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Mining Inc. Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become a Trillionaire Mining Tycoon

Green Panda Games is a veteran mobile games developer that has been focusing on casual titles for quite some time. If you play and enjoy idle clicker games, then you have most likely played on or several of their most popular titles as the company has numerous games on just about anything. Idle Construction 3D, Bee Factory, and Idle Roller Coaster are just some of Green Panda Games’ most popular titles that we covered.

Mining Inc. is a brand new mobile title from Green Panda Games, that’s out now on iOS and Android. As generic as the game’s title may appear, Mining Inc. is simply not your average idle construction game. It does offer simple controls and objectives much like most idle clicker games, but the variety of structures with a plethora of functions and variability of possible strategies you can implement make it a great game to spend time on for different players. Naturally, there is always profit and progress regardless of how you play it and how much time you spend on it, but just like real businesses, more active time spent means higher profits earned.

Step into the shoes of a start-up mining business neophyte whose goal is to become the top tycoon in the industry. Initially, you will only need to tend to your gold production and while it encompasses a huge production line that each has multiple upgrade points, you will eventually be able to add more production lines for other valuable minerals. You will not be alone on your budding business venture as you get to be aided by your very own dream team of managers. Each one has a positive impact on your mining business so assigning them goes a long way. If you enjoy idle clicker business or building sims that offer some challenge and a lot of content, then be sure to give Mining Inc. a try!

Mining Inc. may have some differences from some idle clicker sims you have played but while the most of its upgrade and expansion mechanics may seem overwhelming at first glance, you will surely be able to get a good grasp of with the help of the quick tutorial that comes at the start of your venture.

In any case, anything you do contributes to your earnings and you can never go wrong to end up with a financial loss. It is the perfect game to play when you intend to relax as you can go about it entirely at your own pace. If you want to stride as fast and efficiently to the next level, then be sure to check out our Mining Inc. beginner’s guide below! We will share with you plenty of tips, cheats and strategies to take you to the top of the mining tycoon charts!

1. Prioritize Accomplishing The Missions To Rank Up

Managing a mining business that continuously grows and expands can be a challenging feat. Especially if you have not played a lot of idle builder games before, you may initially be confused with the number of growing options within your business that needs some upgrades. As you will continue to earn profit right from the get-go, there will be plenty of money to spare. Just the same, even a simple dichotomous choice between focusing on one aspect of the business process or simply spreading your cash across each one, can become a challenge on its own.

how to rank up fast in mining inc

To avoid confusion, it is best for you to consult and follow the missions or challenges that you can view by clicking on your production rank at the upper right corner of the screen. You start at rank 1 within the tutorial session, but completing all objectives listed underneath each rank will propel you to the next one. Your production rank is the utmost indicator of your progress in the game and while all your building upgrades and earnings reset after you rank up, it will become much easier to get to those same upgrade levels and you will also be able to access additional facilities within the various production lines.

Naturally, missions under the initial production levels are few and easy to accomplish. As you continue to level up, expect to have more missions lodged under each level as each one also becomes a lot more challenging to complete. As an added feature to further motivate you to focus on missions and rank up fast, prestige boosters begin to unlock once you reach production level 8. These boosters tremendously enhance your productivity so having even just 1 of them active will definitely fast forward your progress to the next level.

2. Spread Upgrades Across Various Options

The number of missions in Mining Inc. will increase as you reach higher production levels. Beyond that, missions on the earlier levels may relate to only one aspect of progress while later on, will encompass a much bigger scale. As an example, a rank 2 mission may require you to spend 18k coins, while a rank 8 mission may involve reaching tier 4 with all gold production line buildings.

If you have spent a few minutes in the game, you will now that reaching a higher tier in a building means upgrading several items within it and as buildings reach higher tiers, more upgrade selections become available. The idea here is to try and focus on one mission at a time but if there are several items that need upgrade investments to accomplish the mission, then the best way to go about it is to spread your coin expenditures across them.

how to spread upgrades in mining inc

Mining Inc. is designed in such a way that upgrade levels on each item with a facility do not necessarily have milestone levels. This means that the bar that indicates the feature’s level will only max out once and will stay locked from further upgrade unless it can have higher levels in higher tiers. This is where you can impose the strategy of performing as many upgrades as you can within your limited earnings. Pay attention to how much each of the upgrade choices cost and invest in the cheapest one.

As each succeeding upgrade will cost higher than the previous one, it may happen that the new cheapest upgrade option will lead you to a different item. What you should do is continue to choose the cheapest option to invest in as every bit of upgrade you do contributes to your mining operation’s productivity.

If you read through the description of each item within your different facilities, you may notice how each one uniquely impacts productivity and profitability. For starters, what may attract you to focus investment in some of them over others may center around those that directly increase income. Keep in mind, though, that while other items do not relate directly to higher profits, they still impact the flow of materials that earns you those profits.

Every boost in speed or storage capacity all ultimately lead to higher profits and a good balance across each one should be observed as much as possible. Fast workers and deliveries, for one, will not matter if your storage is always full. You may also have a high level of gold ore production but because of limited capacity to hold all those gold, production will be halted until after the dumpers make it back to haul more of the stored gold.

As such, as you try to spread your earned coins across the plethora of investment options within your facilities, take note of the numbers on each one as well to also give you a better idea of what needs more investment.

3. Always Reinvest Earnings Before Leaving The Game

One key strategy that has become staple in every idle clicker game is that you have to keep as little idle cash as possible to ensure that your business is performing at maximum efficiency. This is, of course, not in the absolute in case you are saving for an important upgrade relative to a mission at hand. For the most part, though, every bit of coin investment you put into whichever aspect of your mining facility increases its performance, even if it is just a wee bit in some cases.

how to reinvest earnings in mining inc

This strategy will also depend on how much free time you can still afford to spend in the game. If you only need to wait for a few minutes to earn the profits needed to purchase an expensive upgrade, then you should definitely go for it. If you are crunched for time and will have to leave the game before earning enough coins to do so, then you might as well invest all your idle income in whichever upgrade or upgrades you can afford. You will have a huge amount of offline earnings the next time you log in anyway, so just proceed to continuing with your target at a later time.

4. Upgrade Managers As Soon As You Can

As we mentioned earlier, you will not be all alone to manage each production line in your growing mining empire. You will enlist the expert aid of several managers, each with his or her own unique expertise that can further boost the performance of your mining company. These managers will not be easy to hire, though, as each one can only be obtained from chests, through a gacha method, where cards are collected to finally activate them.

To start off, there are 28 managers to collect in Mining, Inc. and there is a rarity system to primarily classify them. Managers with gold backgrounds are legendary, those with purple are epic, those with blue are rare, and gray backgrounds mean they are common managers. With regard to rarity, take note that it does not necessarily determine the manager’s value as each one can profess a unique buff and its value depends on the situation you are in. With this, it is important for you to be able to read through each one’s description so as soon as you unlock them, tap on their portrait to see what they can do.

how to upgrade managers in mining inc

On the manager page that you can access by tapping on the cards icon at the lower left side of your screen, there is an auto switch at the upper right side that you can toggle to automatically assign managers to their respective posts. If you notice, managers can be used for the gold production line, the diamond production line, or simply be available for both. In truth, the auto assign option will choose the higher rarity one although in most cases, common ones that are ranked up will provide the better boost.

You can obtain manager cards from free chests, as well as rare chests and epic chests that you can purchase with mine cash. You need extra cards of the manager to level him or her up and as each one reaches a higher level, the number of cards needed for the next level increases. The rate of increase, however, is consistent for all managers across all rarity grades. With this, expect common managers to surpass the value and effectiveness of their higher grade counterparts.

5. Spend Mine Cash On Epic Chests

Mine cash serves as the premium currency in Mining Inc. and will naturally be much harder to earn for you. On top of daily login rewards, mine cash can also be earned from production level rank ups as well as an upgrade in one of the gold mine’s numerous properties. With these limited sources of it outside of spending real money, it becomes very important for you to ensure that every bit of mine cash you own and saved is spent as wisely as possible.

mining inc epic chest

As far as shopping goes, mine cash can be used to purchase rare chest and epic chests to expand and enhance your collection of managers. Introduced within the tutorial as well, you can purchase boosters that instantly give you earnings for thousands of seconds. As these are the only options you have as to where you should invest your hard-earned mine cash, you will naturally opt for purchases with lasting effects.

It is a given that the coins you earn through speed boosts are temporary, and with some more patience and time you will eventually be able to earn those as well. Add the fact that coins reset at the start of a new production rank and you will realize how much smarter it is to instead use your mine cash on the chests. Rare chests hold 15 cards and cost 50 mine cash while epic chests earn you 30 cards for a hundred mine cash.

It may seem that saving a little more cash to go for the epic chest does not give you any advantage but as far as rates of higher grade manager cards are concerned, only epic chests reward you with legendary cards. With this, you will have to exercise a bit more patience to hold on to your cash, even if you can afford a rare chest. Only go for epic chests so you can collect and upgrade higher grade manager cards faster.

6. Take Advantage Of Freebies

On top of logging in every day to obtain a growing number of free mine cash each day of the week, Mining Inc. offers plenty more free bonuses you can revel in especially if you play often. To start off, you can claim 2 free chests each day from the shop. You can claim both immediately after you log in on the game and does not require you to even play or watch video ads to do so.

how to get more bonuses in mining inc

While most idle clicker games and building sims are often riddled with video ads that pop up every so often, Mining Inc. does not have these ads. Occasionally, you will see a chopper land on the heli pad just at the right side of your mining facility. An indicator under the gift box icon at the upper right side of the screen will also be visible. If this happens, clicking on the chopper or icon will present you with an opportunity to earn instant coins if you play a 15 to 30-seond video ad. The amount of coins you can obtain depends on your production level so the further you progress, the more there is to claim.

Another valuable ad boost presents itself after you log in on the game and earn your offline rewards. You will be presented with an opportunity to triple the amount of coins you will receive by watching a short video. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, we were never able to take advantage of this helpful boost as no ads were available for us to play. We are hoping for it to become consistently available in the next update, though.

7. Use The Time Jump Cheat

In case you have not noticed, you can actually play Mining Inc. completely offline. The only difference in an offline mode is that you will not be able to play ad boosts and since the ad boost that can triple offline rewards is currently inactive, you will only miss the VIP bonus from the helicopter. That said, you are free to choose to turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile data when playing the game.

Now, before we proceed to the time jump or time travel cheat, we advise those who want to play and enjoy the game without cheats to only read up to this point. This cheat, as easy as it is to pull off, can earn you so much that you will breeze through all of the game’s content in no time. Mining Inc. is actually very enjoyable as it is given the pace at which you can progress between levels, and it is a casual game after all so there is no real pressure for you to resort to exploits. If it does rile up your interest, then you can very much test it out yourself.

how to use the time jump cheat in mining inc

As Mining Inc. can be played completely offline, then it is given that all time-related features of the game rely on your device’s internal clock rather than on a server. With this you have full control as to how it will consider the time and date to grant you bonuses and rewards. Free chests that can be claimed twice per day, daily log in rewards and offline earnings all depend on time so any adjustments on your system’s clock and date can earn you any later time’s, tomorrow’s, or a future date’s reward immediately. Though you can do this while playing the game, it is best to exit out of it to avoid experiencing glitches.

Once you close down the game, you can go to the date and time settings of your device and adjust the time or date forward. If you adjust the time, you can head back into the game and receive offline rewards for the hours you skipped. If you adjust the date to tomorrow’s date, then you can instantly claim a huge amount of coins for offline rewards, 2 free chests, and some mine cash as daily log in rewards. After claiming all three, exit out of the game, rinse, and repeat.

Note that you can do this as often as you want and if you decide to hop back to the real date and time, there will be no penalties. You should keep track of the last date you jumped to since you will have to advance to the day after that if you resume your time-travelling escapades. You can also capitalize on this exploit further by investing the offline rewards you earn immediately to do some upgrades so your next offline incentives grow bigger.

That very much sums up everything we can share with you for Mining Inc. We certainly hope that you learned a great deal from each of the topics we discussed in this guide. If you have played and enjoyed Mining Inc. a lot and have managed to discover a tip, trick, or strategy we have not covered in this article, we would be thrilled to hear about it from you so do drop us a note down below!