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Matchday Manager 2023 Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Develop Your Club Fast and Dominate Leagues

Focus and attention – two of the things that are required to do great in a soccer management game. These requirements make it quite daunting for gamers who are new to the genre, even for those who are familiar with the sport.

matchday manager cover

Fortunately, there are titles designed to save players from encountering any rough patches when starting. Matchday Manager 2023 seemed to have been specifically created with that in mind. Its developer, Playsport Games, structured Matchday Manager 2023 to strike a good balance between being fun and simple.

matchday manager pitch

Unlike how one would start in Football Manager 2023 Mobile and Soccer Manager 2023, getting to the pitch for the first time in this game will be in a matter of a few taps. You get to play almost right away, in command of a preset team. This “light” nature of the game, highlighted by the quick access to a match is an illustration of the game’s focus suggested by its name.

matchday manager game start

However, in contrast to the mentioned “heavier” management games, Matchday Manager 2023 has purely fictional players and teams. Despite that, the influence of key elements like formation, tactics, the height of the defensive line, player chemistry, and positions all remain the same.

The common areas of management are simplified in Matchday Manager 2023. Basically, there are only three general matters to focus on:

– Managing your squad (complying with the squad size limit, training, and scouting)

– Making match-impacting decisions (playstyles, team talks, active boosts, and substitutions)

– Acquiring as many resources as possible (sponsors, stadium upgrades, and ad-viewing opportunities/freebies).

This article is meant to guide you in those areas. So we hope you’re ready as we lay for you a path to building a formidable soccer club!


Your duties primarily revolve around keeping a competitive roster. To do that, you must first be aware of the following limits:

– Squad capacity is 30 players maximum

– Each player has a rating threshold or Max OVR.

– Fielding the same players in consecutive games renders them vulnerable to fatigue after a third game

With those limits in mind, you should optimize your actions in preparing your main 11 and have a decent set of backup players that can support your primary and secondary playstyle (tactic) and formation.

matchday manager no slot

Expanding your roster (until you hit the 30-player limit) is not a matter to worry about because it will only take a few player packs to be fully staffed. Just in your first few days, you will likely have to sell players already and eventually, you will realize that a great bulk of your manager duties is about deciding which players you must release or sell.

1.1 Know Which Players You Must Sell

To make the process of elimination easier for you, below are the factors you need to check when you aren’t sure who you should let go of.


Numbers matter in a game that’s heavy in RNG, so when you need to sell players, the first ones you should look for are those with the lowest OVR. Players have 6 stats: Short Passing, Crossing, Dribbling, Finishing, Tackling, and Positioning. OVR is simply their average.

matchday manager ratings sample

An easy way to tell who will have the better ending or max level OVR would be the color coding. For lower tiers, the order from lowest to highest is white > brown > blue > green. For higher tiers, it is violet, purple, gold, wine red, and midnight blue.

If you already have an access to blue players and you still have brown ones, it is always better to let go of the browns. Even if your brown players have reached a rating that is around the blue players’ usual base/starting OVR, they will still cap at a lower OVR.

Training and upgrading players are parts of the game and even though it may feel quite bad to let go of the players you have spent cash on, releasing them is inevitable. Consider this as part of the ‘growing pains’ or the necessary sacrifices you must do to improve your squad.


The next factor is the redundancy of positions and roles. Since player draws are random, your squad may have too many players of a particular position at once, often there will be some that can only play a single position. If you notice you have too many Midfielders who prefer the left wing, you may want to sell a few.

matchday manager pnr

There’s no official rule of thumb here, but we suggest that you only keep a maximum of three players that can play a specific position or role. After all, the only real reason to have spares is to be ready in situations that you must call a substitution, that would be in response to injuries and yellow cards,


In relation to redundancy, the next factor you must observe should be versatility. Some players are hybrids: they are comfortable being fielded in two different positions. The more hybrids you have, the more room you will get when you are trying to stack a position because hybrids save you roster space.

matchday manager versatility

You must give a slight favor to hybrids because having some in your line-up will allow you to be a bit more flexible in terms of selecting formations. Shifting formations is a good response when you notice that a match is super tight, sometimes changing from an infield-heavy formation to a winger-supported one is what you need to open up scoring opportunities. Hybrids unlock this option for you, so you must consider ditching one-role-only players before them.


The last dynamic to check is cohesion or a player’s ability to synergize with a nearby teammate. The little arrowheads that almost all players have in their portraits define how much cohesion they can offer. In heavier football management games the equivalent of cohesion in Matchday Manager 2023 would be the combination of chemistry, teamwork, movement, and positioning.

matchday manager cohesion

Simply put, setting your deployed players in a way you can achieve a good cohesion total will mean that you can observe better ball movement. This is crucial because, most of the time, the goalkeeper’s distribution would be long balls, and the subsequent passes upfield will be challenged right away. Having a good cohesion total will help ensure the ball stays in your possession longer.

When deciding who to release, look for the player whose cohesion arrow will prevent your team from establishing a full connection. For example, let’s say you have a DL whose cohesion arrow is pointing left. It means that it’s impossible for him to contribute to your team’s cohesion rating if you field him in his proper position.

We don’t mean to pull up a quiz out of nowhere, but based on the factors we shared, which of the players in the screenshot below is the most fitting candidate to be released?

matchday manager must-sell

Taking into account Rating, Redundancy, Versatility, and Cohesion, it would be Kevin. Here’s why:

1. He has the lowest starting rating.

2. He can play two roles but there are plenty of better options on the roster.

3. He may be versatile, but it would take resources (time and currency) to make him viable.

4. His synergy arrow is pointing left which means if you make him play as Defender Left, he cannot contribute to the team’s cohesion; if he plays as a Center Back/Defender Center, he can only offer cohesion to one teammate.

We intentionally did not put a number or arranged the factors in a particular order, since each holds a relatively equal level of importance. It will still be on a case-to-case basis, depending on what lineup you are trying to build.

matchday manager training decision

These four factors are not only helpful when judging who you must release; they serve as the exact guidelines for prioritizing who you should train. Speaking of which, the next area of management we will discuss is training.

1.2 Train Your Key Players

The RNG in effect for Matchday Manager 2023 is surprisingly friendly. You can beat other players who are levels ahead of you, even those with squads that have a higher OVR than yours. However, luck or a forgiving algorithm is not enough to guarantee good finishes in leagues.

matchday manager all green

Your team’s success relies on the quality of your players so you must use the training feature as often as possible. We all start having an all-white team or players considered as Common, but it won’t take long until the game gives you better players.

matchday manager one green left

The players you can receive from packs, as you progress through the game, will scale up with your account’s level. Regardless of which point of the game you’re in right now, you will need to constantly train your squad, especially your key players.

Training is one of the features that will be spoon-fed to you at the earlier phase of playing Matchday Manager 2023, so we’ll share with you instead some facts about training that are observable but could be easy to miss.

– Training sessions always last for 1 hour and this period can be reduced by 10 minutes per each ad-viewing opportunity for up to 3 times.

– The deeper a player is in his level progression, the more expensive the training cost will be.

matchday manager training view

– Every completed training gives you two duplicate cards of a player. The costs for training and upgrading a player are separate so keep this in mind and have some control over who you will train and upgrade.

– Each level of upgrade can increase a player’s OVR by 1 to 3 points. The increments are not random, there are simply levels where a player can get a certain increase in rating.

– The number of duplicates required will gradually increase. It starts by requiring 2 duplicates and as you approach the max OVR, each upgrade will demand 8 duplicates. This means it will take up to 4 training sessions to upgrade a player to higher levels.

– If a player’s natural rarity grade is Great (purple), training him will always cost gold coins. Also, the better a player’s rarity grade is, the more expensive it will be to put him in training.

matchday manager pro level

– A player can only break through from his default max OVR if you’re lucky to draw a pro level unlocking card for him. When a player’s pro level status is unlocked, he will essentially gain room for at least 3 to 5 more levels.

Remember that the main method of gaining player cards is thru opening Player Packs. These packs technically follow a gacha system, so everything that you receive is random. The deeper you get into the game, the more players will be accessible to you in the random draws, so your chance to get the duplicates you desire gets slimmer.

matchday manager store packs

Training your players, on the other hand, will be your reliable means of getting desired player cards. This feature is a straight-up asset! Beyond reliability, training is also the better economical choice versus availing Player Packs from the store.

matchday manager train than buy

Sure, you have a chance to get players with a better starting OVR, but you will essentially be thinning out the resources that you can instead allocate to players that you have upgraded for a few levels already. Also, the free Daily Packs and occasional pack rewards from leagues should be enough to fish promising recruits.

If the regular flow of free packs does not satisfy you, availing of the cash-purchasable pack in the store is not entirely a bad idea, as long as you only do it sparingly. If you play daily and max all rewards from ads, you’d be able to comfortably afford a pack every week without causing a heavy dent in your budget for player and stadium upgrades.

matchday manager max preview

In developing players through training, always remember that every player has a set maximum rating and you are not obligated to push or keep them up to that point. It may take a while for you to recognize where the sweet spot is in terms of releasing your former key players to make room for better-rated ones.

Again, as we said in the previous sub-section, breaking down your old roster bit-by-bit is part of the game, so be sharp on who to release, be keen to see who will make the most sense for you to train, and change your roster as you climb divisions.

1.3 Use Scouts to Fill Holes in Your Squad

Scouting is the third option in Matchday Manager 2023 to acquire players. It runs exactly the same as how sending scouts works in Football Manager and Soccer Manager: you declare a position you need, allow scouts the time to complete their search, and then you will be given a list of prospects.

matchday manager scout selection

All prospects will meet the position you demand, but their OVR, cohesion, and versatility vary. They will all be pricier than usual, with the top recruits almost reaching the cost of buying the cash player pack from the store.

That is exactly why we specifically said to use the feature to “fill the holes” in your lineup. We mean it; only do it to fill holes in your squad. In our experience, we only felt compelled to use it twice: in search of a better goalkeeper and a defensive left winger that offers cohesion.

matchday manager scout results

The usual flow of players from the packs you can acquire for free almost dismisses the need to scout, so limit the use of this feature when you’re trying to complete or perfect the template you wish for your team.


Matchday Manager 2023 may be a “light” football management game, but selecting the right playstyle, formation, and knowing when to substitute maintains its weight of importance in winning matches. Whether you’re the kind of manager who’s contented sticking to a single strategy or the dynamic kind who makes reactionary changes, being sharp on those three things is crucial.

In this section, we are sharing details and pointers that will help you know when to select a particular playstyle, when to assume a specific formation, and whether a substitution is necessary or not.

2.1 Playstyles

There are 6 different Playstyles in Matchday Manager 2023 and despite representing actual playstyles in Football, they tend to not replicate the real-world versions accurately.

By this, we mean that up-field movement will not be morphed by your chosen playstyle. For example, when you adapt Wing Play, your squad will not aim to entrust the ball only to wingers like how things would pan out in other Football management games. In Matchday Manager 2023, the likelihood of having two or more in-field passes before a winger can touch the ball is almost guaranteed.

Playstyles generally act as a suggestion to players on how intense they must play, as suggested by the varying probabilities of sustaining injuries and acquiring cards. Apart from that, the effectiveness of each is gradually influenced by the indicated favored trait.

Here are the different available Playstyles and their key characteristics and functions:

Control Possession

matchday manager control possession

This is the first playstyle available that is unlocked by default. The characteristics fitted to it suggests why it is the most basic one of the pack: patient, technical, and balanced. Think of it as tiki-taka where there are considerably more passes before an attempt to finish is taken, with the aim being to loosen the opponent’s formation to create gaps.

Control Possession may be poised as the most basic (or lineup-friendly) option, but it is flawed. At the very early game, no players (up to green default rarity) carry the Playmaker trait. They usually come when you get access to the violets and, by the time you have such players, you would have most likely unlocked Wing Play and even High Press, two playstyles with better utility.

In the default league matches, the AI-ran teams will stick to this playstyle, so learning how to counter or at least react to Control Possession should be easy. If you will pick this as a default tactic, ensure to appoint as Captain whoever your Playmaker is to maximize its effectiveness.

Wing Play

matchday manager wing play

As we mentioned previously, Wing Play in Matchday Manager 2023 does not adhere to real-world standards. You won’t see your wingers hug their respective sidelines in a valiant attempt to deliver the ball upfield. Instead, there will be more cross-field passes from both wings, thus activating the wingers.

This cross-passing is however risky because if the receiving winger is caught in defensive traffic, the likelihood of seeing the ball go out of bounds is fairly high. If you are keen to see wingers take control of possession, you’re better off adapting a wide and loose formation with all wings loaded.

In terms of suitability, Wing Play will be a fine choice if your most developed players can play as ML or MR because they have better positioning skills, speed, and a higher chance of surviving tackle attempts. It offers the same level of intensity as Control Possession, so it serves as a good alternative when you’ve already grown tired of the default offering.

High Press

matchday manager high press

Of all the playstyles available, High Press is the easiest to take full advantage of. That is because the player trait it caters to is Tackler, which is the default trait of almost every Defender Centre.

As a playstyle that seeks to amplify the impact of Defenders, it makes the most sense to use it when you are assuming formation 5-3-2 (A), 5-3-2 (B), or 5-4-1 especially when the three DCs are Tacklers. Note that in rare cases, there may be DCs whose traits are either Deliverer or Tactician, so keep an eye on your main 11’s trait to ensure the optimal effect.

Although positioned as a defense-inclined playstyle, your team’s scoring potency will not be watered down, since a High Press will likely yield more interceptions. The more possessions you get, the more chances you have to send the ball up-field and this is utterly beneficial since the match engine is laced with rogue long-ball passes (translation: the ball goes out of bounds too often). Just be wary of the increased chance of injuries that comes with it.

Counter Attack

matchday manager counter attack

Despite its intimidating name and the mode of approach it suggests, Counter Attack fails to distinguish itself from other playstyles. Either because it’s a two-clause strategy (intercept then quick attack) or the fact that players with its favored trait, Finisher, are not available until the very late game.

In theory, it is synonymous with High Press, except with the said trait drawback. Using Counter Attack is theoretically viable if you have hybrid Midfielders who can also play as Defenders because they have decent tackling attributes, hence the chance to stop your opponent’s offense before the ball crosses your final third.

We don’t generally recommend this playstyle unless you have highly-improved defenders or you’re playing against a team with a far inferior OVR. Then again, if you have such a rating advantage, using an offense-oriented playstyle, as opposed to something reactive like Counter Attack, will easily be the better choice.


matchday manager expressive

In terms of how easy it is to maximize, Expressive acts as the offensive counterpart of High Press. That is mainly due to the fact it is ideal for Dribblers, the most common trait in the game. Regardless of which point of the game you’re at, about 75% of players possess this trait. From Strikers to Midfielders and even wing-hugging Defenders, this is the trait that you will encounter most often.

The good thing about Expressive is that, it doesn’t matter what type of formation you assume, its potency will never degrade. Dribblers can be seen actually advancing the ball up-field with lesser risky, cross-passing, regardless if they receive the ball around the infield or by the wings.

Since you can only access it once you reach account level 7, it may take a while before you can use it and that is the only drawback to consider with this playstyle. Our advice is to use it as your primary playstyle once you have unlocked it, especially since it requires the least conditions to be effective.


matchday manager compact

The last you can unlock and the only other defense-oriented playstyle. Compact, seeks to stuff your opponents’ infield movement by forming tight clusters to disrupt passing lanes. It best works with a Tactician on the pitch so deploying 1 to 2 players with the trait can apparently make the traps occur often.

Selecting a formation that can crowd the centerfield quicker will make it more conducive for Compact to work. Such formations include 4-3-3- (A), 4-5-1, 3-4-3 (A), and 3-5-2 (A). To amp it up a bit more, selecting Strengthen the Midfield as your team talk would allow your midfielders to be more active both in offense or dense.

If you will be playing with Compact, just be sure that you won’t be passive because the heightened probability of gaining cards might become an issue. Be sufficiently alert to sub-out anyone who receives a yellow card because the game does tend to pin players who are emerging with a sub-par form (2-3 stars) and if they get one booking, they’re likely to get another.

2.2 Team Talk

Half-time breaks allow you to reinforce your game plan or change your team’s focus. You can do that by choosing the right team talk to sharpen your second-half strategy.

In other games, team talks work to boost your squad’s mood or morale. Those dynamics, however, are not existent in Matchday Manager 2023. Team talks here are rather bent to enhance particular positions while giving access to varying durations of defensive and offensive boosts.

The different team talks in Matchday Manager 2023 work as follows:

Park the Bus

Enhancing your defense is the primary purpose of Park the Bus. Everyone at the defender line will try to perform better in their duties.

matchday manager tt defenders

In contrast to the real-world tactic with the same name, Park the Bus in Matchday Manager 2023 will not make your players’ up-field movement slower nor they will try to burn the clock by just passing the ball around. They will play as usual and it will neither lessen long ball passes towards the goal.

With this team talk, you receive the longest duration for a boost + player enhancement combo. You will gain access to 20 game-minutes of defensive boost whilst having 0 for offensive boost. This team talk is best to select when you have registered a 2-0 or 3-0 advantage in the first half. Note, however, that that the enhanced defenders nor the defensive boost guarantees that you can shutdown finishing attempts.

Go Gung-Ho

Offense is the focus in Go Gung-Ho as it tries to boost the performance of your players at the frontline, your Strikers. We have to emphasize the frontline part because players who can both play as a Striker and Midfielder will not be receiving the boost if they are set on the midfield.

matchday manager tt strikers

It also gives you access to an offensive boost that lasts 15 game-minutes but you will have 0 for defensive boost. Normally, this team talk is ideal to use when you’re behind in points since it is meant to enhance your primary scoring options.

Strengthen the Midfield

As the name suggests, Strengthen the Midfield aims to increase the performance of midfielders. If you are using a formation with five midfielders, there’s very little reason to not select this.

matchday manager tt midfielders

This team talk gives a balanced benefit in terms of boosts. You will gain access to 10 game-minutes for both defensive and offensive boots which makes it essentially the perfect pick if you simply want to ‘reload’ the boosts you consumed in the first half.

You Shall Not Pass

Invoking the famous line from Lord of the Rings, your goalie is the focal point of You Shall Not Pass. The enhanced goalie may not be guaranteed to stop all finishing attempts (like Gandalf did to the Balrog), but it does help in 1v1s, especially in penalty kick situations.

matchday manager tt goalie

Since it only covers one player, the boosts that come from this team talk are what makes it mildly attractive. You will gain access to 15 game-minutes of defensive boost and 10 for offensive, letting you cover more than half of the default duration of the second half.

The combination of the improved goalkeeper and a decent duration for defensive boost makes it a fine tactical choice if you notice that the other team is frequently entering your final third. If you’re using a formation with 5-defenders, You Shall Not Pass will be the better defense-inclined team talk if you’re only up by a point.

Play Reactively

If you’re satisfied with the performance of your Strikers and Defenders (which you can gauge by the number of Total Shots and Tackle Success rates, respectively), Play Reactively, should allow you to craft a strategy that can clinch the match.

matchday manager tt reactive play

This team talk does not enhance any particular position, but it combines the boost durations available for both Go Gung-Ho and Park the Bus. That’s 15 game-minutes for offense and 20 for defense.

We suggest that you only select this if you love to do sudden tactical switches and not the kind who simply watches a match as it happens. The long boosts let you outlast whatever boosts your opponents may use, making it particularly deadly for managers who can fine-tune substitutions and switch playstyles at critical moments.

Keep It Simple

As you can see in the screenshot below, all positions are lit in Keep It Simple which means the entire squad on the pitch will be enhanced. Perhaps this is why it is the last team talk that can be unlocked.

matchday manager tt simple

It acts as the direct opposite of Play Reactively because it doesn’t offer even a single game-minute of active boost. You’re basically throwing your entire trust to the game’s RNG, hoping that your improved lineup would outplay the other team.

Due to that, this is the most ideal team talk if you favor passive gameplay since you do not need to time your boost activations. The defensive line height adjustment of boosts can sometimes backfire anyway and it’s disappointing when it does; Keep it Simple saves you from those mini-heartaches!

You will know it’s a good time to pick Keep It Simple if the Total Shots (Shots on Target) and Possession rates are virtually identical. Once you’re able to build a formidable 11 and a couple of quality subs for all positions (except for the Goalie), the performance bump-up from this team talk somewhat ensures it would be hard for the other team to outplay your squad even with the help of boosts.

matchday manager cup upset

With all players on the pitch enhanced, the benefits of Keep It Simple extend even in what is considered a dreaded realm in football, the penalty shoot-out. In the match we were in for the screenshot above, our team bled to get the ball up-field as shown in the big difference in Tackle Success rates. However, when it came to the shoot-out, our goalie shine negating 2 of the first shots while everyone in our squad made their kicks.

In general, there is no best team talk because it is circumstantial; the most appropriate choice will have to consider how the match looks by half-time. To recap, your considerations should be the first-half score, how deep can your opponents get into your side of the pitch, and the difference in Total Shots, Passing Success, and Tackle Success rates.

If you’re keen to mimic our common picks, the two that we most often use are Keep It Simple and Strengthen the Midfield because the latter has access to player-enhancing boosts combined with offense + defense boost while the latter optimizes your team passively.

Just a bit of warning, when you get to the Team Talk page, it will preselect the first option, Park The Bus. So be careful when you tap your way through starting the second half.

2.3 Active Boosts

matchday manager opening boosts

There are two different active boosts in Matchday Manager 2023, Ultra Defensive (defensive boost) and All-Out Attack (offensive boost). The term “boost” may be a bit misleading because activating either does not result in an instant increase in performance on offense and defense.

In reality, an active boost simply acts as a “go” signal to your team to adjust the formation’s height. A defensive boost will bring your defender line down closer to your final third, hence giving opposing finishers difficult shooting angles, provided, of course, they won’t get outran.

matchday manager all out attack

Meanwhile, toggling on offensive boost will elevate your formation, setting the base closer to the centerline. This seeks to quicken up-field ball movement, looking to cut some time for your strikers to encroach your opponent’s penalty box.

Given that boosts do not serve an actual performance spike, you should use them carefully because they do have their respective drawbacks.

matchday manager all out attack pressure

With a higher defensive line in an All-Out Attack, you will be susceptible to Strikers and Wingers who can run fast and receive long balls and crosses. As you advance through levels and higher leagues, attackers become more deadly and these quick-run attacks become more frequent.

Ultra Defensive, for its part, will tend to get 10 of your players in your own half, so transitions to offense cannot pan out as quickly as it normally can with a neutral height/no boost. If the possession ratio reveals you are beyond 10% behind your opponent, it will not be a good idea to use a Defensive boost because you will further choke your team’s capacity to frame for finishes.

matchday manager time the boost
              Wait for your opponent’s Ultra Defensive boost to expire before activating All-Out Attack.

Another tip we can give about using boosts is that you must time them. You are not required to let the duration run out whenever you activate one. Pause them when in transition or whenever the ball goes out of bounds to conserve their duration.

Pausing is particularly applicable whenever you realize that you’ve suddenly become extra vulnerable after toggling All-Out Attack. Feel free to end the boost to reset your defensive line’s height and then toggle it back on whenever your team is able to preserve possession.

Boosts can also be used reactively and this is exactly the point of the Play Reactively team talk. Basically, this is about counter-boosting, use Ultra Defensive when your opponent presses with All-Out Attack; shift to All-Out-Attack when the other team opts to sit near their final third.

Generally, though, reactively boosting against All-Out Attack will yield better results because you are simply adjusting the height of your defensive line to apply coverage on opposing Strikers who would be situated a bit higher. Ultra Defensive boosts are better to be left to expire than react against.

Boosts are handy, but using them remains optional. You can win without using a single boost for the entire match. Knowing when to use them will be a skill that you will develop as you keep on playing because your discernment on when it’s best to apply offensive pressure or have a deeper defensive line all relies on game familiarity.

2.4 Substitutions

Matchday Manager 2023 follows the old rules where a team can have a maximum of three substitutions. In must-win matches and the score is a draw at the end of regulation, a penalty shoot-out ensues immediately. There is no extra time, so there’s no +1 substitution either.

Just like in other football games, substitutions are ideal when dealing with three things: injuries, fouls, and underwhelming performance (which may be related to fatigue or playing with poor form).

Since there is an absolute limit to the number of subs allowed, here are the scenarios where we recommend a substitution, listed in decreasing level of importance.

1. Injuries

matchday manager injured

There are two types of injuries in Matchday Manager 2023, major (cross on a red square) and minor (cross on a yellow square). Regardless of which type a player sustains, it will degrade his performance, so it is a must to bench and rest him. Sometimes, minor injuries happen but when a player insists he’s okay, you can let him stay on the pitch as long as his form does not drop to 2 stars.

2. Yellow cards

matchday manager yellow carded

Being booked with a yellow card is also part of the game; it’s uncontrollable and it simply just happens. Add to that, there is no fine-tuning control in Matchday Manager 2023 when it comes to adjusting your team’s tackling intensity. The only equivalent feature would be to switch to a playstyle with an increased or decreased chance of cards, however, it may be a counterproductive choice as it can alter your strategic template altogether. So much of a hassle just to save a player from getting another yellow card.

Our advice is to check what playstyle is in effect when a player got booked. If it says it has an increased chance of cards, consider subbing him out; if not, let the player stay. The determining factor here would be his form or performance. Instead of numbers, form is represented as stars in Matchday Manager 2023.

matchday manager performing

To show an example, the screenshot above shows Ruiz was booked with a yellow but he is performing well with a 5-star form. We did not sub him and it paid off as we eventually closed the match at 4-0 with the help of his defense.

Red cards do not suspend a player in Matchday Manager 2023, even so, it may be good to sub out a player who got a yellow because playing with fewer men in a football management game is a real disadvantage as opposed to how you can muscle things out in games where you have direct control, like FIFA Mobile or Dream League Soccer.

3. Fatigue

Fatigue is not that much of an issue in Matchday Manager 2023 as you can practically start and end with the same 11 players for up to 3 consecutive matches. After the third match, there is a chance that some players will enter a fatigued state.

When fatigued, a player cannot tap into his potential, no matter how high his OVR is. You’d be lucky if he can at least achieve 3 stars for form.

Treat it as you would a minor injury. If a player gets fatigued mid-match, you have to sub him out so he can begin recovering. Not doing so will morph his fatigue to a severe form that you need to wait out for absolute minutes or even hours, meaning the timer won’t progress even if you close the game and return at a later time.

4. Strategic switches

Sometimes, you have to switch formations to achieve better cohesion and to move your better players around. The great thing about Matchday Manager 2023 compared to other football management games is the fact that you will be offered the optimum player rearrangement when you preview or switch other formations.

Despite that, since most players are not versatile or have limited cohesion, there’s a chance that your overall team synergy will take a hit. We stand by the belief that cohesion has more weight than OVR, so the least that you can do to keep your team’s killer form is to sub out a player who can’t contribute to it when you assume a different formation.

matchday manager sent off

In worst scenarios such as red cards or major injuries, the strategic thing to do is to look for the player with the lowest OVR and in 2-3 stars form. You have to sacrifice cohesion if the player taken out has a high OVR; you must prioritize filling that void than letting a “just OK” player stay.

5. Bad form

As we briefly mentioned in the part about the Compact playstyle, the game tends to lock players when they are poorly performing in a match. Perhaps, it is the game’s way of establishing an “off night” and this only makes sense because that’s how it is in real life after all.

addressing underperformance in matchday manager

When a player only performs with 3 stars by halftime, it may be wise to bench him and let someone take his spot. His substitute, of course, should be someone who at least offers the same cohesion.

The form or in-match star rating of players is based on how many successful passes, receptions, and tackles they made. A goal would instantly make someone a 5-star. The bottom line here is to let someone with an off night just sit out, especially if there is a qualified substitute anyway.

With how Matchday Manager 2023 is structured as a “short form” football management game, it’s quite understandable to overlook the importance of substitutions. Matches have fairly short durations and it only takes three taps to skip the halftime break. Don’t get caught in the game’s haste and make lineup rearrangements when necessary.


Your team’s development is fueled by your income and by income, we are pertaining to both cash and gold coins. Earning resources in Matchday Manager 2023 is straightforward, but taking full advantage of the earning opportunities requires a certain level of focus. Below are tips and facts worth knowing to get your farming game on point!

3.1 Free Rewards

Free Rewards are hard to miss because the button to access them practically dances on the left side of the screen when the Play tab is up. The set of rewards changes, but if you’re able to sweep all 4, the amount of cash you can take will help a lot in covering player upgrade costs.

matchday manager free rewards gold

If you are able to string a few consecutive days of login and it extends to a weekend, the game will offer a generous set of Free Rewards like the one we have above. Just for a cumulative time of 2 minutes watching ads, we earned 30 gold. The set of rewards will be scaled with the league you’re in, so the deeper you are in the game, the greater the rewards become.

matchday manager free rewards timing

Each set of freebies will stay for 12 hours and their reset time (if our guess is correct) is every 8 o’clock. This may still vary depending on your local time zone. If you can only open the game once a day, you should find out what time of the day it resets for you. Ensure that you will log in at the tail end of the first set’s duration and let your playtime overlap when the second set rolls in. Eight rewards in 10 minutes? That’s possible. Now that’s efficiency!

3.2 Lucky Shot and Golden Shot

matchday manager lucky shot

In the morning reset of the game, you will be greeted by the Lucky Shot upon logging in. Six general areas of the goal correspond to six different random rewards. If you’re lucky, you’ll get some gold coins; if not, that would still be a few thousand bucks. No matter what you bag, the free currency will always be good.

matchday manager golden shot

If you manage to log in for 7 consecutive days, you will get a bonus Golden Shot. The value of the rewards here is essentially x10 of what the Lucky Shot offers and one of the grids is for a Player Pack. Mathematically speaking, the best reward is the gold coins with the Player Pack as the worse since the cash you can take will be more than what’s needed to buy a pack from the Store.

matchday manager daily rewards

Just in case you aren’t sold on why it’s good to visit the game daily, do check the image above. Daily Rewards is a separate freebie that simply activates after you take the daily Lucky Shot. If you manage the login for one straight week, it may give you the jump-start you need to re-energize your roster and stay competitive in leagues and cups.

3.3 Daily Pack

If you’re the frugal type and you don’t get enough luck each time you buy a Player Pack from the Store, the Daily Pack may be enough for you. It resets in the same hour as the Lucky Shot and when you claim it, make sure to watch the ad it comes with for a better turnout.

Whether it nets a high OVR player or not, there’s a huge chance that one or two of the draws will be duplicates of someone who is already present in your roster. Historically, for playing daily for over a month, we only got unlucky twice.

3.4 Stadium and Impact of Upgrading

Claiming the earnings from your stadium is also impossible to miss as there is a pulsing “collect now” button when you’re on the Club tab. You can claim twice per day as it shares the same cooldown with the Free Rewards. The amount of claimable cash is purely dependent on your stadium’s capacity and has nothing to do with how many fans your club has.

matchday manager stadium income

Stadium income is not the main motivation to upgrade it, as you can see in the matrix within the screenshots above, it doesn’t offer much. Upgrading your stadium is the most cash-draining and time-demanding move in Matchday Manager 2023, but it will be worth it since only through increasing your stadium’s capacity you can expand and unlock all three free-to-play training slots.

matchday manager stadium upgrade

By default, you can only train one player at a time, but the second and third slots will open once you reach a capacity of 16k and 48k audiences, respectively. The fourth slot can only be unlocked if you will be spending real currency to become a VIP.

The construction time for stadium improvements starts at 22 hours and this increases as you progress further. The good news about it is that you can chop down the waiting time bit by bit through watching ads. Alternatively, you may opt to spend Tokens to instantly finish the construction.

If you’re on free-to-play, we highly suggest taking the path of watching ads, of course. Each ad viewed will shave an hour of waiting time and you can do it up to four times.

3.5 Sponsors and Weekly Rewards

Tying up with sponsors in Matchday Manager 2023 gives you a set of quests that gets increasingly difficult to beat as you reach higher leagues. The duration is specified and fixed, but you get two options each time your club can welcome one.

selecting sponsors in matchday manager

If you’re the confident and risky kind, go for the one that does not offer an upfront reward since the difficulty of tasks would not differ that much, and the total earning potential is greater. Meanwhile, if you want something more secure, the one that offers an upfront reward should be your choice because the conditions of unlocking the tasks will be easier.

matchday manager weekly challenges

There are some more tasks present in the other tab whenever you are viewing your current sponsorship, the Weekly Challenges. The targets are steep but each bounty is pretty. Don’t feel pressured to beat them all especially if you’re just starting. It’s also quite impossible to clear these challenges organically (meaning if you’re purely on free-to-play) because there is often a task about spending xx gold coins or cash that you cannot earn just by grinding.

3.6 Participating in Cups

We deliberately used “participating” because winning cups will take a long time to happen. You will be facing other players who have been in Matchday Manager 2023 for many months already. Even if you faithfully follow the tips, tricks, and strategies we share here, it would take luck to be paired with beatable players or those who are within the range of your account level.

matchday manager cup rewards

Fortunately, you don’t need to place high up to earn something from joining cups. The benefits from doing so will be two-fold: there will be a cash reward equivalent to how well you performed and a Pro Pack just for simply participating.

Cups usually restart after every week or so and you will get access to it by around the time you reach account level 5. As long as you have joined at least one, you will permanently be “listed” to participate in the succeeding cups regardless if you play daily or not. The advantage of playing frequently will be your chance to actually play each match as opposed to just getting simulated results.

matchday manager pro pack

Either way, this is a weekly thing in Matchday Manager 2023 that you surely would not want to miss because the only other way to obtain a Pro Pack is at the end of every league. Due to fatigue build-up, you cannot grind an entire league in just a day; you’d need 2 to 3 days to finish one, so make sure to always check cup rewards to earn at least 2 Pro Packs a week.

Those are the six features of Matchday Manager 2023 that you need to constantly check to keep your club well-financed. The facts that we shared in this section are matters in the game we have keenly observed and it is our pleasure to narrate to you all the nuances, so you won’t miss anything!

Speaking of which, if you feel like you need some more tips, below are a few extras that we are happily sharing with our community.

4. Bonus Tips

Play on Weekends – If you think playing daily is too much of a chore, try your best to log into Matchday Manager 2023 every weekend at least. Usually, the Friday or Saturday of every week will feature a set of Free Rewards laced with gold coins. This one is a separate set from the one we mentioned in the subsection for Free Rewards.

matchday manager goalie trained

Train your Goal Keeper – As soon as you have two training slots, use the second one to train your goalie. See to it that he isn’t the one with the lowest OVR in your main lineup. Your goalkeeper is literally your last line of defense and keeping him sharp and competitive is your way to seal victories.

Save your game profile – The game tends to reset on random occasions. You may encounter instances that the newbie interface will greet you upon logging in. This is an alarming scenario we have encountered a few times in our gameplay experience.

matchday manager newbie

We initially thought this only happens after updates, but no. We experienced this shocker four times across two updates.

matchday manager save data

To save you from such mini-heart attacks, we recommend that you link the game data to your Facebook, Google, or iCloud accounts so you can load back your progress anytime you need it.

Don’t rush your league advancement – When you call the right shots inside and outside of the pitch, you’ll be able to push your team beyond their actual capabilities. By this, we mean that you will be able to qualify for the next league despite your team not being “ready” in terms of having a competitive OVR and limited availability of team talks and playstyles (at early levels).

matchday manager league up

In our Matchday Manager 2023 journey, we have never been relegated and only failed to advance once. While that sounds like a good thing, we missed out on trophies for the lower leagues and our win rate suffered. Our advancement often came from second-half rallies where we gain enough points to move up.

This honestly sounds ironic because, in essence, it means that you’ll be punished for being a good manager who’s able to achieve maximum progress despite the limits. While we can’t deny that, our advice is to just enjoy the journey, focus on building at least 15 players with good OVRs, and have fun mastering the game.

End training set in error early – If time is more important than currency for you, there is a way to cancel a training session when you have accidentally set it for a wrong player. Since training a player only takes 2 taps to happen, it’s quite easy to send a player to training when your plan is just to browse his stats or even sell him.

matchday manager cancel training

The trick is to sell the player while in training. Selling a player will reopen the training slot he has taken, thus letting you set the player you wanted to train. With the limited training slots in Matchday Manager 2023, this training cancellation trick might be handy, for when you can only play for a limited time each day.

This concludes our Matchday Manager 2023 guide! As a fellow manager, we dearly hope that the tricks, tips, and strategies we shared here would help you build your club to become a formidable force on the pitch.

It takes a while to be fully ready to dominate cups and emerge with a trophy as you move up in leagues, but as long as you’ll be diligent with the ads to help with training, resources, and stadium upgrades, you shall be fine. It takes work to be on the top and the information we shared here should set you on your climb to glory!

matchday manager blowout

If you’ve been playing Matchday Manager 2023 for a long time already and you have tips to share with the community, please don’t hesitate to impart to us your winning ways so we can elevate our A-games together! The comment section below awaits you, fellow managers.

matchday manager goal

As we close, we want to thank you for the time you spent reading our Matchday Manager 2023 guide and we are looking forward to seeing you succeed in your own clubs. Remember, one goal at a time to win a match; one match at a time to finish well in a league. We wish you the best in your careers!