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MU Archangel Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build a Strong Character and Dominate Every Challenge

MU Archangel is the latest incarnation of the popular MMORPG MU Online, which wowed the MMORPG community since its debut back in 2001. MU Archangel is a testament to the success and popularity of MU Online and its numerous developments and versions over the decades. MU Archangel has the nostalgic feel of the classic game but comes packed with heavily improved aesthetics as well as a faster and more convenient gameplay fit for mobile devices.

The classic locations are all intact and so are the age-old events of Devil Square, Blood Castle, and Chaos Castle. Both veteran and new players are treated a well to a plethora of new events and dungeons as well as additional features and upgrade mechanics that speed up the rate at which characters grow in power. Like conventional MMORPGs on mobile as well, MU Archangel has an auto mode feature that can put travelling, combat, and quest pursuits on full auto mode.

mu archangel guide

There are certainly plenty of mechanics and features to learn about in MU Archangel and the pace at which new ones are introduced can initially appear overwhelming for complete beginners. There are quick tutorials, however, that guide you every step of the way especially on the first instances of a feature or new game mode.

Despite the convenience brought about by auto and one tap options, there are still plenty of activities that are best left for your own planning and strategy. If it’s your first dive into the legendary continent of MU and want a quick and efficient way to raise your champion’s power and dominate every challenge, then check out our  MU Archangel beginner’s guide below!

1. Choose The Best Class For You

One of the most important decisions you have to make before stepping into any MMORPG is choosing from among the starting class of characters which one to go with. The usual question as to which from among the given classes is the best one always leads to the same answer. The undeniable truth is that the best class for one player will not stand as the best one for another.

As each one of the available classes have different skills and attributes that suggest different play styles and strategies, the best one for you is naturally the one that most suitably matches your preferences and play style.

MU Archangel lets you choose between 3 distinct classes at the start of your journey. Each one can later on evolve to provide distinct builds that further strengthen one of the character’s main traits. Although you can always create a new character with a different class later on, it is best to start off and focus on a class you are comfortable with given each one’s strengths and limitations.

mu archangel dark knight

The Dark Knight stands as the sole melee class in MU Archangel. Dark Knights are known to be sturdy regardless of how you build them and can be a dangerous foe to contend with in close quarters. Dark Knights can be built to focus on offensive strength to do well for solo quests and missions or can be groomed to be a tank at the forefront of team quests and battles.

mu archangel dark wizard

The Dark Wizard in Mu Archangel is the only class that has a selectable gender attached to the character and was previously locked to a male character in all other incarnations of the game. Dark Wizards excel in AoE damage as well as inflicting negative status effects on enemies.

As Dark Wizards need to invest more stat points in energy to have powerful spells, the subsequent impact of having low agility and vitality as well as strength for higher grade sets leave them lagging behind in terms of defense. Their high damage outputs combined with their attack range can lead them to debilitate or even eviscerate opponents from a safe distance.

mu archangel elf

The Elf class has the potential to surpass the other 2 classes in terms of single target damage outputs. While equally low on HP growth rate just like Dark Wizards, Elves are primarily built to focus on agility, giving them higher chances of dodging attacks. Elves are also able to provide a defense boost, not just for themselves, but for their allies as well. Elves can also summon companions, or cannon fodders if you will.

One of the typical considerations usually associated when it comes to choosing from among the classes, center around each one’s performance on their own and with a party. Another factor to consider as well is how each one fares in both PvE and PvP combat.

When it comes to these classes in MU Archangel, however, each one can work considerably at par with one another whether on their own or with a party and in both PvE and PvP combat. Stat distributions, skill choices, and decisions on class change, on the other hand, can lead to a more focused build that specializes more in a particular game mode.

2. Prioritize Progression Through The Main Quest

MU Archangel sets you up on a journey that starts immediately with the pursuit of a quest. Once you dive into the vast legendary continent of MU, the quest line, which appears at the right side of your screen will prompt you to tap on it to proceed with the main quest. As auto mode extends not just to travels but battles as well, progressing from one quest to the next is made simple and convenient.

Progressing through the main quest stands as your key towards unlocking the rest of MU Archangel’s features and game modes. It is important to understand that you should aim to unlock as many of the game’s features as soon as you can to be able to reap rewards from each one sooner, most especially the limited dungeons that reset daily. Whenever you unlock a new feature or game mode, a quick tutorial immerses you quickly into it and it is best to take not of the information presented and hop back to the main quest.

mu archangel land of demons

In addition to unlocking the rest of MU Archangel’s content, accomplishing quest objectives earns you a lot of EXP as well as basic resources you need to strengthen your characters. Although the traditional farming and grinding is still available in MU Archangel, actually pushing for quest progression reaps you more benefits at a faster rate.

The only real reason to stop from progressing through the main quest is when you hit a minimum level requirement. In such instances, there will certainly be plenty of game modes and dungeons to spend time on and reach the required level. Once you do, however, be sure to proceed right back to pursuing the main quests.

3. Set Priorities When Upgrading Your Hero And Gears

While there are plenty of mechanics in MU Archangel that lets you increase your character’s power, the actual CP itself does not come as important as to how your character is built. One of MU Online’s popular traits that exists in MU Archangel as well is how your character’s stat distribution and gears can lead to a character totally unique from the rest.

Each new level reached earns you 5 stat points you can distribute and while there are bits of requirements for strength and agility to be at certain levels to equip certain gears, you will have more than enough later on to distribute as freely as you want.

There are different sets of gears as well as weapons available for each class in MU Archangel and while the strongest and rarest gears and weapons has the best defensive and offensive strength, respectively, they also have higher strength and agility requirements.

It is not much of a big deal for the Dark Knight class given that the usual priority for offensive builds play around both strength and agility. A different build for Dark Knights that specialize in tanking would need more stat points distributed for both vitality and energy. Most builds on the Dark Knight cap their strength on the armor set and weapon they want for the end game and invest more stat points in agility. While strength boosts power more, having higher agility not just increases attack speed but also increases dodge rate.

mu archangel hero upgrade

The Dark Wizard is typically the class that is most impacted by stat point distributions relating to armor sets and weapons. Dark Wizards are predominantly built around an energy-focused stat growth, which increases mana supply as well as the potency of their spells.

If there are any variances to the build, it relates entirely on which armor set and staff to settle for, ensuring only to allot stat points on strength and agility needed to equip those gears. As far as class change goes for wizards, both choices relate to having more energy and potent spells. The main difference rests on either boosting damage or increasing potency of control spells.

Finally, the Elf’s more popular build hardly has any qualms with the respective strength and agility stat requirements of her weapon s and armor sets. Her gears naturally require more agility and agility is what makes an Elf’s attack stronger. On the other hand, choosing an energy elf requires a lot more investment into energy. Going for this build should make you settle for armor sets that require less strength and agility stat requirements.

Gear enhancement in MU Archangel is much simpler and convenient to perform compared to the original MU Online and most of its incarnations. The same jewels are used to perform the same upgrade options. Jewels of Blessing are needed to level each piece of gear up to +6. Beyond that, Jewels of Soul are used. Jewels of Life can boost the upgrade options of the gear as well.

mu archangel gear upgrade

Unlike in the original MU Online where upgrading to +6 starts to decrease the chance of successfully upgrading, the enhancement scheme in MU Archangel require more jewels later on but grants a sure chance of an upgrade, very much like most mobile MMORPGs. Another reason to enjoy upgrading weapons and armor is that the upgrade or enhancement levels are attached to the gear slot and not the gear itself.

MU Archangel also feature gear master level buffs that activate when all equipped items reach a certain level. In essence, this is what makes it important to keep each one basically at the same level as each other piece of gear. Given that you also have to set a prioritization as to which types of gears ought to be upgraded first, you should consider taking not of your character’s performance in the challenges you currently face. If you tend to get killed by mobs of monsters or bosses, then you may want to prioritize upgrading the armor set and shield. Else, you can focus a little more on upgrading your weapon.

There are plenty of other ways to raise your character’s power in MU Archangel. There are spirituality and title features you can check through the spirituality and character icons at the lower right side of the screen. Spirituality can boost different stats and have specific required resources for each enhancement.

Titles you can equip, on the other hand, can be obtained through achievements or milestones you have reach in your adventure. Each skill you have can also be enhanced using skill upgrade cores. As you advance further and get promoted to higher class ranks, you will begin to see the skills you need to invest in based on your chosen build for your character.

4. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

As guilds, alliances, clans or factions in online games have grown to evolve beyond a mere extension of its social features, the idea of this feature has grown to become a staple necessity for every player, most especially in RPG and strategy games. While you still have an actual option of choosing to play entirely on your own, your growth and progression in MU Archangel will be severely held back without an active guild to belong to.

This does not leave you with an exclusive option to join an already existing guild as you can always choose to start a new one on your own. However, as a beginner, we highly recommend that you fully identify the ins and outs of how to manage a gild first before attempting to lead one on your own.

mu archangel guild

Taking care of an entire guild is a lot of work and ensuring that the one you are in stays active is a communal responsibility. This means that if you choose to create and lead your own guild, you have to be as active as possible to elicit the same kind of dedication from each member.

Being a member of a guild unlocks additional features and game modes for you to revel in and each one naturally comes with its own set of rewards. Once you reach level 110, provided that you are within a guild, guild quests will be unlocked. There are also Devil Square, Guild Boss, and Castle Siege Events that take place on specific times and you can only partake in each if you are aligned to a guild.

mu archangel guild boss

If you are a complete beginner and unfamiliar with the typical scenarios that take place within the world of MU Archangel, then you should know that PvP occurs rather commonly across a lot of locations. It can be a huge challenge for beginners to make good progress in locations where just about anyone can kill you.

With a guild in hand, you have a much higher chance of being able to survive, farm conveniently and efficiently, and explore more thoroughly with guild members to party up with. Most especially if you are just starting out, fellow guild members can help you with various challenges to help boost the rewards you get out of them.

5. Keep Busy With Daily Events And Dungeons

MU Archangel certainly is packed with so many things to do in that you can spend all your free hours on it within the day and still find plenty to do at the closing hours. The main quest, which is the most basic game mode serves as an introduction to the various adventures and challenges waiting for you in the continent of MU and serves mostly as a preparatory stage to familiarize you more with the mechanics and features of MU Archangel.

While the main quests themselves are characterized by an increasing level of difficulty as you make progress, the more trying challenges are found under the daily dungeons and events. You can access these game modes via the “Daily” icon at the upper right side of the screen. The number of attempts per dungeon can be seen as well as the resources you can get out of each one. In any case, a fast and efficient growth progression requires that you expend every attempt on each event.

Beyond earning loads of resources, dungeons and event runs also earn you contribution points that serve as a currency for you to spend time on the land of the demons. There are no limits as to how much time you can spend within the land of demons so long as you have contribution points to spend time in it. The auto attack is also limitless but offer the least benefits. This is the last activity to engage in if you have finished the rest of the game modes.

mu archangel daily events

To more efficiently take on each available game mode within the daily dungeons, it is important to classify them between 2 categories. The first type of game modes are those that can be easily accomplished and rewards are standard regardless of how strong your character has grown. The other half contains increasing difficulty levels where the rewards can be based on your strength and performance.

In this sense, it is best to take on the easier ones first to earn more EXP and resources. For best results, taking on the more challenging game modes are best left towards the end of the day, or at least the end of your gaming time for that day.

The Lupercal, Bounty Quests, and Guild Quests are the easiest to accomplish and will give you no problem at all even if you are behind in terms of strength for your character’s level. The Lupercal is simply an idle garnet mining activity and a few clicks here and there will get it done. Bounty Quests are a set of quests comparable to the “errand” parts of the main quest.

These may not necessarily involve battles as some simply require you to travel to different areas and gather resources or take photos of specific locations. Guild Quests are the same as bounties although you can choose which quests to take on. Quests have different rarity grades as an indicator of their difficulty and, if you can afford to, be sure to take on the S-grade quests that prompt you to engage in a party with fellow guild members.

mu archangel auto combat

Even if some dungeons like the Blood Castle allows players to spend gold to receive an attack boost, and even if you continue to raise your character’s combat power with each minute of your stay in the game, the rate at which the difficulty of challenges grow is most likely bigger than yours.

In effect, the next level of dungeon or challenge you face will expectedly become more and more challenging, resulting in lower completion grades, less rewards, or even character deaths. Be sure to consider taking on challenges that can ultimately earn you better rewards and save the ones you are having a hard time on for when you grow much stronger.

MU Archangel is already loaded with tons of features as well as regular and special events but will most certainly be introducing a lot more in the coming updates. For now, this concludes our MU Archangel beginner’s guide and we hope that you learned a lot from the tips and strategies we discussed. While MU Archangel is certainly an MMORPG that anyone can enjoy, maximum growth and progression rates can only come from dedicated players who can spend as much time and effort within its world.

If you have spent countless hours in the continent of MU and would want to share your own tips and strategies, we welcome you to do so and send us one or a couple down in the comment area!