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Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Bring Freedom to the Galaxy

Space — the great unknown, a favorite subject among most science fiction media, and the final frontier.

It is here where we could fly endlessly through a sea of stars, pass planets and other bodies that float adrift in its vastness, and possibly even find other forms of life. Whether these lifeforms are hostile or peaceful, they could definitely be out there and we aren’t the only ones living on a glorified space rock covered in grass, dirt, and water.

Should a war break out, the Earth will most likely make its stand against invaders. This is what is happening in Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack, an arcade mobile game from Vietnamese company, OneSoft. You may have heard about this game studio, as it’s responsible for Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, a title we have covered in the past here at Level Winner.

space shooter galaxy attack guide

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack puts you in the hangar of a different fleet of ships with different specializations. Along with your side ships, only you can keep the world and the rest of the solar system safe. Are you ready to push the alien menace back with your laserbeams and plasma cannons?

If you aren’t and you’re fresh out of flight school, read our Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack guide below for some handy reminders. They should help you out on your next sortie!

1. Change The Controls

space shooter galaxy attack controls
Time for some real podracing.

In most modern shoot-em-ups (or shmups for short), it’s very intuitive for the player to use their finger for the ship’s movement. Long gone are the days where you have to shuffle through a storm of bullets through the uncomfortable and difficult use of a directional pad. There aren’t any d-pads in Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack either.

While using the basic finger controls might feel right, we highly recommend the other setting. Instead of the ship following your finger itself, the other control style allows for your ship to be controlled using your finger’s movements.

What this means is that regardless of where you are pressing, your ship will follow how your finger moves. You should be able to see what comes from behind your ship and hilarious mishaps of your ship rushing to where the pause button is will be completely avoided.

Granted, you won’t be able to stop all mishaps from occurring because your survival depends on your overall skill as a pilot. But once you do, maybe watching a few ads here and there should help.

2. Be Selective With Your Ad Watching

space shooter galaxy attack ad bonus
Yes, ma’am!

Now, hold on a minute!

We know, we know. Ads can be annoying and sometimes outright intrusive, but hear us out for this one: they can really help you. Of course, your time should be precious to you and which ads you want to view are completely on you.

Ads could offer you some time to breathe after a particularly difficult mission while rewarding you in the process. In most cases here in Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack, they double your rewards or give you premium currency. This is something you should take advantage of since gold is quite important when upgrading your ships. You’ll need this if you wanna win.

You will also notice that some ships are completely locked behind ad-walls. This means you have to watch a number of ads to unlock the ship of your choice but many of them just take way too much time to unlock (with the Poseidon requiring 90 ad watches, yikes). If you don’t wanna wait that long or unlock other ships, you may send the devs some love.

With ads out of the way, let’s talk about the game’s main feature: the ships.

3. Choose Your Ship And Stick to It

Unlike most shmups where picking up new weapons changes the way your ship behaves, Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack’s pickups cause your ship to transform into a new ship with different guns. There are a myriad of ships available to the player with some of these stuck behind a paywall.

The best way to succeed in Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack is to stick to just one ship the whole time since upgrading multiple ships will take a toll on your in-game funds and your progress through the levels.

In this Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack guide, we will cover each of the free ships that are available to the player. The first three ships are available off the bat while the last three ships can be obtained by watching ads (do this if you have a lot of time on your hands).

For the sake of simplicity, let us classify the two groups of three as the Practicals and the Exotics. The reason behind this being that the first three ships are much easier to use and the last three being powerful albeit unusual.


If you’re looking for something that just works, pick any of these three.

  • Cobra
space shooter galaxy attack cobra
Frills out and ready to strike!

The Cobra is the very first ship you start with. Its bullets fan out in a wide spread, capable of damaging multiple enemy ships at once. Its skill features a boost in points, making this ship ideal in PvP. Its weakness is that its guns aren’t as focused as its two other contemporaries.

  • Blue Whale
space shooter galaxy attack blue whale
A gentle giant it isn’t.

Don’t let the odd name fool you. The Blue Whale’s shots are massive in size and are guaranteed to hit anything they’re fired at. While its shot spread isn’t as great as the Cobra’s, its damage is more concentrated thanks to its skill. Because of that damage increase, it can be used for any game mode. However, its rate of fire isn’t as quick as the other two.

  • Red Burry
space shooter galaxy attack red burry
What is red and burry? Certainly not this ship.

A ship with red highlights but that’s not in the least burry, the Red Burry fires a salvo of concentrated shots, making short work of anything in front of it. The skill it comes with allows you to gain slightly more gold than usual, making this ship ideal for the Campaign. While its shots are narrow and powerful, it may have some difficulty shooting at targets slightly angled to its sides.


If you want something a bit wilder, these are for you. They are each unlockable through ad-viewing or by paying a small amount of real-life currency.

  • Paladin
space shooter galaxy attack paladin
Mighty missiles of murder.

Slow to fire, but huge damage, the Paladin knows just how to kick things off with a bang. Using its rockets, it easily destroys enemy ships one by one and causes the boss’ life bar to drop chunks with every hit. That is, unfortunately, its very weakness since its rockets take forever to obliterate a wave of enemies. This can be mitigated by using its skill that increases explosion range, however. Its other skill grants it bonus points so, like the Cobra, the Paladin is ideal for PvP.

  • USS Hunter
space shooter galaxy attack uss hunter
Pew pew!

The USS Hunter fires highly accurate laser beams that instantly hit their targets. But high accuracy comes with a price — the beams start out dealing insignificant amounts of damage. Thankfully, its skills come with a damage bonus and a coin bonus, making the USS Hunter a Campaign ship. Be warned that it will take a while before this ship becomes strong.

  • Poseidon
space shooter galaxy attack poseidon
Blasting heavy metal hits and club bangers through the vacuum of space.

Possibly the most one powerful of the free ships, the Poseidon is equipped with a deadly pulse cannon that fires waves of energy that expand the farther they travel. The only caveat here is that the Poseidon will hit less targets when they are closer to it, so keeping distance is key. Just like the USS Hunter, the Poseidon has a damage and coin bonus skill, making it a ship fit for the Campaign.

Regardless of your choice, each of these ships suit any player’s fighting style. Just be sure that once you’ve made your mind up on a ship that complements the way you play, upgrade it and show it lots of love. It will love you back and it will never let you down.

You will eventually unlock better ships in the long run, but always keep your first ship handy. It might be the one to carry you through!

Taking care of your main ship is one thing, but how about your side ships?

4. Upgrade Side Ships

space shooter galaxy attack side ship
The windshield wiper of doom!

While they may be small in size, these side ships are actually quite powerful. Their firepower may even be more powerful than that of your main ship which is why it’s important to keep these tiny troopers nicely upgraded.

As you play through Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack, you will be given materials that you can use to strengthen the side ships even further. Gold is important, but once you’ve been given these special pieces, don’t squander your chance of upgrading them. If anything, your side ships might be the ones carrying you through the levels of the game.

But you know what else can carry you through the game? Skill!

5. Exercise Evasive Maneuvers At All Times

space shooter galaxy attack dodging
It would hurt to turn into the Red Burry at a time like this.

In many a shmup, skill is everything. Regardless of your ship, you need skill to dodge bullets, beat bosses, and keep yourself from losing lives. That’s how a shmup should be played. Disobey this tenet in Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack and you’re doomed to fail.

When you’re in any mission, be prepared to dodge anything that comes your way. This means paying attention to the sides of the screen when they flash red or reading the enemy. One thing the enemy ships do before firing anything at you is glimmer. If you notice a glimmering coming from any of the enemy ships, they’ll shoot something within the next few seconds. Otherwise, they’ll attempt to collide with you before returning to their position in their fleet. This can come in handy when fighting a boss.

Some bosses’ attacks are telegraphed. But just because they’ll fire in the direction they marked doesn’t mean they can still try to gun you down. Pay close attention to their bullets and react as quick as you can. It will take practice, but doing so will sharpen your piloting skills for sure.

Another aspect of skill worth noting is self-control. This means knowing when to concentrate fire on the enemy and gather pickups without having to touch death’s ragged cloak.

6. Don’t Rush At Pickups

space shooter galaxy attack drops
That’s right, come to Papa…

Ooh! Shiny stuff dropped by the enemy! Don’t pick these up immediately!

While it is very tempting to pick up every single thing the enemy drops, it’s not always a good idea. For common sense reasons alone, it’s because it could lead to certain death if you aren’t prepared. Imagine your ship collecting all the pickups at hyperspeed (at the speed of your finger, anyway) only to collide with an enemy ship that just spawned into the field. Terrible way to go, isn’t it?

Another reason to watch your pickups is to keep the ship you’re piloting. While taking different ships is a way to succeed, you wouldn’t want to pilot a ship you hardly put any work in at all. This could be a recipe for failure, especially if you’re caught with a ship you have little-to-no upgrades on, with the exceptions of the really powerful high-tier ships, of course.

If your skill still needs polishing (or your ships need even more upgrading), you can go back to the first mission and start at a higher difficulty. We’ll explain why.

7. Play At Higher Difficulties For More Upgrades

space shooter galaxy attack difficulty
Aww yea! Let’s do this!

While it may sound like a bit of a chore to do this, going back to the first few missions to play at higher difficulties actually rewards you with more gold and more upgrade material. With each level completed, you’ll also get more upgrade shards for the basic ships.

The best part about playing these modes is that you also get to sharpen your piloting skills as many of the enemies here are tougher and more annoying. Let’s not get started with the bosses. Eventually, getting enough stars will allow you to Merge your ships and make them even more powerful.

If higher difficulties aren’t quite your speed, why not try the other modes this game has to offer?

8. Try Out Other Modes

As it is a mobile game, Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack has a lot of other game modes aside from the Campaign. Playing these modes may also help improve your performance since each mode has its own form of challenge.

  • PvP
space shooter galaxy attack pvp
Pick your poison.

The rules of the most basic category of this mode are simple: score more points than your opponent and you win. The more lives you have left after the match, the more points you gain.

While the matchmaking of this mode is a little bit broken (you will almost always end up facing off against a big spender), it’s a fun mode to try if you’re practicing your dodging. After all, losing your lives in this mode could spell your defeat if you’re not careful.

The above description applies solely to the 1v1 mode. There are other modes you can try that could give you perspective on how to pilot your ship better.

  • Boss Fight
space shooter galaxy attack boss fight
Practice makes perfect.

This mode allows you to practice against each of the many bosses that you can encounter in the Campaign. The caveat here is that you’ll be facing them with a ship fresh from the hangar — no powerups to begin with.

The powerups will appear as you fight any boss, but this will require some maneuvering through a barrage of bullets. It could prove difficult, but this is what helps you prepare for that one boss you are yet to encounter. If you have already encountered the boss you’re fighting and can’t get past them, you can practice by memorizing the patterns of their attacks.

The best part of this is that in beating each boss, you’ll be rewarded with premium currency which you can use to unlock better ships (some of them, anyway). Three equally powerful ships you can aim for are Deadly Ray, Vulture, and Stellar Flare. Think you have what it takes to unleash these beasts?

  • World Boss
space shooter galaxy attack world boss
Do you hear boss music, too?

This is where you can challenge the biggest, baddest alien monster that threatens the universe… well, currently anyway.

Join thousands of pilots from all around the world to thwart this ginormous threat. If you’ve dealt enough damage to it, you’ll be given some pretty good loot. Just try not to get shot down in the process. You start out with three attempts to deal damage to it with a total of 7 attempts daily.

  • Arena
space shooter galaxy attack arena
This tiny score in a sea of players who scored millions. Where’s that participation ribbon?

Arena is similar to PvP but it’s more passive. What do we mean by this?

In the Arena, you will be competing with other players within the time frame of a day. You have three chances to score higher than other players. Naturally, pilots who perform better get put higher on the ladder and get more prestigious rewards. This is more difficult than it looks, but if you wanna show the world your sick piloting skills, then this is the place to be.

  • Endless
space shooter galaxy attack endless
… How long are we gonna be here for?

This last mode is like an endurance run. As you fight through waves and waves of enemies, you will score more points. The farther you reach, the better your rewards. One thing this mode challenges you with is a scarcity of pickups.

If you’re looking to test out how strong your ship has become or what it’s lacking, this is a good mode to play. You’ll figure out the real strengths and weaknesses of your loadout.

Our last two tips aren’t so much as strategies to get good, but they will help in the long run. Would you say no to free rewards?

9. Open Chests, Spin The Lucky Wheel, Complete Daily Quests

space shooter galaxy attack treasure chests
Free stuff!

Occasionally, you will come across chests in your sorties. If not, a free chest will be rewarded to you ever so often. Be sure to check back on this from time to time to gain upgrade pieces, extra gold, and more. As it goes in many online games these days, the rarer the chest, the better the prizes.

space shooter galaxy attack lucky wheel
More stuff!

Aside from that, there is also the Lucky Wheel. Much like chests, this one also rewards you with loads of free stuff. Some of them are boosters that allow you to start your mission with upgraded firepower. Handy for when you wanna get past that one nasty level. Want more boosters? Get spinning!

space shooter galaxy attack daily quests
Things to do!

Of course, what mobile game out there today doesn’t have a list of Daily Quests? Completing these tasks grants you a slew of different rewards. With every quest you complete, you will be soon given a special chest to open, each with increasing rarities. Who knows what you’ll find in them?

10. Keep An Eye On Your Online Rewards

space shooter galaxy attack online rewards
Patience is a virtue… and perhaps persistence, too”

Lastly, there are Online Rewards.

These rewards are what you may claim as you play the game. The quality of the rewards increase but so do the hours. If you aren’t blasting eldritch abominations to pieces, check back on these as they won’t claim themselves.

After claiming your Online Reward, a new one will be available for you after a slightly longer amount of time. If you wanna get closer to becoming rich in gold and gems, this is one of the easiest ways to do it. These rewards can only be completed once a day, so it’s a nice thing to look forward to every time you login.

Well, folks, there you have it! Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack is a wild ride of a game. It has challenges everywhere you look and each monster of a boss is badder and scarier than the last. Arm your ship well and strap yourself in that cockpit, the universe won’t save itself!

Got other tips for your fellow intergalactic space fighters? Drop ’em in on our comment section down below!


Saturday 30th of July 2022

When I spin the wheel and get a bomb, it never appears when you return to the level screen.

What are the drops that look like small bugs used for or what do they do? What do the drops shaped like a can/battery do?


Thursday 14th of July 2022

I would love to know what the alien/ladybug thing is that drops down 😊


Friday 27th of May 2022

I’d also like to know what that ladybug pickup is - I can’t figure it out.


Wednesday 25th of May 2022

How do I kill the king armed creature from the first level? I can’t get around the rays


Wednesday 20th of April 2022

I, too, am looking for basic information, like How to use ship cards to upgrade a ship. I have the full amount of ship cards necessary but I'm directed to a sales page every time I try to use them