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Rayman Adventures Ultimate Guide: 15 Fantastic Tips, Tricks & Cheats You Need to Know

As you may have noticed, our list of Rayman Adventures tips and tricks were mainly geared towards beginners, players just starting the game and getting a feel for this side-scrolling platformer for Android and iOS. And just in case you missed it the first time around, Rayman Adventures is a game by Ubisoft where you can guide Rayman and his Viking companion Barbara as they seek to rescue the Incrediballs by finding their eggs and saving the enchanted forest from that all-too-common threat – “trouble.” This game allows you to find and collect all the Incrediballs, bring them home, and hatch them in order to help you conquer more levels and increase your power.

Yes, we understand we were writing with newbies in mind when we gave you our first set of tips. However, this Rayman Adventures ultimate guide will allow you to gain some valuable advice on the game, no matter how long you’ve been playing it. Some of these tips you may have seen before, but that’s because we want to make this guide your one-stop resource for everything Rayman Adventures.

1. Explore The Areas And Take Your Time

It sounds like a tempting proposition to move on to the Teensie or Lum levels. But if you want to get more rewards, and better ones at that, you should look carefully around each level to see if you may have missed out on some collectibles. Yes, we know it – finding Teensies or gathering Lum coins can be really great for you, as both can add to your number of points. But remember that you have to fulfill three conditions per level if you want to get the rewards, so take your time, explore, check and see if you’ve missed something or not, and also remember that there are no time limits in each level.

2. How The Adventure Mechanic Works

Each adventure comes with multiple missions, or levels for Brawlers, Exploration, and Sniffers/Inhalers. You may also stumble upon a bonus level, which you should actually play. After all the levels in an Adventure have been completed at that point, you’ll encounter a flying ship, and not a caged egg; tap on the ship to view the world map where you can expect the new adventures to appear.

New adventures in the game are distinguishable because they appear as eggs. And just as a heads-up, the current adventure will be locked and you’ll be prohibited from replaying its levels by tapping on a caged egg or flying ship. That means grinding is not an option when you accept a new adventure; make sure you’ve played out all previous adventures before moving forward.

3. You Can Replay Levels On An Adventure

It’s possible to replay previously completed levels, and you should use familiarity to your advantage. As you’ll already be familiar with the traps, the enemies, and the obstacles, you’ll be able to complete them again much easier. This can be a good chance for you to beat out your old score and win yourself some extra rewards. You have the option to choose another character if you want to replay all of the levels, but do not tap on the flying ship if you want to do this.

4. A Very Simple Tip For The Lum Levels

Speaking of the Lum levels, here are two things you should always remember when playing them – some groups of Lums have a solitary purple one among them, which is worth two points, and those Lums have to be collected in a specific order. What do we mean by this? Well, it’s very simple – if you collect the purple Lum, you’ll have to progress through the chain in order, and make sure you do not miss out on the purple Lum. That’s going to end the chain and eliminate you from the game’s double bonus.

5. Don’t Be Afraid Of The King Lum – Go Get It

Sometimes, you’ll see that one Lum has become bigger than the rest of his ilk. That is the King Lum, and once you grab him, that will trigger a chain reaction – happy music starts playing, then all Lums become purple and start dancing until the happy song ends. This frees you up to gather as many Lums as possible to increase your score significantly.

6. Your Choice Of Incrediball Counts

All of the game’s Incrediballs can help you in a specific way. For example, Inhalers suck in any Lums that may be nearby, Protectors add to your defense and shield you to protect you from damage, albeit for one attack only, and Seekers give you the heads-up if there’s a secret nearby. Everyone in the Incrediballs has a specific use per stage, so choose wisely. So let’s get to the next part of this tip – a description of the Incrediballs and what they can do for you.

Inhalers suck in Lums and coins, and are best used on Lum levels, which have a picture of a Lum next to them. On those missions, have at least two Inhalers with you for more power, more coins, and more Lums, all of which contribute to your score and affect the kind of rewards you’ll be getting. Inhalers are part of the Sniffler class of monsters.

Protectors are mainly there to serve as your temporary shield; they protect Rayman, Barbara, and all of the game’s other characters from the enemy, or from falling into a trap. Upgrade them up to the Brawler levels and you’ll be glad you did, as they become even more powerful and effective against the enemies. Examples of Protectors include the Rhinos and Sooties.

Lastly, Seekers come with a magnifying glass icon next to their names, and you can use them to find coins, secrets, and even tiny critters that may be trapped. You’ll want to have a Seeker with you in those missions where you have to find the Teensies and rescue them. Seekers can search up to a maximum of three objects per Seeker, so it’s also good practice to get multiple Seekers. Green Pisces and the Pinkies are examples of Seekers.

7. Make Good Use Of Rayman’s Hover Power

The game’s tutorial talks you through a lot of things, but it had conspicuously left out the hover ability of Rayman. Fortunately, you can use this in this game, allowing Rayman to hover around as you jump as you simply leave your finger on your device’s screen. You’ll be able to float for a considerable distance, which is great if you need to clear a long gap without getting killed.

8. Spend Your Gems Freely

Gems are the premium currency of Rayman Adventures, and for the meantime, they aren’t involved in any long-term upgrade options. As we implied in our last list of tips and tricks for this game, gems aren’t hard to come by; you can win them through daily logins or by lucky tickets. Go nuts and spend your gems on new costumes for your characters, buy egg elixirs, buy lucky tickets – just do whatever you want with those gems and don’t worry too much about running out of them, as, once again, there are no long-term upgrades in the game as of the moment. There might be in the future, but you never know when it comes to games like this.

9. How To Get Free Gems

Still, you may be asking about how you can get more gems in the game. What should you do in specific? What else can you do with them? Let’s answer the first question – for starters, you’ll earn five gems guaranteed as a reward for logging in daily, but you can multiply that by two by watching an ad video. You can buy gem packs for real money, or again, get free gems by choosing the corresponding option after you’ve tapped on the plus sign.

Achievements are a fantastic way to stock up on the gems, as you could earn up to 25 gems maximum. By going to the level map and tapping on your character avatar and tapping on the trophy icon, you’ll be able to view your achievements, as well as the name of a task/quest and what you have to do in order to get so many free gems. Beating out your target high score is, in addition, good for a truckload of gems.

Other purposes of gems include being able to buy a lucky ticket (potentially more gems, eggs, and elixirs), and buying Beatbox saving slots so you can save more characters and elixirs.

10. Always Finish What You Have Started

After leaving an adventure area, you won’t be able to return there again as if nothing is wrong. This, to make things even simpler, means that you should finish what you had started before you can even think of leaving. You can, however, go back to earlier levels and collect any level rewards you had missed out on the first time around.

11. Go To Specific Regions To Gather Certain Creatures

Some of the creatures in Rayman Adventures can only be seen in specific parts of your map. As such, you will have to be successful as well in completing adventures in those specific regions. Green Pieces are exclusive to Medieval Mayhem, while Pinkies are found in Toad Story and Olympus Maximus. Rhinos and Sooties can be found in Medieval Mayhem and Olympus Maximus. Snifflers can be found in Toad Story and Medieval Mayhem.

12. How To Make Yourself A New Creature

Ever notice how games often tend to get gamey when you’re trying to unlock a new character? Sadly, Rayman Adventures is one of those games, but the New Creature Elixir could serve as a good workaround if you can afford it. Yes, you will often get a duplicate of a creature you already have once you’re out there on the lookout for hidden creatures, which have distinctive glow powder on top of them. But if you spend 195 gems on New Creature Elixir, you can make something unique for yourself. Additionally, Golden Egg Elixir transforms rescued bronze or silver eggs into golden eggs, which may have a Rare or Royal creature lurking within.

13. All About Elixirs

At this point, you might want to know what the deal is with those elixirs, and why they’re so important. We’ve already mentioned them a couple times, so why not touch base on each of them? We already told you about Golden Egg, which transforms bronze or silver eggs into gold ones. Silver Eggs turns bronze eggs silver, Speed Time expedites hatching time, and New Creature is able to give you an egg that will hatch a guaranteed Incrediball you’ve never seen before. (Bronze eggs, as an aside, only hatch common creatures.)

You can get elixirs by means of lucky tickets and by spending gems for them. And if you rescue all of a family’s creatures, you’ll also get one free lucky ticket.

14. How Can You Plant The Tallest Tree Ever?

Tap on the bud icon to take a glance at your Sacred Tree. Your ranking in the game is based on how tall your Sacred Tree is, so this tip is all about trying to make your tree taller and soaring up the game’s leaderboard in the process.

You can make your tree taller by rescuing creatures or finding them as they appear on the level map as hidden characters. Keep on rescuing creatures until your height meter is filled up, and once it is, your tree will level up. And, as a reminder, get rid of your dupes ASAP, as they won’t add a centimeter to the height of your tree.

15. Lastly, What’s To Do With All Those Dupes?

We are really glad that you asked. The game does have 110-plus creatures you can rescue, but in most cases, you’ll get nothing but duplicates. But there is a place in this game for duplicate characters, and it’s appropriately called the Clone-o-Meter. Fill up the meter to the top and get awesome prizes, or fill it close to the meter for some, well…less awesome, but still impressive prizes.


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My sacred tree in level 8 and my adventure map has five different areas, how long before I can unlock a new power of the map?