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Otherworld Legends Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Beat Every Dungeon

Otherworld Legends is ChillyRoom’s latest mobile game, that’s out now on iOS and Android platforms. This is is another action-packed dungeon crawler adventure much like Soul Knight and Dungeon Weirdos. Otherworld Legends exhibits a rogue-like system of imposing permadeath penalties whenever you perish within the dungeons. Each dungeon is randomly generated so every dungeon exploration session is a unique one.

Various abilities and weapons are available for each hero and there is room to customize each one to your personal preferences and style. If you are up for an explosive and challenging adventure filled with various surprises along the way, then be sure to check this game out!

otherworld legends strategies

The powerful Asurendra has summoned various warriors into the mirage, which is a labyrinthine dungeon full of treasures and trouble in every room. As part of a series of trials you need to pass in order to uncover the realm’s secrets as well as earn your right to be returned to your world, you are bound to explore the dungeons repeatedly and face various enemies and bosses to strengthen your hero. Defeat will be a common experience but every new dungeon run starts you off with more strength and knowledge than before.

Otherworld Legends may seem wanting as far as tutorials go as you will jump in straight to a battle at the start of your adventure to learn all the basic moves and actions. The controls are actually quite simple and easy to get accustomed to. The challenging part relates to the actual gameplay as precision and strategy both play an important role in your survival. Now, we have come up with a detailed Otherworld Legends beginner’s guide to help you progress through each dungeon. So be sure to stay with us and check out our compilation of tips, cheats and strategies for Otherworld Legends!

1. Take As Much Time As You Need

If you have not played any rogue-like game before, then you should know that what sets it apart from other dungeon crawler subgenres is the fact that dying actually comes with a heavy penalty. While you might expect to keep all the loot you have earned from adventures given that you basically worked for it, all the contents of your bag from items to coins are discarded when you die and respawn at the lounge. As such, it is important to be at your best with every dungeon run and in support of that idea, you should take as much time as you need.

otherworld legends tips

Not every room you visit as you traverse the dungeon contains enemies. Some are treasure rooms that contain gears to help you in your adventure and some are shops where you can spend the coins you earn for various items. There will always be an element of surprise when it comes to the upcoming rooms to venture into. As some may be filled with enemy mobs, elite units, or even bosses, it is best to always take a precautionary breather in one of the safe rooms.

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Some battles can take long to finish, especially if you are playing very defensively. Given that the action beat ‘em up element of the fighting mechanics will keep you very active for the duration of an encounter, spending time to rest your hands as you prepare for long, exhaustive battles is important.

2. Be Prepared To Lose

Like any other rogue-like dungeon crawler game, Otherworld Legends is designed in such a way that it cannot be beaten in one go. In fact, you will come to discover that the deeper you venture into the dungeons, the more difficult the challenges become. With that, you should expect to experience some losses and deaths, and understand that it is all part of learning and development process.

otherworld legends hints

While the permadeath feature seems very disconcerting, it does not leave you entirely empty-handed. Although all the contents of your bag will disappear, the experience you gain from each enemy you defeat will help you reach new levels and increase your hero’s stat points.

Beyond the quantifiable gains, the actual experience and learning you pick up from each battle will help you perform better on the next encounters as well. Lastly, skills that your hero can learn and the mixture of it you can set up before each battle will grow stronger the more you play.

3. Explore The Central Hub

After the quick tutorial session and you find yourself in the central hub, be sure to look into every person or object you can interact with. You will constantly need to revisit some of them so get to know them even if you still need to gather resources to make use of them.

Just at the top of where the other heroes are is the gemstone decomposer. You can basically expend sapphires and rubies, which are both premium currencies, to create soul stones. As you will have use for each of these premium currencies, it is best to leave this feature alone for now.

Chih Mei is the NPC you approach to change the style of the lobby or head into the store for in-app purchases. There are currently no extra lobby designs for now and you can also visit the shop via the box icon at the upper right side of the screen so there really is no point yet to talk to Chih Mei.

otherworld legends central hub

What you may want to interact with regularly for now is the TV beside Chih Mei. This is actually an ad campaign where you can earn 30 soul stones by simply playing a 15 to 25-second video ad. You can only take advantage of this feature once a day as far as we know, but perhaps it will become available more often in future updates.

To the left of the lobby is the bar where you can interact with Mary to purchase some buffs before a dungeon run. There are various buffs available here for you to choose from but each one costs soul stones. Initially, you would want to avoid spending soul stones indiscriminately especially before you unlock Ginzo. Later on, you may have to spend soul stones to purchase sapphires as you will need them to unlock skills.

You can find Chao below the bar and close to where you need to go to enter the dungeon. Note that each character can unlock 4 skills and each one can be enhanced with different effects. A delimiting system is imposed as you can only equip 2 skills at a time. With this in mind, you might want to conserve some soul stones instead of pushing forward to unlock all skills. Keep in mind however, that you can switch between skills and enhancements outside of battle so it is important to have a full arsenal as soon as you can.

You should check out the mailbox below the dungeon entrance, especially when there is an indicator on it. Important announcements as well as rewards may come in from time to time. Khan who is located below the mailbox, is who you need to speak with to equip skills. Last, but not the least, is the training dummy at the lower left corner of the central hub. This is where our next tip revolves around.

4. Practice Your Moves And Combos

A core aspect of what would take you from beginner level to intermediate, and finally an expert, comes from mastering a character. There are numerous characters to choose from in Otherworld Legends, but 3 of them are locked behind a pay wall while Ginzo, whom you can unlock using soul stones, will take some time to unlock. For starters, you should focus on mastering the initial character, Quan Huying.

You might have an impression that Quan Huying is inferior compared to the rest of the crew just because she is the starting character, but she is actually pretty decent and can certainly take you far into the dungeons with the right skill set and strategy. Quan Huying is a martial arts expert and while being a melee fighter with short range may seem disadvantageous for a dungeon crawler, her high HP value and enormous physical strength more than makes up for the range of her attacks.

how to make combos in otherworld legends

At the central hub where heroes take a break from all their dungeon adventures, you will notice a training dummy at the lower left side of the screen. You can attack it with your combos and special abilities to check how much damage each attack does.

Beyond that, use the training dummy to master the timing of attacks and dodges. Take note of how long it takes to charge up your special skills and how often you can squeeze it into your combos. Keep track of how long your combos take to complete as well as you will need to have masterful timing as you engage tougher enemies in the dungeons, especially elite units and bosses.

Another important feature in Otherworld Legends you should know about is the auto target lock ability that automatically locks you on the nearest target. You can take advantage of this feature in combination with the training dummy. For starters, the first punch in Quan Huying’s combo makes her dash towards the dummy from a decent distance and when you dodge back, you can very much hit and run your targets and retreat to a safe spot when they attack.

The training dummy has 100 life bars and as an added tip, try your best to combo as fast as you can to reduce its HP to zero. IF you successfully manage to do so, you will destroy the training dummy and unlock an achievement for it. Do not worry about not being able to practice new combos and skills later on as the training dummy will regenerate to full health on your next return.

5. Observe Enemies First Before Charging In

Surviving the dungeons for as long as you can requires being extra careful every step of the way. As you would want to exercise utmost patience in dealing with each enemy you encounter, you should carefully consider spending time to observe them before you charge in. smaller minions may only have a few moves up their sleeves but bosses will certainly come packed with a variety of moves to throw at you.

Take for example the first enemy knight you encounter during the tutorial session. After slashing his sword forward, he will be open for a few hits. What you would naturally miss is that he will move his sword from the ground back up and it can damage you as well. If you observe him from a safe distance early on, then those moves will be easy enough to counter and you will have a better idea in mind of how to time hits and dodges for a flawless victory.

how to observe enemies in otherworld legends

Enemy bosses can truly be a painstaking experience not just for beginners, but experienced players as well. Some of them actually leave very little openings for you to chip in bits of damage. Most especially if it is the first encounter and you may be a bit behind as far as character levels go, you have to be contented with squeezing in a couple of hits at a time until after you are certain that you can do more.

Note that simply getting hit and taking damage from an attack is just part of what you want to avoid. Heroes can be staggered whenever they are hit and can be prone to being stun-locked in some cases. That means that getting hit can lead to more subsequent hits in case the boss has minions or skills that hit multiple times.

Beyond that, some enemy skills will also come with added negative status effects that can make it even more challenging for you to survive their onslaught. Considering everything, it all boils down to having a massive amount of patience and contentment.

6. Break All Destructible Objects

After exploring the central hub and practicing some moves and combos on the training dummy, you are now ready to explore the dungeons once again. As eliminating enemies is already a given, we would recommend sparing a few punches and kicks for every breakable object within each room. Crates, jars, barrels, an a lot of other objects you can interact with can randomly drop health potions to replenish your HP. Depending on the gears you have equipped as well, these objects can help you earn more coins or provide other special effects.

breaking objects in otherworld legends

The jelly that transforms into a random companion whenever you drink a potion outside of combat is a great example. Like other minions, the jelly cube will perish after taking in hits and will revert back to its original form. Scavenging health potions becomes important as you would want this companion to be useful in battle.

In some cases, you will not be able to pick up health potions as your HP maybe full after a fight. Keep in mind that you can always travel back to previously cleared areas if you need to replenish some HP before exploring new rooms. Relative to this, always keep tabs on the mini map at the upper right side of your screen. Boxes with question marks indicate a room you have yet to explore and all other rooms will have different icons depending on what type of room they are.

7. Let Your Armor Regenerate

One of the earlier tips we talked about is taking as much time as you need before heading on to the next rooms you have yet to explore and the idea basically revolves around your physical capacity to actively play given that some battles take time to finish. Relative to that comes a strategy to keep in mind revolving on the concept of armor and HP your heroes have.

how to regenerate armor in otherworld legends

To differentiate, your armor will initially be taking the damage you receive from enemies and will regenerate over time. Once your armor is depleted, an explosive aura will trigger and push back all enemies away from you. The subsequent hits you take will now be taken against your HP and HP will only recover through healing and health potions.

As you will have limited to zero potions within the room where the battle ensues, you should take extra care to not let your armor be fully depleted. Once it reaches a critical point, you should know that you can always run and dodge momentarily to wait for your armor to replenish first before engaging in combat again. It will be very tricky in some battles but still very much doable. After each battle, feel free to wait it out once again and proceed to the next unexplored room only when your armor is at full capacity.

8. Clear All Rooms Before Moving To The Next Level

With Otherworld Legend’s random dungeon generation on every run, you are bound to see everything differently with each adventure. As such, there will be no point in memorizing each dungeon’s layout to determine if you have fully explored each and every one of them. Instead, you should make an effort to fully explore each dungeon and clear every “?” room before proceeding to the next one.

Beyond the more common room types like those filled with enemies, as well as the shops and treasure rooms, there are other rooms that will help strengthen your hero or earn you extra resources you need for later upgrades. Two of these types are the weapon enhancement room and the gear merging room. Both can be a great help for you moving forward and should be utilized as much as possible.

clearing rooms in otherworld legends

The weapon enhancement room can modify the perks of your equipped weapon and given that you can only carry one weapon with you, switching extra options can be handy especially if some of the other options make it harder for you to engage in combat. Without a weapon enhancer coupon, though, you will have to spend soul stones to initiate a power switch. You may want to spend on this if you are going for a good, long dungeon run. On your initial ventures, though, holding on to soul stones would be the better option.

Depending on how long your adventure goes and how many rooms you have explored, you will certainly obtain more gears and items than what you can actually equip. On top of the ones you loot from chests and bosses, some decent ones can also be purchased with coins at the dungeon shops. In the gear merging room, you can combine the ones you need for a chance to obtain a much better gear. Note that there is a crafting book provided on the screen that you can browse through as a guide for merging items. Otherwise, you can also try all sorts of combinations.

Things are hardly what they seem inside the dungeons and beyond the unusual skills that enemies have, there are plenty of crazy effects that come from the gears you pick up and equip yourself with. One of these bizarre skills will help you discover secret rooms hidden within the dungeons. Without it, you will have to check walls on each side following the layout of the dungeon map. Secret rooms will be a great source of coins and extra soul stones, which is why it is important to try your best in finding them before you head on to the next dungeon.

9. Test Different Combinations Of Gears

Otherworld Legends is brimming with a variety of weapons and gears that you can find throughout the dungeon. While some of the gears offer a more simplistic perk, some are actually a little more complex than others. Taking into consideration what each equipment can do is one thing, but looking into the ultimate effect of 4 pieces of gear working in harmony is the better way to go.

best gear combinations in otherworld legends

You can easily swap in gears between what you have equipped and the ones in your inventory using the simple step of dragging and dropping. Before you decide on which ones to go with, you can always experiment on a variety of combinations that will supplement your hero’s current needs. Perhaps one setup works well for mobs of enemies while another will do better in boss encounters.

One cool setup we managed to try was having 3 followers and a totem that heals them from time to time. There are practically limitless combinations of these gears left undiscovered. With randomness being a constant part of loot RNG as well, what you may settle for in each dungeon run could be a one-time experience.

10. Remember To Swap Skills As Needed

As we mentioned earlier, you are only able to set 2 skills to use in combat. While the secondary skill can be changed by talking to Khan at the central hub, you can swap in skills within the dungeon to more favorably suit your present needs. Although you can do this at any time by tapping on the bag icon at the right side of the screen, you should do so at a convenient time, meaning there are no enemies around.

Taking Quan Huying as an example, it may take a while to unlock all 4 of her skills along with 3 styles that can be applied to each of it. Any of these skills along with your chosen style is comparatively at par with the rest. It is simply a matter of application based on your preference and play style.

how to swap skills in otherworld legends

Tiger Charge, which is her basic skill is actually a decent frontal attack that deals great damage on its own. It takes a while to activate leaving her open to counterattacks that an interrupt her skill on top of causing her damage. While it is risky to use on mobs of enemies that move fast, it is a great combo finisher on slow moving ones and even bosses that leave openings for you to squeeze it in.

Once you unlocked all 3 styles, you can freely switch between increasing its attack with Tiger Climb, modify its attack pattern with Tiger Claw, or speed up its cooldown period with Tiger Palm.
Be sure to check each skill combination along with each style. Once you have unlocked Ginzo or any of the other heroes, you should try to look into their array of skills as well.

And that is all we have for you as far as our Otherworld Legends tips, cheats and strategies are concerned. We certainly hope that you picked up a lot of tips and strategies you can immediately apply to your next dungeon run. If you have discovered some more Otherworld Legends tips or strategies in addition to what we have discussed, be sure to share them with us in the comments!