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Fist of Fury Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Fist of Fury is a martial arts guru game about the balance between Zen meditation and fierce fight. This iOS-only game by Happymagenta boasts of vintage ‘80s-style graphics, and fast and exciting action as you fight off your enemies, train to become better, unlock new characters, and test out their special skills and power-ups. The game comes with 21 heroes, each with their own unique abilities, six locations, and the option to record and share gameplay. So now that you know the basics of the game, let’s bring you some hard-hitting Fist of Fury cheats, tips and tricks.

1. Find Your Rhythm

Just like you would in other fighting games, it’s always best if you’ve settled into a nice rhythm. You’ll be attacked by ninjas in a steady, flowing manner, and that’s where you should start settling into a rhythm of your own. What do we mean by this? Well, the ninjas move one block at a time – no more than that – and always move simultaneously. This doesn’t sound too hard, but it can get tricky. You can get past that, though, by basing your rhythm on theirs.

2. Swipe Quickly And Accurately

Fist of Fury is a game that rewards your quickness and speed, and that’s the same way in which you should swipe. You can swipe in any direction you wish to correspond to the blows you throw, but there is a cooldown period of a split second or so in between punches. That makes accuracy and quickness paramount, as the split-second difference may determine your fate in the game.

3. Better Yet, Swipe In The Corners

You can swipe anywhere on your device’s display when throwing punches, but the corner would be the best place to swipe. That doesn’t block your line of sight, and since the split-second cooldown could make a world of difference in the game, it’s always good to be able to see everything and everyone. Swiping in the corner allows you to do this, and as a bonus tip, we suggest making small, yet fast swipes for best results.

4. Fill Up The Rage Bar To Unleash Special Skills

You’ll see a rage bar on top of your display, and that’s going to fill up each time you beat a ninjas. But since the bar drains when you aren’t defeating anyone, you also need to act quickly and defeat as many ninjas as possible. Filling up the bar to 100 percent allows you to unleash your character’s special skills. How special? Let’s just say that special attacks can clear your entire display for a few seconds.

5. Unlock More Characters, Here’s How

There are 21 characters all in all in Fist of Fury – they all start out with equal stats, but the difference is that they have different types of special attacks. Some say that the attacks have the same effect against enemies, but regardless, it’s nice to have as many characters unlocked as possible. But the only way to unlock characters is to score very high, so you may want to focus on this if unlocking new characters is important to you.