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My Little Fish – My Underwater Friend Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips for Healthy Fishes and More Money

My Little Fish – My Underwater Friend is a new game by TabTale that should not be mistaken for similar titles available on the App Store or Play Store. It’s a game that will allows you to take care of your pet fish, which would include bathing her, cuddling her, feeding her, and even dressing the little fish up! In terms of mechanics, we’re looking at a game that’s quite similar to My Emma and other related titles, as you get to pay mini-games that would all be part of taking care of your pet fish and watching her as she grows up. So if you want to raise a happy, healthy fish, check out the following My Little Fish – My Underwater Friend cheats, tips and strategies.

1. Earn Coins By Playing Mini-Games

As we said above, this is really not that much unlike My Emma and other games that would allow you to take care of something….or someone. That means you’ll have to play the mini-games in order to earn more coins. In here, there are only two – one will require you to hop across lily pads, while the other is similar in mechanics to Fruit Ninja. Play these games regularly in order to earn more coins, and double your earnings by watching a free ad video.

2. Be Aware Of Your Fish’s Needs

You’ll be able to view a snapshot of your fish’s overall status in this game, with each meter representing various metrics such as her hunger, boredom, and a few others. You want to keep those meters full at all times, or at least ensure that they’re nowhere near empty. If these meters are filled up, you’ll have many more chances to earn experience and coins.

3. Ignore The Bedroom And The Doctor Room If You Want To Play For Free

These two rooms, unfortunately, are protected under lock and key, and you wouldn’t be able to unlock them with coins like you normally would. Instead, they’ll only be unlocked if you buy the game at full price. Still, you don’t need to worry about parting with your cash, as neither room is essential to your fish’s development.

4. You Can Use Video-Locked Features As Long As You Stay In The Room

The above situation isn’t the only one where you’ll need to do something (or pay something) in order to unlock. There are some features that have a video clip icon next to them, which would mean you should watch a quick ad in order to access them. Bear in mind that you can use any unlocked feature for as long as you stay in the same room . If you leave the room, you’ll have to start from square one as the feature will lock again and remain there until you watch another ad.

5. Buy Items From The Gift Shop

While the gifts you can buy at the gift shop don’t really look like anything special, they can be used to jazz up your fish’s house. Better yet, you can even play with those gifts by tapping on the starfish button at the top right of the screen.