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BitLife Woeful Wednesday Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Woeful Wednesday Challenge

It seems that BitLife has a new major update coming soon, and it’s the Landlord Expansion Pack. But while we’re waiting for that update to roll out, Candywriter has rolled out yet another new weekly. challenge for iOS and Android users alike. While recent months have seen BitLife go back to its roots and focus more on Candywriter’s original challenges that don’t riff on any pop culture property or real-life famous person in particular, this one does tip its hat to a pop culture IP…while also boasting the mechanics of those old-style challenges in terms of grinding.

bitlife woeful wednesday challenge requirements

This week’s BItLife challenge is, as the name suggests, a nod to an iconic character from the Addams Family franchise and one of the hottest shows on Netflix in recent months. The Woeful Wednesday Challenge, as such, serves as your best chance to unleash the darkly humorous goth in you, although you don’t need to worry about doing a viral dance or anything to that effect — BitLife doesn’t exactly have that capability just yet.

Go check out our BitLife mini-strategy guide for the week if you’re having some difficulty with the Woeful Wednesday Challenge — the requirements may generally seem easy, but as a word of warning, the amount of grinding required to complete them is considerably higher than it is on most previous challenges!

Cello is a Difficult Instrument to Learn

When creating a character for the Woeful Wednesday Challenge, the first requirement is, as is often the case, very simple and straightforward. Create a female character born in New Jersey, which means create one who’s born in Newark — as it seems, this is the only New Jersey city available on BitLife at the moment. You don’t need to aim for any specific Looks or Smarts stats, just as long as you stay out of trouble in school and get good enough grades so you can get into college on a scholarship.

bitlife new life

One thing you’ll also need to start doing in childhood is to start learning how to play the cello. This option becomes available once you turn 6, and even if you have God Mode enabled and Music selected as a Special Talent, it will take longer than most instruments for you to reach 100 percent mastery. What you can do here if you don’t have God Mode is to keep re-rolling for a new character until you get one whose Skill bar turns orange immediately after the first cello lesson. That likely means you’ve got Music as a hidden Special Talent.

bitlife spruce cello

As a bonus tip, it does work to your advantage that BitLife now allows you to play musical instruments on your own to hone your skills — provided the instruments don’t get damaged or broken while you’re playing them. Your parents will give you a cello right off the bat after your first cello lesson, so that should get you started early. However, expect to quit and restart the game quite a bit as your chances of damaging the cello will be exponentially higher while you’re still relatively unskilled!

You Need a Biology Degree to Become a Mortician

At first, it might seem to some that Mortician is one of those jobs in the BitLife universe that don’t require a specific degree. That couldn’t be further from the truth, as you would need to take one course in specific to qualify for an interview. Make sure to choose Biology when choosing a University course after high school, and be patient as well, because this is where the grinding starts in the Woeful Wednesday Challenge.

bitlife university application

Be prepared to see a lot of niche courses, such as Art History and Religious Studies, pop up quite frequently, and be prepared to quit the game and restart it about ten times or so, or even more — we had to do the quit-and-restart thing about 20 times before Biology finally appeared in the dropdown box for college courses! This is, of course, a longtime staple of BitLife challenges, where common events momentarily become slightly less common (or a lot less common) to make the challenge live up to its name.

But once you get in as a Biology major, you may also want to join a sorority, as this greatly reduces the chance of getting one of those job interviews with random questions. And the fact that you’re taking Biology will almost ensure that Mortician appears as one of the job options, so that’s one area where you wouldn’t need to grind that much, if at all.

Expect More Grinding as You Save Up for That Haunted Property

Unless you’re “lucky” enough to have rich and old parents (as we did in our playthrough) who leave you a ton of money when the older one dies, you may need to wait a good while until you’ve saved up enough and are earning enough to qualify for a mortgage on a property that normally costs upwards of $300,000 (but not more than $700,000-ish).

bitlife haunted home listing

The Woeful Wednesday Challenge requires that you, just like the character it was named after, live in a haunted Victorian home, but there’s a good chance you may be much older than the fictional Wednesday when everything’s said and done. Once again, patience is the key when it comes to saving up unless your folks are old and rich.

That’s only half the battle for this requirement, though, because you will also need to make sure you’re buying a Victorian home that is also haunted. Even if you’ve got a lot of money in the bank, Victorian homes won’t pop up too often in both realtor options in the Shopping section, and since this challenge is taking place with a good eight months to go before Halloween, that means haunted houses of any kind would pop up less frequently.

buying a haunted home in bitlife

Expect to quit and restart the game at least ten times (perhaps closer to 20, if we’re being honest) before you see Haunted Victorian Home among the real estate options, and if you don’t have enough to buy one outright, there is always the choice to take out a mortgage.

Scaring People to Death Should Be Saved for Last

The last part of the Woeful Wednesday Challenge is the requirement that you scare someone to death — again, this may require some repetition of certain actions until you see Scare to Death appear in the dropdown box for murder methods. But at least this won’t require quitting BitLife and restarting it — you can stay within the Crime menu and keep going back to the Murder option until Scare to Death pops up as a choice.

bitlife murder

Scaring people to death, which involves dressing like an “angry Karen” and sneaking up on your target, has a low success rate and a high chance of getting caught, based on our experience with the game. But we suggest doing this last because even if you get arrested after successfully killing someone through this method, you’ll still get credited and you’ll still complete the challenge.

Also, when choosing a target, we would suggest a random person and not any named character (friends, family, coworkers, etc.), as this increases the chances of successfully pulling off the dirty deed while also lowering the odds of getting caught.

scaring to death in bitlife

Complete this requirement and that should do it for the Woeful Wednesday Challenge, and allow you to claim your prize as usual — a new hat or eyewear in any one of the four prize chests.