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Minions Paradise Cheats & Strategy Guide: 9 Tips You Never Heard Before

Electronic Arts’ Minions Paradise is the latest game featuring those lovable yellow creatures – the Minions – from the Despicable Me franchise. As we said last time, this is a city building game where you play the role of the Minion named Phil. After accidentally sinking a cruise ship with other Minions onboard, Phil is now a pariah in his community, and your job is to help him turn an island into a tropical paradise, so that Phil regains the respect of his fellow Minions. All in all, you’re trying to make a deserted island into a must-visit place for tourists going on vacation, and we did already show you some ways that could make it easier for you to do this in our first Minions Paradise strategy guide.

A game as comprehensive as this needs more than just an already-detailed Minions Paradise strategy guide. We’ve got another one here, and this time we’ll be giving you a few more general tips and tricks.

1. Revisiting The Basics

When you’re just starting out in this game, there will be a few things you can do to keep yourself busy. The Make Stuff option allows you to create different items in the game, mainly items that could generate profit. These include the bamboo grove and coconut grove, which produce valuable resources that could help you in building your tropical paradise. The Mix Stuff option lets you combine different resources to make your own weapons or tools. Lastly, Decorate Stuff refers to decorating your paradise with items that may not have any practical use, but can jazz up the look and feel of your island getaway.

2. Try Some Shortcuts For Easier Gameplay

Finding this game a bit too inconvenient for your tastes? That’s not how EA had intended it, and the controls and mechanics aren’t too difficult. But you can make use of a few shortcuts that can help you move forward faster. For example, you can tap-and-hold anywhere on your screen that’s vacant so you can huddle your Minions together and have them do things for you. They may not like you at first, but they want as much as you do to make that deserted island into a Minions Paradise. You can then have a Minion or two gathered together so they can make buildings faster

3. You Don’t Have To Discard Buildings You Don’t Need

If you’re very high on a certain building but don’t have enough space, you don’t have to discard that structure. You can place it in the inventory with a simple tap-and-hold on the building; tap the arrow icon once the building is highlighted.

4. Complete Orders For Minions And Villains Alike

Not only can you complete orders for other Minions; you can also do that for the Villains as well, who are stranded with you. Fulfilling their orders is the only way you can prevent them from turning your island stay into a nightmare.

5. Look For Holiday Deals On Doubloons

We’re not promising EA will be offering Doubloons, the game’s premium currency, as part of its holiday specials. But there’s always a chance the company will sell this premium currency at discounted real-life prices; keep playing the game, as you’ll never know when EA’s got a sweet Doubloon deal for you.

6. Another Tip About The Mini-Games

Last time, in our first Minions Paradise strategy guide, we told you about the importance of completing mini-games. But what can they do for you, and what makes them so special as far as your broader goals in this game are concerned? Well, they can earn you premium and non-premium currency, though one thing we didn’t mention last time is that they all have a cool-down period. You can play Doubloons to skip the waiting time in between mini-games, though we would advise against doing this; regardless of the game, it’s never a good idea to pay premium currency in order to expedite wait times. There are so many other things you can use this currency for.

7. Mini-Game Tips, Part 1 – Fishing Frenzy

While there are more than a few mini-games, we’re going to focus on a couple for this strategy guide, starting with Fishing Frenzy. This is a game where you can jump over rocks and gather alligator teeth. The thing here is to properly time your jumps, and focus on golden alligator teeth, which could earn you the most points. Practice is key to improving your timing, as things can be a little tricky when you’re first trying out this challenge.

8. Mini-Game Tips, Part 2 – Topiary Treasure Hunt

Many call this the most difficult of the mini-games in Minions Paradise. Some challenges need more than one Minion, but in here, you need a good ten Minions or more! Their job is to trim a tree and yours is to collect the falling leaves for points, though you’ll need to make sure you gather those leaves before they fall to the ground. You’ll want to focus on your speed and multitasking in here; while a very simple mini-game in theory, the fact that ten or more Minions will be trimming the tree will make it hard for you to catch those leaves. Don’t camp out in one area alone, but try the others as well and see if you can track a pattern for the falling of the leaves. It might be a good idea to hold back for a while, just for the reason of observing for patterns.

9. Mini-Game Tips, Part 3 – Other Mini-Games

Nothing to the Water Slide mini-game at all; all you’ve got to do is slide down and gather more balls. The Mango Toss is also quite simple, as you’ll be asked to toss mangos into a basket, just like they do at county fairs or similar events. Butterfly Catch is about using a net to catch butterflies as you run through a field; this is one mini-game where you’ll need two minions, and not just one.