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Rayman Adventures Strategy Guide & Tips: A Quick Look at Incrediballs

In previous weeks, we gave ample coverage to Rayman Adventures, an exciting mobile game from Ubisoft that allows you to save the enchanted forest by controlling Rayman and searching for the Incrediballs’ eggs “to breathe new life into the sacred tree.” And to further remind you of what this game is about, Ubisoft describes it as an exciting mix between action and exploration as you try to find and collect all the Incrediballs and unleash their power. You’ll also need to feed them and play with them, and you will definitely meet your share of enemies, which include “minotaurs, bandits, and many other monsters.”

We’re covering this game for the first time in quite a while, and last time around, we didn’t really give you too many tips on how to take care of your Incrediballs. Fortunately, this short Rayman Adventures strategy guide will help you in doing just that.

1. Never Overlook Your Incrediballs

This is the first and foremost tip for this particular guide – you should always pay attention to your Incrediballs. Not only are they capable of some powerful and/or unusual abilities, they can also help you in beating out your previous high score. So what’s the deal with the Incrediballs? Read on as we tell you more.

2. Know Each Class Of Incrediball

All in all, there are three classes of Incrediballs, and you should be familiar with each of these. For starters, Inhalers are able to do as their name suggests by inhaling all nearby Lums. Protectors’ roles are also self-explanatory, as they shield you from damage. Lastly, Seekers are tasked to find hidden Lums and Teensies, as well as treasure. Any one of these three classes may help you out in battle, though it’s all up to you to harness their abilities.

For example, you should have some Protectors with you in levels that have tough enemy battles, Seekers help you find all the needed Teensies in a given level, and Inhalers are best for levels where you need to collect as many Lums as possible. Bringing as many Incrediballs from one specific class as possible also helps a lot.

3. You Can Bring Two Kinds Of Incrediballs In Some Levels

Watch out for the hidden Teensie levels and the time trials; these levels have sort of a mini-game quality to them, and both would come with battles. That means you may want to bring some Protectors to join up with your Seekers. It is, in fact, recommended that you have all three classes represented.

4. Bonus Tips For Rayman

The first three tips exclusively cover the Incrediballs, but at the end of the day, this is still a Rayman game. Rayman is the game’s titular and primary hero, and you can also leverage his abilities and use them to your advantage. Be creative and think out of the box when using his skills, such as the Ground Pound, which can be used as a defensive skill, and not just offensive. This allows you to stop your airborne movements immediately. And on a simpler note, you can punch right before your jump to move forward faster.