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My Emma Cheats: 5 Awesome Tips & Tricks to Get More Coins and Have a Happier Baby

My Emma is an mobile game by Crazylabs, which is available for Android and iOS platforms, and it puts you in charge of a little girl named Emma. You’re her parent here, and it is your goal to take care of Emma from infancy and watch her grow up into a beautiful girl. You get to feed her, dress her up, bathe her, tuck her into bed, and pretty much spoil her, as you get her hair styled at the nearby salon, take her to the spa, and earn parenting awards, which are this game’s equivalent of special achievements. So how can you raise a happy little girl and succeed in this game? Read on, as we bring you some useful My Emma cheats, tips and tricks for bringing up the perfect child.

1. Earn A Lot Of Money To Keep Her Happy

Surely you can’t expect to give a little girl everything she needs and wants if you don’t have much cash. Like it is in raising a real-life child, you need to have lots of cash in order to keep Emma happy. So how do you earn more money? Most in-game activities and minigames will allow you to earn something, but it’s the minigames that can get you the best rewards. Focus on the minigames and you should have enough to keep your little girl happy on a consistent basis.

2. Focus On Minigames

Let’s be perfectly honest here – Emma can be quite a demanding little girl, but if you leave her alone for a bit, she won’t complain. Why should you leave her alone? That would be to play more minigames – depending on your level, you’ll have a certain number of games accessible. Focus on the game that balances ease of play with monetary rewards, and keep playing it so you can maximize your time and earn more coins. We suggest playing your favorite minigame at least ten times in a row – that should ideally earn you at least 1,000 coins, but there really is no limit to the number of times you replay a minigame, just as long as you’ve got enough cash.

3. Watch Ads to Get More Coins

Want a fast and easy way to earn more coins for your baby’s needs and wants? All you have to do is watch an advertisement video after each game you complete. It would be better if you do this after you’ve earned a considerable amount of coins, as watching an ad would double the coins you earned in the last game.

4. Pay Attention To The Baby’s Needs

Emma – or whatever you decide to name your baby – only has a small number of basic needs. Pay attention to each of the needs and their corresponding meter – the more the meter is filled, the less you need to focus on them. Balance things out and avoid the possibility of any one of those meters ever running out. As a bonus tip, remember that you get better rewards for performing multiple actions in the same room consecutively.

5. Expensive Items Make Her Happier

This is another area where having more money matters. Buying more expensive items makes your child happier, so focus on buying costly food items to keep her healthy – it doesn’t even have to be healthy in a conventional sense.