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Master of Knights Tier List: A Complete Ranking of All Characters in the Game

Welcome back, anime chess connoisseurs, to my tier list for Master of Knights. In this list, we’ll be doing a quick breakdown of who’s hot and who’s not – in terms of performance, that is. While there are a lot of characters in the game (57 as of the time this was written), knights aren’t created equal, and some are inherently better than others.

master of knights tier list

Whether you’re here to get a quick overview of who might be good for your team or are here to pat yourself on the back because your husbando or waifu ranked highly on this list (honestly, tier lists are maybe 30% self-help guides and 70% for confirmation bias), I bid you welcome!

A Foreword

I always begin my tier lists with a foreword, so you’ll know what to expect going forward.

Characters will be sorted into tiers based on their class, for better organization. As a refresher, those classes are Warriors, Berserks, Archers, Wizards, and Thieves.

Characters will be evaluated based solely on their own kits – this means I won’t be taking spells into account, as those introduce too many variables to make a quick evaluation.

Characters will be sorted by a letter grade. In descending order, these are S, A, B, C, and D.

  • S-Tier characters are superb. They excel in their given role, and sometimes go above and beyond what is expected of them. There’s really no reason to not put an S-Tier character in your team.
  • A-Tier charactersare above average. While not as strong as S-Tiers, A-Tiers are usually very reliable and will serve you very well.
  • B-Tier characters are okay. Sorry to let you down on the thematic naming. B-Tiers will do a decent job, but their stats or skills usually fall through. Think of them as your rank and file office workers: they’re there to do their job, no more, no less. You won’t really go wrong with B-Tiers, but you’ll replace them very quickly when you get someone better.
  • C-Tier characters are eh. Whether it’s because of their bad stats or skills or niche use, it’s not difficult to find someone who’ll do a better job than them.
  • D-Tier characters are bleh. They usually see *some* use, but you’d have to be an expert theorycrafter or character fanatic to make them work. Avoid if you can.

Note that, as with most gacha games, rarer characters are inherently better than more common ones due to stats and skills, so don’t expect to see many rare or common heroes high up on the tier list.

Finally, note that this tier list is subjective. It was made with my experiences, input, thoughts, and opinions. Thus, it’s not an end-all, be-all tier list – none of them are, in fact, and each tier list carries its writer’s inherent bias. Take this one with a grain of salt, and either compare it with other tier lists and player input as well as your own experience!

Now, on to the tier list!

Warrior Tier List

Warriors are tough frontline fighters that usually have good HP and a skill to help themselves and/or their allies survive longer. Other warriors may eschew this path, instead choosing to use their natural bulk to brawl on the frontlines and come out on top.

AMerrow, Titania
BIfrit, Theia, Alice, Lily
CAegis, Bellatrix
DGrendel, Percival



lancelot master of knights
Insert Monty Python and The Holy Grail reference here.


  • Durable frontline tank with self-heal.
  • Also shields allies.

If you’ve read any other of my tier lists, you’ll know I’m a big fan of characters with simple but effective kits. Lancelot is one such example. His Lake’s Grace is a potent skill that both heals Lancelot and shields all other allies. Lake’s Grace also triggers after 3 attacks, further incentivizing you to throw Lancelot into the thick of the fight; thanks to his skill, he’s more than capable of keeping himself healthy while allowing allies to perform more reckless or risky maneuvers.



merrow master of knights
Don’t be salty.


  • Heals all your characters and freezes enemies.

If Lancelot’s shields aren’t your thing, give Merrow a try. Like Lancelot, Merrow is a defensive warrior who heals all allies and freezes random enemies. Which one you should use is a toss-up; I prefer Lancelot as Merrow does run the risk of overhealing while Lancelot’s shields always apply.


titania master of knights
With a shield like that, her left arm must be huge.


  • Simple defensive warrior.
  • Pre-registration reward nets you a copy of her for free (and no, you don’t actually have to pre-register)

Titania is another “simple but effective” warrior. Her Guarding Shield skill gives her some health back as well as a defense buff, making her a more solo-oriented version of Lancelot. True, she doesn’t have party-wide buffs, so you’ll need to be careful when positioning Titania as you want her to be taking the bulk of hits.

Best of all, you get one copy of her for free along with the game’s pre-registration rewards that you don’t actually have to pre-register for. Hopefully the event is still running.



ifrit master of knights
Burninate the world.


  • Bulky fighter with a small AOE nuke.
  • Nuke triggers on attacks received.
  • You can make all the “hot” jokes you want.

Ifrit is rated quite highly based on player feedback, which is a good thing. What’s not as good is the many complaints about her – yes, she’s quite strong if buffed-up, but that’s her downfall, too – without buffs, she’s just a vanilla warrior with no survivability tricks up her sleeve. Others have also pointed out that, despite the strength and constant procs of her skill, the area it hits is miniscule in both turn-based and real-time mode.


theia master of knights
Up roots and at them.


  • Delay type warrior that can shut down enemy skills.
  • Excels at 1v1 due to her skill delay ability.

Theia is…weird. There’s no other way to put it. Unlike most warriors, she doesn’t either go all-in on defense or use a nuke to try and outlast the other guy. No, what Theia has is a skill that grants her a minor attack buff while also increasing the skill activation condition of whoever she’s fighting. This makes Theia an excellent counter against tough enemies like bosses or other players that rely on a single carry. On the other hand, it makes her a bit niche. Yes, delaying skills is nice, but it’s less relevant when you’re just stomping trash mobs.


alice master of knights
No more gritty reboots PLEASE.


  • Disruptive warrior that can easily screw you over with bad RNG.

Alice is a toss-up. When she’s good, she’s very good, as her Dimensional Spell forces enemies she hits to be teleported to random locations in both turn-based and real-time combat. On the other hand, this randomness also hurts you. Random is random, after all, and you may find that Alice pulls all the enemy’s hardest hitters beside your squishiest wizards. Consider yourself warned.


lily master of knights
You’ll regret that.


  • Warrior that gets ANGRY when she takes hits.
  • Powerful self-attack buff.
  • Kind of a counterattack warrior?

While I have no clue what a “Shackle Attack Buff” is (Master of Knights is fun that way), Lily does have a monstrous self-attack buff when her skill triggers. That thing is huge, by the way, and because it triggers when Lily gets attacked 3 times, you’re incentivized to throw her into danger, pop her skill, and watch the carnage. Again – simple but effective.



aegis master of knights
Go and put on some proper armor.


  • Offensive warrior that uses a burn DoT.

Like Ifrit, Aegis prefers a more offensive approach to tanking – after all, she won’t take any damage if the enemy is dead, right?

Wrong. Unlike Ifrit, Aegis’ offensive skill is a DoT. And while DoTs in Master of Knights are admittedly potent, the fact remains that straight-up damage is a better way of putting your enemies in the ground. Who knew?


bellatrix master of knights
“I don’t wanna play with you anymore.”


  • Free starter warrior.
  • Minor attack buff to all allies when she gets hit.
  • You will replace her as soon as you get Titania.

Bellatrix serves as the freebie tank that new players get, who will then quickly be replaced when said new players find out that they have a free Titania waiting for them. It was nice knowing you, I guess.

Those who stick around to actually use Bellatrix may find that her skill is surprisingly effective on paper – each time she takes damage, she grants a minor attack buff to allies, which I believe this is cumulative, but I haven’t done the math thoroughly. Regardless, this incentivizes you to throw Bellatrix to the hounds to buff her allies, and thanks to her lack of a defensive skill and her lower rarity, won’t last long.



grendel master of knights
Monstrous? Sure.


  • Has perhaps the single crappiest skill in Master of Knights.

Grendel is ostensibly an offensive tank due to perhaps the single worst skill in Master of Knights if an ally or enemy dies, Grendel (wait for it) heals HP. No, he doesn’t get more attack, nor does he increase AP regeneration, attack speed in real-time, counters for a big amount of damage, give you free spells. No, he just heals himself. If you’re already losing, this hardly helps you turn the tables; if you’re already winning, it doesn’t help you win faster.

Hard pass.


percival master of knights
I had to open my big mouth.


  • I stand corrected.

Congratulations, Grendel, you’re only slightly less bad than Percival. Percival’s skill – get this – lets him deal a little bonus damage to stunned enemies. That’s it. No, it does not stun enemies by itself. By slotting a stunner in your team and then adding Percival for follow-up, you are actively hampering your own enjoyment of the game. Why would you do that?

Berserker Tier List

Berserkers are agile brawlers that are all about one thing, namely killing the enemy before they themselves get killed.

SRaphael, Esperanza, Prey
AVerdandi, Claudia, Vritra
CBrunhild, Tesla
DNeil, Guinevere, Herman



raphael master of knights
Be not afraid, for I come to you in the form of a hot anime man.


  • Very large party-wide attack buff.

What’s better than having one berserker to kill your enemies? Turning all your other units into pseudo-berserkers, that’s what! Raphael may not have the conventional hard-hitting skill that quite a number of berserkers have, but what he does offer is an incredibly powerful team buff. And due to most things scaling off ATK in Master of Knights, this goes beyond killing power, too.


esperanza master of knights


  • Excels at assassinating and debilitating single targets.

As of writing, Esperanza is the most used character in both the daily and weekly dungeon, for a simple reason – she hits enemies very, very hard, which makes her unmatched at melting bosses. Her Phantom Dance not only hits an enemy six times but also inflicts a massive ATK debuff, ensuring that even if the boss survives, it’ll be severely hindered on its next turn.


prey master of knights
And bird friend.


  • Pulls enemies close to her and negates counterattacks.

Prey’s Hildis’ Wingbeat skill is a good example of power creep in games – no other character has such a loaded kit as this. What the skill actually does is pull the 3 enemies with the highest attack into Prey’s range, hits them for a chunk of damage, then causes Prey to have permanent counterattack immunity for the rest of the fight.

Whether it’s for setting up kills or just wiping the floor clean with Prey (which, thanks to her own very respectable ATK, she can do handily), Prey is an easy fit for any team.



verdandi master of knights
Why do all the Verdandis these days use katanas?


  • Debuff removal, extra damage, and refreshes her own turn (do note that the extra turn still costs AP).

Verdandi is a highly versatile and mobile berserker thanks to her Second Blessing of Fate skill, which not only cleanses debuffs for herself and the lowest-HP ally within 8 tiles, but also gives Verdandi a massive attack buff AND lets her take another action. While this action does still cost AP, it allows you to make a second, amplified attack with Verdandi immediately, or reposition her to take out another enemy.


claudia master of knights
Strike well, strike once.


  • A more controlled version of Esperanza.

Claudia is basically Esperanza’s beta version. Her Cleancut skill is very similar to Esperanza’s Phantom Dance, although unlike Esperanza, Claudia will automatically target the enemy with the highest attack. Instead of an ATK debuff, Claudia inflicts a lasting stun effect, which I would argue isn’t as good in boss fights due to resistances. Still, Claudia is a fine choice.


vritra master of knights
This is the first time I’ve seen Vritra as a maid.


  • Simple but powerful attack-changing buff that allows her to scale well with more ATK buffs.

Vritra is yet another simple but effective character. All Vritra’s skill does is change her attacks to hit consecutively, meaning you get much bigger returns if you spend AP on her. She also buffs her own ATK by a small amount, but due to the multi-hit nature of her alternate attack, she scales very well with ATK buffs, not unlike Esperanza.



hildegard master of knights
“This will hurt you more than it hurts me, I hope.”


  • Utterly monstrous ATK steroid at the cost of HP.

Hildegard best embodies the glass cannon archetype – at the cost of of 40% of her health in turn-based mode (or 8% in real-time), she gains a gigantic 200% ATK buff. Yes, you read that right – she basically triples her attack. However, due to the HP cost and the mechanics of real-time mode, Hildegard usually dies pretty soon after using this skill. If you’re going to use Hildegard, try to build around her rather than just slotting her into a team.



brunhild master of knights


  • Strong attack buff but requires Brunhild to be on low health.

Like Hildegard, Brunhild sports a massive attack buff. Unlike Hildegard, Brunhild can’t pop her steroid on demand, which makes her a whole tier lower. Yes, 200% is still massive, but if you can’t choose to activate it any time, that makes it a lot less reliable and a lot more difficult to work with.


tesla master of knights
“You can’t beat me, Edison, I came back as a waifu.”


  • Minor steroid and stun attack buff.

The first question you probably asked was “Why can’t Tesla’s skill just stun the enemy in front of her?”, which is a very valid question and one I have no answer to. Character design aside, Tesla is…eh. Her ATK self-buff is pretty minor, and honestly, there’s not much else I can say about her.



neil master of knights
Is a boy.


  • At least he’s free?

Flat ATK debuff that doesn’t persist. Hard pass. Swap him out ASAP.


guinevere master of knights
Or Gwenhwyfar, as we like to say.


  • Like Grendel, but…less bad.
  • Still bad.

At the very least, Guinevere gains ATK when an ally or enemy dies, unlike Grendel’s stupid self-heal. The problem? Even if the attack buff stacks (which it does), it’s minute enough that it will rarely be the deciding factor in a battle. Take anyone else, please.


herman master of knights
Ser Giraffe.


  • Like Percival and just as bad.

Extra damage to frozen targets. Hooray. But what’s this? No inherent way to freeze enemies? Ruh-roh! And yes, you could pair him with Merrow…but honestly, there are better characters that can use her freeze. Two-digit extra damage isn’t even close to good enough of a reason to put Herman on Merrow’s team.

Pass. Then dismantle him for good measure.

Archer Tier List

Archers deliver death at a distance. Their powerful ATK is offset by their low HP and lack of defensive options, so protect them well.

ASia, Hotaru
BValkyrie, Ophelia
CHaures, Bartholomew
DGawain, Eblis, Leraje



artemis master of knights
She’s named after the goddess. She -has- to be good.


  • Powerful ATK self-buff and extra action.
  • Decent comeback mechanic if in the second half of battle.

Gimmick kits, take note – Artemis is simple but effective done right. All archers need to do is stand back and deal damage, which Artemis excels at. Deepening Moon is a powerful skill that gives Artemis another turn as well as a massive ATK buff. If you’re in the second half of a battle, it also serves as a semi-comeback mechanic as it heals Artemis for around a third of her health. That’s all you really need.

Note that like Verdandi, the extra turn Artemis grants herself still consumes AP. Like Verdandi, that’s hardly a cause for concern as Artemis is probably going to be your main DPS anyway and you’d likely feed her all your AP if you could.



sia master of knights
Free AND good? I must be dreaming.


  • Easy to build, easy to play.
  • You get a copy of her for free.

Sia is an excellent no-nonsense character that you get over the course of your journey in Master of Knights. Unlike most other free units, she’s surprisingly excellent with a respectable ATK stat and a skill that will help you against tough foes and bosses. While her skill’s damage multiplier leaves something to be desired, Sia is still a quick and easy plug-and-play unit.


hotaru master of knights
“Did someone say BOOM?!”


  • Tricky skill to set up, but great payoff.

Hotaru has one of my favorite RPG moves – the “random” hitting move that can inflict a boatload of damage if it hits the same enemy multiple times. As with other skills in the same genre, the challenge is in setting up Hotaru’s skill for maximum damage. Alternately, you can just keep firing rockets (as someone succinctly put it, “haha rockets go brrrr”) as Hotaru is also an excellent trash mob clearer. Be warned though – results can vary wildly!



valkyrie master of knights
Blücher! *horses neigh*


  • One of the few party-wide nukes albeit with a low multiplier.
  • Strips buffs.

Valkyrie is a bit of an odd duck in the archer department. She doesn’t have a massive ATK self-buff nor a big nuke. What she does have is one of the rare party-wide nukes in Master of Knights, which is quite respectable in its own way and allows Valkyrie to blitz through levels. While the damage is admittedly low, Valkyrie’s Noose of Truth does have the added bonus of stripping buffs from the enemy party, making her deadly against a buff-centric foe.


ophelia master of knights
Cry your heart out, Herman.


  • A “bonus damage on cc’d enemies” skill that’s actually good for once.

Outside of freeze comps, Ophelia is nothing special. Sure, she’s got legendary level stats, but apart from that, she’s just a big stick to beat enemies with. If, however, you put Ophelia in a freeze-centric team, she quickly shows that she’s worth her salt as she does massive amounts of bonus damage (250% ATK, in fact) to frozen targets, a far cry from Herman’s piddling two-digit bonus damage.



haures master of knights
Yes, yes, love hurts, get over it lady.


  • Decent skill let down by a longer charge time.

Haures would be higher on this list if her skill didn’t take 4 attacks to charge. It’s actually decent, too, though it doesn’t hold a candle to the likes of say, Artemis.


bartholomew master of knights
Hey sailor.


  • Let down by his reliance on poison and low attack buff.

Bartholomew is, in many ways, a much worse Artemis. His Poison Bullet skill gives him a minor attack buff (35% in comparison to Artemis’ 50%) and makes his attacks poison enemies. Yay. As I mentioned elsewhere here, DoTs are nice in Master of Knights, but it’s always more effective to just kill your enemies. I don’t want my archers to fire and wait for the enemy’s guys to drop dead, I want them to drop dead now.

Shame, as his art is really good.



gawain master of knights
I’m seeing a trend I don’t like here.


  • Yet another “bonus damage on CC’d enemy” type.
  • Worthless scrap, like the rest of them.

Like Percival and Herman, Gawain’s schtick is dealing extra damage to enemies with a specific ailment, except this time, it’s poison. This makes him equally valuable as the former two – that is to say, not at all valuable, and he should be scrapped ASAP to make way for your other knights. At least he’ll serve you somehow!


eblis master of knights
Your rarity does not save you from the bottom tier.


  • Minor self-buff that requires Eblis to be shielded at the start of the turn. Too much effort for too little payoff.

Alas, what a waste of great character art. Eblis has a skill that’s tricky to trigger (requires a shield, which few units are capable of producing or requires you to use a spell) for such a tiny payoff (10% ATK for 2 turns). Very hard pass.


leraje master of knights
Castlevania flashbacks.


  • Gets stronger when hit….
  • …but minimal payoff for such a steep activation cost.

Leraje’s gimmick is that she gains permanent bonus attack every time she gets hit. There are a lot of problems with this – unlike Lily, a warrior with almost the same skill, Leraje simply doesn’t have the bulk to tank hits and get the most out of her passive. Also unlike Lily, who gains a status buff and a big ATK buff when her revenge mode triggers, Leraje gains single-digit values of ATK each time this happens. I mean, if you want to beat her up so she gets 20 more ATK, that’s on you, but I’ll pass.

Wizard Tier List

Wizards are powerful casters with a tricky normal attack. They usually make up for this with their explosive skills.

SBaldur, Merlin, Astaroth
AVivian, Bunny Alonso, Ravel
BLachesis, Freyja, Amdusias
DNatasha, Vesta, Siena



baldur master of knights
No gates involved.


  • The best (as of writing) AOE heal.

Baldur gets to S-Tier because she’s the best in her role of designated AOE healer. That’s it. That’s the whole breakdown.

Okay, granted 15% isn’t very high, but extra non-targeted healing (on top of your spells) is always welcome.


merlin master of knights
Why are anime Merlins always so…young?


  • The best (as of writing) single-target heal.

Where Baldur goes wide, Merlin goes tall. His heal targets the most injured ally, healing them for a very hefty percentage of ATK. As I mentioned somewhere else here, most (if not all) skills scale off ATK, so you don’t need to choose between healing power and damage output. To further help survivability, Merlin also inflicts a movement debuff on 3 random foes – though strictly speaking, this is more of a bonus than the main draw of his skill.


astaroth master of knights
Rocks fall, everyone dies.


  • Great AOE nuke but requires repositioning support.

Astaroth is one of the more widely used wizards in Master of Knights thanks to her powerful, potentially team-killing nuke. What it does is drop a meteor on the enemy with the least HP; said meteor also splashes to the 8 tiles around its target. This allows Astaroth to easily achieve total party kills, but it also means that she needs careful setup. Allies and especially spell cards that can push or pull enemies (hello, Wind deck!) are her best friend – buff her up and watch the skies fall.



vivian master of knights
Ice to meet you!


  • Decently powerful AOE that also freezes.

Vivian is a worthy addition to any team thanks to her decent skill damage and freeze, but it’s in freeze comps alongside Merrow and the absolute powerhouse that is Ophelia that Vivian shines. Note that this isn’t a case of Vivian being bad without the rest of her comrades – she’s simply much better and effective with the full team. Feel free to slot her into your regular compositions; she’ll pull her own weight regardless.

Bunny Alonso

bunny alonso master of knights
I’ll be frank – I’m not actually a fan of bunny suits.


  • ATK debuff and a 2-for-1 DoT.

Bunny Alonso is a very disruptive wizard. Her Strange Hat skill is notable for its ability to inflict a slew of debuffs on all enemies – a respectable 35% ATK debuff, a burn, AND a poison. Normally, I frown on the use of DoTs as one’s main form of damage. However, in Bunny Alonso’s case, the ATK debuff is something I would already use, and the DoTs get extra mileage due to there being two of them. On top of that, since Strange Hat targets all enemies, Bunny Alonso is an excellent enabler for a burn and/or poison-based team.


ravel master of knights
Requisite floof.


  • A more plug-and-play version of Astaroth.

Ravel is, simply put, an easier version of Astaroth. While Astaroth’s damage output is unmatched in the right circumstances, Ravel’s skill is simple a 70% nuke across the whole field, no setup required. Yes, Ravel will be outdamaged by a full Astaroth setup, but sometimes you don’t want to spend valuable time setting up the meteor, you just want everything dead. Ravel’s your girl, in that case.



lachesis master of knights
Sweet dreams.


  • Synergizes well with sleep teams but doesn’t have a sleep effect herself.

Lachesis is a core character in sleep teams thanks to her nuke that targets all sleeping enemies. The trouble here is that Lachesis herself has no way to put enemies to sleep, thus necessitating teammates like Limnoria to facilitate Lachesis’ nuke. On the other hand, Limnoria plus Lachesis is a great way to clear adventure stages, and Lachesis’ skill also packs an ATK debuff that doesn’t seem to require that enemies be asleep to hit them.


freyja master of knights
Marin Karin.


  • Pop her skill and pray the debuff sticks.

As the user reviews keenly point out, Freyja is a very all-or-nothing character. When her charm debuff sticks, it’s fantastic – it forces the strongest enemy (usually a boss) to waste time attacking its teammates while making it unhealable and buffing its ATK. At worst, it does…absolutely nothing. Further complicating things is boss resistances, leading players to point out that you shouldn’t use Freyja at all in auto-battle.

In real-time combat, however, she becomes a lot more potent, as you’re usually fighting other players and thus her debuff is much more likely to stick.


amdusias master of knights
The music of Hell must be awfully dull.


  • Sleep enabler that packs a minor heal.

Amdusias is a hybrid support wizard that packs both a disable (via sleep) and a minor party-wide heal. If you need healing – but not to the extent of Baldur – Amdusias is a good idea as her sleep debuff can proactively help battles.



sinmara master of knights
We were this close to greatness.


  • Great trigger on her skill but let down by piddling returns.

Sinmara is a step in the right direction when it comes to Master of Knights’ characters that gain stacking buffs when something happens. In Sinmara’s case, she has an excellent trigger, namely whenever you cast a spell. Spells are not only powerful in their own right but are also pretty much required if you want to use the skills of a wizard-heavy team. But while Sinmara gains ATK each time you use a spell card, the payoff is unfortunately terrible as it gives flat, double-digit buffs. Alas. Still, Sinmara gives me hope that maybe they’ll release a self-buff stacker character actually worth their salt.



natasha master of knights
Here lies the challenge: waifu or meta?


  • Insignificant amounts of healing except in the very early game.

Natasha is unquestionably cute. However, her healing is super flaky. For starters, it’s a passive that triggers on her attacks. Given the wizard class’s very restrictive movement and consequently attack tiles, proccing Solar Flower is going to be inconsistent. But when you do get it go off, the amount of HP it heals is utterly pathetic. Sorry Natasha, but I need someone who can actually keep my guys alive.


vesta master of knights
She looks like something from the old Mario games.


  • Yet another crappy comeback mechanic.

Once again, we have a unit that does -something- when something happens. This time, it’s when your opponent activates a spell. If you’re consulting this tier list, you probably know how central spells are to Master of Knights and how powerful they can be. Vesta proposes to discourage your opponent from casting spells by (get this) gaining a stacking single-digit attack buff every time they do so.

Amazing. Amazingly bad, that is.


siena master of knights
Another one? Really?


  • Yet another “more damage if condition character”.

Great character design aside, Siena is a yet another one of those “do extra damage to enemies if they’re under a specific debuff”, in her case, burn. See the other samples like Gawain, Herman, Percival, and Sylph.

Thief Tier List

Thieves are specialists that can weave in and out of battle with ease and strike enemies from odd or unexpected angles. They often have tricky and disruptive skills that help you turn

BLilith, Limnoria, Lucifer
CSuzaku, Dryas, Nocturne
DCrocell, Achilles, Sylph



mikoto master of knights
AP economy.


  • Skill not only gives her an extra action but also gives you 2AP to spend freely.
  • Decent attack buff.

Mikoto hits hard but, more importantly, is especially notable for her skill that not only gives her an extra action but also an ATK buff. Oh, and she gives you 2 extra AP for the turn, meaning that even after you choose to move Mikoto again (and you don’t have to) you still have 1 extra AP for someone else. Extra turns in a turn-based game are always incredible boons, and nobody else can do what Mikoto does.



sonia master of knights
The traveling performer.


  • Strips buffs from enemies.
  • Buffs her allies.
  • Requisite cute music girl.

Sonia’s claim to fame is her buff-stripping and buffing effect. Thanks to the thief class’s large attack area, Sonia can easily maximize her damage output and buff removal while simultaneously giving her allies a respectable attack buff. One could argue that she can replace Raphael in team compositions, and I can see that – especially if it’s more important for you to hamper your foe than buff your own units.



lilith master of knights
More than just a pretty face.


  • Disruptive AP reducing skill.

Lilith is okay. Her skill does decent damage and allows you to snipe weaker enemies, but it’s the AP reduction/attack speed reduction you really want. 3 AP or a 55% attack speed debuff is very large and will make a difference no matter which battlefield Lilith is fighting on.


limnoria master of knights


  • Field-wide sleep/stun.

The damage on Limnoria’s skill may be lacking, but she’ll often be a key member in rushing down any mode where you’re fighting a ton of trash mobs. Aside from that, there’s not much to say other than she enables quite a bit of shenanigans (see Lachesis). Cute character design, though.


lucifer master of knights


  • AOE skill on his attack tiles.

Lucifer is a rare case of a simple but effective thief. His no-frills kit is surprisingly effective in spite of its average multiplier; this is thanks to the thief class’s attack tiles



suzaku master of knights
I, too, had an edgelord ninja OC phase. Don’t @ me.


  • Disappointingly low damage and vanilla kit compared to other legendary thieves.

Suzaku is just…well. He’s not awful, but he’s not great, either. Compared to other legendary thieves, his kit is lackluster – a double attack with a burn debuff. The damage multiplier isn’t high, it only hits one target, and hoo-ray, it adds a DoT. There are way more interesting thieves to pick from, and it’s not hard to find someone that just straight-up outdamages him (*cough* Lucifer *cough*)


dryas master of knights


  • Great PvE ability hampered by the fact that it’s a mode-type skill that requires activation.

Dryas would be higher on this list if only her ability was a passive. Free movement and sleep attack? Fantastic. Needing to charge up 3 turns to actually get her to do something useful? Not so fantastic.


nocturne master of knights
Captain Crazy-Eyes himself.


  • AOE nuke with DoT-focused damage.

Take all my complaints about DoTs (slow and inherently worse than just straight-up killing enemies) and slightly hash them out and you get Nocturne. Nocturne isn’t awful, he’s just outperformed by a lot of characters. Still, he -may- have some application in the future when a poison team becomes viable as his attack tiles can infect up to 5 enemies with poison at once. Until then though, you’re better served by somebody else.



crocell master of knights
Haures has low standards.


  • King of scratch damage, and that’s not a good thing.

Crocell’s gimmick is that he hurts enemies in his attack range after he moves. Sounds good, until you realize that the damage he does with this isn’t enough to put the smallest dent in the enemy team. Yay, 11 damage! How much HP do moves have again? Around 800? Oh. How often can you move again? …that’s what I thought.


achilles master of knights
How dare you stand where he stood?


  • Only slightly more useful than Crocell, not that that’s saying much.

Achilles also tries to get in on the “effect when moving” gig that Crocell’s got going. While his version is admittedly more useful with an ATK debuff, there are way better thieves that deserve a spot on your team. “Better than Crocell” isn’t exactly high praise, either.


sylph master of knights
“Great! I’ll grab my stuff!” / “There is no time. Your sword is enough.”


  • Yet another tiny “bonus damage to enemy afflicted by a certain CC character.”

See Herman, Percival, and Gawain. Fit only for the scrap heap.

Make Your Own Judgment Calls

Ultimately, gacha games should be played how you want to play them, not blindly following someone else’s instructions. Do what you want and play who you please. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find a way to make the characters I dislike usable – outside of scrapping that is.

That concludes my tier list for Master of Knights, and once again, this list is formed out of my own experience, opinions, input, and yes, biases. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this list, feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below!


Saturday 25th of November 2023

Hands down the best guide I've seen, with every character covered and reasons for why each character was placed in each tier. Well done.