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Ninja Spinki Challenges Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 7 Tricks You Can Use in All The Challenges

Obok Aidem has released a new casual title for Android and iOS called Ninja Spinki Challenges!! No, we’re not shouting – that’s how they stylize the game’s title, complete with the two exclamation points at the end. This is a game whose description and mechanics are the epitome of casual gaming – short and punchy, and simple, yet addictive respectively. The game includes six different mini-games within, all with their own set of challenges, all of them meant to be the “most difficult” types of challenges for ninjas. Are you up to all of these challenges, or are you going to fold?

Although Obok Aidem does not say it, this game is easy to learn, but hard to master – you knew we were going to mention that somewhere in here, and we did, because it’s true. And as an added bonus, the Ninja Spinki is the creation of none other than Dong Nguyen of .Gears – yes, that same Dong Nguyen who gave us the casual mega-hit Flappy Bird. And now that you know who the main character is and who created him, let’s cut to the chase and present to you our detailed Ninja Spinki Challenges strategy guide. Once again, can you hack all those challenges? We hope you could, and these tips will help you do so.

1. Precise At Any Speed

The speed in which you drag your finger on the screen will determine how slow or how fast Spinki moves on the screen. Drag slowly to have him walk, and drag quickly so that he can run. One of the keys to survival in this game, regardless of the challenge type, is to change things up, and not go at one speed level all of the time. For example, you should be going slow if you’re trying to move around at a variety of angles, but going fast if you’re trying to make your way past a moving obstacle or a bunch of enemies.

2. Be Familiar With The Controls

This will, of course, require you to practice, but it pays to know the controls and know how to move Spinki around. If you know how the controls work, then you’ve got a good enough grasp on the game, but there are also some other important things you have to do to ensure you pass the challenges. Also bear in mind that one of the quirks of the game is how your finger movements won’t always be in sync with Spinki’s movements. It’s something we hope would be fixed soon, but for the meantime, you’ll have to deal with this by making sure you’re at least familiar with the controls.

3. Be Quick, Yet Careful

Yes, it is true that Ninja Spinki Challenges is a game that would require you to be quick on your fingers so you can avoid all of those enemies. But you should also be patient while controlling your character. Don’t let him run around needlessly in an effort to throw off the enemies – you may even have better luck hiding out in one spot and not taking any action unless you’re sure you can make it home free. That actually leads us to a bonus tip, which would be waiting for the timer to run out to avoid getting killed. As the old saying goes, it’s better safe than sorry, and better to wait until the timer expires if you don’t want to “expire” at the hands of the enemies.

4. Practice Jumping In Specific

We’ve observed that the jumping-related challenges in this game are especially difficult. Again, we will go back to what we had told you earlier – actions and movements aren’t always synchronized with each other. That’s especially true when you’re jumping, as there will be some lag between the time you let your finger off the screen and the time Spinki jumps. That means you should jump sooner rather than later, and also make sure that you’re facing the right direction. You will always be jumping in the direction where Spinki is facing, and not in the direction your finger is pointing to when you release it.

5. Focus On Your Specialization

The challenges can be played in any order as long as they’re lit up, and that gives you free reign as to which ones you which to try out to yourself. And beating one challenge will unlock another one of a similar kind.

We advise all players to try all the challenges out, because once you’ve had several play-throughs in all of them, you’ll have a good idea of which challenges you specialize in. Focus on those challenges, and complete all the stages to the best of your ability, as that’s going to open up more levels. And that’s also going to help you move up the leaderboard much faster, once you’ve found your niche and have pretty much mastered it.

6. How Does Endless Mode Work?

Beating a challenge will also unlock a special endless mode. How does this mode work, and how does it differ from the main challenges? As we’ve seen, endless mode comes with challenges that get progressively more difficult to complete, each of them similar, but not completely the same. Higher scores mean an escalating level of difficulty as you go along; for example, you’ll be seeing more cannons in the cannon stage as your score increases.

7. Watch Ad Videos

Losing a stage isn’t the end of the world in most cases. That’s because the game will give you the option to watch an ad video. Complete this 30-second clip and you’ll be taken back to the point where you had last left off. This is why we recommend playing this game online – it’s only suggested, but highly recommended – as you wouldn’t want to be in a situation where you got so close to completing a challenge, but couldn’t watch any ad videos to continue and get another chance at beating it.

There you have it! This is our list of tips and tricks for Ninja Spinki Challenges. If you happen to know additional hints for the game, leave us a message in the comment section!