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Soul Knight Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Shoot Your Way to Victory

If you feel like diving into a world filled with utter chaos, then Soul Knight is right up your alley. Get your adrenaline pumping in Chilly Room’s latest action shooter game for iOS and Android. You will need lightning-speed reflexes and quick thinking to conquer each level. Dodge the hundreds of projectiles flying in every direction so you can retrieve the Magic Stones that are needed to restore balance to the world. It’s dangerous to go alone so take this Soul Knight strategy guide with you!

Dungeons 101

Each level in the game consists of a randomly generated dungeon. The dungeon changes each time you enter so don’t bother trying to remember where everything is. What you need to do, however, is to prepare well for each dungeon. You can always retry a dungeon if you die but you won’t know what the next dungeon will look like so always make sure you have a backup plan.

One thing that you really need to keep an eye out for is the existence of traps. You will encounter several types of traps in each dungeon. Some of them are easy to avoid and some of them you can even use to your advantage. Keep in mind what each trap does and you will emerge from each dungeon unscathed.

The different traps you will encounter in game are:

– Spike Traps: Ahh, the dungeon staple! No self-respecting game can have dungeons without the classic spike trap. They are easy enough to detect and avoid so long as you pay attention to your surroundings.

– Red Barrel: Unlike a lot of other games, breaking open barrels here isn’t something you should do if you’re searching for treasure. The red barrel, for one, can easily kill you if it gets hit while you’re beside it. On the flip side, you can kill a bunch of enemies by making one of these babies explode. Just make sure you do it from a safe distance.

– Green Barrel: Green means poison. Poison means you will die a slow painful death. Don’t go around popping these barrels if you don’t want that. Poison will also sometimes as a puff of green smoke, minus the barrel. Avoid it at all costs as it will whittle away at your health without you realizing it.

– Blue Barrel: These barrels are awesome if you keep your distance from them. If you can time hitting these while enemies are nearby, you can freeze them all which will allow you to get a few free hits in.

– Grey Barrel: The color says a lot about what this barrel is for. It shoots out darts. That’s it. Nothing special. Boring!

Another thing you should always do when inside a dungeon is to explore. Make sure you kill all enemies in sight as you will sometimes be unable to end the dungeon if there are still enemies lurking around. Aside from mass-murdering enemies, don’t forget to loot them as well. Check every nook and cranny of each dungeon as there may be treasure chests lying around. Kill and loot until there’s nothing left. That’s what good heroes do.

Battling The Bad Guys

Now that you know what you are getting in to, it’s time to prepare your character. There are several different character classes to choose from and you may pick any one of them depending on your playstyle. If you are looking for a suggestion, however, you may want to pick up the Rogue.

You can unlock the Rogue using 2000 gems which is relatively cheap compared to the rest of the unlockable characters. His special ability is the combat roll which makes him invincible for a few frames. It might not seem much on paper but it is definitely a handy skill to have during a boss battle. Bosses can often go crazy with their projectiles and the ability to turn invincible for a second will make a world of difference.

Each time you go to the next level of a dungeon, you will be asked to choose whether you want to increase a power up or get another one. You will be presented with three random power ups every time. Make sure you choose wisely depending on your situation. Here are some of the common power ups that you may want to pick up:

– Potions: You can choose to increase the chances of finding potions in crates. Potions are hard to find but can be very useful in critical situations. Having a better chance of finding them gives you a better chance of surviving.

– Slower Bullets + Pick up Radius: The most important thing here is the slowing down the bullets. It just makes things so much easier when bullets are slower.

– Trap Immunity: Just to be clear, this gives you immunity to Spike Traps. Barrel Traps will still affect you. It’s useful if you are having trouble avoiding spikes on top of everything else that are trying to kill you.

– Health Restoration: This gives you a chance to recover health each time you kill an enemy. Just like the potion, it is useful in improving your chances of survival.

One last thing you need to battle your enemies is to equip yourself. Always keep a zero-cost weapon on hand. You start each dungeon with a Bad Pistol, which lives up to its name in every way. While it is a pathetic piece of weaponry, it is still better than fighting bare-handed. Don’t throw it away unless you pick up a better weapon that also has zero cost. Otherwise, you will end up running around the dungeon with your hands in the air while you wait for energy. Unless of course you want to test your kung fu on a boss.

As a bonus tip, try purchasing the Chest early on for 1000 gems if you find yourself struggling. You only need to pay for it once and it gives you a common weapon at the start of each dungeon. It may not seem like much but it is worth the investment for the early levels.

And with that, it’s time to save the world! Just remember everything you learned from our Soul Knight strategy guide and you will get those Magic Stones back in no time.