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Little Lords of Twilight Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 5 Hints You Should Know

If you want a tactical, turn-based strategy game where your “enemies” are as real as the real players controlling them, you might want to give Little Lords of Twilight a try. This Android and iOS titleis a PvP strategy game that takes place in a “beautiful yet dreadful” fantasy world, one that’s also “radiant yet dark” and “wonderful yet terrible.” Some people have found refuge in this strange land, but others have gotten lost and trapped. And as you explore this world, you will get to collect Madzik cards (we guess that’s how Bkom Studios wants to put a twist on the word “magic”), leverage the power of night and day into game-winning strategies, and once again, be up against real opponents.

Bkom Studios adds more details in its long, yet worth-reading game description – this game may stand out from others in its genre not because it’s PvP, but rather because the mechanics are supposedly skill-based, and not luck-based, with no “complex calculations” that may throw more casual players off – victory or defeat is all on you, and not based on statistics, randomness, or whatnot. And since this game is all about tactical strategy, we might as well offer some basic Little Lords of Twilight tips and tricks designed for first-timers to help them learn the ropes.

1. Make Sure You’ve Got A Good Internet Connection

This might sound like a rather odd tip for a turn-based strategy game, but we have to mention this due to the game’s mechanics. You should have a decent enough Internet connection when playing – not necessarily a super-fast one, but one that won’t have you getting disconnected from the game and having your match forfeited. We can understand that there are game makers who want to get tough on rage quitters, but apparently, the folks behind Little Lords of Twilight put those who get kicked out of the system due to a poor or erratic connection in a similar boat as rage quitters who leave matches when the going gets too tough.

2. Practice Against AI Enemies

Before you test your strategies out against human-controlled enemies, you should try practice mode out for yourself, preferably once you’ve completed the tutorial. This will allow you to face off against computer-controlled enemies, and while you won’t get any rewards due to the lack of high stakes, there’s nothing to lose either. As you may be expecting, the AI enemies aren’t that sharp, but at least there’s nothing at stake, allowing you free reign to experiment.

3. How Does Day And Night Work In This Game?

Day in this game is called SunPop, while night is known as NightFall – these are subject to change as you keep playing the game, as you may begin a match in the daytime, but be notified by the timer if day will be turning to night, or vice versa. You’ll want to pay close attention to this, as each hero comes with varying abilities for day and night; what works in one time of the day may not work in the other. There are also different variables that may affect the timer, such as certain spells or items which could allow you to change from night to day (or vice versa) depending on the situation.

4. How To Customize Your Hero

The game will allow you, in most cases, to use only one hero. That means you need to be sure you’re doing the right things when building up your hero. It’s your call – you can create one that works best in the daytime, or one that works best in the nighttime. It’s also possible to create an all-rounder, meaning someone who performs well enough in the daytime and well enough at night, but isn’t exactly a standout – a jack of all trades, for short. The latter option may be the best option for you, though at the end of the day, night or day specialization isn’t a bad choice.

5. How Do You Win Matches?

We won’t get into the intricate strategic details you need to be mindful of, but we will tell you that there are multiple ways to beat the enemy in here – either beat their hero, or remain at their part of the board for so many turns. Think of winning matches as a game of “capture the flag,” and if you notice that the enemy hero and their units are a good distance away from their home portal, you can go ahead and capture it. It would all depend on your play style, but at the end of the day, there’s more than one way to stick it to the enemy and pull off the win.

This is the end of our game guide for Little Lords of Twilight. If you know more hints for the game, feel free to leave us a message!