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MU Origin 3 Advanced Guide: More Tips and Strategies to Sustain Rapid Growth

MU Origin 3’s launch was met with an overwhelming response not just from long-time fans of the franchise but also from newer generations of MMORPG enthusiasts. MU Origin 3 takes the classical aspects of the original game that players loved and enjoyed while incorporating modern features that make gameplay a little easier for today’s mobile gamers. Along with top-notch graphics to rival the best in the industry, MU Origin 3 comes packed with a plethora of contents and features sure to keep adventurers hooked into its world hours at a time.

Whether you are an age-old adventurer returning to the land of MU or diving into it for the first time, we recommend that you take a look into our MU Origin 3 Beginner’s Guide first. Our beginner’s guide walks you through all of the basic contents and features you will encounter in the game and provide you with the best tips and strategies to maximize your hero’s growth and your adventure’s progression. Even for veterans of the game’s earlier incarnations, MU Origin 3 certainly has some new content and features that are entirely new or has been modified for mobile gameplay.

mu origin 3 advanced tips

Although we already provided a brief introduction of each basic character class in our beginner’s guide, we also have a detailed Class Guide that provides an in-depth look at each character class. If the beginner’s guide has not sufficed to help you pick your main character, then we recommend that you read through it and get to know each class’ strengths and limitations across both PvE and PvP content.

Considering the abundance of content and features that MU Origin 3 already has at launch, we apparently could not cover everything in just a couple of guides. Although progression certainly is fast in MU Origin 3, even for total and complete beginners, it will still take a lot of in-game grinding and progression before you can unlock all it has to offer. MU Origin 3 also hosts a variety of special events and the continuous updates on the game also bring additional content for everyone.

1. Consider Deploying Synergistic Companions

One of the most exciting aspects of every MMORPG adventure comes with the growth and development of your character. Almost every step of the way, MMORPG heroes will have an increase in their overall power as the challenges ahead also grow in difficulty. From each character’s own strength rising as a result of experience and level ups that come with stat improvements down to learning new skills as well as enhancing them, there are always an abundance of other means to further increase the hero’s power levels.

Although we have covered stats, skills, gears, and even wings in our beginner’s guide, those are just the most basic means for you to increase your hero’s power. MU Origin 3 leaves you no opportunity to journey through the world of MU entirely on your own as you will soon have a lot of companions to join you in your travels. Pets in MU Origin 3 certainly are a lot of fun to collect, but their value goes beyond aesthetics, giving you different boosts as well as an increase in power.

mu origin 3 grayflame

Just like the rest of your items, gears, and resources in MU Origin 3, Companions are exclusive to each of your characters. Although you will receive some from the introductory tutorial as well as from accomplishing certain feats in special events, the majority of companions you will recruit will come from the Companion Summon feature, which you can access via the light blue open hand icon at the top of your screen.

Each day, you will obtain 1 free scroll and have a chance to earn additional ones by completing activities. Be sure to click on the “Daily Scroll” icon at the right side of the Companion Summon window to claim it. You can use scrolls or spend 200 gems for each summon and you can also perform a 10x roll. Although the 10x roll seems more promising, it does not really offer additional incentives or probability boost to the companions you will recruit.

mu origin 3 daily scroll

There are currently 41 different companions to collect in MU Origin 3 and they are mainly divided into 3 rarity grades: R or Rare; SR or Super Rare; and SSR or Specially Super Rare. Companions can also be categorized by type, which may be attack, survival, or support. This determines the kind of active skills and passive boosts that they can provide your character. Although rarity is a determinant of a companion’s power or strength, there are other points to consider when choosing which ones to invest in.

For starters, you can never get 2 of the exact same companions in any way. Copies of companions you already have will be automatically converted into companion shards that are needed to upgrade your companions. Naturally, higher grade companions will be a lot more difficult to acquire than lower grade ones in which case, you are more likely to obtain rare or blue companion shards.

mu origin 3 defence

You will only be able to deploy 1 of your companions once you acquire one but you will eventually be able to have a full set of 5 to deploy. Although higher rarity companions do have better stats and buffs provided at base level, there are companions that complement one another, meaning that deploying the correct set of 5 companions will have a synergistic effect that unleashes additional perks for the character.

You should spend time to look into the companion index that you can access through its icon at the right side of the companion window. Not only does this feature show you the complete list of companions in the game, but it also tells you which ones you have already recruited.

More importantly, you can highlight each one to check the abilities they possess. Each companion, regardless of rarity grade has an active skill and a passive boost. Again, while SSR companions may have superior skills than their lower grade counterparts, it is best to consider synergy or at least skills that work well with one another.

mu origin 3 companion skills

Speaking of synergies, or companion bonds and defense bonds, this is the aspect of companions that may want you to consider lower rarity ones over SSRs. Taking for example Mini Angel, who will be the first companion to join you, having the right companion bonds will boost his stats and these stats will be reflected on the character if 5 companions are set to guard. Burning Hoof, Griffin, Maiden Eliza, and Enhanced Angel each give Mini Angel a percentage stat boost.

Note that the combination of deployed companions can differ from the ones you set to defend as these also offer its own bond bonuses. Within the “Defend” tab, be sure to click on the Bond Recommendations to see which companions synergize best with one another.

mu origin 3 bond recommendation

2. Upgrade Your Best Companions

Companions, once deployed, set to defend, and especially with their companion bonds activated, can already provide your hero a tremendous boost in stats as well as aid you with their skills. Just like the multitude of enhancement and upgrade features in MU Origin 3 that gives your character more power, companions can likewise be strengthened to increase their own power and, ultimately, yours. Each companion, regardless of rarity and type can be upgraded as well as ascended.

Upgrading a companion basically means levelling them up and this can be done via the Upgrade tab of the companion page. You only need Companion EXP Crystals to perform an upgrade. There is a level up button at the bottom of the page as well as a more convenient “Level up by 10” button.

Although each new level reached increases your companion’s stat attributes outright, milestones reached on every tenth level increases the ATK bonus, HP bonus, or DEF bonus that the companion provides, based on their type. Companion EXP Crystals can be earned from the Companion Realm, Companion Dispatch, the Alliance Shop, and the Magic Crystals Shop.

mu origin 3 companion upgrade

Ascension stands as the more challenging means of strengthening companions. This is where you will need specific or universal companion shards to raise the star grade of your companion. Each ascension step performed requires a good number of shards and you need to perform ascension 6 times to earn a star. Although there are stat boosts for the companion every step of the way, reaching a new star grade provides tremendous boosts, set in percentages. All companions start off with 0 stars and you will need some grinding and some luck to max them out at 5 stars.

mu origin 3 star up

You can obtain specific companion shards when a duplicate copy of a companion is recruited from the Companion Summon feature. Additionally, you can earn random shards from deploying companions in Companion Dispatch and pursuing progression in the Companion Realm. Note that special events can also provide opportunities for you to earn universal shards. These shards have different colors for different rarity grades of companions and can be substituted for needed shards to ascend them.

mu origin 3 claim quest

3. Take Advantage Of The Fusion Feature

In our MU Origin 3 Beginner’s Guide, we discussed the importance of managing your inventory considering that you only have a limited number of slots in your bag and you can very easily fill it up in less than a day’s adventure. There are readily consumable items to perform a multitude of upgrade and enhancement options and there are also gears and items you can quickly donate or sell via the Trading Shop.

There are also chests and other rewards you need to use to reveal the true rewards and it is often best to consume them than to save them for later. Finally, there are materials as well that you can combine or fuse together via the Fusion feature in the game.

mu origin 3 materials backpack

The Fusion icon at the left side of the main menu might not be as easily noticeable compared to the rest of the features you commonly visit. Perhaps it is due to the frequency of the icon having a red dot indicator, despite there being performable actions directly relating to it. Fusion is basically divided into 3 categories: Normal Fuse, Mystery Fusion, and Craft. Each one holds important items that can help make your travels and progression easier so be sure to peek into it every once in a while.

Normal Fuse offers you opportunities to create a variety of useful items provided you have enough shards or parts to do so as well as a few thousand gold. Mainly, this is your source of adventure maps that can randomly earn you valuable items and resources when you use them and discover the treasure. Normal Fuse also stands as an extra means for you to create gems that you use on your gear’s sockets.

mu origin 3 fusion list

Mystery Fusion works very much like Normal Fuse and each product will also require just one type of resource as well as some gold. The difference is that Mystery Fusion has a random element built into it unlike Normal Fusion where you will only get a specific type of end product from each fusion. You can fuse a Purple Companion Shard, an Orange Refine Stone, a Legion Ownership Pack, and a Red Cast Crystal here.

mu origin 3 fuse materials

Finally, the Craft option in Fusion allows you to create Refreshing Potion as well as other rare consumables that help you replenish HP better in combat as well as offer unique temporary buffs to make challenges a little easier. Crafting consumables will require more than 1 type of resource material, pushing you to gather resources across the land of MU. Do not worry, though, as these gathering activities will hardly involve any fighting and is exactly how the gathering side activities are.

mu origin 3 crafting

4. Expend Attempts In Gathering And Energy In Crafting

Although every adventurer can expect a lot of battles and duels in their quests and activities within the world of MU Online 3, every fantasy adventure saves some room for errands as well as other activities that do not necessarily involve violence. Exploration alone in every area you unlock on your journey already has its own enticing moments and having gains as a result of explorations is certainly a welcomed treat.

As we mentioned in the previous tip, crafting is an important activity to engage in given that this is your main source of potent potions to heal you faster in combat as well as provide you temporary buffs for survivability. Well, you do have your apples as well as potions of different sizes but apples just do not heal you fast enough and restore only small increments of health while potions are fully automated and take way too long to be used again.

mu origin 3 hp potion

Considering the need for health restoration, especially for every character class and subclass that are not able to heal themselves with skills, better potions become more and more important as your adventure progresses. You can obtain some crafting materials via the Empire Patrol activities you engage in on a daily basis. If you rely on it exclusively and not perform extra gathering ventures, though, you will be missing out a lot.

Although you do not actually expend energy while gathering crafting materials, there is a limit to how many you can gather daily. As such, it becomes important for you to check the needed items in the Craft screen first before actually setting forth on a gathering adventure. Gathering the needed materials is just half of it, though, as you will need to actually craft the item and expend 10 energy for each item crafted.

mu origin 3 location

Crafting items are guaranteed to succeed and MU Origin 3 also makes it very convenient to target your specific needs. On the plus sign within the resource icons, or the resource icons itself, you can tap on it to see the sources of the items.

Clicking on the location will automatically take you there and while only the first resource spot will automatically be farmed, you can simply click on the sickle icon to initiate an auto gathering mode. Every bit of crafting activity you perform earns you crafting EXP, and when you reach new crafting levels, you will be able to unlock more recipes for different consumable items.

5. Spend Blue Diamonds And Magic Crystals Wisely

Although gold stands as the most basic currency in MU Origin 3, other resources that serve as special currency like Magic Crystals and Blue Diamonds are commonly used for a wide variety of needs. Despite the former easily reaching amounts in the millions and the latter in thousands, it is very easy to run out of either one or both especially if you are raring to strengthen every aspect of your hero.

MU Origin 3 is generous enough to ensure that even free players will have an abundance of opportunities to earn both on a daily basis. Making the most of these opportunities, however will require time and dedication that not every player may be able to consistently afford. Given as well the abundance of spending needs utilizing either currencies, it becomes a challenge to allocate a budget for your numerous needs.

mu origin 3 wings of destruction

There are plenty of ways to obtain Magic Crystals and even more ways to spend them. As a common quick and convenient alternative to basic upgrade materials like Life Crystals, extra gears for Gear Advancement, and Spirit Feathers, catching up to a coveted power level or surpassing recommended power levels of a current challenge can entice you to spend your precious Magic Crystals. While this is generally okay, you should consider how much you need the specific resource and how soon as well before going all out in terms of spending your Magic Crystals.

As far as Blue Diamonds are concerned, these are basically on a higher level of value than Magic Crystals since you can also exchange them for Magic Crystals as well as purchase other valuable resources that cannot be purchased any other way. In this sense, the temptation to utilize your Blue Diamonds either for convenience or for a quicker growth is even stronger than the former so you have to be a little more prudent in terms of spending them.

mu origin 3 dark warblade

One of the enticing features to spend your Blue Diamonds on is the Resource Recovery feature that greets you as soon as you enter the game following your first day. If you happen to miss any of the Limited Time and Must Do Events or activities, you can simply pay in Blue Diamonds to earn 100% of the rewards that you missed.

There are alternative ways to retrieve, though, which is a free service that grants players a sigh of relief. You can still obtain 75% of the resources from a select few of the events you missed. In observation of prudence, therefore, we recommend going for the free retrieval and opting for the full retrieval on the remaining missed activities.

mu origin 3 resource recovery

The Value Pack offers that you can access through the gift box icon at the top of your screen has a Magic Crystals Exchange that we believe is worth entertaining. The first one earns you 67,000 Magic Crystals for free and the next 2 purchases will cost 30 diamonds. The fourth attempt, however, will start costing 40 diamonds so we advise against it unless you are in desperate need of Magic Crystals immediately.

Just like the resource retrieval, missing to partake in the exchange is also recoverable. Simply click on the Magic Crystals Retrieval button at the bottom right side of the page and expend the free attempts as well as the cheapest costing ones, if you can afford to.

mu origin 3 magic crystals retrieval

If you are feeling lucky with the Companion Summon feature but do not have enough scrolls to satiate your craving, it is okay to spend your diamonds there. Be sure to take advantage of the Wish List feature through its icon at the right side of the screen and select the SSR units that you so gravely need to complete your ultimate companion team as well as hope to take a step closer towards ascending them.

MU Origin 3 certainly still holds a lot of content and features to explore and delve into and has no signs of slowing down with their updates that bring even more content and features. Although this is where we wrap up our MU Origin 3 Advanced Guide, we feel that it won’t be the last guide we will be having for this intense fantasy MMORPG. If you are as into the game as we are and have some discoveries and stories to share, we are very much eager to her from you so do drop us one in the comments!