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My Little Universe (SayGames) Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Create a Planetary Paradise

SayGames is certainly not a newcomer when it comes to creating addictive mobile games, as the company has published a plethora of casual games over the last few years, that instantly became hits. Currently, SayGames has 74 games under its app portfolio and has accumulated well over 2 billion downloads across all its apps from the Google Play Store alone. Johnny Trigger, Sand Balls and Train Taxi are just some of the popular titles from the company, with the first two garnering more than 100 million downloads each and each one maintaining largely positive average user review ratings.

The studio’s latest mobile title called My Little Universe, though categorically a casual game, is an exploration and world-building adventure that offers a diverse experience for players of all ages. Armed with an axe, a pickaxe, and a sword, My Little Universe puts you in the shoes of a sole adventurer travelling within and across different planets to explore. There is plenty of mining, crafting, upgrading, and monster-fighting as you continue to gather needed resources to unlock new pathways and expand your world.

my little universe guide

Similarly to other SayGames’ titles, My Little Universe is as simple and easy as it gets. You only need to use one finger all throughout your adventure and holding anywhere on the screen activates the virtual d-pad that you can move to any direction.

My Little Universe is the kind of casual game that allows you to make progress regardless of what you do and regardless of how much time you can actually spend on it. Do not let the over-simplistic graphics fool you, though, as My Little Universe provides more hours of fun and exploration than anyone can expect.

Despite being an easy adventure to pick up and with the promise of progression regardless of how you proceed with your journey, there is a lot of farming and grinding involved in My Little Universe. If you have just started diving into its unique, expansive world and would want to plow through each objective fast and efficiently, then be sure to check out our My Little Universe guide below for some useful tips, tricks and strategies!

1. Focus On One Objective At A Time

Believe it or not, the first area you will start your adventure in is basically the entirety of My Little Universe’s tutorial session. You can simply move close to the trees nearby and your axe will automatically start chopping away at the trees for you to gather wood. On the other end of the miniature island is a square with an icon on it and a number. The icon symbolizes the needed resource and the number, its amount, for you to take the next step and get into your rocket ship.

Next thing you will know, your ship has crashed into a planet where your exploration begins and, beyond the trees that you can chop down to earn some wood, you will be introduced to a plethora of resources you can gather and create.

Your adventure basically revolves around gathering resources needed to unlock more and more areas and, in some situations, there will be more than one option to choose from. Some paths lead to areas where forks can lead to different places altogether. As difficult as it seems to get confused by having options in an otherwise linear fantasy adventure, it can happen to everyone.

my little universe objective

For starters, you will only need to set foot on the white square to deposit the needed resources to unlock a new area. Even without intention, you can easily step on these squares accidentally, depositing items that should otherwise be used for something else.

Accidental deposits are no big deal early on but it is still best to focus resources on one objective and making a habit of it early on is important. As such, always be cautious of where you walk on especially when holding resources meant for another objective.

My Little Universe lets you discover one resource at a time and beyond the growing amounts of resources needed to make progress, you can expect to chance upon a pathway where the resource you need to deposit is still inaccessible for you. These instances will in turn limit your options to fulfill the requirements involving resources you have access to. There is no need to worry about resources that are currently out of reach as the remaining progression options ahead of you will surely lead to acquiring the needed resource.

2. Continuously Craft Wooden Planks And Iron Bars

While all other resources you need to deposit can be gathered around the world, there are 2 unique items that you need to craft. The first are the wooden planks that can be made by depositing logs in the sawmill and the second are the iron bars you can earn by taking iron ores into the smelting plant. Both wooden logs and iron ores serve as the most basic resources you will constantly find around the world and despite its massive availability you will continuously run out of both often.

In addition to being the most needed resources as requirements to unlock new areas, and given that the numbers needed for each item can grow to the thousands, the crafting mechanic that utilizes these resources make them more valuable than all other resources. You will always be in need of several resources and it is often a good idea to keep a good stock of each item. In the case of wood and iron, though, you would want to keep farming them especially if you are consistently converting them to wooden planks and iron bars respectively.

crafting wooden planks and iron bars in my little universe

Production of wooden planks and iron bars are not instantaneous and takes some time to complete. While in production as well, you cannot deposit additional items into the crafting structures. This means that you would want to go all-in when crafting and just farm more of each item afterwards. Alternatively, My Little Universe provides an ad boost that lets you earn 40 pieces of iron bars or 50 pieces of wooden planks after playing a 5 to 30-second ad.

We understand how focusing on one objective at a time may seem contradictory to hoarding more than what you need as far as specific resources go. You can always just grab more when you need to, for the most part. However, the waiting time involved in manufacturing iron bars and wooden planks will seem a lot longer if you need them that badly so, in their case, it is best to have more than enough available supply.

3. Upgrade Your Gears As Soon As Possible

Your axe, pickaxe, and sword, which are all available to use at the start of your adventure, has more than several upgrades ahead of them. You might initially assume that unlocking new areas in the world should always take priority in My Little Universe. Well, for the most part, that is the case, but an upgrade to your tools of the trade should become top priority once they become available. There are separate upgrade locations for each of your tools and each upgrade will cost steel bars, wooden planks, as well as another resource.

As much as expanding your world and depositing needed resources to where they are needed is the core mechanic in My Little Universe, ensuring that you are well up to the task at hand takes greater importance. For one, some resources have a minimum upgrade level requirement for either the axe or pickaxe for you to farm them. In this sense, upgrading your tools to the next level becomes a prerequisite to be able to move forward.

On the other hand, you can always defeat enemies with your level 1 sword. Enemies in farther areas have more health and attack power, though, so you will consistently need all the help you can get.

my little universe gear upgrade

Just a quick side note when it comes to enemies. Having them so close to your character can make you miss hitting them with your sword. Be sure to stay a safe distance away from every enemy you encounter. If they happen to pop up or spawn too close to you, always move a bit away to hit them. This is very important to keep in mind as there will be instances when you will have to farm specific resources that can only be obtained from killing monsters.

Beyond being a requisite for latter resources you need to farm, an upgraded axe and pickaxe will also let you work faster with each new level gained. Each strike of either tool will farm more resources, consequently requiring less strikes for you to empty out the supply source. An upgraded sword will expectedly deal more damage to each enemy, allowing you to get rid of them faster and increasing your survivability.

Just as a side note, the penalty for dying in My Little Universe is simply being teleported back to your starting point. You will not lose any of the resources you have gathered nor will there be any limit as to how many times you can die and respawn instantly. If any, you may just experience a bit of momentum loss.

getting resources in my little universe

Additionally, be very careful when swimming in water or walking close to the lava. Lava will leave you burning and your character’s health will continue to go down. In case you actually step on some lava, you have to jump into the water to stop it from melting you. It is nice to swim around sometimes to get you to some places faster.

However, extended periods of time in the water will attract harks. You will see them circling around you and once they get too close, a huge one will swallow you whole resulting in an instant death.

Gold coins will be a common requirement in upgrading your tools early on. Although you can easily farm them from treasure chests that you uncover as you explore the world, you basically have an unlimited supply of it from the market stalls where you can sell your resources for gold. Watching a 5 to 30-second video ad in these locations can earn you 100 free gold.

4. Strategize On Farming Resources

With a premise that you can make progress regardless of what you do in My Little Universe, you can assume as well that you cannot go wrong when it comes to farming. Just swinging away with your axe or pickaxe means earning resources with each slash. As plain and simple as that sounds, there is such a thing as efficient farming.

As you will need several hundreds to a thousand of some resources early on, it is best to make a habit on how to proceed with each gathering task in the most efficient manner.

farming resources in my little universe

To start off, each swing of any tool you have can hit multiple targets and not just one. With proper positioning, you can chop down 2 or 3 trees as well as break down 2 or 3 rocks consecutively. Depending on how fast you can get used to the d-pad’s sensitivity, it may take some time and practice to get the positioning right instantly on your first go.

One important feature in My Little Universe to take into account when it comes to farming is that all resources are infinite. Every tree you cut down, every rock you pulverize, and every enemy you slay will each respawn infinitely, with some taking more time than others. In the case of resources, it is required to fully deplete the supply of items before they can regenerate.

Considering trees, as an example, you have to cut each one down to the last slice of trunk. This means that your character will not do anything anymore while standing close to it, given that you will automatically hack and slash away at anything within close proximity.

mining in my little universe

Knowing now that you can hit multiple targets with each slash and taking into account respawn times for the resource in question, you can develop a routine of sorts in terms of cycling across different sources of a material in a stretch of land.

Of course, there will be different considerations depending on the location and the type of resources you are currently farming but, surely enough, you will need to learn this strategy as there will be plenty of farming and grinding involved in your adventure. Additionally, you should consider the changes in your routine with each tool upgrade that you secure.

5. You Can Farm Some Resources When Idle

As much as there really is no need to rush on progressing through the worlds in My Little Universe and given as well that it is a casual game meant to be an enjoyable adventure even for those with very limited free time on their hands, there is a natural inclination for every player to progress as fast as they can.

Saying that there will be hours after hours of farming for different resources is actually an understatement and you are not earning any kind resources on time spent away from the game.

my little universe resources

As much as manually farming for resources is the fastest way to go, you can actually some idle farming in My Little Universe. Of course it would never be applicable in every location given that enemies will continue to spawn in some areas and may relocate you or even kill you if you just leave your character idle.

With this in mind, what you would want to set up is a scenario where enemies will never spawn near you; will be around but has no way of getting near you; or will appear right where you can kill them just as easily.

At the same time, you would also want to position your character to always be facing the target resource spot or at the very least have them well within the range of the tool’s swipe for a guaranteed inflow of the needed materials.

my little universe idle farming

Situating yourself between the resource and a wall or the edge of the land are perfect examples of where to start your idle farming activities. There are several areas in the world where resources are just plain up for grabs with no enemies spawning whatsoever.

6. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

My Little Universe is a free-to-play game that offers nothing for micro transactions. If you are the type of player who may still feel somewhat annoyed or repelled by the idea of video ads incorporated into free mobile games, then you should understand that these ads are basically what keeps the game around for everyone to enjoy for free as well as for the game to continuously have updates moving forward.

my little universe ad boost

Video ads in My Little Universe are categorically divided into 2 types. The first type are ads that pop up whenever you uncover a new area and the second type are ad boosts, which are entirely voluntary to watch. While you will see a great deal of the former, those ads are skippable and can be shortened to a full extent of 5 seconds, which is not such a bad deal. Ad boosts, on the other hand, are a welcomed treat, especially if you need to have some valuable materials at a faster rate or would want other resources by the bulk.

We mentioned earlier that you can get 50 iron bars or 40 wooden planks instantly at the respective production structures instantly for playing video ads each time. This is an attractive alternative to grinding away at trees and iron deposits and having to wait for the end products that take a bit of time to complete.

With gold coins being an occasional requirement for upgrades as well, you can also grab them 100 at a time if you choose to play a video ad at any market cart that will purchase your resources. Note that while you may have an abundant supply of any resource to trade for gold, farming gold directly or getting free ones from the ad boosts are a better alternative.

my little universe video ads

There are some spots that offer huge bulks of specific resources. Usually, these resources coincide with your present needs and are often situated close to where you need an abundance of the specific resource. You can earn these resources for free just by watching a short video ad just like the rest of the ad boosts. Although these resource supplies do not respawn infinitely, they sometimes randomly replenish within the exact same location.

7. Use The Inventory And Locator For Specific Needs

Although you can see the amounts of most recent resources that you have hauled, the complete inventory can better be seen inside of your pack, which can be accessed via the bag icon at the lower right side of the screen. The bag holds everything you have and will even show a “0” on items you have already picked up but have emptied at the moment. To some extent, the pack will also show you just how many items are potentially undiscovered yet.

my little universe inventory

While fully utilizing the pack system by checking on resources you may have a short supply of, it is actually not its best function. Surely enough, you would always want to have a ready supply of every possible resource given the element of unpredictability when it comes to some of requirements to move further into the world. Zeroes or anything short of the amount you want on standby just in case there is a need for it makes for a decision point to farm more of some items ahead of its need.

A surprising and somewhat easily missed function of the pack in My Little Universe, however, comes with the search feature you can access within the pack. At first glance it might seem like a search function for items you cannot find within your inventory.

However, tapping on a resource icon inside the pack will actually bring forth a huge arrow that points you in the direction of the resource. This feature is very handy in case you have a hard time finding a specific resource. While you may have a good idea where specific resources are generally located, the pointer that guides you will actually lead you through the shortest route to get to the resource spot you need.

my little universe pack

Although it is relatively easy to memorize the general layout of the first world, things can become a lot more challenging once you step into a new one. Note as well that some resources will only be exclusively available in one world. Seeing an icon on the pack grayed out means it cannot be obtained within the world you are in.

8. You Can Play The Game Offline

As much as ad boosts are beneficial to you in a variety of ways, the other type of ads that pop up with every new area uncovered can be a hassle to some players. We noticed as well that, for the most part, the abundance of video ads are what some players are complaining about in their review ratings. My Little Universe, however, is very much a single player game and does not actually require an internet connection for you to play and enjoy in its world.

To play offline, you simply need to turn your Wi-Fi or mobile data off and continue with your adventure. By playing offline, you will no longer see any random video ad pop up whenever you uncover a new area. Although you may still see ad offers around, you will no longer be able to take advantage of them as internet connectivity is required for you to play those ads and earn some rewards.

my little universe offline play

Considering the pros and cons of having online connectivity while adventuring within the world of My Little Universe, you can basically switch between online and offline mode and make the best out of each play through. You can go online and spam away on ad boosts to gather as much of the resources you can earn for free.

Just like idle farming, this is something you would want to do if you want to make progress but at the same time do not want to focus on the game all the time. You can play ads continuously while watching a movie or something.

When it comes to the part where you are bent on uncovering more and more areas, ready with your overabundant supply of the needed resources, then you can proceed to play offline. Even if you want to farm resources manually, so long as you have no need for the benefits of ad boosts, you can always opt to stay offline.

9. Uncovering The First World Is Not The End

With no evident plans of repairing or rebuilding the rocket ship that you crashed into the mysterious world in My Little Universe, a glaring way out of it seems represented by a portal-like structure you will find close to where your rocket is. You will instantly know that it is a unique structure considering the different icons in front of it and the fact that depositing materials on it leads to the need to deposit a different resource each time.

The portal basically requires all the materials you can find in the world for it to open and, it is not much of a spoiler, you know that it is your way out of the world you landed in. You will notice how far or close you are to activating the portal as each type of resource you feed into it forms part of its outer ring that should completely reach the other end of the gap.

my little universe world

Considering the time and dedication you need to gather all the needed resources to activate the portal, on top of the numerous other needs for you to completely uncover the first world, and that My Little Universe is a casual game, leads to a mindset that finally activating the portal leads to the end of your long journey.

Surprisingly enough, though, the portal leads to another world for you to explore and revel in and in addition to all the various resources and materials you have been introduced to, the new world adds a few more new elements to My Little Universe’s gameplay. While the first world you set your foot on offers challenges in the form of farming and grinding, the next adventure will actually be tougher. You will need some new upgrades and armor up to take on the many new monsters that come your way.

Keep in mind that My Little Universe does not have a touch-move scenario whatsoever, and you can always travel back between worlds if ever you entered the portal with some unfinished business on the other side. In any case, we have yet to confirm if the new planet you will walk into is the last that My Little Universe. If it is, we can never be certain as well that it will be following future updates from the game.

my little universe health

My Little Universe certainly comes packed a lot bigger than any casual player would expect. Additionally, players expecting a game they can pick up and put down in a matter of minutes can surprisingly get you hooked on it for hours in a single sitting. My Little Universe as it is in its present status can already provide any player with tons of hours of entertainment and perhaps it can grow even bigger following future updates.

And that sums up all the tips and tricks we have come up for My Little Universe. We hope that each of the tips, tricks, and strategies we shared with you will come in very handy in your adventures moving forward. As much as we feel that we uncovered every trick there is to farming and progressing as fast and efficiently in My Little Universe, it is still very possible that we missed something. If you have, by chance, stumbled upon some nifty trick or strategy other than the ones we shared in this guide, do not hesitate to drop us a line!

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