, as you’ll be able to play in Endless Mode for a considerably longer time; the farther you go into Endless Mode, the more experience points you can expect to earn.

3. Watch Ad Videos To Get Diamonds

Now, you’re probably wondering why we’re asking you again to watch ad videos in order to unlock new songs. That’s because there are some songs that can only be unlocked by paying diamonds. Keep on watching videos until you run out, and if you want, you can also connect your game to Facebook for an easy ten diamonds. Once you run out of videos, wait for a couple hours and you’ll have more available to watch at any time.

4. What Can You Do With 100 Diamonds?

The game allows you to pay diamonds to earn coins, and one diamond will get you a hundred coins. But if you pay 100 diamonds, you can earn 12,999 coins in return, which would be very helpful if you want to unlock the game’s most expensive song – Flight of the Bumblebee.

For now, this is our list of Piano Tiles 2 tips and tricks for unlocking all songs. In case you know some more hints for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know!


Thursday 27th of December 2018

Once the master challenge in the hall section is unlocked, I recommend using it to gain gems. Top 5k gains 20 and only needs about 9.75 cps. Piano challenge is also good for grinding both xp and gems if 1st place. 1st place is usually about 2-3k points but can be as high as 50-80k.(round 15-20 and round 80-120 is my estimate)