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DoubleU Casino Tips, Tricks & Cheats: 5 Hints You Need to Know

DoubleU Casino (Android, iOS) is a casino-themed game from DoubleU Games, and it’s described as a creative online casino with several slot machines and video poker games. Aside from classic slots, you can play different varieties of this popular casino game, each with its own jackpot. There’s also a social element in this game accompanied by a number of bonuses and benefits, and the game is regularly updated, with a new Fairy Tale slot machine, and several minor bug fixes.

The game doesn’t really go on with a long and detailed explanation – it’s a casino game, so if you’ve been inside one, all of the games will definitely be familiar to you. But if they aren’t, or if you need that little something beyond luck to succeed in this game, we recommend checking our list of DoubleU Casino tips, tricks and cheats.

1. Connect Your Game To Facebook

Some people will tell you that the main advantage of connecting your game to Facebook is being able to invite your friends, compete against them, and check their stats, but we beg to disagree – we understand some friends would rather be left alone than spammed with game requests. Still, you’ll want to connect your game so that you can save your progress without having to worry about server resets or the like wiping everything you’d worked so hard for. Still, you can choose not to connect your game if you’re concerned about not wanting DoubleU to get their hands on your personal information.

2. It’s Mostly About The Slots

Slot machines are the lifeblood of DoubleU Casino, as there are close to 40 of them right now, each with a different design. Aside from the Fairy Tale slots, you can also play Mermaid, Snowman, Viking, and other types of slot designs depending on your tastes. But the mechanics are largely the same – you place a bet, roll the slots, and see if you win or not. Winning in slots is all about luck, and if you do win, you’ll see an explanation of why you won a certain amount of money.

3. Unlock The Slots Mini-Games

As a bonus tip, rolling three Scatters pulls up a mini-game, each being unique to a given slot machine. The Happy Snowman slots, for instance, will have snowballs add up per spin, thus giving you extra multipliers until you’re able to roll a winning combination. Mermaid’s Fortune allows for Trident wildcards, or activates the Wheel of Fortune for three Scatters in a spin.

4. How To Play The Video Poker Games

There are three types of video poker in DoubleU Casino, namely Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Bonus. These games have similar basic mechanics – place a bet, draw five cards, choose to hold the cards you like and replace the ones you don’t. It may take a while to explain the rules of each specific variant, but our general tip here is to play it safe when in doubt – for example, if you’ve got a sure three-of-a-kind, hold on all of those cards instead of taking a big gamble on a better hand.

5. Play The Slotourney

The “Slotourney” (slots tourney) has you automatically signed up, and all you’ve got to do here is play the slots like you normally do. Instead of money, you earn stars for big wins, and your goal is to gather as many stars as possible at the end of a 24-hour period to get a handsome payout. Obviously, you’ll want to take part in this tourney for more cash and chips.

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