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MU Origin 3 Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build the Perfect Character and Dominate the Battlegrounds

Since its first launch over 2 decades ago, MU Online has remained as one of the most popular and successful MMORPGs of its time, spawning an abundance of seasons and upgrades as well as a host of incarnations, especially on mobile platforms. While we have played almost every version of this MMORPG, MU Archangel and MU Origin 2 are among the ones we spent the most amount of time on, with the exception of the original, of course.

mu origin 3 tips

MU Origin 3, developed and published by FingerFun, continues the epic adventure through the legendary continent of MU, providing players with a familiar yet distinctive set of quests and challenges that fans and followers of the series have loved and enjoyed across its several incarnations. The original trio of character classes all return with new skills and more upgrade and enhancement potentials, almost ensuring that no 2 players using the same class of character will have a similar build.

MU Origin 3 comes jam-packed with a plethora of game modes and features sure to provide tons of hours of gameplay. Although it is an adventure that can loosely accommodate casual players, MU Origin 3, like most other MMORPGs, largely attributes your character’s growth and your journey’s progression with the time you dedicate on it.

mu origin 3 intro

With one-touch menus, indicators, and auto mode in place, MU Origin 3 certainly makes it easy and convenient for even complete newbies to dive in and enjoy everything it has to offer. The initial tutorial perfectly introduces players to all the basic mechanics and features and each new game mode or feature you unlock later on also comes with a quick guide.

Progress is guaranteed so long as you keep playing but if you are aiming for a perfect build to dominate every challenge that comes your way, then our MU Origin 3 beginner’s guide has you covered every step of the way!

1. Choose The Best Class

A major consideration on how your adventures will go and how you will perform in each one centers around the character class you choose. As a beginner, one of the most basic questions you will have relates to which from among the 3 classes is the best one. There are no right or wrong choices, however, that apply across every player unanimously as each character class has their own strengths and limitations. As each player naturally have their own preferences and play styles, the best class for to choose is definitely the one that fits those preferences.

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While very distinct in their own right, each character class in MU Origin 3 can be built uniquely as well. Each class can evolve into 2 very different secondary classes, focusing on unique specializations that further give them distinction from the other subclass as well as the other character classes. In essence, you have to decide on one of the 6 secondary classes and your final build before choosing the class that best fits your preferences and play style.

mu origin 3 lorencian empire

The Swordsman is the only melee class in MU Origin 3 and is generally the sturdiest character class as well. Being the only close range combatant in the game, Swordsmen are typically at the forefront of battles, likely taking more damage than his counterparts in cooperative game modes. While being the only candidate to perform a tank role, Swordsmen can also be built to be an excellent damage-dealer.

mu origin 3 swordsman

A Swordsman can become either a warrior or a knight thru class rank-up. Warriors excel in dealing critical damage and can make short work of mobs in close range, given his share of defensive capabilities. A knight, on the other hand, can make best use of a shield to further bolster his defenses and perform the role of the tank more efficiently.

The Mage is the only character class in MU Origin 3 that is not gender-locked. Mages are powerful magic users that can deal damage to single targets as well as mobs of enemies. Mages have strong offensive skills regardless of their build but lack defense, making them typical glass cannons that are easy to eliminate especially in close quarters.

mu origin 3 mage

Mages can either become a Magister or a Forbidden Mage. Both are actually powerful arcane users but Magisters excel more in dealing pure damage while Forbidden Mages have more crowd control skills and AoE spells. In any case, mages need to utilize their ranged attacks to keep safe distance form enemies so if your preference aligns with more offensive strength than defense and prefer staying farther away from the fray, then mages are a good pick for you.

Last, but not the least is the archer, previously called fairy elf in earlier incarnations of the game. Archers actually have the most distinctive builds across all iterations of the game since they can either be groomed as the best support unit or as a single target exterminator. Although the archer does have some skills that can damage multiple enemies, they are more well-known for skills that deal burst damage more fit for strong enemies and PvP opponents.

mu origin 3 archer

The Holy Archer stands as the best support unit in the game, capable of providing heals for herself and her teammates as well as contribute to DPS as well. Expectedly, going for a Holy Archer may mean having some difficulty on solo challenges but the Holy Archer is definitely the most sought after party member in every coop adventure. Although both the Swordman and Mage can be built to inflict huge amounts of damage, the Ranger secondary class of the Archer tops them all against single targets.

2. Prioritize The Main Quests

Even just seconds following your first dive into the world of MU Origin 3, you will immediately embark on the main quest. Like all modern mobile MMORPGs, simply clicking on the quest objective at the right side of your screen takes you to where you need to be. Although you will have a quick taste of performing some manual button pushes in some instances, most of what you need to do involve automation, including farming for resources and engaging in combat.

mu origin 3 main quest

It can be understood that this same setup of having very convenient auto modes can be a turn-off for some traditional MMORPG fans. However, it should also be noted that while auto mode makes everything easy and convenient early on, you will need to play manually later to perform better against tougher opponents and challenges.

Utilizing auto mode leads to a faster accomplishment of quests and most other challenges. As such, it is best to take advantage of it early on as you would want to reach higher levels and strengthen your hero as fast as possible to stay competitive within your server.

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The Main Quest objectives, highlighted by a yellow orange background, will always remain at the top of the quests on your screen and will be your top source of EXP and basic resources early on. In addition to the EXP as well as numerous items and resources you earn as rewards from completing main quests, progressing through them also serves as your key towards unlocking the rest of the features and game modes in the game.

mu origin 3 strangers

This may be a direct result of story progression as well as an effect of reaching milestone levels. In any case, main quest targets also set the stage towards walking you through the basics of everything you need to learn. While some of these game mechanics and features may become forgettable given the fast pace of auto modes and one-click actions, repetition and continuous immersion will eventually make every bit of activity you need to perform or partake in make you more conscious about what actually needs to be done and how to best go through it.

There are actually 3 considerations for you to stray from pushing forward with main quests. The first is when there is a level requirement for continuing it and you require more levels, in which case you must engage in other activities first. In certain points of your adventure, there will be side quests available. While main quests generally progress the story as well as expand areas you can visit, side quests lead to the eventual availability of more features to tinker with. If they are readily available, then you should consider pursuing them first as side quests often take only a short while to complete.

mu origin 3 side quest

MU Origin 3 expectedly comes with a plethora of game modes and activities for you to revel in. More often than not, all extra dungeons and activities have limited attempts within the day so even when a main quest is pending you should prioritize expending these attempts especially if the day is closing. While main and side quests serve as your initial source of EXP and resources, these extra activities, once available, lets you grind more easily for specific resources that you need.

3. Expend Attempts In Every Event

Taking on various quests will most certainly require a lot of your time exploring and adventuring through the lands in MU Origin 3. Although there will always be inclinations to stray from your current objectives and wander about freely, there are still plenty of activities you must engage in on a regular basis to ensure that you will be able to strengthen your hero as fast and efficiently as possible.

We mentioned earlier that quests, most especially main ones, provide you with all the basic necessities you need to enhance your character and progress your adventure but once other activities and game modes become available, you may even want to prioritize them over pending quests. Various challenges await you in the continent of MU and all these extra game modes can be accessed via the activity icon at the upper right side of the screen. It is best to expend your limited attempts with each activity on a daily basis as the rewards to earn from them will tremendously help you in your journey.

mu origin 3 victory

Activities or events are presented in banners and for those with limited attempts, you can see how many attempts you have made over the total attempts possible daily. You can also see the main rewards on the upper left side of each banner so you can prioritize if you need EXP or any resource more than others. Note that some activities can be engage in solo while some require you to join up with a team. Some can easily be accomplished any time of the day while some are best saved towards the end of the day when you have amassed EXP and resources to enhance your character.

mu origin 3 event

The Empire Spy Training, for starters, is an easy set of mini quests that does not even always require engaging in combat. Some of these quests are like errands requiring you to gather resources like mushrooms or blueberries. Completing each of the 10 quests reward you with a lot of EXP as well as Potential, so you can consider doing this ahead of everything else.

mu origin 3 potential

The Empire Instructor Missions involves no battles and simply requires you to answer questions about the game. There are 10 questions to answer and you earn gold and EXP even if you get the wrong answer. Getting at least 8 correct answers wins you an extra chest reward. The Empire Patrol is a bit more challenging but still relatively quick to conquer and instead of going alone, you will be deployed to accomplish the challenges with a team. This activity earns you EXP as well as Magic Crystals.

mu origin 3 gold

The Demon Plaza can be a little more challenging than the first 3 activities and will be a battle between you and mobs of monsters. This activity earns you EXP as well as life crystals, blessing crystals, and soul gems. The Demon Hunt actually lets you choose which monsters to hunt and is probably best saved after progressing main quests enough and reaching areas where the mobs of monsters are most challenging but beatable for you. You can actually hunt 5,000 demons and the rate of EXP as well as Mana Crystals you earn from these hunts are tremendously boosted.

mu origin 3 dmg rankings

Each day, you also have 2 attempts on the Solo Boss challenge where equipment, Spirit Feathers, and EXP can be earned. The availability of bosses to challenge are based on your story progression and defeating the easy difficulty level with an “S” grade lets you take on a higher level challenge. You can also choose to sweep a challenge if you have completed it with an “S” rank before.

mu origin 3 solo boss

Note that the recommended power to take on each boss and each difficulty level will be displayed on the boss image. Getting an “S” rank means defeating the boss within the set period of time provided and failing to do so will lower your grade for another set period of time.

There is a one-time attempt to for you to visit the Temple of Kalima. This can be considered as a challenging activity where you should consider applying for or creating a solid team. Equipment and Spirit Feathers are up for grabs in this game mode and this challenge is one of the earliest adventures that may require you to play manually just to survive and do well.

mu origin 3 dmg stats

No MMORPG world is complete without its share of PvP content and MU Origin 3, just like its predecessors, is certainly brimming with opportunities to test your hero’s build against another player’s. Arena Points, Magic Crystals, and EXP can be earned by battling your way through the Arena and you have 5 daily attempts to climb the ranks and reap as many rewards as you can. Contrary to PvP combat anywhere else, you will be taking on AI-controlled opponents in the Arena, which can give you an advantage if you go for manual controls.

mu origin 3 bronze guardian

There are also numerous activities in MU ONLINE 3 that are only available at certain times of day. It may naturally become difficult for you to partake in these challenges on your first day but you should consider checking them under the “Must Do” tab of the event section.

mu origin 3 magic crystals

Daily Activity Points earned with each game mode you finish are yet another additional means for you to earn more rewards. You can check the “Target” tab of the events to see activities that earn you activity points. Be sure to open available treasure chests at the bottom of the page and strive to earn 300 activity points to claim the top chest rewards.

mu origin 3 level up

4. Keep An End Build In Mind

MU Origin 3 provides all the possible conveniences for beginners to enjoy their adventures to a great extent with as little effort as needed to make their characters stronger every step of the way. Each new level reached actually earns you stat points that you should be able to freely distribute but it is set on auto distribution by default. Given that this feature is not even touched during the tutorials, it is very easy to miss and if you are an experienced player especially in earlier versions of the game, then stat distribution is something you would want to peek into more seriously.

mu origin 3 character attributes

To see your character’s stats, click on the main menu button at the right side of the screen, and choose the “Character” icon. You will see vital information like your Power, level cap and tier, as well as your stats. Click on the button at the lower right side of the window to see your attribute details and then the “allocate” tab. You will see the 4 main stats and what each one improves with each point allocated.

By default, there is a tick mark on the Auto function, meaning that your stat points are automatically allocated with each level up. If you discovered this a little later in the game, there is no need to worry as you can hit the “Respec” button, which will free all the allocated stat points for you to distribute on your own. It will cost nothing to do this before reaching level 300, which is coincidentally the level you can take on your advanced class.

mu origin 3 resest attribute points

In all honesty, the auto stat distribution is not that bad. For the Warrior, as an example, stat points are largely allocated to STR, which improves his physical attack and physical damage. The rest of the stats are divided equally between DEX and STA, increasing Evasion Level and Excellent Strike as well as Max HP and Damage Reduction, respectively. You will notice that no points are allotted for INT, which is a stat that improves accuracy but is practically the least important one for the Swordsman.

While auto stat distribution is okay, it will certainly be better on manual distribution, especially if you have a solid idea of your character’s end build. Going back to the dichotomous choice for each class in terms of class advancement, each secondary or higher class will have different requirements or recommended stats for them to be effective. A Warrior may require more STR and DEX to maximize his damage outputs, especially Excellent Strike damages. On the other hand, Knights who are built to be tanks and defenders should opt for more STA and get as much HP as possible.

mu origin 3 plan

Having a planned character build in mind is largely, but not entirely, attributable to the character’s stat distribution. Skills should also adhere to your desired build. Each character can only hold up to 5 active skills and you will naturally unlock more than enough of them to choose from. Although you can eventually lay 3 different plans or setups for your skills, upgrading them will be more efficient if concentrated on only 5 skills that you use the most.

5. Upgrade And Enhance As Much As You Can

There are potentially as many ways to enhance and upgrade your hero in MU Origin 3 as there are activities and events in its world. Levelling up does make your character stronger but it is just a fraction of the possibilities involved in amassing more power. The plethora of features that enable you to strengthen your character can somewhat appear overwhelming for beginners but MU Origin 3 makes it easy and convenient to go through each one and the first step takes you to the main menu as it leads to the rest of the features.

mu origin 3 character

Although each character will only have a limited number of skills at the start of the adventure, progression will regularly lead to the means to acquire skill books. Gold and Potential are resources you need to take each skill to the next level. There are also skill reset potions that can be used to revert upgraded skills back to level 1 and take back resources used on them.

mu origin 3 active skill

Equipment are a huge factor that influences your character’s power and performance. While MU Origin 3 has its way of giving armor sets and weapons more appealing, the higher their upgrade levels go, its charm certainly does not end with mere cosmetics. Acquiring equipment is certainly easy and you will likely get better ones from time to time. However, the best gears in your adventure are always a product of forging and enhancement rather than looted or earned as rewards. You can enhance your gears via the Forge icon inside the main menu.

mu origin 3 set

The most basic way to improve equipment is through strengthening. Items from 0 to +7 only require Blessing Crystals on top of gold and have a 100% success rate. From +7 onwards, strengthening requires Soul Gems and will no longer have a guaranteed success rate, with chances growing lower the higher the level goes. Before attempting to upgrade gears beyond +7, be sure to have extra resources to bring it back up to +7 in case of failure.

mu origin 3 set effect

The next way to improve equipment strength is through boosting, which increases your hero’s stats with each boost performed. Boosts cost Life Crystals as well as gold. Having all equipment slots boosted to level increments of 10, 20, and so on, will unlock additional boosts for your character. Boosts remain even if you change equipment.

mu origin 3 boosts

You do not necessarily have to obtain a higher tier equipment in MU Origin 3 as gears you have can be upgraded to the next tier through advancement. Advancement is the process of increasing a gear’s stats by sacrificing a similar gear within the same tier. Each gear sacrificed increases its stars and at max stars, it can be advanced to the next tier, which comes with a different appearance. You can easily purchase needed gears from the trading shop up to T3, but scarcity of higher tier equipment is expected based on your server’s overall progression.

mu origin 3 red dragon armor

Advancement at higher tiers come with the inherent option of replacing inherent stats with better ones. Be sure to take extra care when doing this and consider the stats that you need more over the ones belonging to higher tiers.

Higher tier gears will also have sockets where you can embed gems. Gems also come in different grades and similarly graded ones can be combined to obtain a gem of a higher grade. The number of slots a piece of gear has depends on its tier, with each one having a maximum of 6 slots.

mu origin 3 forest green crystal

Finally, the purification process is similar to what happens when advancing higher tier equipment. You can replace a piece of gear’s original attributes with that of the available attributes of a similar gear. Note that once you have selected a gear to get attributes from, cancelling afterwards will result in you not being able to use that gear for purification again.

mu origin 3 attribute transfer

Although Wings are basically part of your equipment, accessing them will be through the “Wings” feature in the main menu. Wings are unique for each character class and also change in appearance and strength following upgrades. Wings can be enchanted using spirit feathers and reaching certain enchantment levels unlock slots for Plumes that grant different stat boosts. Plumes can be switched at any time and can also be upgraded.

mu origin 3 wings of the demon

Beyond enchantment, wings can also be evolved using Locke’s Spark. Each evolution stage increases stats and completing the evolution takes it to the next tier, changing its appearance and, more importantly, unlocks an additional passive boost.

mu origin 3 wings appearance

6. Join An Alliance As Soon As Possible

Most online games these days are expected to have a guild, clan, faction, or alliance system as a built in feature, especially in MMORPGs and strategy games where cooperative gameplay is an important aspect of the game. While alliances in some games serve primarily as an extension of the game’s social elements, it has a more critical purpose in MMORPGs like MU Origin 3.

mu origin 3 alliance

Alliances do not just serve as your main source of allies to take on quests and challenges that require companions as well as other quests where having a party is allowed. Alliances also open up extra opportunities for your growth and progression. With this, there is never a question of whether or not you should consider forming part of an alliance or not as you should definitely do. The real question is whether you should create your very own or join an existing one.

mu origin 3 alliance members

While both seem equally feasible, we recommend simply joining an existing alliance if you are a beginner in MU Origin 3 or have little to no experience running and managing your own before. Joining an alliance actually forms part of the earlier quests and it is almost as easy as simply finding one from the available alliances with vacancies. Naturally, you would want to be a member of an alliance with a lot of active members as the alliance’s growth depends on continued team effort.

mu origin 3 alliance benefits

Even immediately after joining an alliance, you can already enjoy a lot of its perks. There are treasure chests you can claim based on the alliance’s level of prosperity on its main page. You can check on available and online alliance members, invite them to be your friend or join them in their adventure. The Alliance Benefit page holds a variety of alliance member-exclusive activities and perks. Be sure to check each one out.

mu origin 3 alliance donation

On top of remaining active on a regular basis, make it a habit to make donations to the alliance even with just the free method. Be sure to participate as well in group events and at the same time take advantage of individual events. Relative to alliances, keep an eye out for red envelopes that pop up on your screen as you can claim these 10 times each day and earn extra Magic Crystals.

7. Pursue Achievement Objectives

MU Origin 3, being an adventure with an abundance of content and features, certainly places you in need of an abundance of resources to keep grinding for as well. While the direct rewards earned from quests and various challenges are more than abundant to sustain your usual needs, there are plenty more additional sources for extra rewards.

One of these features comes in the form of the Achievements feature, which you can also access through the main menu. Achievement objectives are divided across numerous aspects of your adventure providing well over 600 targets to achieve. For the most part, you will see an indicator on the Achievements icon early in your adventure as a lot of the targets listed form part of the usual activities you engage in and will naturally be accomplished following the natural course of your journey.

mu origin 3 achievements

Instead of visiting the achievements page just to collect available rewards, however, it is best to take note of some targets and let it serve as your guide towards progression. It is likely to happen that while some feats are easy to accomplish, some will require a lot of time and effort. In any case, be sure to keep track of targets where you seem to be lagging behind in as it may be an easy target to accomplish with just a bit more effort.

8. Fill The Genesis With Entries

If you have reached a point where the pending quests are beyond your reach and you have also completed the rest of the daily dungeons but still have plenty of free time in your hands, then MU Origin 3 certainly still has plenty of adventures for you to offer to ensure that you keep on growing stronger. You can actually freely explore the continent and kill mobs for bits of EXP as well as the occasional item drops but save that for a last resort.

mu origin 3 dungeon

Before doing an AFK grind like in the traditional MMORPGs, you should know that doing that is almost as good as being on meditation. Meditation actually does not require you to do anything and you can still earn EXP and resources for standing by. This can take place even if you are offline and away from the game for up to 36 hours straight. If you want more hands-on adventures, though, MU Origin 3’s Genesis feature is sure to provide you a lot of activities to engage in beyond the usual quests and challenges.

mu origin 3 directory

The Genesis system is comparable to a book collection, documenting your explorations and adventures within the world of MU Origin 3. The first collection is like a series of books for each map you visit, collecting info on characters you meet, monsters you encounter, and landmarks you have reached. Accomplishing feats relative to these aspects earn you knowledge points as well as permanent stat boosts for your character.

mu origin 3 shadow warrior

There is also a collection of crafted items a well as quest letters you have received. Reaching certain milestones relative to the number of knowledge points you have acquired will yield you valuable resources as rewards.

mu origin 3 genesis reward

Farming for specific mobs of monsters is perceptively the easiest entries to register in the Genesis. Although you need certain item drops from each monster and the time it may take is somewhat unpredictable, depositing these items can increase your stats per level of donation. Attempt to max out entries for each monster and do not hesitate to visit even the earlier maps to accomplish these feats.

9. Take Advantage Of Special Events

Considering everything we discussed so far, MU Origin 3 provides even more opportunities for active players to enjoy even more benefits through their dedication and accomplishments beyond the instant rewards from quests and dungeons as well as the additional ones from achievements and the Genesis Books. There is an abundance of unique events that provide extra rewards without necessarily requiring additional effort and it is recommended to take full advantage of them especially the time-limited ones.

For the most part, additional icons at the top of your screen beyond what we have covered are most likely event icons. You may normally see some indicators on them considering that there are already great rewards available for players who simply log in on the game. Just like the achievements feature, though, it is best to peek into the set objectives for these events and use them as an extra guide not just towards progressing your adventure, but also in reaping as many rewards from them as possible.

mu origin 3 ssr enhanced angel

The first icon on the top right side of your screen is where you want to head off to after logging in as consecutive login rewards can be earned. Each day for the first 10 days of your adventure, you will be given tasks that you can accomplish throughout the period. In addition to rewards earned for each target accomplished, extra rewards at the bottom of the page can be earned based on the number of objectives accomplished and amassing 900 points stands as your ultimate goal to receive an SSR Enhanced Angel companion.

The gift box icon close to it houses a lot of offers for paying players. However, if you are a free player, you can still enjoy the Magic Crystal Exchange, especially the free one each day. Spending 30 Blue Diamonds to get 60,000 Magi Crystals is a good deal, especially if you are low on it for purchasing material requirements for some upgrades.

mu origin 3 magic crystals exchange

The Benefits feature, which is a gift box icon close to the Activity icon houses time-limited targets as well as login rewards. Be sure to check each tab for targets that are generally similar to achievement objectives. There are also rewards to earn for binding accounts and keying in some gift codes.

mu origin 3 benefit packs

10. Manage Inventory And Trade

Managing items and resources has always been an expected part of every RPG. There is always an inclination to hold on to, or hoard, as many items as you have acquired, saving most of them for future needs. While this is okay in some cases, limited inventory space is something to take seriously sooner than later.

mu origin 3 backpack

There are limited slots in your inventory in MU ORIGN 3 and while it may take some time for you to completely fill it up, it is best to keep as many empty spaces as possible. Obsolete or unwanted gear with rarity grades of purple and below are the common fillers that will need to go and once your bag at the right side of the screen starts to show an indicator, it probably means it’s time to donate those gears and earn bits of gold for them.

mu origin 3 inventory

It is also very common to secure good gear but ones that are for other classes. As you can never fit them into your chosen class, the only recourse is to put them up for sale via the trade center. This can be quickly and conveniently done by adding them to the item listing in the Trading House.

Picking up these items will prompt you to quickly do so but in case you decide to keep some items but then change your mind later, click on the “More” button after highlighting the item and choose the Trading House. You can instantly tap the List button to put in on sale. Earnings from sales can be obtained via the “buy” tab of the Trading House.

mu origin 3 items

There are also some items that wind up in your bag that needs to be opened to reveal the true reward. As a standard rule, be sure to highlight unfamiliar items and read their description as there may be consumables that are best used sooner than later.

mu origin 3 basic excellent bestowment

MU Origin 3 certainly holds a lot more content and features than what we can extensively cover in a single guide. For now, though, this is where we wrap up our beginner’s guide with hopes that the simple tips and strategies we shared with you will go a long way to keeping your hero competitive in your server. If you have immersed yourself heavily enough in MU Origin 3 and wish to impart some of your personal knowledge and experiences, don’t have second thoughts on sharing them in the comment area!


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@Chinmay, upgrade it first to level 300 before you can use it through costume