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Qubed Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a Super High Score

The Blu Market has released a new iOS game recently called Qubed, which is a super addicting puzzle game that will have you hooked with its seemingly simple gameplay. The basic goal here is to fit all of the shapes into the empty spaces, and add to your point total by filling one whole row. And if you run out of space, you get eliminated. Think of it as a game with a lot of Tetris elements, with a few 1010!-esque mechanics thrown in. That’s all there is to it, and if you come to think of it, getting a super high score and climbing up the leaderboard should be your ultimate goal.

Of course, these games are as hard to master as they are simple to play, and that’s probably why you’d need these Qubed tips and tricks. You wouldn’t want to be far behind the rest of your friends or near the bottom of the Game Center leaderboard, right?

1. You Can Make Horizontal And Vertical Lines Alike

Looking at the sample images, you can make both horizontal and vertical lines; it isn’t just about focusing on the rows, but not on the columns. It’s about clearing as many lines as possible to free up more room on your board. If you’ve got a long, straight piece, then make sure you use that to your advantage – it could really help clear out those lines.

2. Clear Out The Board From The Outside

When playing Qubed, you want to start working from the outside, then working your way inwards as you put down the pieces. That eliminates the possibility of huge gaps in between blocks. Also with this objective in mind, you also want to place the longest side toward the wall whenever you could.

3. Leave Room For A 3×3 Block

3×3 blocks are, by far, the most frustrating blocks in this game. That means you should always have some open space for 3×3 blocks, as the blocks appear at random and you’ll never know when a 3×3 is going to rain down. Doing so will make it easier for you to clear lines, as a 3×3 block can theoretically eliminate three whole lines in one go. That’s similar to how it works on Tetris, and likewise, eliminating more lines in one go means much more points for you.

4. Watch Ads To Get Free Coins

The shop button on the left side of the score will allow you to win some free coins by watching an ad video. Every time you view ads on the videos, you can earn coins for free, though you can also buy them at the store as an in-app purchase. But what if the coins don’t appear right away? You may have to close out the game and reopen it to see your coins applied toward your total.

5. Take Breaks

Finally, we’re ending up with a classic tip that applies to just about every title in the casual genre – things can get hectic, so you might want to take breaks every once in a while to reduce frustration and allow you to clear your mind, thus allowing you to return to the game at full speed.

For now this is our list of Qubed tips and tricks. If you happen to know more hints for this addictive puzzle game to improve the high score, be sure to let us know!