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Dude Perfect 2 Cheats, Tips & Hints: 5 Tricks to Get a High Score

Dude Perfect 2 is the follow-up to the original Dude Perfect title by Miniclip, which is available on Android and iOS mobile platforms. This is one of those games where you get rewarded by hitting “mind-blowing” trick shots from one level to the next. And in these levels, you can leap on trampolines, glide on parachutes, and even blow stuff up. You can also play as one of five “best friend” Dudes, as well as the game’s mascot, the lovable Panda. As you hit impressive trick shot after trick shot, you can compete with friends and other DP2 players from all over the world. So if you’re looking to make your ascent up the leaderboard and hit more unbelievable shots, we suggest you to check out our list of Dude Perfect 2 cheats, tips and hints.

1. Choose The Right Ball

You can shoot basketballs and bowling balls in this game, and there are physics involved when it comes to shooting these balls. Basketballs have a bounce to them, of course, while bowling balls are heavy enough to break ice walls. You can also use bowling balls for straight shots – if they hit the backboard, that means there’s a good chance they will fall into the net.

2. Use The In-Game Currency For Power-Ups

You’ll earn a lot of money and coins (and in here, they’re different) if you complete levels in Dude Perfect 2. And these are used to buy visual upgrades and power-ups. It’s the power-ups you want to focus on, as the cosmetic upgrades won’t do anything but change the look of your character. So with that being said, spend your currency on power-ups, and don’t waste it on new threads.

3. Take Advantage Of Bounce-Backs

Why Dude Perfect? If you consider that you can get a perfect score on most levels by making all your shot attempts, then the name of the game does make a lot of sense. That said, you won’t get blow-by-blow explanations of the requirements, but a general rule of thumb is that you can get three-star levels early on by using as many balls as there are nets. Take advantage of the bounce-backs, and you should be on your way to easy three-star outings in those early levels.

4. Practice Makes (Dude) Perfect

As a physics-based puzzler, a lot about this game is trial and error. Making the right kind of trick shot needs a lot of practice, but if you find something that works, stick with it and practice pulling it off, even if it took you forever to get it right the first time.

5. Be Careful With Ice Floors

At some point, you’ll start encountering ice floors in Dude Perfect 2. Make sure you’ve explored the level for ice patches fully before you begin shooting – you do not want to shatter that ice, so using a bowling ball is typically a no-no here.