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Dragonheir: Silent Gods Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Get Stronger

Almost a millennium ago, dragons ruled the world. But their time has long passed. Look around you at this desolate hellscape and tell me that hope is alive and well.

No, really, tell me that, because I’m not having any of this grimdark crap.

dragonheir silent gods guide

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is a fantasy RPG game that places you in the shoes of a mysterious soul who fuses with a shard of the Child of Chaos and is tasked with repairing the world. You’ll meet brave and powerful companions, find legendary equipment, beat up gods and would-be gods, and roll dice, because the days when I had to explain what a d20 is are long gone.

dragonheir silent gods passed
Now where have I seen this before…?

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. You can also get it on PC via a standalone client on their website or via Steam or the Epic Games store (though release on these storefronts is slated for late October). And just to clarify, I’ll be using screencaps from the PC version, but you should be able to follow along easily no matter what device you’re playing on!

Dragonheir: Silent Gods has a lot of elements in common with a lot of mobile RPGs, and if you’re a veteran of those games, you’ll have no problem fitting right in.

If, however, this is your first foray into the mobile RPG genre, then I bid you welcome to this Dragonheir: Silent Gods beginner’s guide that will hopefully teach you the ropes on how to get around and how to get stronger.

In this beginner’s guide, we’ll be covering:

  • Heroes – who they are, what they can do, and most importantly, how to read and understand them so that you can build your dream team.
  • Building up your heroes – it’s not enough that you can analyze your heroes, you also need to be able to make them stronger.
  • Economics – games like Dragonheir: Silent Gods often have a ton of resources that players will need to master, so we’ll talk about where and how to get these materials.
  • Mastering combat – Dragonheir: Silent Gods uses a real-time grid-based battle system and understanding the system’s intricacies will bring you a step closer to victory.
  • The gacha system – yes, this is a gacha game. Knowing what your pull options are, how to spend your currency, and most importantly, where to get free stuff is vital for success.

Heroes 101

The very first thing you need to know in Dragonheir: Silent Gods is how to read your heroes. By understanding stats, skills, and so on, you’ll be able to quickly break down heroes and analyze if you want them or not as well as find key places where you can boost a hero’s performance.

Quick Tips:

  • Each hero has stats that you can preview on their page.
  • Each hero has a rarity. In descending order, these are Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common. In general, the higher a hero’s rarity, the better it performs.
  • Heroes have three skills: one passive, one battle skill that they use automatically, and an ultimate that you can fire once they’ve accumulated enough energy.
  • You can tap on a skill’s icon to get more info on it – most importantly what stat it scales off of.
  • A few heroes have a captain skill, which is essentially a passive aura. Heroes with these skills are usually more valuable than their peers thanks to the extra bonuses they confer just by existing. Note that a hero’s captain skill is usually locked via star rating, meaning you’ll need to break that hero’s level cap a certain number of times before the captain skill is unlocked.
  • Your avatar also has access to a powerful and useful mastery skill, which is triggered manually in combat.
  • Heroes belong to one of six elements; these elements are divided into three teams. The more heroes of one team there are in your active party, the more bonuses they get. Note that teams are reshuffled after each season.
  • Heroes belong to a class, which helps you get an idea of what their role in combat is. Note that there are sub-classes that can be viewed by tapping on the class of the hero in question (i.e., go to their page and tap on their class) but we won’t discuss those for brevity’s sake.

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Hero Stats

Heroes in virtually every RPG are defined by their stats, and Dragonheir: Silent Gods is no exception.

dragonheir silent gods hero
Behold, numbers!

A hero’s stats can be previewed by tapping on them on the hero screen. To the left will be their model, and to the right will be their stats. The stats in Dragonheir: Silent Gods are as follows:

  • HP – how much damage this hero can take before it goes down.
  • Attack – attack power. Mostly this is used for normal attacks and skill multipliers, though note that skills can and do scale off various stats.
  • Defense – defense power. The more of this a hero has, the less damage they take from attacks.
  • Enlightenment – affects derivative damage, which is a multiplier used by some skills. A higher Enlightenment value raises derivative damage by a percentage. In other words, skill efficiency.
  • Crit Rate – the chance that an attack will do more damage…
  • Crit Damage – …and how much bonus damage that attack will do. Some basic math here – crit damage is the bonus percent of damage an attack does on top of its base damage; an attack that would do 100 damage with 50% crit damage does 150 damage.
  • Accuracy – affects the chance of landing debuffs or dispelling buffs. Any time a skill rolls dice for its effect, a higher accuracy helps edge that roll in your favor. Conflicts with Resistance.
  • Resistance – decreases the chance of being hit with debuffs or having your buffs dispelled. Essentially raises the DC (difficulty check) of an enemy’s dice rolls against you.
  • ATK Interval – how often this hero performs a normal attack. Lower is better!
  • Skill Haste – a percent-based effect on cooldown acceleration.

If you ever need a refresher on what stats do, you can tap on any of them to bring up an explanation window.

Keep a hero’s role in mind when building them up later. For example, DPS units will want more offensive stats like Attack, Crit Rate, and Crit Damage while bulky tanks will want more survivability to shield their allies better.

dragonheir silent gods bonus
A tank like Forbrit only really needs HP and DEF. A bit of accuracy will help him too as his ultimate skill packs a stun.

Note that stat boosts gained from food, equipment, and other external factors will show up as a yellow number beside the stat they affect. You can tap “Summed View” at the bottom of the stat screen if you want to see the net effect of all buffs on a hero.

Hero Rarity

Heroes also have a rarity. In descending order, these are Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common.

dragonheir silent gods legendary heroes
Not created equal.

As a rule, the higher a hero’s rarity, the better its performance. However, due to the scarcity of pulls, even Rare heroes are well worth using.

Hero Skills

All heroes have access to power skills which often define them and are often the first consideration when selecting a hero.

dragonheir silent gods skills
You can tap on each skill to see what it does.

Heroes have three skills: a passive skill, a battle skill, and an ultimate.

  • Passive skills are, just as their name says, passive. These can vary wildly but often deal with buffing the hero either in specific circumstances or throughout the battle.
  • Battle Skills are used automatically by a hero whenever they’re off cooldown. These skills have both an Initial and a Complete Charge Time. The Initial Charge Time only applies to the first time that skill is used; for example, a skill with 2 seconds Initial Charge Time is used 2 seconds after a battle starts. After that, the skill can be used after its Complete Charge Time is completed.
  • Ultimates are powerful skills that define a hero. A hero’s ultimate is also subject to Initial and Complete Charge Times and must be manually triggered by the player.

You can tap on a skill’s icon to get more information on it…

dragonheir silent gods fireball
So, no, I don’t have to build enlightenment, just Attack.

…most importantly what stat that skill scales off of.

Note that there are also captain skills that are essentially auras. Only some heroes have these, but that makes these heroes much more valuable as they make your team stronger just by existing.

dragonheir silent gods captain
Like this.

However, captain skills are often locked behind level limit breaks. In the image above, the skill unlocks at 2 “stars”, meaning we’ll need to level limit break Heksandra once to unlock her captain skill.

dragonheir silent gods mastery skill
Unlimited power!

Finally, there’s also a mastery skill that is exclusive to your character. This is toggled separately in battle (tap the icon on the right side when it fills up) and has a powerful effect (damages all enemies and shields allies based on their max HP), so don’t discount the power of the protagonist!

Hero Equipment

Heroes also have seven equipment slots that can be filled to boost their stats.

dragonheir silent gods hero equipment
Count ‘em.

Note that the artifact, positive, and negative rune slots are unlocked by raising a hero’s star rating, which we’ll talk about later. Equipment can also be refined, which we’ll also discuss in the next major section. For now, focus on filling up the equipment slots of the heroes you use – some bonus stats are better than none at all!

Hero Elements

Each hero also belongs to one of six elements. While there’s no rock-paper-scissors system with the elements in Dragonheir: Silent Gods, there are formation bonuses for assembling teams of heroes with the same element. Due to how many elements there are, elements can be separated into three teams. As of writing (October 2023), these teams are Fire/Poison, Lightning/Radiance, and Ice/Necrosis. According to in-game sources, elemental team compositions are shuffled per season.

dragonheir silent gods element
The outer wheel may turn.

Your key takeaway from this is that using heroes that belong to the same elemental faction triggers powerful bonus effects. 3 heroes of the same faction gives a 30% ATK/DEF boost, while 5 heroes of the same faction triggers special effects that can be unlocked in the Psychicore (which you’ll unlock as you play).

Uniquely, your character can switch freely between the Fire, Lightning, and Ice elements meaning that they’ll almost always be able to trigger a formation bonus.

Hero Roles

Each hero belongs to a certain role, which helps you break down what its intended role in combat is. No one can be a master of everything, after all!

dragonheir silent gods role
Knowing a hero’s role also helps with quick teambuilding and theorycrafting.

The roles in Dragonheir: Silent Gods are as follows:

  • Defense heroes are dedicated tanks who excel at keeping their allies alive.
  • Support heroes offer buffs to their friends and debuffs to their foes.
  • Frost heroes excel at not only inflicting frost but also capitalizing on that status ailment, whether it’s via debuffs or more damage.
  • Dauntless heroes are powerful auto-attackers who are capable of constantly outputting excellent damage throughout a fight.
  • Poison heroes don’t just make their enemies sick, but also leverage that ailment to powerful effect.
  • Wild heroes are chaotic spellcasters whose skills have a chance to empower both their own damage as well as that of other Wild teammates.
  • Rally heroes are disciplined fighters who can consume Rally charges that they generate to empower the effects of their skills.
  • Summon heroes rely on their minions to get the job done. Some summoners also have moves that allow them to empower or even sacrifice their minions for various benefits.

Note that there are also several sub-roles, such as Damage, Spirit Control, Empower, and so on that further define a hero’s role. However, for brevity’s sake, we won’t discuss them here.

Strengthening Your Heroes

Now that you know how to read your heroes, it’s time to learn how to build them up. Knowledge is power, yes, but physical power is equally important. Let’s talk about your various options when it comes to strengthening your heroes – that way, you don’t get your butt kicked as soon as you make landfall on the Material Plane.

Quick Tips:

  • Always level up your heroes as high as you can. Levels don’t give fantastic stats but will form the basis for your growth.
  • Certain levels require elemental gems to be sacrificed to break that level limit. The higher the level, the more gems you’ll need.
  • Each level limit break adds one pip to a hero’s rating. These pips unlock certain features, such as captain skills and additional equipment slots.
  • You can sacrifice skill scrolls to boost a random hero skill.
  • Skill scrolls are quite rare (at least in the early game) if you don’t want to pony up money. Exercise prudence when deciding who to use them on.
  • The protagonist is a happy exception to this rule as they use the exclusive Adventurer Scrolls that are acquired from quests.
  • Equipment can be further upgraded and refined, boosting its stats and potentially granting it substats.
  • Equipment can be crafted at your forge at your camp.

Leveling Up

The simplest way of strengthening your units is by leveling them up.

leveling up in dragonheir silent gods
Basic building blocks.

Each level slightly bolsters a hero’s stats. While they’re not amazing, levels do provide a solid foundation for a hero’s growth. It also helps that levels are an easy and deterministic way of getting stronger, so try to level up everyone that you’re using.

You get experience points from fighting, but it’s much easier to chug experience potions. Note that as a new player, you have limited access to the Clepsydra Torrent event which lets you reset heroes – more on that in the “The Economics of Adventuring” section.

Surpassing Level Limits

It’d be much too easy if you could level up without limits, so of course they put stopgaps. Every so often, you’ll need to sacrifice elemental crystals matching a character’s element to increase their level cap and allow for further growth.

dragonheir silent gods lady of flame akara
So we walk into her volcano, beat her up, and take her stuff. I believe that’s called armed robbery.

Elemental gem dungeons become available as you progress through the story. Don’t mindlessly farm these – wait until you have heroes you like, then farm the elemental gems you’ll need to progress. Note that the higher a hero’s level, the more gems you’ll need, and the rarer the required gems will be.

Each time you break a hero’s level limit, they’ll gain a…star, for lack of a better word.

dragonheir silent gods star
These things.

You’ll need these “stars” to unlock specific features, such as that hero’s captain skill and additional equipment slots.

Skill Levels

Skill levels are another elementary way of boosting hero power in any RPG, though in Dragonheir: Silent Gods, this comes with a lot of caveats.

dragonheir silent gods skill up
Simple? No.

To increase a skill’s level, you need to sacrifice skill scrolls matching that hero’s rarity. The main character is special in that they use Adventurer Scrolls instead of any other scroll. Feed them these scrolls, and presto, you get a random skill increase.

Here’s where things get really bad. While you can earn Adventurer Scrolls just by completing the main quests, other heroes aren’t quite as lucky as skill scrolls, at least in the early game, are quite rare, with the most reliable source I’ve found being the cart shop back at your camp. Due to this, I suggest extreme prudence in deciding who you want to spend your skill scrolls on.


We talked briefly about the importance of equipment. Now let’s take an in-depth look at the stuff.

dragonheir silent gods gear
Tools of the trade.

First off, equipment isn’t a one-and-done deal. After you’ve equipped a piece of equipment, you’ll want to refine it to improve its base stat bonus and grant it substats – extra bonuses apart from its main stat.

dragonheir silent gods refine
Shabby, but it will have to do.

Refining is easy – just tap the equipment in question and tap the refine button. Pay the gold, and bam, refined equipment.

To get more equipment, you’ll need to gather materials in the wild. In the early game, that’s iron ore. Pick up a bunch of the stuff, go back to camp, tap on your forge, and smith items. As you progress through the game, you’ll eventually unlock better, rarer gear, but as a beginner, just focus on getting everyone outfitted with fully refined common gear. The extra stats make a huge difference.

The Economics of Adventuring

Of course, all these upgrades don’t pay for themselves. Materials will need to be gathered, equipment needs to be sourced, and gold needs to be earned. Here are just some of the ways to get more resources in Dragonheir: Silent Gods.

Quick Tips:

  • I’ve included a reference sheet for common materials that you’ll be using in the early game and where to get them.
  • Tapping an item brings up a popup window that shows where to get more of that item.
  • Progressing through the game unlocks various dungeons and challenges that can be cleared to gain resource rewards. The first of these is the Goblin Lair, which gives you experience potions that you’re probably sorely in need of at this point.
  • Always make sure to burn through your stamina.
  • Make sure to clear your daily commissions and quests. Pulls are surprisingly rare in Dragonheir: Silent Gods so you’ll need to maximize what you get.
  • Adventure quests serve as milestones to ease you into the game’s core loop and offer a hefty chunk of resources too.
  • Complete the beginner “Getting to Know Adenthia” quests to get even more starter resources.
  • The Battle Pass gives out resources even if you don’t pay for it.
  • Exploring the world can yield some nifty rewards. You can pick up stuff from the ground and solve puzzles in the overworld for more rewards.
  • You can steal from NPCs for a quick cash infusion. This requires a Dex roll, and failure increases the awareness bar. Once this is filled up, you’ll be forced into a confrontation with the NPC and one last Cha save. Either way, a full awareness bar means you can’t steal from that NPC again for a while.
  • Use the Clepsydra Torrent beginner event to recycle leveling materials from heroes you don’t use. Resources saved are resources earned!

Material Reference Sheet

If you’re already comfortable with the gameplay of Dragonheir: Silent Gods and just want a quick reference sheet to find out where to get the stuff you need (at least in the early game), look no further:

ResourceWhere Do I Get More of It?
GoldBeating up monsters, quests, random drops in the world, puzzles. It’s hard to -not- find gold.
Experience PotionsRandom drops in the world, quests. Can be reliably farmed in the Goblin Lair.
GemsClearing the relevant trial dungeon.
Skill ScrollsQuests (Adventurer Scroll only), the cart, events, and promo codes.
EquipmentForged at the crafting bench. Higher rarity gear can be bought from the cart once it’s upgraded.
Forging MaterialsPicked up from the ground.
IngredientsPicked up from the ground.

In addition, if you’d rather not consult this page, you can tap on any item in the game and the popup window will show you where to get more of that item.

Dungeons and Challenges

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock challenges and dungeons that will serve as a good source of common materials you’ll need.

dragonheir silent gods rift
Always check your journal and burn through your stamina!

The first dungeon you’ll run across is the Goblin Lair. This is a very important early dungeon as it nets you experience potions that are very few and far between until this point.

dragonheir silent gods goblin
The only good goblin is a goblin that drops exp potions when killed.

As you’ll notice after you’ve cleared the Goblin Lair a bit, you’ll gain access to harder challenges once you’ve completed the previous difficulty with a 3-star score. Higher difficulties award you with more of the resource in question but be sure you’re up to the challenge.

Make sure to always burn your stamina – stamina unspent on resource dungeons and challenges is stamina wasted!

Dailies and Achievements

Don’t forget to complete your daily commissions and quests. While they don’t give out much (and no, there’s no mobile game that will make you rich just by doing dailies), what they do give out -is- important.

dragonheir silent gods dailies
Gold and some pulls. You don’t want to miss on those pulls, do you?

Bear in mind that each 24-hour period only gives you 4 commissions; do try to complete them all as you get a healthy amount of gold, and more importantly, one free pull. Pulls are startlingly rare in Dragonheir: Silent Gods, so seize every opportunity the game offers you.

While we’re on the topic, don’t forget to do your adventure quests. These quests serve to ease you into the game by pushing you to complete certain milestones – milestones that will make the game easier and get you accustomed to the game’s loop.

dragonheir silent gods adventure
More rewards, but not repeatable.

Oh, and they give out much better rewards, so do try to clear them.

Getting to Know Adenthia

No, this isn’t some kind of romance quest. Adenthia is the world itself, and “Getting to Know Adenthia” is a series of quests intended to help you get used to Dragonheir: Silent Gods. Tap the “Getting to Know Adenthia” banner in the upper right of the screen to access your beginner tasks.

dragonheir silent gods adenthia
Please do these.

Just like adventure rewards, Adenthia’s beginner quest line will help you ease into the game by giving you objectives you’ll need to clear to redeem your rewards. Each time you complete a task for Adenthia (as shown on the page), you’ll earn some points; accumulate enough points and you’ll be able to get a reward. Be sure to tap the rewards in the panel on top of the screen to claim them!

The Battle Pass

As with most modern games, Dragonheir: Silent Gods comes with a battle pass, and yes, it’s got a paid and free version.

dragonheir silent gods battle pass
Tap here.

Even if you don’t intend to buy the battle pass, be sure to tap the Walker’s Trails button in the menu to claim your free battle pass rewards!


Mobile games like Dragonheir: Silent Gods usually keep their playerbase engaged via multiple events – sometimes even simultaneous ones! These events are a great way to score some extra resources and earn some basic materials that you’ll need to ensure your quest for the shards is a smooth one.

dragonheir silent gods event
Always check this screen!

Get into the habit of opening the event screen as, unlike other games, Dragonheir: Silent Gods does not automatically give you login rewards. Consecutive logins net you big bonuses on days 7, 14, and 30, so if you’re in for the long haul, try not to miss your daily login.

Digging Up Treasure

As you explore the world of Dragonheir: Silent Gods, you may occasionally find goodies in the world. These will be depicted by a hand icon on the overworld.

dragonheir silent gods treasure
Crazy the things people leave lying around.

Be sure to explore every nook and cranny of your various environs. You won’t find anything amazing by picking up treasure, but it’s a good source of important resources, like experience potions. Of which you will need a ton.


You’ll sometimes find puzzles on the world map. These can range from simple – such as answering questions (RPG rule: always be sure to say what you think the other party wants to hear) to solving more complex fare.

dragonheir silent gods puzzle
Just pick the most nonsensical answer. They like that.

In either case, you’ll want to go out of your way to clear these puzzles as the rewards they offer are often worth your time.


Exploring can also find some NPCs. While some of them are perfectly friendly people, others provide an opportunity for, shall we say, financial gains.

dragonheir silent gods steal
We do a bit of skullduggery.

To steal from an NPC, tap the Steal button when it appears below the dialogue options. This will open their backpack and show you the items available to steal. Note that this is just looking at their stuff and not a crime – actually stealing an item requires you to drag it to the bottom (to your woefully treasure-starved hands) and make a Dex check. The more valuable the item, the higher the DC of the theft check. Note that it’s not just overworld NPCs you can yoink; shopkeepers in towns and other settlements are targets too!

dragonheir silent gods yoink
If you can’t stop me from taking your stuff, it was never yours to begin with.

Note that failing the Dex roll raises the awareness bar (the yellow bar at the top of the screen) a bit – fill it up all the way and you’ll be forced into a confrontation with the NPC, where you can make one last Cha save to (I assume) avoid combat. In any case, a full awareness bar means that the NPC is wholly suspicious of you and you won’t be able to steal again from them for a while.

Clepsydra Torrent

As a new player, you’ll also gain access to the Clepsydra Torrent event.

dragonheir silent gods clepsydra torrent
Quite a mouthful, no?

This event allows you to reset characters back to level 1, free of charge while returning all spent materials on them. Be sure to use this liberally to try out different teams and redistribute experience at the end and remember that resources saved are resources earned!

Mastering Combat

Now that you know how to read your heroes, how to make them stronger, and where to get the stuff you need to make them the best they can be, it’s time to get to the meat of the game – combat. Combat in Dragonheir: Silent Gods is done automatically, and it’s very similar to games like Blue Archive. If you’re still struggling with it, though, or want a few extra pointers on how to make battles smoother, let’s sit down and talk tactics.

Quick Tips:

  • While you can’t do much to control the flow of battle, you can get a lot of information from watching and tapping the right menus, such as buffs and debuffs, boss passives, and most importantly boss skills. When you run against a tough foe that you can’t seem to beat, it may be wise to analyze these pieces of information to help you counter their plays.
  • A good formation works wonders. Try to aggro as many enemies with your bulky frontline fighters while leaving your squishier damage dealers and supports in the back.
  • Note that some fights start with you in a besieged position where enemies can come from multiple directions. You’ll need to come up with a good counter-tactic to fight your lousy starting position.
  • Always check new battlefield features as these can make battles significantly easier or harder. If you see a new element at the start of a battle, tap it to see what that environmental effect does.
  • When you run across new enemies, tap them to learn more about their skills.
  • Study up on your units’ ultimates. Learn whether they affect an AOE around themselves, a targetable AOE, a single enemy, and so on.
  • Ultimates take time to charge, so don’t be afraid to hold on to them if you think they’ll make more of an impact later in the fight.
  • The yellow bar underneath a hero’s health is their ultimate bar; you can refer to this instead of checking their portrait to see if their ultimate is ready.
  • Don’t forget to pack and use consumables!

Battlefield Information

Combat in Dragonheir: Silent Gods is automated. Both your units and the enemy’s units will attempt to engage with and fight each other until one team is left standing.

dragonheir silent gods fight

Because of this, it’s important to realize that yes, you actually do have options in combat. By checking information and monitoring the ebb and flow of battle, you can time your ultimates better and evaluate your team’s performance.

You can see buff and debuff icons (in red and blue, respectively) on any character on the battlefield. These effects are indicated by icons on top of their heads. However, just looking at these icons may not be enough information. You can also tap on the two pages on the upper right of the screen to get a more detailed readout of the status effects that each fighter has – this can help you, say, if a powerful boss buff is getting your butt flattened over and over.

dragonheir silent gods status
Knowledge is power!

This is doubly important when fighting powerful bosses, such as the Child of Chaos at the end of the prologue. You may have noticed that debuffs don’t work on it; if you took the time to analyze its passive skill, you’d have an early warning.

dragonheir silent gods chaos
Tap the “P” button in a boss’s portrait to see their passives.

Finally, pay attention to boss bars. Bosses also gain ultimate energy when they fight you, and at certain energy thresholds (i.e., when the bar touches the icon) they’ll unleash a powerful skill.

dragonheir silent gods chaos 2
Plan your heals around these bursts of damage.

You can tap on the boss’ skill icons to see exactly what it will do when it accumulates enough energy. Remember – forewarned is forearmed!


One thing you can control in combat is your formation. A good formation can turn the tide, while a bad formation can get the crap beaten out of your supports before they can even lift a finger!

dragonheir silent gods formation
Tank in front, DPS behind, supports even further back.

A good general rule is to put your tanks and bulky fighters in front. As you move a character around on the board, lines will appear to indicate which enemies will aggro them. Ideally, you’ll want your tanks to attract the most amount of aggro.

Behind your tanks should be your melee DPS fighters – this way, they’ll engage foes while the tank ties them up. Finally, your backrow should be made of your squishier ranged heroes and supports.

Do note, however, that not all fights will go as smoothly as they first seem. Some fights have enemies sieging your position, meaning that they’ll come from multiple angles and sometimes, they’ll even start right beside your units, forcing you to think creatively.

Bonuses and Hazards

Battlefields aren’t always static fields. Occasionally, you may run into both buffs and hazards that you’ll need to maximize and avoid (respectively) to have a better chance of winning.

dragonheir silent gods tornado
In English – enemies will probably use this to fly to my backrow, meaning that my supports and squishy units need to be more careful.

Be sure to tap on any unfamiliar features that appear when a battle starts and take advantage (or be cautious) of how they’ll affect the upcoming skirmish.

Facing New Foes

You’ll inevitably run into stronger and more fearsome foes as your journey for the shards goes on. Whenever you meet a new foe, it always pays to tap on it before the battle starts to get a preview of what it can do.

dragonheir silent gods train
Training mode will hammer this lesson into your head.

By reading up on a new foe, you can save yourself a lot of pain by countering its skills from the get-go.


We talked briefly about ultimates in the Heroes 101 section and how you can manually activate these powerful effects. However, there’s more to ultimates than just going cowabunga any time they’re off cooldown.

dragonheir silent gods ultimate
Non-flexible targeting.

The first thing you need to consider is an ultimate’s range. This can be viewed in said ultimate’s panel, with the range usually being dependent on a hero’s weapon. Forbrit, for example, affects enemies in a large cross-shaped AOE, but as he’s the center of said AOE (refer to the image above), he can’t flexibly target it. It takes some getting used to, but as a general rule, if a hero is inside the AOE of their ult, they can’t adjust the targeting. Remember – while it may not look like it, Dragonheir: Silent Gods is a grid-based game!

Secondly, you need to consider an ultimate’s Initial and Complete Charging Time. As ultimates are very powerful, they take quite a bit of time to recharge. Use your ultimates judiciously and don’t be afraid to wait for opportune moments to unleash them.

dragonheir silent gods charging time
The end of the bar is notably yellower and brighter.

Lastly, you don’t have to keep looking at the lower right panel to see if a hero’s ultimate is ready. Instead, pay attention to the yellow bar below their health – that’s their ultimate charge.

Don’t Forget About Consumables!

Never underestimate the power of a good consumable item. While you may have already cooked (or stolen, I’m not judging) a ton of healing items, it’s equally important to always have buff food on hand – you’ll need every advantage in combat, after all!

dragonheir silent gods food
Sure, the description makes it sound good, but I guarantee you’ll be coughing up your lungs for hours afterward.

Remember that you can always fall back to your camp to cook. It’s a good idea to try cooking whenever you get new ingredients – you never know what you might unlock!

Navigating the Gacha

Finally, we need to learn how to navigate the game’s gacha, as well as its many currencies and options for F2P players. Dragonheir: Silent Gods is notably stingy when it comes to welcoming new players (not even a free 10-pull!) so we’ll need to leverage every free pull and d20 to our advantage.

Quick Tips:

  • Starlight Invocation is the permanent banner. You cannot get Legendary heroes from this banner.
  • There is a pity system in place.
  • Note that, according to in-game sources, pity is calculated per summoning event. Whether that means that pity is per-banner or per-dice type is something I haven’t been able to sniff out.
  • Make liberal use of the Otherworld Horn. You’ll probably get crap, but free is free.
  • Wyrmarrow is a special premium currency that can only be spent at the Daily Supply Store. I would suggest buying Heliolite Dice with it.

Dice and Summons

First, let’s discuss the character banners in Dragonheir: Silent Gods.

dragonheir silent gods starlight
Guess who’s cheating, based on their facial expressions.

Starlight Invocation is the game’s permanent banner. As with permanent banners in other gacha games, there are several in-game ways to get the Starlight Stone Dice that you need to roll on this banner. While Starlight Invocation provides a reliable source of heroes, be warned that you cannot pull Legendary heroes from this banner.

dragonheir silent gods rates

The other banner is a little more complex. These limited banners require special Heliolite Dice. Heliolite Dice are quite rare, and the best way to earn more is to spend Wyrmarrow (we’ll get to that in a bit). On the other hand, banners that require Heliolite Dice can drop Legendary heroes at a base 3% (no decimal places disclosed, sorry) rate.


Thankfully, there’s a pity system in place. The Starlight Invocation banner guarantees a Rare hero on your 5th summon if you’ve failed to get a rare beforehand, while it will give you an Epic hero if you’re on your 35th summon without getting an Epic hero. Heliolite Dice banners, on the other hand, give out Epics at 7 failed attempts and Legendaries at 35 attempts.

dragonheir silent gods helio
Now tell me which one of them hit hard pity.

Note that pity is per event banner. Whether that means “any Heliolite Dice banner shares pity” or “per event only” remains to be seen. Consider yourself warned.

The Otherworld Horn

Yeah, technically there are regenerating free pulls in Dragonheir: Silent Gods. These are done via the Otherworld Horn.

dragonheir silent gods horn
I shall toot as I please!

Blowing the horn consumes energy (that regenerates over time) and brings you to a menu that lets you select 3 tags from a random assortment. The dice will roll, and depending on the result, you may get a hero.

To be honest, you’ll very likely get garbage heroes. And while you -can- technically get a legendary hero from the horn, I wouldn’t be surprised if the chance of doing so is abysmal. Still, free is free, and we take what we can get.

What is Wyrmarrow and How Do I Spend The Dang Stuff

…is probably something you said while playing the game, and I’ll admit, I did a lot too. As it turns out, the best way to spend the stuff is to go to the Store menu…

dragonheir silent gods store

…then go to the Daily Supply Store screen. Here, you can exchange your Wyrmarrow for various goodies, though the most important item here is Heliolite Dice for the banner. I mean, you could also buy stamina refills if you really wanted to.

No Gods, No Masters

The constant infighting between the followers of chaos and those who cling to the age of dragons has undoubtedly left the world a smoldering crater. But even in this wasteland, there is hope. Hope, indeed, is the only thing we survivors have – the hope of a future where we no longer have to pray to silent gods and where we’ve taken back the world with our own hands.

dragonheir silent gods end
There may be only darkness and death ahead, but still we push on. What other choice have we?

That concludes my beginner’s guide to Dragonheir: Silent Gods, and I hope I was able to help you attain a better understanding of the basic concepts you’ll need to progress through the game. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this guide or are feeling generous and would like to share some tips and tricks of your own, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comment box!