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RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch Tips, Cheats & Tricks: The Ultimate Guide

After the phenomenal success of their classic game, developer Atari Inc has released a new amusement park simulation on iOS. Players of RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch are treated to the same build-your-own ride concept with a few new tweaks. Who knew that building your own amusement park could be just as much fun as visiting one? Create your own world of thrilling rides and share it with your loyal customers. You will be in charge of everything, from building each ride from scratch, to managing marketing for more visitors. It’s not going to be all fun and games so make sure you check out our RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch ultimate strategy guide before opening your park gates!

1. Designing Your Rides

One of the most fun things to do in the game is to design your own ride. You get to build everything node by node until you have a design that is uniquely yours. While your personal taste should not have much impact on the scores of your rides, there will still be some restrictions. Keep these in mind before you spend precious coins on your rides.

To start off, you will need four cards in order to create a new ride: station, train, tracks, and chain lift. You can get the cards from cards packs which can be acquired in a number of different ways. You can get card packs from levelling up, completing missions, or buying them from the Card Shop. The card packs contain random cards so you may need to open a few before you get the cards you want for your ride.

Once you have the four types of cards that you need, you can begin construction. Place the station on the map first. Make sure you have enough space to build the rest of the ride on. You can place a basic set of tracks so that you have a guide on where to add the extras. Each node can be modified in three ways:

– X and Y axis: Moving the nodes along the X and Y axis will help your increase or decrease your total track length. Longer tracks are generally better as they will earn you more points but the total length is limited by the track card’s level so keep an eye on it.

– Up or Down: Raising or lowering a node will create the slopes on your ride. Changing this does not have any real impact on your ride but it will make everything look cooler. Follow your personal taste when it comes to slopes!

– Twist Left or Right: Twisting the nodes to the left or right will create sharp turns in your tracks. As with the previous feature, this is purely an aesthetical feature and does not really change your ride’s rating. You can go crazy with this and make your riders dizzy.

Take advantage of the freedom the game gives you in bringing your dream rides to life. The only things that you need to keep in mind when building for better points are the length of the tracks and the number of special inserts. More is always better. Keep collecting and upgrading your cards to gain access to better building options.

2. Park Management

Now that you have made a bunch of fun rides, let’s get to work on the business side of things. The park won’t run itself, you know. You need to manage ticket prices, customer satisfaction, and marketing.

The first thing you need to do when you open your park for business is to set prices. As soon as you lay something down, tap on it to bring up the menu then tap on the price tag icon. By default, these ticket prices are set cheap but you will find that you can actually raise it a bit without upsetting your patrons. Always make sure your ticket prices are within the “good value” range to avoid losing customers.

Speaking of losing customers, you should watch out for those who are expressing how they feel about your park. Look for visitors who have thought bubbles above them. Blue icons are fine since this means they had a good experience with your park. Red icons are bad and you need to check out what upset those customers so you can fix it. Red angry faces are really pissed and will most likely leave and never return. You want more blue icons so make sure to address the problems of red icon customers as soon as possible.

Another way of checking for customer satisfaction is by checking the satisfaction bars at the top of the screen. You will need to maintain the Fun, Food, and Hygiene bars to keep your customers happy. Building more rides improves the Fun factor while restaurants address the need for Food. Building bathrooms improve the Hygiene bar but if you have the maximum number of bathrooms, your only choice is to upgrade cards that lower the Nausea rating of your rides. Customers who don’t throw up on themselves generally have better hygiene than those who do.

After building nifty rides, setting “good value” prices for your tickets, and addressing customer feedback, you need to attract additional customers. Once you reach level 9, you will have the option to market your park to get additional customers. You can watch an advertisement for a 5% increase in customers for 3 hours or you can buy a 15% customer increase for 12 hours by spending 25 tickets but it’s best to save tickets if you are a free player.

3. Making Profit

You can’t call yourself a tycoon if you don’t earn profit. It’s time to reap the rewards of your hard work. Unfortunately, reaping rewards also involve a bit of work. Earnings don’t automatically appear in your bank account. You will need to manually collect your earnings by tapping on the coin icons above your buildings and rides.

Logging in often to check on your earnings is important as each structure has a maximum number of coins it can hold. Once it reaches its maximum capacity, it will not be able to earn additional coins. You will know that a structure is full when the coin icon turns into a safe. Collect those right away so you don’t miss out on additional earnings.

Maximize your profit by making good use of decorations. Decorations do not have effects on shops so just huddle your shops together and plan the layout of decorations around your rides. It is a good idea to rearrange your park structures when you reach level 10 so that the rides get the most benefit from your decorations.

Lastly, you need to control your spending. Always remember that a penny saved is a penny earned. In this case, that means choosing wisely when it comes to spending on upgrades. Hold off on upgrading cards that you don’t really use or have minimal impact on your profitability. Coins will be hard to come by during the early stages of the game so unless you want to stare at your screen waiting, you should manage your finances early.

4. Missions

Another aspect of the game that will help give you some direction is to complete missions. Completing these will give you different rewards including precious cards that make the foundation of the game. All the missions are timed so prioritize those that will expire sooner. Once a mission expires, it will disappear and you will no longer be able to get that mission’s rewards.

Missions normally have card-related objectives. You may be asked to upgrade specific cards or place a certain number of cards on the map. If you followed the advice in the previous section and held off on upgrading cards, you will have non-upgraded cards on standby for missions. This will help you complete missions without having to open new card packs in hopes of getting the card you need.

5. Tickets and Achievements

There is another form of currency in game aside from coins. Tickets play an important role in game and are more difficult to acquire if you are a free player. You will earn a limited number of tickets so spend them wisely. Avoid using them to speed up constructions or attracting more customers.

The best use for Tickets in the game is to spend them on Card Packs. Even when spending on Card Packs, you need to choose carefully. If you can hold out for a while without buying new packs, save up until you have 35 Tickets then buy a Binder of Cards. This gives you 38 cards in exchange for your 35 Tickets which is the best possible value for card purchases.

Unlocking Achievements in the game will earn you the most Tickets. There are different Achievements for your park and for your rides. Attaining these may take a while but their payoff in Tickets will be worth it. You don’t need to focus on them too much because you will slowly build towards them as you play the game. Just remember to check on the Achievements once in a while to see which ones are almost done so you can pick them up as you plan on further expanding your parks and rides.
Here is a list of the achievements you can aim for to get more Tickets:

Park Achievements

As you play the game, you will unlock some of these achievements without realizing it. The reason for that is they are based on the natural progress of your park.

– Entrepreneur Value: Upgrading your shops and rides will automatically improve your park’s value. Getting duplicate cards will allow you to upgrade so keep opening card packs!

– Good Spender: As the name implies, you need to spend coins in order to unlock this achievement. The good news is, you have no choice but to spend coins throughout the game.

– Serious Profits: It’s all about the money here. Just like the previous Achievements, you will eventually earn this as you play the game. If you want to grab this sooner, however, you have to be diligent in collecting coins.

– Golden Bathrooms: This one might need a little bit more of conscious decision-making to unlock. While the bathrooms don’t really have to be golden, you will need to have a total of 12 of them placed on the map.

– Gardener: Technically there will be some sort of gardening involved in order to unlock this Achievement. The goal here is to have a decoration value of at 75% or above on at least 34 of your rides. Plant your trophies in strategic locations since they have a wide radius and provide 8 decoration bonus points.

Ride Achievements

After spending so much time and effort in building those rides, node by node, you’d want to be rewarded. That’s where Ride Achievements come in. Unlike Park Achievements, you will need to know what you’re aiming for if you want to unlock these.

You will earn an Achievement each time you hit a certain target in a coaster stat. The stats are Excitement, Intensity, and Nausea. You will also unlock an achievement if the ride you are building reaches a certain length.

Keep these things in mind if while building if you want to aim for Achievements:

– Upgrading your track card will improve your ride’s stats. The other three cards required for building have no impact on stats so focus on upgrading the tracks first.

– Special inserts will fill your track limit faster but they have their own stats. These make up for the track length, especially if you are just aiming for a specific stat Achievement. Include as many special inserts as you can to raise your ride’s stats.

– You will need to build specific rides a certain way if you want to use them to unlock Achievements. Bunny hops improve the final stats of Wooden and Hyper rides. Steel and Inverted rides should have a lot of special inserts and inversion. Accelerator rides should be, of course, fast and short. Finally, Winged and Inverted rides must be built with balanced amounts of drops, speed, height, and turns.

6. Miscellaneous

There are a lot of things to manage when you have your own amusement park. Here are some additional tips to help you get ahead in the game.

– Once you hit level 10, you can expand your park by tapping on the areas just outside the property. You will need a lot of coins in order to expand but doing so will give you more leg room when adding structures. More rides and stores, mean more coins. This investment will eventually pay for itself.

– If you like a certain ride or shop, you can build more of the same one. Check the number on the left side of a structure’s card to know how many of the same structure have already been placed on the map, and how many more you can build. You can increase the maximum number of structures by levelling up the card.

– You can charge more for your park’s entrance fee without upsetting your customers by adding more attractions. Think of your virtual customers the same way you would think of real life customers. They will be willing to pay more if your park is worth more.

– Sometimes the game gets a glitch and coins will stop showing up on top of your structures. If you notice that coins have not been popping up as they should, you may need to give the game a little nudge. Just plop down a path anywhere on your map. This will trigger the game to resync with the servers and the coins will start popping back up again.

That’s it for RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch. With the help of our ultimate strategy guide, you can now build the amusement park of your dreams!

Patricia M Russo

Monday 12th of April 2021

Why are some of the things that I buy & build disappear the next day??? Someone please let me know, I am very confused and I feel like I am wasting money. Thank you.....


Saturday 22nd of May 2021

@Patricia M Russo, I've had this happen too. I use the Android version and it seems to happen if I leave the game running and my tablet goes to sleep. I found that returning to the park hub or exiting altogether when I'm stepping away.