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Mini Mine Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 5 Ways to Earn Tons of Money and Progress Faster

Mini Mine is a new game for iOS and Android devices developed by Apps4Life. This is a fun clicker game, where you can earn money by mining rocks, and unlock rare rocks and minerals as you progress onwards. Earning enough of these resources will allow you to buy a spaceship to fly to other planets and mine even rarer minerals and gemstones. That’s pretty much all that Apps4Life has to say, though we can understand why they’d rather keep things simple and stick to the bare essentials of what the game is about.

We’ve been covering our fair share of clicker games recently – Nonstop Chuck Norris and Tap Mafia are just a couple, and this game is part of this ever-popular genre, where the main objective is to keep on going and keep on earning or collecting whatever there is to earn or collect. It’s a low-stress genre, to be sure, but at the end of the day, you still want to maximize your earning potential and perform to the best of your capability. To this end, we recommend you check out our list of Mini Mine cheats, tips and tricks, as we talk about the most essential things there are to learn about this game.

1. Let The Multiplier Button Do Its Work

The multiplier button can be found in the upper right corner of your screen, and it’s going to perform a variety of tasks that will result in your multipliers getting increased. This may include, but not be limited to turning on your push notifications, or allowing you to watch a video that can temporarily improve your earnings per minute for four hours – that’s thrice your current earnings, though there’s a better way to take advantage of tripling your currency which we will be explaining below, a couple tips from now.

2. How To Turn Off Those Annoying Ads, And The Catch Therein

Android players in specific may notice that the reviews of Mini Mine aren’t particularly flattering – currently, the average rating is just 3.0 out of five stars. But you can use the above mentioned menu to turn off those rather pushy pop-up and banner ads – those ads that a lot of reviewers have complained about.

That may sound like good news, but there’s also a big catch if you decide to turn off the banner ads and pop-ups. That’s going to be the complete loss of multipliers, though if you’ve earned a ridiculous amount of money in this game, you can probably live without the multipliers and choose to play ad-free.

3. Take Advantage Of This Glitch While Still Early

This is a fairly new game, which means it’s far from being perfect. And it also means there’s an interesting little exploit you can take advantage of. This is in relation to the offline earning mechanic – a classic feature of idle clickers – so you may want to pay close attention if you’re the type who prefers earning offline.

Going offline will allow to continue earning, and there’s nothing too unusual about that – that’s why this is an idle clicker, after all. When you come back, you will be asked to collect your online earnings, and asked if you want to watch a video that can triple your earnings. Sounds fair enough, but you will notice the 3x currency video will still be present even if you’re done with the video offer. Keep on tapping on that option so you can literally increase your earnings exponentially – just think how much you can earn in just a few minutes’ time, but also keep in mind that there’s always the chance that Apps4Life will nerf, or completely fix this exploit in an upcoming update.

4. Enter Friend Codes For Multipliers

Apps4Life has included a bit of a social touch in this game, with emphasis on “a bit.” As a bonus tip of sorts to what we told you about turning off the ads also turning off the multipliers, you have the option to enter friend codes to make up for those lost multipliers, or if you simply want more of those multipliers. This can be applied if you’ve got multiple devices, say, an Android and an IOS phone, and have the game installed on both phones. You can also use this feature like the makers of the game want you to, invite a friend to install and play the game, and ask them for the friend code regularly, as it would change on an hourly basis.

5. How To Unlock Stones From Other Planets

This would become available to you once you’ve unlocked Gold – after this happens, you can start unlocking stones connected to the other planets. That would mean you can unlock an Earth Stone, a Mercury Stone, a Jupiter Stone, and so on. Unlocking any one of the available planet stones would allow you to unlock the interplanetary picks (Mercury Pick, Jupiter Pick, etc.) for even more performance boosts going forward. And, as a bonus tip, each stone after copper comes with a related mini-game. Take this mini-game seriously, as it could get you a 2x multiplier if you get the target score mentioned by the dwarf.

This wraps up our list of tips and tricks for Mini Mine. If you have more hints for the game, don’t hesitate to share them with us below!