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Shade Spotter Cheats, Tricks & Strategy Guide: 5 Hints You Need to Know

Apex Apps’ Shade Spotter is an addictive puzzle game for iOS and Android platforms whose goal is to “test your eyesight.” It’s all a matter of spotting the shade in the square, as the game’s title suggests, and while it may seem easy to pull off at first, it does get harder over time, as the shades and shapes both get lighter. You get to choose the shaded square out of a whole bunch of squares, and keep doing this as the game goes on, and on, and on. Yes, this is one of those “endless” type of games, and if you want to keep going even further, we recommend you to check out our collection of Shade Spotter cheats, tips and tricks.

1. Start Out In Easy Mode

There are three modes in Shade Spotter, and especially if you’re just starting out, the most sensible thing to do would be to start out in easy mode. Each color has its own degree of difficulty when it comes to spotting the shaded square, which makes starting in easy mode a good way to figure out the nuances of each level and each color. Think of it as riding a bike with trainer wheels back when you were little, as opposed to what would have been a risky ride without them.

2. Eventually You Will Try The Other Modes Too

Make that, you should play in the other modes too. After all, you’ll need a challenge once easy mode becomes peanuts, and that’s where medium and hard modes come in. In here, it’s substantially harder to spot the shaded square, which makes it important for you to clean your display and make sure it’s spotlessly clean. Smudges could make it hard for you to spot the shade, so clean your device before playing in medium and hard mode.

3. Change Your Device’s Brightness

This is one neat, yet common-sense trick you can try for yourself if you’re still having some difficulty spotting the shaded square. Tweak the brightness to your liking – you can move it up or down – or tilt your phone in such a way that glare is minimized. These are just some of the things you can do to alter brightness in order to recognize the shade better.

4. Check The Advanced Settings

You can go further into your phone’s settings and keep playing around as you try to find the shaded square. For example, you can turn on grayscale, or maybe invert the colors. The zoom function could enlarge the squares to make the shade more evident, and another thing you can do is to increase contrast. It’s not just the basic settings on your phone or tablet that could help you out here, but also the more advanced ones.

5. Turn Off Ads

Now, this isn’t one of those games where ads could pop up and throw you off big-time, but let’s admit it – ads can be distracting in one form or another. We’d still suggest you play with ads to help the developer out in paying the bills, but if the ads are getting to be too distracting, all you need to do is turn off your Wi-Fi or put your device in airplane mode.