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Blocky Roads Tips, Cheats & Guide: 9 Tricks Every Player Should Know

Blocky Roads is a racing game developed by DogByte Games, which is available for Android and iOS devices. In the game you get to drive a blocky-looking vehicle, not unlike how a Lego car would look like, as you make your way through different types of terrain. The story here is that a tornado had ripped your farm apart and “scattered it around the globe,” with your goal being to find the missing parts of your farm.

Before you head off on your ride to find the missing pieces, we think it would be a good idea for you to check our list of Blocky Roads tips, tricks and strategies. It may be an old game, but if you’ve downloaded it following the recent update, you’ll want to check these out to help you fast-track your way into the game. Or, if you’re a longtime player, you may want to read this as well if you’re looking to pick up new tricks.

1. Take Care When Coming Off A Jump

Going on a jump is fun, but it’s not that much fun when you’re coming off one and make a hard landing. Landing the wrong way could make your car flip over forward, and that could end your run in a hurry; this is especially true after upgrades that had allowed you to jump over an obstacle you couldn’t clear before. To avoid this, try hitting the brakes a little bit, so that you can cushion your landing and keep your vehicle more stable.

2. Keep Your Foot Off The Gas At Times

Aside from time, you also have to contend with other constraints, not the least of these being your fuel supply. Keep a close eye on your fuel meter, and keep your foot off the gas on occasion so you don’t end up wasting too much fuel. Upgrading your car’s Engine allows you to have a larger fuel tank, though this also allows you to navigate steep hills and inclines much easier.

We’ll talk about the three other possible upgrades you can do in this game, but that first upgrade serves two important purposes, with the main one being a larger gas tank to work with.

3. There Are Different Cars To Choose From

Aside from your starting car, you can unlock other vehicles in this game, each of them having their own unique stats. Check out these stats and compare each available car with each other. But don’t use the first new vehicle that you unlock; compare carefully and, if possible, wait until you’ve played the game enough to unlock a generous number of vehicles.

4. Don’t Upgrade Your Starter Car Too Much

While it’s all fine and dandy to upgrade your starter car and not leave it as-is forever, you should also limit those upgrades to the essentials. Or, you may want to make lots of upgrades, but if that’s the case, you shouldn’t go all the way. Over time, you’ll have a chance to use better vehicles.

5. Upgrade Your Drive Stat If The Hills Are Too Challenging

Generally speaking, upgrades should be evenly distributed across all four categories; regardless of the car you’re using, you want it to be an all-rounder without any particular weakness to speak of. But if your car is having problems going up the hills, then you should upgrade the Drive stat of your vehicle. Engine upgrades work fine as well, but Drive should, in most cases, get an extra boost to get you past that incline.

6. Upgrade Suspension If You Flip Over Too Much

Earlier, we warned you about the pitfalls of making hard landings and flipping over in short order. Even if you keep your driving style conservative and let off on the gas at times, you may flip over nonetheless, and that’s no fun at all. If this sounds like you, then you can upgrade your Suspension stats. That allows for a smoother ride, and could be just what you need to prevent yourself from flipping the next time around.

7. Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Chassis

Last, but not least, Blocky Roads allows you to upgrade your vehicle’s Chassis. Improving this stat/area allows you to have a more durable car that will be able to take more damage before it explodes. It also increases its “leaping ability,” which could save you on fuel and help you get past those large and dangerous gaps, but also make things more dangerous when it comes to landing your car.

8. Grind The Original Course For More Coins

You can grind, or replay previously completed levels in Blocky Roads, but some courses have better replay value than others. For us, and many other gamers, the original course is proof that “original is often the best.” Completing it becomes second nature once you’ve moved forward and completed many of the tougher courses. And the placement of coins is far more convenient than it is in most other courses. So if you want to replay levels for the purpose of gathering more coins, you’ll want to give the first and original course another go, and another, and another.

9. Don’t Be Haunted By Your Ghost

In Blocky Roads, you’ll see the “ghost” of your last run, which is meant to help you find out what you did wrong and how you can avoid it. Ironically, though, this “ghost” tends to distract some players. Don’t let that happen to you; if you see the ghost run appear, then don’t pay that much attention to it. Another reason why so many people get distracted is because of their efforts to beat out their previous time; if you drive too fast and reckless, you’ll only increase the risk of an accident, and may miss out on those valuable coins.