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Idle Courier Tycoon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Maximize Your Earnings

Since 2013, Century Game has continuously been providing a wide variety of mobile games that cut across different genres. From RPGs and strategy games down to puzzle games and casual games, each title from the company has achieved success as evidenced by largely positive user review ratings, amount of downloads, and spots on top lists of mobile games on both Android and iOS platforms. Idle Mafia, Dream Detective, and Lumia Saga are just some of the games from the company that we played and enjoyed.

Idle Courier Tycoon is the latest casual game from Century Game and is a simple idle clicker, business sim game designed for players of all ages. If you are into casual games that can progress on its own regardless of how much time and effort you commit to it, then be sure to check the game out.

Idle Courier Tycoon sets you up for an entrepreneurial voyage that starts from the most basic setups made simple and easy for you to grasp the basic concepts and features it provides. As you take over a small courier facility, the premise is that its success or failure rests in your own hands, although there simply isn’t any possibility of failure as you will continue to earn profits regardless of what you do. The courier business operations process is a simple and linear procedure and your main task is to ensure its utmost efficiency in receiving and delivering packages.

best strategies for idle courier tycoon

Idle Courier Tycoon is as simple as most idle clicker games come. There are no complex mechanics or features involved and you can very much relax while letting your facility work on its own. The 1-minute tutorial is more than sufficient to walk you through all the basic matters you need to attend to and you can very much learn everything in a minute or two.

Although profits continue to pour in regardless of what you do, you may want to progress as fast and efficiently as you can to move on from the more basic facility to the next one and earn even more. If you are looking for the best ways to jack up your earnings, then check out our Idle Courier Tycoon beginner’s guide below for a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies. With the help of our Idle Courier Tycoon beginner’s guide you will be able to become a top tycoon in the express delivery industry in no time!

1. Keep The Income Multiplier Active

Jumping into your very own courier service facility will definitely be an exciting experience. More so when you perform upgrades and watch as your profits exponentially grow. Before engaging in any of these activities, however, the most important feature to take advantage of should be initiated first. As such, be sure to make it a habit of activating the income multiplier first before doing anything else whenever you step back into your business facility.

how to use the income multiplier in idle courier tycoon

You can easily see the video play icon at the bottom of your screen. It is actually an ad campaign where watching a 15 to 25-second video will double the income you generate for an hour. What is better is that you can continuously watch some video ads to stack 6 hours-worth of boosts at a time. This will leave you with more time that you can spend away from the game while your courier business is earning twice as much profit.

Launching an advertising campaign does not just double your profits. Every 3 activations can earn you a free golden box, which contains components needed to upgrade your packing machines. There is a cooldown period within which you have to wait for another free premium box to become available but, in any case, ensuring that you are always operating with the profit multiplier active is a must.

2. Basic Investment Strategy

Idle Courier Tycoon is actually very liberal game in the sense that profits will always be realized even if you do nothing except collect money from the business. One of the core elements of every business is investment, and to lead your express delivery service company towards maximum profits, you have to know how to invest the right way.

Every bit of investment you make leads to an increase in profit whether directly or indirectly. In truth, you are very much free to spend your earnings however you want but the best rule to keep is to leave as little idle cash as possible. In this sense, you will basically divide investment options into 2 categories: the ones you can readily afford, and the ones that requires a little more earning.

best investment strategy in idle courier tycoon

Choosing as to which aspect of your business to invest in should depend on how close you are to earning the needed cash for that big investment, and how much time you can still afford to spend on the game as you wait for your courier facility to cough up the needed amount of money. If you can wait it out, then it is best to spend big and purchase the most expensive updates. Otherwise, you should spend every cash in your hands on as many small upgrades as you can.

As you spend time offline and away from the game, you will continue to earn idle cash. The amount will even be affected by the ad campaign so every second earns you twice as much profits for up to 6 hours. Once you hop back into Idle Courier Tycoon, you will be greeted by a huge sum of cash and an offer as well to double or triple its amount. To double your earned idle income, you only need to play a short video ad. For a triple idle income bonus, however, you will have to spend 30 gems. The latter should not be an option, though, as gems are best spent on golden boxes.

3. Upgrade To A Milestone As Much As You Can

As we mentioned earlier, every bit of investment in any aspect of your courier business facility leads to an increase in profits and will always be good for the business. If you noticed, each upgradeable facility comes with an upgrade bar that fills up, whenever you invest cash in them. Filling up upgrade bars actually mean something and while each upgrade matters, they matter more when you reach these milestones.

idle courier tycoon milestone upgrade

If you watch closely, you will notice that each upgrade you invest in will have some impact on the equipment’s performance. The increase is actually constant per level prior to maxing out the upgrade bar but on each milestone, like when you hit upgrade levels 25, 50, and 100, the boost in efficiency is comparatively bigger.

As such, you should aim to reach these milestone levels whenever you upgrade before you switch to another aspect of your courier business facility that needs investment. The relative amount of cash you will spend on these milestone levels are worth more than any other investment options that do not reach milestone points.

4. Always Check Your Business Stats

Following the general rule of investing in Idle Courier Tycoon can lead to a more efficient performance of every aspect of your production line. Purchasing as many small upgrades with every bit of idle cash you have or spending most of it on the most expensive upgrade will work better for your growing firm although there is still a more efficient approach to prioritizing cash expenditures to bring out the best results.

Idle Courier Tycoon comes packed with a built-in business statistics feature, which you can readily access via the “graph” icon at the upper right side of the screen. The set of stats at the upper part of the page relates to every aspect of your facility that determines its overall efficiency. This includes transport speed, sorting speed, packing speed, unpacked goods, and unloading time.

idle courier tycoon business stats

Your performance in each one is indicated by the smileys on the right side. Clearly enough, you would want to see full smiles on these icons. Frowns mean that a particular aspect of your express courier business needs more attention.

Transport speed relates to the transit area where your vans park to unload packages for sorting. Upgrading the van applies to each van you own and will improve their carrying capacity. You will also need to purchase additional vans to ensure that unloading docks will never be idle so that your profits will continue to stream. You will typically have a maximum number of vans that is twice as many as the unloading docks you can build but keeping the 2:1 ratio is important to ensure a smooth flow of incoming packages.

Sorting speed, as well as unloading time, is dependent on your sorting area. To start off, you will need to invest in upgrading the sorters themselves as each upgrade level increases the sorting speed and effectively reduces unloading time. As you continue to add more unloading docks to speed up the sorting speed from vans to the sorting machines, you will also need to purchase additional sorters to decongest the sorting area.

Your stats relating to packing speed and unpacked goods fall within the heart of your express courier business, which is the packing machine. This is where profits are directly generated from and will seem as the most attractive pieces of equipment to spend on. You can vividly see the limited number of slots where you can build additional packing machines per facility.

Upgrading packing machines will result in an outright increase in packing speed, naturally lowering the average handling time of unpacked goods. Beyond the packing machines, training the employees assigned to each packing machine for them to increase efficiency will also garner the same results.

Keep in mind that it may happen that maximum effort will still not lead to a business stats table full of positive smileys but you should not feel bad about it at all. In fact, even frowns on all the aspects of your production line will still earn you profits. Some of these stats are simply easier to raise up once you have unlocked and purchased the next level facility.

5. Accomplish Missions For More Cash And Gems

Every activity you engage in as you tend to your continuously growing business venture in Idle Courier Tycoon provides outright incentives. Every profit you make, which in turn is reinvested back into your business is actually a solid reward on its own to motivate you to push further ahead. Beyond the increase in profits as well as its continuous stream, more rewards can be earned from Idle Courier Tycoon’s missions feature.

how to complete all mission in idle courier tycoon

You can check available missions for you to accomplish by clicking on the notepad icon at the upper right side of your screen. There will always be 3 different missions for you to accomplish and as soon as you complete a feat and claim the rewards, a new one will pop up. All these missions are like achievements in other games and basically serve as a set of milestones that guide you towards progressing through the game.

For the most part, you will notice an indicator atop the missions icon often early in the game, given that you will more quickly reach targets while you are on the lower level facilities. As you progress further in your business venture, it becomes more and more challenging to actually accomplish the missions. In any case, be sure to visit the feature often and push towards completing 1 of the 3 missions so you can claim your rewards. Mission rewards are either a huge sum of money or some gems, which are a lot more difficult to obtain in the game.

6. Purchase Golden Boxes Once You Have Enough Gems

Gems serve as the premium currency in Idle Courier Tycoon and is a resource you can obtain from completing missions as well as receiving some randomly from the mysterious investor that occasionally visits your facility. There are only 2 items you can spend them on. The first one is when you log back in and claim your idle profits, in which case spending 30 gems will net you 3 times as much profits as idle rewards. The second, and the one we recommend spending all of them on, is purchasing golden boxes from the shop.

You can access the shop by tapping on the shopping cart icon at the lower right section of the screen. Note that you can claim a free regular box once a day from the shop after watching a 15 to 25-second video ad. You can claim machine style components from the regular boxes but more, along with large sums of cash, can be obtained from golden boxes.

how to get more golden boxes in idle courier tycoon

One of our tips closely tied to this one is upgrading the packing machine styles and doing so requires securing enough copies of the components needed to upgrade each one. Every upgrade will multiply the earnings generated by the specific packing machine and as the level goes up, the profits it can generate will exponentially grow.

For example, collecting 10 components and reaching a packing machine style level 2 will double that packing machine’s income. Collecting 20 more components to reach level 3 will multiply the machine’s income by x10 and getting 40 more to reach level 4 multiplies profits by x100. There is a random element, though, so some machines will reach higher levels than others.

With the sheer superiority of benefits the packing machine styles provide, it is only wise to spend every 100 gems you earn to purchase a golden box right away. The downside is that you will only be able to secure components for the packing machines you have already unlocked. In any case, securing style components from both regular and golden boxes will help you reach new facilities faster and will tremendously boost your overall progress in the game.

7. Take Care Of VIPs

Idle Courier Tycoon actually leaves you with no interaction with your customers from both ends. Packages are sent to your facility through the vans you own and, after sorting and packing, will be sent out to their unknown recipients via the trains at the far end of your property. While no actual customers will show themselves anywhere within the vicinity of your office, a VIP will occasionally pop up via his icon at the upper right side of your screen.

idle courier tycoon vips

You will have to play a 15 to 25-second video ad to obtain the lump sum rewards of cash from the VIP. The typical scenario is that you will click on the VIP icon every time it pops up at your screen in the early stages of your business venture. Later on, you might choose to ignore it especially if you are in no mood to play some ads or if you feel that you have more than enough idle cash to go around.

The thing is, the amount of cash you can earn outright from the VIP feature is directly tied up to how much profits you earn every second. This means that as you invest in each upgrade and move on to a bigger facility, the lump sum cash the VIP gives you will increase. Likewise, the mysterious investor will be randomly packed with free gems from his generous pocket. As such, it is best to take advantage of this feature on the late game as the costs of each upgrade will be tremendously higher.

8. Move To The Next Facility As Soon As You Can

One of the most visually rewarding experiences in every idle clicker business sim is when you see your establishment at its perfect form, where every bit of upgrade is maxed out, and all you can think of is how much cash you will continue raking in without anything to spend it on. Idle Courier Tycoon, however, stretches your long-term goals a lot further as you will still have plenty of things to continue working for as you strive to be the top tycoon in the express delivery service industry.

idle courier tycoon facilities

By tapping on the button above your screen that looks like a refresh button, you will be able to glance at the upcoming facilities you will move to provided that you have enough cash to make the purchase. On top of the relatively huge cost of purchasing a new facility, doing so will also mean that you will start over and earn profits from scratch.

With profit multipliers attached to the new facility, though, you will be able to make progress several folds faster. Additionally, each new facility houses a higher cap of max upgrade levels per aspect of your production lines.

9. Use The Time Jump Cheat

If you are an avid believer in legit gaming, then you should probably consider the above 8 tips and strategies sufficient to help you progress faster in Idle Courier Tycoon. Feel free to skip to our closing remarks. Otherwise, stay on as we discuss a quick way to boost your gains tremendously.

Doing a time jump is actually an exploit that categorically qualifies as a cheat in the game. For veteran mobile gamers, it is a common cheat to try on any time-dependent feature some games have, which presumably is not locked behind the game server. This means that instead of considering time based on what the game has on their server, the game actually depends on your device’s system clock. As such, any change you make to your device’s date and time settings can impact the game.

how to use the time jump cheat in idle courier tycoon

Time jump exploits, in essence, basically lets you travel forward in time on the game. To do so requires you to adjust your device’s date or time, in such a way that cool down periods in the game will be 0 when you log back in. Before attempting to initiate this exploit, you should know that while earnings per second is dependent on time as well, it will not be affected by your time jump. The countdown timer for when you can claim the free box at the shop, as well as the golden box from playing 3 campaign boost ads, will be affected.

To start the exploit, simply take note of the cooldown periods for both boxes. Close the game and open your device’s settings, then go to the date and time configurations. Adjust the clock to cover the cooldown period you took note of, then log back into Idle Courier Tycoon and readily claim the freebies. You can rinse and repeat the process as often as you want. Just know as well that speeding up progression at this rate may lead to a shorter amount of time you get to enjoy grinding for progression in the game.

That sums up all the tips, cheats and strategies we have for Idle Courier Tycoon. We certainly hope that you learned a great deal from all the tips and strategies we shared and that you enjoyed reading our guide as much as we did writing it. If you have played this game for quite some time and have stumbled upon some other hidden tricks we have yet to discover ourselves, we will be very happy to receive a not from you about them in the comment section down below!