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Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build the Best Prehistoric Theme Park

Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon is a brand new mobile title from MegaFox, which is the company’s first simulation game. With its cute and light graphics, kid-friendly design, and simple mechanics and interface, Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon is made for players of different ages. Despite the plethora of idle clicker simulation games in the mobile gaming market, Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon has managed to amass well over 100 thousand downloads just within a month after its release and currently enjoys maintaining largely positive average user review ratings on the Google Play Store.

Set in the Stone Age, Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon takes you to leave the typical prehistoric life behind to pursue an amusement park management career. Take on the tycoon role one island at a time and engage in a variety of strategies and decisions as to which investment option to prioritize. You will always earn profits regardless of what you do and there are no pressures as to how much time and how often you need to tend to your growing enterprise. If you love and enjoy theme parks, dinosaurs, and business building simulations, then you should definitely check this game out!

Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon has a lot of the usual mechanics found in most business simulation games and while it does contain new and unique features of its own, every bit of task you need to accomplish can be learned in just minutes of playing. As you will constantly be earning money, it is safe to say that there will never be a really bad decision in terms of investment.

If you do want to boost the growth and expansion of your stone age theme park, however, you should read our Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon beginner’s guide as it offers all the essential tips and strategies for you to fast track your career into becoming a top theme park tycoon!

1. Keep The Income Multiplier Active

Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon will only have a quick and easy tutorial session to guide you as you dive into your first island theme park. Earnings will continue to grow from there on and even sitting idly will net you a profit stream. Before you proceed to actually managing your theme park, however, you should check for the availability of the income multiplier at the bottom of the screen. Once you tap on it, you will be presented with an opportunity to earn twice as much cash after playing a 15 to 30-second video ad.

how to increase earnings in stone park prehistoric tycoon

There are a lot of other ad boosts available in the game but the income multiplier is the most important. Once you activate this, you should continue to proceed upgrading your rides and other facilities and enjoy the profits from each one double within the time period. This effect lasts even if you are offline and away from the game so make sure to take advantage of its availability and keep it always active as much as you can.

2. Complete The Missions

One of the usual challenges that come with idle clicker business management sims is figuring out which of the open businesses should you bank your money on. Usually, the investment strategy involves taking into consideration the current situation that involves how much time you have allotted to play the game. In all honesty, there really is no wrong investment in Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon, much like in any similar game but in terms of progressing faster and growing your theme park more efficiently, following the missions is the way to go.

stone park preshistoric tycoon missions

You will always be presented with 3 different missions at the top of your screen. Each one is unique and relates to upgrade levels of each ride or facility within your theme park. Accomplishing each one instantly unlocks another mission and you are free to choose from among the lined up missions which one to take on first.

Naturally, focusing on the accomplishment of one mission over the others should be your strategy. At the start of your theme park management career, most of the missions will be relatively easy to accomplish but as you progress further, you will come to discover that some will take a much longer time and cash. Note that the accomplishment of missions earn you gold coins that serve as the premium currency in the game. It may often appear that missions that reward more coins are much more difficult to complete but that is not always the case.

3. Upgrade To A Milestone

Upgrade levels of each ride will be indicated within a bar that fills green as you invest more in them. Each upgrade naturally costs higher but it also boosts profits generated by the ride. For the most part, most missions that involve level upgrades are set to coincide with milestones, or levels that completely fill up the bar but in some cases, they are set to be a little shy from these milestones.

stone park prehistoric tycoon milestone

Regardless of whether or not it is part of the mission, you should strive to invest in each ride’s level at their milestones. Reaching a milestone always comes with an important boost that doubles the income generated by the ride. In addition to that, it also increases the cap of other upgrade options such as increasing caps for the seats as well as lines.

4. Keep As Little Idle Cash As Possible

A common feature of idle builder games is that you continue to earn profits and the higher the levels of your businesses, the higher the income each one generates every second. While missions may dictate your focus as much as prioritization of investments go and milestone levels can push you to spend remaining cash on a specific ride outside of a mission, chances are that you will still be in situations where you have a lot of idle cash left.

stone park prehistoric tycoon tricks

For one, it could be that you do not have enough cash to perform an upgrade that completely satisfies the mission objective or likewise be short of it for any ride to reach any milestone levels. The next strategy, as far as expunging the remaining cash you have will now depend on how much longer will you be staying at your theme park.

If you have enough time on your hands to still be online as you accumulate enough cash to purchase the upgrade you are eyeing for, then it certainly is worth the wait. If you are about the exit the game, make sure to leave as little idle cash and invest your money in whichever upgrade you can afford, whether it be on a ride, the ticket gate, or even the parking lot. In effect, you will earn a lot more cash for every bit of time you are offline.

5. Always Have An Active Marketing Campaign

There are a lot of free ways to boost your profits in Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon. While each one is good to have on its own, the best part is that each boost works in combination with the rest. This means that if you have the double income multiplier and have a boost in terms of the theme park’s rides and entrance speed as well as the inflow of customers, then you will have an even bigger profit stream in your hands. There really is no limit for combining these perks up but for the marketing campaign, spending cash is a requirement.

You can initiate a marketing campaign by tapping on the bullhorn icon at the lower right side of the screen. From the marketing window, you can choose either the bird campaign, the triceratops campaign, the t-rex campaign, or the pteranodon campaign. Each one will boost the number of guests that visit your theme park for a certain period of time.

stone park prehistoric tycoon marketing campaign

Naturally, the more expensive the campaign, the bigger the percentage boost you gain and the campaign runs at a longer period of time. We would recommend always going for the pteranodon campaign. This will cost you the most but having twice as many customers come in to your park for 4 hours will surely return more profits than what you actually have to invest, even if you are offline and away from the game.

As one of the strategies you need to keep in mind relative to maximization of profits from your theme park relates to efficiency, try your best to keep tabs on when these boosts will end. For the most part, all ad boosts except for the income multiplier ease out pretty quickly. In the case of the marketing campaign, which runs for 4 hours, chances are that you will go offline before its effect lapses. In such cases, try your best to take note of when you need to visit your virtual theme park so you can initiate another ad campaign as soon as the current one fizzles out.

6. Collect Gold Coins Regularly

While cash that you continuously earn from every part of your theme park goes a long way in terms of being the exclusive currency to purchase all the necessary upgrades, it does have its limits. There are numerous mascots you can purchase and upgrade and gold coins are the only currency that can be used to do so. There are not as many sources of gold coins, which means that every opportunity to grab bits of them should not be ignored.

For starters, the main source of gold coins are the missions. Each mission you accomplish earns you a specific amount of gold coins. The further you progress in the game and the more missions you accomplish, missions grow more challenging but reward more coins, typically based on how difficult the feat is. Beyond missions, though, you can also earn gold coins from free sources.

how to get more gold coins in stone park prehistoric tycoon

If you scroll around your prehistoric theme park, you will notice a small hut with a chicken signage above it just to the right side of the legendary mascot. You will often see a gold coin speech bubble above it, which means that you can tap on it to earn a free coin. If you have the income multiplier active, you can get 2 coins from this hut with every click. If you pay close attention enough after doing so, you will notice one of your theme park employees exit the hut as soon as you claim the free coin or coins.

If you follow his trail, you will see that he will walk across to the left side of the park where there is a chicken roost. He will grab one of the chickens and take it back to the hut, which will then generate free coins for you to take. If you can manage to spend a it of idle time to estimate how long it takes for the gold coins to replenish, and be conscious enough to grab them as soon as you can, then you can quickly earn a lot of coins.

There is also another booth just above the entrance gate that often shows a shell icon atop of it. Clicking on this will present you with an option to earn a lot of cash or some coins after playing a short video ad. There may be instances when you simply are not in the mood to watch or play ads but if free coins are on the line, then you should take the opportunity to obtain them.

7. Invest In Mascots Efficiently

The exclusive reason you would want to grab as many coins as you can is to purchase and upgrade mascots. You can view the mascots by clicking on the dino egg icon at the lower right corner of your screen. There are various mascots you can unlock and upgrade, each with its own unique perk that improve the overall productivity of your theme park.

stone park prehistoric tycoon mascots

Mascots will appear as a silhouette if you have yet to unlock them and will show their appearance as soon as you collect enough shards to reach their first level. Securing additional shards can level them up and boost the perks they provide. The mascot’s level is indicated at the right side of their portrait.

By clicking on the “Get Mascots” button at the bottom of the mascots page, you will be taken straight to the shop where you can either purchase a normal mascot pack that costs 120 coins or a special mascot pack for 400 coins. The normal mascot pack contains 4 normal shards and a rare one while the special mascot pack contains 20 normal shards, 4 rares, and an epic shard. While the normal mascot pack is evidently cheaper, going for the special mascot pack is always the better option.

In a sense, it can be beneficial to go for the normal mascot pack on your first go since you would want to unlock one or a couple of normal mascots at the very least and start having their perks work for you. Given the relative difficulty of earning gold coins, though, exercising patience and racking up 400 coins before spending them makes it all more worth it.

8. Move To The Next Island As Soon As You Can

Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon has a unique mechanic that differs very much from the usual idle clicker system where transferring to a new location or level resets everything. Initially, you will start your prehistoric theme park tycoon career in the stone age but as soon as you earn enough cash, you will be prompted to unlock the next island.

stone park prehistoric tycoon islands

Moving to the next island has tremendous costs but is certainly worth the investment. Not only will profits be tripled with its +200% earnings across every part of your theme park, new islands also enable new rides to be added to your park. You can check the islands by tapping on the location icon at the top right corner of the screen. While you will be prompted to check whenever you have enough cash to transfer, it is best to also have an idea of how much the next island upgrade will cost.

In general, we still recommend emptying out your cash profits on upgrades as much as you can. In case you are close to saving enough to transfer to a new island, most especially in the case of logging into the game and claiming offline rewards, then you should consider exercising a bit more patience to do so.

9. Use Ad Boosts To Speed Up Progress

As we typically mention in most of our guides on casual games, video ads have long since been an integral aspect of many free-to-play mobile games. Most especially in the case of casual games that have very little to offer as far as microtransactions are concerned, developers behind these games can only rely on the existence of video ads to keep the game available for everyone to play for free. Despite this, it is still understandable if some players still feel annoyed by the existence of ads in the games they play but for the most part, these irritations relate to ads that pop up way too often as you play the game.

It is fortunate that there are no random video ads that pop up while you play Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon. The only ads available in the game are exclusively voluntary to play and, for the most part, should be ones that you will be inclined to entertain. We mentioned earlier that one of the most important ad boosts are one of the things you need to activate as you visit your theme park since it doubles profits for 30 minutes. The pearl investment booth that provides you with instant loads of cash or coins is also activated after watching an ad.

how to speed up progress in stone park prehistoric tycoon

Beyond the two very useful buffs, there 3 other unique boosts to gain from ads and you will always see these offers at the upper right side of your screen. The first one is the Free Check-In buff that might give you an impression that entrance gates will no longer be charging fees to customers. On the contrary, this buff cancels the queue waiting time and instantly admits customers at a rapid pace, with charges of course.

There is also an ad boost that lets you call in 50 VIP guests and on top of these people paying 3 times as much as normal customers do, these people tend to jump into each available ride within your theme park. Last, but not the least, is the acceleration boost that doubles the speed at which your rides generate profits.

Each of these boost work well on their own but mixing them together grants a multiplier effect that can earn you a lot more in just a short span of time. It is actually okay to stay clear of these ad opportunities and just take it slow when it comes to progressing your theme park. If you are raring to make good progress and want to go through each island fast, then there should be some time you should dedicate to playing some of these video ads. In essence, these can be opportunities for you to rest your eyes or watch a movie while continuously playing ads in the game.

That covers all the tips, cheats and strategies we have come up for Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon. We actually tried the time jump trick where you advance your device’s clock to a different hour or day and then log back in on the game and claim massive offline rewards. It does work and you can do it several times over by cycling through logging out of the game and making date adjustments. If you do revert to the correct date, though, everything you earned with the cheat will be taken back.

In any case, we hope that you learned a lot of helpful tips and strategies from our Stone Park: Prehistoric Tycoon beginner’s guide and if you wish to add something from your experiences with the game, be sure to let us know about it through the comment section!