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One More Dash Tips & Hints: 5 Advanced Tricks You Should Know

One More Dash is a deceptively simple game about timing for iOS and Android from the same company that gave us One More Line. The game, which was developed by SMG Studio, offers a simple and intense gameplay where you can unlock dozens of color themes and avatars as you complete the 200-plus missions, that’s available to you. However, if you checked out our first set of One More Dash tips and tricks, there’s a good chance you already know that. Still, we gave you that recap one more time just in case you missed our first set of strategies, and if you’re ready for more, join us after the jump and we’ll be sharing some advanced tips and tricks for One More Dash.

1. Practice Regularly

You may wonder why we’re asking you to practice to start things out in this list of advanced One More Dash tips and tricks. That’s actually something you need to do even if you’ve been playing for a while – practicing regularly will give you the rhythm you need to dash perfectly and be quick without sacrificing your accuracy.

2. Make A Perfect Dash For More Points

If you want to make more points in the game, you have to create a perfect dash. First, notice the small white dots inside each circle – that represents the number of points you can get for dashing the circle perfectly. Each time you hit the wall, the number of dots will decrease by one. And when making a perfect dash, speed AND accuracy are paramount to success.

3. Gather More Rings

There may be times where you’ll see white rings right on the circles’ outer layers. Good timing is key when gathering these rings – that’s the premium currency you can then use on purchasing different color backgrounds. Aside from gathering the rings while dashing, you can also get them simply by completing missions, though the only thing you can buy with the premium currency are rings. You don’t get any upgrades or power-ups or anything that could change the flow of the game, so if it’s too dangerous, we suggest not bothering with the rings.

4. Get More Time By Bumping Into A Barrier

One More Dash is a game that tests how well you can create dashes within a given period of time – if you stay inside a circle for more than two seconds, it’s game over for you as you’ll automatically explode. But if you miscalculate your dash and hit a non-spiked barrier, that will buy you a little more time, sending you back to the previous circle but giving you a fresh timer.

5. Don’t Change The Color Themes

Sure, you can use your rings to buy color themes, but for most players, classic black – the default skin – is the best to play in. That’s because color barriers are easier to see in a black background, and substantially less visible if you opt to play with a brighter background. That said, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to change themes so that you don’t get bored too easily, but at the end of the day, we believe the original background is still the best.