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Dragonheir: Silent Gods Tier List: A Complete Ranking of Legendary and Epic Heroes

Welcome, travelers, to this tier list for Dragonheir: Silent Gods. Here we’ll be sifting through the game’s massive pool of heroes to see who’s great and who’s simply adequate. Whether you’re here to find a hero worth using (especially if a rate-up event comes along) or just want confirmation bias for your refined palate (we’re all guilty of this, don’t lie), you’ve come to the right place.

A Foreword

Let’s get this stuff out of the way so you’ll know how this tier list will proceed.

dragonheir silent gods tier list

First off, as many gacha veterans will point out, the scarcity of pulls in Dragonheir: Silent Gods means that Legendary and Epic heroes are very difficult to come across. To remedy this, Rare heroes are actually decent and worth building. This also means that, essentially, every Epic and Legendary hero is worth using if only because of their increased rarity (if every Rare is decent, every Epic and Legendary must be better, right?), thus, you won’t see many C or D-tiers on this list. Most Legendaries and Epics are direct upgrades to a rare version of a hero, after all.

I will also only be ranking Legendary and Epic heroes in this list, for brevity’s sake. I’ll just go out on a limb here and say that most Rare heroes are at least acceptable, and due to the small amounts (for a gacha game) that Dragonheir: Silent Gods gives you, you should try to play the hand you’re dealt. And no, rerolls are virtually non-existent in the game.

This tier list also assumes that you’re a late early game to mid game player. There will be terms and dungeons here that I’ll assume you’re familiar with, and if you’ve come here fresh off my beginner’s guide, there’s still quite a bit of exploring you’ll need to do!

dragonheir silent gods world

Characters will be sorted into tiers based on their role. I will use a letter grading system, with S-Tier as the highest and D-Tier as the lowest.

  • S-Tier characters are superb. They’re excellent in their chosen field and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using them.
  • A-Tier charactersare above average. These are reliable heroes that are only outperformed by S-Tiers. They can do better, but their average performance is excellent, and they’ll easily find a spot on your team.
  • B-Tier characters are okay. You could do better; you could do worse. They’re just…okay.
  • C-Tier characters are eh. These heroes tend to underperform due to bad/gimmicky kits. They’re still usable, but only just.
  • D-Tier characters are bleh. Try not to use these guys as they’re overshadowed by many heroes.
dragonheir silent gods blue oak core

One last thing – this tier list is subjective. This one was made with my experiences and opinions on each hero, and so it’s not end-all, be-all (none of them are). These are suggestions, not absolutes.

Now that that’s out of the way, on to the tier list!

Defense Tier List

SErgander, Acilia, Berengar
AGrishnaar, Horrus, Frurbath, Duling
BKhrysos, Lucien, Gareth, Lydia, Garius, Kamari, Dallbam, Irma
CEurion, Sagomir, Talwer, Bionphray, Isolde, Naguk, Clovis
DRipekas, Volthug, Elvis



ergander dragonheir silent gods
Mr. Grumpy Gills.


  • Captain skill: 45% DEF in Grand Gladiator Arena.
  • Debuffs enemies when attacked.
  • Steals enemy ult energy while healing himself.
  • Taunts and becomes immortal.

While he may not look like a tank, Ergander is a very good one. I’d argue that in some cases (such as unsurvivable attacks where DEF won’t really matter), his taunt + immortality combo really shines – though it’s always useful. The fact that he steals enemy ult energy is also nice, but he also heals from this attack. Finally, Ergander also has a decent to great chance (50% if skill is fully upgraded) to inflict a meaty Attack Penalty II debuff – that’s 50% less ATK – when he gets hit. So he not only forces enemies to attack him, but penalizes them for doing so. And that’s ridiculous, in a good way.


acilia dragonheir silent gods
Heroes never die.


  • Captain skill: 65 Resistance in Grand Gladiator Arena.
  • Heals, cleanses debuffs, heals get stronger every time she removes or resists a debuff.

I didn’t expect Dragonheir: Silent Gods to have a fantastic character who had Resistance as their gimmick, but here we are. Acilia is a superb defense hero who focuses on keeping her allies alive instead of reducing damage (with both burst and regen-type heals) and woe betide the enemy team if they use any form of debuff as Acilia’s heals become stronger every time she dispels a debuff (which she will be doing a lot) or resists one. If you see Acilia on the enemy team, try to refrain from using debuffs at all – you’d only be helping her.


berengar dragonheir silent gods
I’m going to add “Hellfire Balls” to my list of exclamations.


  • Captain skill: 45% HP in City of Trials.
  • Persistent nuisance that gets more troublesome as the battle draws on.

Berengar’s skills are middling; even his (heh heh) Hellfire Balls don’t pack good debuffs. Where he does stand out, however, is his Evil Domain passive that constantly heals Berengar while reducing enemy damage in a large area, meaning that the longer the battle goes, the harder it becomes to deal with Berengar. Did I mention that Evil Domain also allows Berengar to be overhealed? In case you want him to hang around even longer.

I will not apologize for my juvenile sense of humor.



grishnaar dragonheir silent gods


  • Captain skill: 45% DEF in Grand Gladiator Arena.
  • Built-in damage reduction with counter chance.
  • Wards allies.
  • Depletes enemy ult energy.

I’m not normally a fan of wards, but at least Grishnaar has some built-in damage reduction. Grishnaar is more of a proactive tank than usual, with his ward and debuffing ultimate, but he still boasts consistent performance.


horrus dragonheir silent gods


  • Captain skill: 24% more ally HP.
  • Sporadic shield, can taunt enemies.
  • Is a login prize.

Horrus is a decent no-frills Epic tank. His taunt is notable in that it gives him incoming damage reduction and heals some HP when he gets hit – just be careful not to overextended. But the best part of Horrus is that he’s guaranteed – he’s your 3rd login prize (if memory serves) and his consistent performance will serve you very well.


frurbath dragonheir silent gods


  • Captain skill: 24% more ally DEF in dungeons.
  • Healing tank, big AOE on his ultimate.
  • Acilia lite.

If you don’t have access to Acilia (yet), Frurbath is a more-than-serviceable substitute. He has access to an AOE heal via his Healing Nexus battle skill, and his passive allows him to dispel debuffs and heal vulnerable allies – though this requires that the enemy he’s fighting has a debuff. Fortunately, his ultimate sets this up quite easily with its large AOE.


duling dragonheir silent gods
His eyes are fine, thank you.


  • Captain skill: 30% more ally DEF in Grand Gladiator Arena.
  • Warding tank that gets tougher to kill the more HP he loses.
  • Good taunt.

Duling checks all the boxes for a good tank: he protects his allies (via ward), makes himself harder to kill (passive that decreases incoming damage per 3% missing HP), and self-sustain/heal. Simple yet effective – my favorite kind of tank.



khrysos dragonheir silent gods
Shielder and breaker.


  • Captain skill: 45% more ally DEF in City of Trials.
  • Shields allies, breaks enemy shields.
  • Heals when his own shields are broken or time out.

Khrysos is a simple tank – he raises DEF in City of Trials, he creates shields for himself and his allies, and he heals HP when his personal shields are broken or time out. No frills, no nonsense, just raw efficiency. Oh sure, there are better tanks than him, but he’ll do an okay job nonetheless.


lucien dragonheir silent gods
Hope his horse has skates.


  • Captain skill: 45% more ally HP in Grand Gladiator Arena.
  • Starting shield is situationally useful.
  • Disables aren’t as good as simple stuns/taunts.

Based on my own criteria, Lucien would be a C-Tier if not for his starting shield. Said shield not only protects allies but also grants control immunity and prevents ultimate energy drain, which gives Lucien a special niche in ensuring that your ultimates will go off – as long as their Initial Charge Time is close to (or preferably below) 10 seconds.


gareth dragonheir silent gods
Oi. There can only be one Blade of the Frontiers.


  • Niche use against massive and/or overkill damage, which heals him.
  • Good at 1v1.

Like Lucien, Gareth would be lower on this list if it weren’t for his passive. This time, it’s powerful personal protection – any attack that deals more than 20% of his health in one go causes him to heal for half the damage he took. It’s not as powerful as straight-up immortality effects, but it will do in a pinch. Do take note that he only heals for half the damage taken. That doesn’t make him invulnerable!


lydia dragonheir silent gods
Sworn to carry your burdens…


  • On-demand immortality.

Lydia’s best feature is her on-demand immortality, allowing even unlucky players to get a taste of what the best defense heroes have to offer.


garius dragonheir silent gods
It’s John Souls himself.


  • Captain skill: 24% more ally DEF.
  • DEF-increasing undispellable effect.
  • Hit recovery and field-wide heal.

Yet another Acilia lite. I’ll always be biased towards tanks that can heal, but Garius also has an extra feature where any hit he takes has a chance to permanently raise his DEF for the battle. Granted, it is a minor increase, but this buff can’t be dispelled, and with luck, allows you to snowball. The main reason you should use Garius is still his Hold Your Horses ultimate, which cleanses Garius and heals all allies. Do note that the dispel only affects Garius himself, hence his lower placement than Frurbath.


kamari dragonheir silent gods


  • Can revive dead allies.

Kamari has some niche use thanks to his unique (for now) resurrection skill – though I will say that his defensive options are quite lacking outside of an initial (and admittedly useful) Defense Up II buff at the start of combat.


dallbam dragonheir silent gods
Crystal hollow.


  • One-time death protection.
  • Consistently shields self.

Dallbam has one-time immortality, which makes him quite resilient on top of his shields.


irma dragonheir silent gods
Lives to get hit.


  • Chance to gain ultimate energy when hit, ultimate gives AOE damage reduction.

She reduces damage and has a chance to gain ultimate energy when hit. Okay, fine, she also has Hit Recovery. She’s…okay.



eurion dragonheir silent gods


  • One-time death protection.
  • Ergander lite.

Ergander exists, and does everything Eurion can do, but better.


sagomir dragonheir silent gods
A horse walks into a bar…


  • Captain skill: 45% more ally DEF in Grand Gladiator Arena.
  • Heals allies, taunts the enemy carry, big AOE debuffs.

Sagomir has an interesting kit going on with his small healing bursts to the most injured ally, his charge-and-taunt against the foe with the highest ATK, and the large, sweeping AOE debuffs (Attack and Accuracy Penalty II). It’s interesting, alright, but consistency-wise, there are better choices for a tank.


talwer dragonheir silent gods
Evil Toad be like “No Mario, your princess is here, and I killed her”.


  • Captain skill: 65 more ally Accuracy in Grand Gladiator Arena.
  • Performance heavily depends on debuffs.

Talwer is an unconventional tank in that his efficiency is dictated by how many debuffs the enemy has. On paper, this is good – 20% flat-out damage reduction is excellent – but actually getting him to work can be a bit tricky.


bionphray dragonheir silent gods
There’s a lot at stake here..


  • Taunts and stuns.

Bionphray is a control tank that pales in comparison to better tanks on this list. Anything he can do, they do better. That’s it. That’s the breakdown.


isolde dragonheir silent gods
This isn’t Yu-Gi-Oh.


  • Captain skill: 24% more ally DEF.
  • Shield.

She makes shields. That’s about it. Her shields have the added perk of an extra 15% damage reduction, but I’d honestly take a taunt over that. Basically a lesser Khrysos.


naguk dragonheir silent gods
Is that a Goofy sound I hear?


  • Good passive skill let down by a small AOE.

Naguk’s lightning field is a persistent threat that inflicts a guaranteed (base) chance of stunning enemies that take damage from it 10 times. The trouble is that it only affects the tiles surrounding himself, meaning that it pales in comparison to, say, Berengar’s big damage penalty aura. Yes, his ultimate does extend the range, but you have way better options in Horrus and Lydia when it comes to defensive prowess.


clovis dragonheir silent gods
“I’m rubber and you’re glue!”


  • Up to 30% more DEF based on the number of nearby enemies.
  • King of lousy taunts.

Clovis has a taunt, yes, but it’s awful, only affecting one tile at a set distance. He does have niche use in fending off multiple foes, but he honestly doesn’t have many defensive options outside his crappy taunt.



ripekas dragonheir silent gods
We do a bit of trolling.


  • Also heals from enemy heals.
  • Inconsistent performance.

I mean, he’s technically better than Rare tanks, but Ripekas’s kit is utter garbage. Debuffing tanks are already a bit iffy for me, but when your debuff isn’t even consistent, that’s a huge negative.


volthug dragonheir silent gods
He needs a hug.


  • Captain skill: 50 more ally Resistance in City of Trials.
  • Kit is more suited for a carry than a support.
  • Tanks should be at least a little bit self-sufficient, yeah?

Volthug barely has any defensive features sans a Defense I buff on his battle skill and a stacking Accuracy and DEF buff per buff he has. It’s like he’s trying to be the carry.


elvis dragonheir silent gods
Thank you. Thank you very much.


  • Counter tank.

“Counter tank”. That’s all you need to know.

Support Tier List

SGhul’ende, Torrin, Elecebre, Mithrasea, Gillian, Oggok
AZhar’loth, Voresh, Gardrus, Catherine, Nathaniel, Eches, Felosia, Zeffi, Tamar, Reytah, Journ, Garrika
BDeverick, Gladros, Thia, Questa, Gumm, Nessa, Shook, Ihuicatl, Iola, Vicuc, Garian, Sifris, Liko, Adolphus, Finrah, Dane, Utior, Vinyara, Donella, Huldork
CEstella, Soveliss, Lethander, Brody
DPargu, Theodore



ghulende dragonheir silent gods
Who knew the undead were such team players?


  • Captain skill: 65 Accuracy in Grand Gladiator Battle.
  • Stuns, steals ultimate energy.
  • Powerful support in both utility and raw damage.

Ghul’ende, I suppose, is related to Zhar’loth somehow. Maybe thematically, maybe via affiliation. Either way, they’re both fantastic supports, with Ghul’ende easily taking a spot in S-Tier.

Ghul’ende has a bit of everything – heavy debuffs, Charms, stuns, stealing ultimate energy, dispels, party heals. He’s an incredibly support package rolled into a single character, and while you would think that that would make him less potent, he’s surprisingly effective in a lot of these things – even in terms of damage when it comes to his ultimate.


torrin dragonheir silent gods
The shroud of night.


  • Captain skill: 50 Resistance.
  • Massively improves survivability of ally in front of him while providing team-wide invisibility and healing.

Torrin is the classic priest tuned way up. Unlike lesser healer/buffers that target the weakest ally, Torrin goes for a more flexible approach by just buffing whoever is in front of him at the start of combat with 25% of his max HP and invisibility. Make no mistake – this is a huge boost to survivability and can either be used to turn your tank into a monster or grant staying power to your melee DPS heroes. But Torrin’s assistance also extends to the rest of your party with his field-wide invisibility + healing ultimate, allowing him to keep his friends healthy in the thick of combat.


elecebre dragonheir silent gods
All eyes on me.


  • Captain skill: 30% HP.
  • Ridiculous disruption capabilities.
  • Protects allies with shields and Resistance buffs.
  • You can neglect raising her Resistance as long as you invest in Accuracy.

Elecebre is an incredibly powerful offensive support – no one even comes close to her. She’s got a lot going on – an instant Blind effect when battle starts, a shield that also confers some of her Resistance to the shielded ally, and an ultimate that grants increased DEF AND regen to her allies while inflicting Charm on her enemies AND depleting their ultimate energy by a massive 50%.

As if that kit wasn’t overloaded enough, Elecebre also has a passive that raises her Resistance to equal her Accuracy, if her Resistance is lower. This means that you can completely forego any sort of Resistance investment on Elecebre so long as you’ve put some effort into raising her Accuracy – which you’ll want to do anyway to make her initial Blind, Charm, and ultimate drain effects more consistent.


mithrasea dragonheir silent gods
No, I don’t see.


  • Captain skill: 30% HP.
  • Cry your heart out, Utior.

True, Mithrasea is not a direct healer – her only heal is tied to her battle skill, but it also grants regeneration. “Keeping her allies alive” is a more accurate description of Mithrasea’s kit: her passive lets her save one ally from the brink of death, and her ultimate revives allies with 75% of their HP and 75% of whatever ultimate charge they had before they died. Oh, and it gives them Debuff Immunity or Invisibility, making it even harder to kill them the second time around.


gillian dragonheir silent gods
Live! LIVE!


  • The premiere healer.

If Mithrasea’s immortality isn’t your thing, give Gillian a shot. She’s a conventional healer with access to multiple heals, buffs, and dispels while being simple enough to slot into any team. When it comes to dangerous and important jobs like keeping the team alive, simplicity trumps style.


oggok dragonheir silent gods


  • Captain skill: 50 Resistance.
  • Bouncing heal + dispel.
  • Immortality!

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to S-Tier supports who focus on keeping their allies alive. Oggok is a powerful healer/cleanser who also packs an immortality skill that also heals allies at the end of its duration. Let that kit speak for itself.



zhar'loth dragonheir silent gods


  • Captain skill: 24% ATK.
  • Generalist healer.
  • Can inflict fear.

Generalist healers are surprisingly rare in Dragonheir: Silent Gods; the fact that Zhar’loth isn’t just a generalist healer but also a genuinely good healer (normal attacks trigger heal, ultimate is an AOE heal/fear debuff and nuke to enemies) helps him carve out a niche for himself. The fear is just the icing on an already-good cake.


voresh dragonheir silent gods


  • Constantly heals allies.
  • Dispels buffs and inflicts Buff Prohibition.

Voresh is a potent support package rolled into a single character – his normal attacks heal allies, his battle skill strips buffs (might want to bring an Accuracy buff for this though) and his ultimate has a chance to inflict Buff Prohibition, making him excellent at shutting down buff-dependent compositions.


gardrus dragonheir silent gods
Get back!


  • Captain skill: 40 Resistance
  • Very disruptive damager.

Gardrus is exactly the kind of debuffer I like – someone who proactively harasses the enemy by displacing and disrupting their plays while placing heavy offensive debuffs on them. Simple but effective.


catherine dragonheir silent gods


  • AOE healer that converts overhealing into shields and provides debuff immunity.

Overheal into shields is a very nice thing to have, by the way, as it ensures that Catherine remains relevant even when healing healthy allies. Said AOE heal ultimate also gives debuff immunity, as if the overheal to shields wasn’t good enough.


nathaniel dragonheir silent gods
Classic priest.


  • Captain skill: 24% HP.
  • Heals, dispels, shields.

Nathaniel is your classic white mage support – he heals, he dispels, he shields, all of which are very important jobs that he doesn’t muck around with. Be nice to your supports, children.


eches dragonheir silent gods
The dance of death.


  • Very potent debuffs.

Eches has lots of powerful debuffs up her sleeve – Healing Prohibition blocks healing, Recharge Speed Penalty delays skills, and Charmed is super deadly (mitigated by its low base success rate). And that’s all in conjunction with her passive, which cause her debuffs to also inflict -10% damage dealt on top of what they do. AND she dispels ally debuffs.


felosia dragonheir silent gods
I heard you like shields.


  • Anything she does makes shields.

Shields, shields, and more shields – that’s what defines Felosia. A shame she doesn’t have Adolphus’s passive (overshields to health); regardless, shielding is a nice proactive defense, although be warned that shielding is all Felosia can do – if she runs against someone who specializes in breaking shields, good luck.


zeffi dragonheir silent gods
A little shock therapy?


  • Captain skill: 45% DEF in dungeons.
  • Shields weak allies.
  • Continuous dispel.
  • Defense Up II and Invincibility for weakened allies.

Zeffi is a potent support who opts to keep allies alive with a wide array of defensive options, such as shields, defense buffs, and total invulnerability for allies below 30% HP. Yet another good support that fits in with most any team.


tamar dragonheir silent gods
That’s a nice buff you have there. Would be a shame if something happened to it.


  • Captain skill: 65 Accuracy in Grand Gladiator Arena.
  • What are buffs?

Tamar is the gun you bring out when your opponent uses a buff-heavy formation. Tamar actively punishes enemies for trying to use buffs by calling down lightning that not only damages the receiver of the buff but can also dispel said buff. Should your foes find themselves bereft of any buffs, Tamar’s ultimate also inflicts a long-lasting stun against the buffless. Tamar has a very niche role, but that role is securely in his (her?) hands.


reytah dragonheir silent gods
“Reytah” is an anagram for “Hayter”, who voices a very specific snake. Coincidence?


  • Captain skill: 45% HP in City of Trials.
  • Causes debuffs to also reduce enemy damage.

Reytah is a prime contender for a spot on any team that uses some modicum of debuffs as Sweet Dread further amplifies debuffs to give enemies -6% damage, with up to 5 stacks. Imagine stacking this with that sweet, sweet 50% ATK debuff. You’re welcome.


journ dragonheir silent gods
I smell cookies.


  • Unconventional ultimate energy battery.
  • Big dispel and ultimate drain.

Journ is perhaps the only hero in the game (correct me if I’m wrong) who has a passive that reduces damage of a particular element. Normally, this wouldn’t be important, but the other half of this passive gives Journ a 30% chance to grant ultimate energy and a Defense Up II buff to himself and nearby allies. With that ultimate energy, Journ can unleash a mass nuke/dispel/energy drain on his foes. Thus, Journ flourishes when used against fire-heavy teams, such as all Wild compositions.

That might sound like Journ is niche, but no, he isn’t. While it’s true that he does perform better based on the number of fire enemies, his Flamethrower thankfully backfires on him, dealing damage to him 5 times too. Be careful – even with his innate fire damage resistance, Journ is capable of weakening himself quite heavily.


garrika dragonheir silent gods


  • Captain skill: 65 Accuracy in Grand Gladiator Arena.
  • Lots of bonuses when it comes to ultimate energy.

Garrika excels at controlling the battlefield via ultimate manipulation. Enemies that buff heavily will find that Garrika’s ultimate charges exceedingly fast the more buffs they put up, while Garrika’s debuffs reduce ultimate energy by a meaty 25%. If they continue to buff anyway, Garrika’s ultimate will put them back in their place with a dispel + Buff Prohibition effect and an Accuracy Bonus II for her allies.



deverick dragonheir silent gods
The vengeful spirit of a thousand steak dinners.


  • Captain skill: 40 Accuracy for all allies.
  • Strips buffs and debuffs enemies.

Strips buffs and debuffs enemies. Nothing much to say other than he’ll get the job done – and it’s a valuable job at that.


gladros dragonheir silent gods
Really hates debuffs.


  • Captain skill: 50 Resistance in Grand Gladiator Arena.
  • Trades shields for CC immunity.

If control immunity is that important to you, you can use Gladros. Personally, I think he’s overkill, but he admittedly does have his uses.


thia dragonheir silent gods


  • Captain skill: 50 Accuracy in dungeons.
  • Healer that protects via invisibility.

Invisibility is a powerful status effect that makes its bearer immune to single-targeting skills. While useful, bear in mind that there are a lot of AOE skills in Dragonheir: Silent Gods, so this may not be as useful as it sounds. Bonus points over Estella as invisibility is generally more useful though, and Thia can heal multiple targets with setup.


questa dragonheir silent gods
Something clever.


  • Captain skill: 30% ATK in Grand Gladiator Arena.
  • Support Assassin.
  • Steals ultimate charge with her ultimate.

There’s not much to say other than she’s the in-archetype assassin for the Support class. She has the added benefit of stealing ultimate energy with her own ultimate, which can delay a key skill from the opposing team. Oh, and she gives everyone regen when an enemy dies, though I think that’s more of a “win more” effect.


gumm dragonheir silent gods
Makes your breath fresh naturally.


  • Captain skill: 40 Resistance.
  • Good set of debuffs.
  • Dispels debuffs from allies when debuffs enemies.

Gumm has access to the Blind debuff, which is the bane of Dauntless teams as it causes basic attacks to miss, as well as an ATK down debuff and stun for other enemy types. These debuffs facilitate his passive, which has a chance to dispel debuffs from an ally whenever Gumm inflicts a debuff himself. I’d prefer a more solid cleanser, but Gumm does a decent job pulling double duty.


nessa dragonheir silent gods
Got your ultimate.


  • Captain skill: 24% ATK.
  • Skills drain ultimate energy.

Nessa is basically ultimate delay on steroids. If you really, really don’t want an ultimate to go off and would rather not rely on crowd control to stop it, you can slot Nessa in. Bear in mind that her passive only applies to skills, not normal attacks.


shook dragonheir silent gods
Shook at what?


  • Captain skill: 40 Accuracy.
  • Breaks shields and inflicts lots of debuffs.
  • Gains ultimate energy when an enemy is buffed.

Shook is a decent debuffer who excels against shielded foes as he completely strips shields with his ultimate. Even outside of this, he’s pretty decent as he packs Attack Penalty II and drains ultimate energy. A very plug-and-play support even without the whole shield thing.


ihuicatl dragonheir silent gods
A little bit of everything.


  • Captain skill: 24% DEF.
  • Breaks shields, heals allies, grants shields, hurts enemies.

Ihuicatl’s kit is a little hard to pin down, with “a bit of everything” being the best way to describe it. This skillset makes Ihuicatl a generalist support that can easily fit into most teams.


iola dragonheir silent gods


  • Captain skill: 24% ATK.
  • Silences.

Silence is a good status effect, though I’d argue that it’s less effective on Iola because of her limited targeting on her battle skill and her major silence tied to her ultimate – ironically leaving her vulnerable to silences and ultimate drain as well. She can work, but she’s a one-trick pony and I’d rather have a more consistent member on my team, like someone who inflicts ATK debuffs or gives DEF buffs/shields.


vicuc dragonheir silent gods
But you clean.


  • Counters debuffs.
  • Big AOE dispel + heal.

Vicuc is an alright support, though I’d rather have somebody who can do more than dispel + heal, like Nathaniel. Still, fair is fair, and Vicuc’s dispel comes with a hefty healing bonus, so he might be a better pick against debuff-heavy teams.


garian dragonheir silent gods


  • Captain skill: 30% HP in City of Trials.
  • Nice emergency heals but ultimate is very lackluster.

Garian is a healer who becomes more potent the closer his allies are to death, which is a good thing as his battle skill is a potent emergency heal plus debuff immunity. On the other hand, his ultimate heal is incredibly lackluster and requires massive amounts of Enlightenment to even be halfway decent.


sifris dragonheir silent gods
May my pain give you life anew.


  • Stabs herself to heal and resurrect allies.

On paper, Sifris sounds like an amazing healer, sacrificing her own HP to heal and even resurrect her allies. In practice, it makes her incredibly easy to snipe with assassins, unless you bring another healer. When your healer needs a healer, you’ve got a problem.


liko dragonheir silent gods
Accuracy up with a blindfold.


  • Captain skill: 50 Accuracy in Grand Gladiator Arena.
  • Heals, buffs, dispels.

Liko’s got a real roundabout way of doing things, but she’s surprisingly consistent. While there are admittedly better supports, Liko can get the job done.


adolphus dragonheir silent gods


  • Overshields become health, in a funny inversion.
  • Constant shields, accelerates ally ultimates.

In a funny turn of events, Gustavus is a shielder whose overshields become health instead of, you know, overheals becoming shields. This is more relevant than it seems as all of Adolphus’ skills provide shields; as with overheals becoming shields, this means that Adolphus remains relevant even at full health. To top it off, his battle skill gives some ultimate energy.


finrah dragonheir silent gods
Begone, buffs!


  • Captain skill: 40 Resistance.
  • Dispels buffs with ultimate, good AOE.

Finrah is your standard debuffer…sans the fact that his (her?) ultimate covers a huge swathe of the battlefield, making the debuff strip very potent.


dane dragonheir silent gods


  • Captain skill: 30% ATK in City of Trials.
  • Good at securing kills and pushing towards victory.

Dane sneers at the concept of the comeback mechanic. Trying to heal that hero that’s almost dead? Heal blocked and Fear for good measure. Buffing them? Those are now our buffs. Surprisingly, Dane still has use outside of the lesser half of an opponent’s life bar as he does decent damage with his skills.


utior dragonheir silent gods
See that hairstyle? That’s how you know he’s evil.


  • Captain skill: 30% DEF.
  • Grants a 10 second resurrection effect which can be useful in some circumstances.

Utior’s main draw is his 10 second resurrection buff. Do keep in mind that it may not be all it’s cracked up to be as heroes return to life with only 30% health and Utior lacks any healing skills.


vinyara dragonheir silent gods
I really dig this design.


  • Captain skill: 50 Accuracy.
  • Hard ultimate shutdown.

Vinyara is notable as her ultimate completely obliterates her target’s ultimate energy, setting them back to zero. While this is potent, there is a sore point here – it only hits a single target. To be fair, I can think of a few powerful single enemies (coughbossescough) that Vinyara would be worth using on, though this does limit her potential.


donella dragonheir silent gods
Yet another great design.


  • Captain skill: 50 Accuracy.
  • Great ultimate but the rest of her kit is meh.

Donella has great debuffs on her ultimate, but the rest of her kit is quite lackluster. And that’s all there is to say about her.


huldork dragonheir silent gods
Dr. Wahwee


  • Has a weird distance-based kit; mastering it is key to getting the most out of Huldork.
  • Good debuffs though.

Huldork has good debuffs, but the real star of the show is his great access to ultimate energy drain. However, his skills only get this effect if he hits enemies within 3 tiles of him, requiring practice and careful placement.



estella dragonheir silent gods


  • Captain skill: 30% HP in City of Trials.
  • Good at protecting your weakest party member but scope is too narrow to be a general healer.

Admittedly, Estella does offer good protection to your weakest party member – but that’s about all she does. The limited scope of her support really hurts her case as I’d rather take a generalist healer and buffer.


soveliss dragonheir silent gods
We have agreed that you are not orcs.


  • Captain skill: 40 Accuracy.
  • Good against invisibility.
  • Uhhhhh…

“Good against invisibility” just about sums it up.


lethander dragonheir silent gods
Behold the orb.


  • Steals ult energy from dead enemies, but are you willing to take that gamble? Because I’m not.

Lethander sounds great on paper – killing enemies before their ultimate is ready will allow him to constantly unleash his own acceptable ultimate, and he does inflict the very annoying Recharging Speed Penalty debuff. However, without feeding off enemy kills, Lethander is middling at best, and you’ll have to run the risk of waiting for your enemies to almost fill up their ultimate before making a move against them; personally, I prefer stopping them before that happens.


brody dragonheir silent gods
Why steal when we can smash things?


  • Copies shields and dispels them from enemies.

Outside of his shield break, Brody doesn’t really have anything going for him. He’s not even the best choice for a shield breaker – I’d choose Shook any day as Shook offers way more debuffs and utility than Brody in virtually any battlefield.



pargu dragonheir silent gods
No, Par stay.


  • Lousy dispel, “win more” kit.

Instead of packing a hard dispel, Pargu reduces enemy buff timers by 2 seconds. And this only works on enemies that are debuffed. That should be a red flag.


theodore dragonheir silent gods
“Great” choice.


  • Captain skill: 50 Accuracy in dungeons.
  • High risk hero that can actively sabotage his team.

Theodore is probably the only character in Dragonheir: Silent Gods whose passive can turn against his user – see, he saps 10% ultimate energy from the enemy with the highest ATK if they get hit with control…and he does almost the same if your carry gets hit with control, except this time, he zaps 20% ultimate energy from them. Look, I like calculated gambles, but losing more than I gain with each roll of the dice is a terrible proposition.

Frost Tier List

SHvitar, Auster
ALossenia, Rowena
BHochadir, Rava



hvitar dragonheir silent gods
Ice to meet you, but there’s snow way you’re making it out of her alive.


  • Captain skill: 45% ATK in Grand Gladiator Arena.
  • Instakill aura that also amplifies frost damage.

Hvitar is both an excellent commander for Frost-type heroes as well as one of its best members. Lots of mobs? No problem, she’ll just DoT them until they instantly die. Boss? Still takes the ice DoT. If you’re running a Frost team, there’s no reason to not run Hvitar.


auster dragonheir silent gods
Are you sure I haven’t seen you before?


  • Captain skill: 45% DEF in City of Trials.
  • Continuous follow-up attacks on enemies that have Frost.

Auster continuously fires follow-up attacks on enemies with Frost. That’s it. He’s just really, really good at dealing damage. Oh, and he’s a team player too, as his follow-up attacks also inflict Frost.



lossenia dragonheir silent gods


  • Captain skill: 30% ATK.
  • Fantastic at spreading Frost.

While Lossenia is a so-so unit when it comes to dealing damage, she shines when played as a combo enabler for Frost heroes. Her iceball passive allows her to apply Frost quickly and consistently to the enemy team, opening them up for her allies’ more powerful skills.


rowena dragonheir silent gods
Hidden strength.


  • 20% DEF piercing on enemies with Frost.
  • Frost Assassin.

I really don’t understand Rowena’s ultimate. Either I’m dumb, or the whole thing is incredibly redundant. But what’s not up for debate is Rowena’s raw efficiency. She’s yet another of the “simple yet effective” heroes that I espouse. 20% DEF piercing on enemies with Frost (without consuming the status, mind you), an assassination battle skill, and a big AOE on her ultimate.


dorkuraz dragonheir silent gods
No. No more Warcraft lore jokes. I’m done.


  • Good Frost spreader, damage is decent.

Dorkuraz doesn’t spread Frost as quickly as Lossenia, but he does make up for it with better attack power, thanks to his self-buff and generous AOEs.



hochadir dragonheir silent gods
Yeah, I’m sure I’ve seen you before.


  • Detonates frozen enemies for AOE damage.

With a main feature like that, you’d think that Hochadir would be an A-Tier. What gives? It’s more of a win-more effect, that’s why.

Unlike other Frost heroes, Hochadir’s detonation effect only comes into play when something with Frost dies – meaning that Frost inherently has no bonus for him unlike, say, Auster or Hvitar. There are better Frost enablers you could be running, and the extra damage often isn’t worth the character slot.


rava dragonheir silent gods
Welcome to the cool kids club.


  • Constantly applies Frost in an AOE, might work well with heroes that consume Frost.

Rava is an okayish damage dealer. His Chill Formation ultimate constantly applies Frost to targets in range, though unlike other nexus-type ultimate, I’d argue that this isn’t necessary both because Frost heroes tend to have strong effects that don’t consume Frost (see Hvitar, Auster, Rowena) and that the heroes that do – Vidimir and especially Trolgar – aren’t particularly good. Rava’s nexus also only fires every 1.5 seconds, which is something to keep in mind if you’re trying to make Frost consumers work.


olgan dragonheir silent gods
Save me, I don’t want to make any more ice-related puns.


  • Captain skill: 40 Accuracy.
  • Decent buffs.

Olgan is a good fit for teams that are having trouble inflicting Frost, thanks to his universal 40 Accuracy captain skill. He also penalizes enemies for tangling with him with his frost aura, though do be warned as this doesn’t give him any increased survivability, and he’s not a tank like Ergander. He’s not strictly necessary, but he’s nice to have.



vidimir dragonheir silent gods
The literally cooler Gandalf.


  • Oh God look at that awkward battle skill targeting.
  • Ultimate consumes frost but causes an AOE explosion. Your call.

That awkward cross-shaped battle skill just ruins everything. Good luck hitting more than 1 target with it. At the very least, Vidimir has an okay-ish payoff for consuming Frost with his ultimate, which also makes him better than Trolgar.



trolgar dragonheir silent gods
We do a bit of trolling. On our own team.


  • Consumes Frost.

Basic attacks. Consume. Frost. And the payoff isn’t even that good. I guess he could have some use as a rushdown character, but honestly? Just run Hvitar.

Did I mention he consumes Frost? When you want enemies to have Frost for as long as possible?

Dauntless Tier List

SNastjenka, Schaltar
ATharivol, Sutha
BIvellios, Garett, Shagrol, Thurnus, Nimbus



nastjenka dragonheir silent gods
Caw caw!


  • Captain skill: 30% ATK.
  • Persistent threat that becomes stronger the longer she stays alive.

When it comes to the raw unga bunga that Dauntless heroes bring to the table, few can match Nastjenka. She gets stronger (attack speed + crit rate) by literally existing (1 stack per 3 seconds she’s alive), and her skills aren’t shabby, either, with a devastating follow-up effect for normal attacks.


schaltar dragonheir silent gods


  • Makes all Dauntless heroes better with his ultimate.

An Epic hero? In S-Tier? Why, yes. Performance does trump rarity.

To the point. Schaltar is notable for his chain lightning which procs on his own basic attacks. However, said lightning can be extended to allies. While the chaining property doesn’t carry over, it grants them a 30% (60% on Dauntless) chance to call lightning down with their normal attacks. Pair Schaltar with attack speed boosters like Nastjenka or Tharivol and watch them mop up.



tharivol dragonheir silent gods
Focused rage.


  • Excellent at focusing down single targets.

Tharivol shoots things. Very fast. He also loses this bonus if he switches targets, making him more suited to taking down big, tough targets rather than mopping up mobs, so plan accordingly.


sutha dragonheir silent gods
Suthand Proud.


  • Captain skill: 45% Attack Speed in dungeons.
  • Great at pushing for damage with his phantoms.

Sutha’s Stand allows him to push for a ton of damage with his crits. Thanks to his attack speed captain skill and boosts to crit rate in his skills, Sutha will have no trouble bursting down single targets with an onslaught of phantom-boosted attacks.



ivellios dragonheir silent gods
These elves with their giant headgear…


  • Chance to proc bonus basic attacks when an ally uses their basic attack.

Double attacks. Not so good, not bad. Low activation chance…and that’s about it. Nothing interesting going on.


garett dragonheir silent gods
Poke, poke, poke.


  • Captain skill: 30% Crit Damage.
  • Gets stronger as he takes more damage.

Garett just…pokes things. I guess his skills do have the distinction of being multi-hit basic attacks, but there aren’t enough Dauntless heroes (yet) that take advantage of each other’s basic attacks.


shagrol dragonheir silent gods
The weebest of orcs.


  • Captain skill: 24% Attack Speed.
  • Decent assassin that targets the most vulnerable foe.

Shagrol serves as the Dauntless type’s assassin. There’s not much to write about beyond him targeting the enemy with least HP – and that’s not a bad thing. Once again, simple but effective.


thurnus dragonheir silent gods


  • Captain skill: 30% ATK in dungeons.
  • Boosts own attack speed based on the number of Dauntless heroes you field.

Thurnus is capable of good amounts of burst damage from the get-go thanks to his Togetherness passive, which gives him bonus attack speed for every Dauntless hero in the team. Apart from this though, he’s adequate. Really, the main reason you’d want to use him is the built-in major attack speed bonus; couple that with someone like Schaltar and you have a powerful combination on your hands.


nimbus dragonheir silent gods
We have liftoff!


  • Captain skill: 30% ATK in dungeons.
  • Scales heavily off attack speed.

Build attack speed and watch the rockets fly. That’s it. That’s the breakdown.

Poison Tier List

ATwitch, Horace, Corrin, Shink
BLothair, Durango



vicana dragonheir silent gods
Silent but deadly.


  • “Commander-type” skill that maximizes a Poison team’s debuffs and rewards strategic planning.
  • Great payoff for Poison team comps.

Vicana isn’t too strong by herself – but she’s an excellent “commander-type” unit in that she allows the rest of her team to shine. Her ultimate marks targets in a massive AOE for 10 seconds; marked targets explode in an AOE every time they’re inflicted with more Poison stacks. With a bit of planning and foresight, you can deal major damage in that time window, especially with an all-Poison team!



twitch dragonheir silent gods
Marvelous Cheeseter. I’ll show myself out.


  • Captain skill: 45% ATK in City of Trials.
  • Greatly enhances Poison buildup by all allies.

Twitch may not be the strongest Poison hero around, but by God, is he a valuable one. Where Twitch excels is enabling Poison plays by boosting Poison stacks – every time one of your heroes inflicts Poison with a skill, Twitch has a chance to add an additional stack. This adds up very quickly, especially if you’ve been investing into Accuracy, and enables some pretty funny plays with the likes of Vicana.


horace dragonheir silent gods
Bishonen grandpa.


  • Captain skill: 48 Enlightenment.
  • Easier to use than Vicana.

If Vicana is the finesse part of Poison, Horace is its brutal unga bunga efficiency. You won’t need to plan as much with Horace, but the payout can be less as his ultimate only triggers an additional burst of Poison. Don’t underestimate Horace though – he can do some serious damage when an enemy is under a lot of Poison stacks.


corrin dragonheir silent gods
Loves to share.


  • Captain skill: 60 Enlightenment in City of Trials.
  • Refreshes and spreads Poison.

One pitfall of Poison-based team compositions is that stacks can wear out before you can capitalize on them with moves like Horace’s ultimate. If that’s a problem for you, Corrin can help you. This savage sorcerer helps grease the gears of a Poison team’s plan by ensuring that Poison stacks don’t go away when an enemy dies as well as refreshing the Poison duration on a key target.


shink dragonheir silent gods
Shink shanks.

Poison teams benefit from spreading the ailment around then utilizing Poison explosion to quickly clear waves of mobs. Shink, on the other hand, solves the problem of Poison’s single-target damage via his One More Round passive that ignores 1% of the enemy’s DEF per stack of Poison they have. Simple, but effective.



lothair dragonheir silent gods
The Sauron look, classic and timeless.


  • Captain skill: 60 Enlightenment.
  • Very vanilla kit.

There really isn’t much to say about Lothair’s kit. It’s as generic as you can get when it comes to dealing damage. Still, if you just need generic damage guys, Lothair at least benefits from the better stats and higher multipliers of his rarity. Of note is his captain skill as a lot of extra Poison damage procs deal derivative damage, so Enlightenment boosts can help a ton with those bursts.


durango dragonheir silent gods
…number 95.


  • Captain skill: 50 Accuracy.
  • Requires crit chance investment to truly shine.
  • Good Poison enabler.

Durango’s captain skill is excellent for Poison-based teams as a higher Accuracy means you need to roll lower numbers to proc your Poison. His personal performance is a bit iffy until you can get crit rate, at which point he’ll make a decent addition to any Poison team. Do try to level cap break him quickly to get that bonus Accuracy, though.



jathalea dragonheir silent gods
I was expecting the Poison Ivy look.


  • Super niche kit.

“Resurrection block” is incredibly niche, and characters that can resurrect allies (or themselves) tend to be poor in too many aspects to use. There are also way better returns for consuming Poison stacks.

Wild Tier List

SFlora, Caspar
AAlfie, Follie
BErrich, Felicity, Rhash, Tonalnan, Caraman



caspar dragonheir silent gods
Jester Thomas?!


  • Captain skill: 30% ATK.
  • Fantastic single-target damage.

Caspar is unrivaled in the single-target damage department when it comes to Wild heroes. His Real Performer passive gives him a 13% damage increase stack (with a 20 second uptime) each time anyone procs wild. If you get lucky, you can get Caspar to absurd amounts of damage in the opening stages of a fight – though I’ll always advocate for running enablers and extenders like Errich, Felicity, and Rhash. His Superstar’s Appearance ultimate pushes for this even further as it allows him to get free attacks on his marked target any time an ally procs Wild.


flora dragonheir silent gods
And friend.


  • Captain skill: 30% ATK.
  • Field-wide presence thanks to her dragon proccing on ally Wild checks.

Flora is an excellent team leader for a Wild-based composition thanks to her Pact Servant passive which causes her dragon to vomit fireballs when an ally procs Wild. This means that any bonuses to Wild procs are great for Flora and her team. Oh, and her own damage isn’t shabby, either.



alfie dragonheir silent gods
All the halflings in this game seem to be powerful enablers.


  • Captain skill: 30% ATK.
  • Ultimate boosts Wild success rate.

The random nature of Wild heroes is both their greatest strength and weakness. Alfie helps nudge this balance in your favor via his ultimate, which raises the success rate of Wild rolls by 50% for 15 seconds. This is huge as it allows you to ramp up quickly with heroes like Caspar, sweep the field with Flora, or build up huge amounts of stacks with Errich.


follie dragonheir silent gods
Just throw more dice bro, it’s not that hard.


  • Captain skill: 24% Crit Damage.
  • Guarantees a Wild proc when an ally activates their own Wild.
  • Can roll multiple instances of Wild.

Follie presents another solution to the problem of Wild heroes being luck-based: just throw more dice. While her kit is very vanilla, it goes a long way in facilitating Wild rolls for her teammates, with a guaranteed Wild proc on her basic attack if somebody else rolls Wild, and an ultimate that can be rolled up to 3 times in a row if she rolls Wild on the previous check. An all-around great Wild battery.



errich dragonheir silent gods
The red.


  • Wild checks become more consistent as battle goes on, which makes him a good combo starter if the fight drags on long enough.

Errich is a decent damage dealer whose Wild checks become more consistent as a fight drags on, since every time he (or an ally) succeeds a Wild check, Errich gains a stacking 5% bonus to his own Wild checks, capping at 14 stacks (which basically guarantees he’ll crit every time he rolls for Wild). Apart from that though, he’s not particularly remarkable.

However, Errich has better use as an enabler for the rest of your Wild heroes. Thanks to his stacking Wild chance, and the fact that most Wild heroes have an affect that triggers when anyone procs Wild, putting Errich in your team facilitates starting Wild combos. On the other hand, Errich’s Wild charge generation is dependent on other heroes succeeding their Wild checks. Feeling lucky?


felicity dragonheir silent gods
What a fitting name for a Wild hero!


  • Captain skill: 30% Crit Damage.
  • Base 50% Wild success rate on her battle skill helps get the ball rolling.

Felicity is decent. Mostly it’s her Incineration’s 50% base Wild proc rate that interests me – that extra 20% does help in getting the ball rolling with other Wild heroes.


rhash dragonheir silent gods
Errich v2.


  • More automatic version of Errich.

Rhash is yet another decent damage dealer who sees greater use as an enabler for a Wild-based composition. His Scorching Darkfire skill causes him to automatically succeed Wild checks when it’s active, but on the other hand, it has a small uptime of 4 seconds. Try to keep his Inferno Gale ultimate ready for when he triggers his Heartfire buff – it not only gets a lot more bonus damage but also becomes a guaranteed Wild proc.


tonalnan dragonheir silent gods
Barely a cinder.


  • Snowballs.

Tonalnan has a slow but powerful scaling effect that allows him (her? I can’t tell with draconians) to rapidly gain steam during a fight, especially with Wild combo pieces like Follie and Alfie. The multi-hit nature of her (his?) attacks greatly contributes to total damage output, too, since said attacks will be backed by Tonalnan’s Crit Damage stacks.


caraman dragonheir silent gods


  • Good assassin.

Caraman doesn’t have a very interesting kit, but that doesn’t mean he’s bad. He’s got a simple battle skill that lets him snipe the weakest enemy hero, and really, that’s all he needs to secure his niche.

Rally Tier List

AHuberg, Thelendor, Martina
BPhilto, Lorentheel, Tathlyn, Alvis, Gitouna



alton dragonheir silent gods
The spoony bard.


  • Captain skill: 30% Crit Damage.
  • Both facilitates Rally use and has a powerful Rally skill.

It’s rare that the mechanic enabler (Frost, Poison, Summons, and so on) are also one of the better users of that mechanic, but such is the case with Alton. As Rally teams are heavily reliant on generating and consuming Rally charges, they suffer greatly when they can’t get the charges up. Alton solves this problem by adding a chance to generate instant Rally charges if a hero doesn’t have any, which, while not a perfect solution, does give Rally teams much better performance overall. Alton’s orbs also deal decent damage, with his own Rally mechanic doubling the fire speed for surprisingly great DPS.



huberg dragonheir silent gods
What’s with the back deco?


  • Captain skill: 45% ATK in City of Trials.
  • Double skill use with Rally, can scale with repeated skill use.

Huberg is pretty decent for a Rally user, all things considered. His Rally payoff is actually decent compared to other Rally users as it echoes his ultimate, allowing him to snowball faster. On the other hand, he pretty much needs to double-cast every time to keep his firepower relevant throughout a fight.


thelendor dragonheir silent gods
I’m fairly sure one of the devs is a Luna main.


  • Captain skill: 45% ATK in dungeons.
  • “Random” target attack.
  • Needs fine control to use properly.

I’m biased towards moves that hit a “random” target. The less enemies there are, the more hits you can get – and that’s the case with Thelendor. Do note, however, that both his battle skill and ultimate consume Rally, so auto-combat isn’t really your friend when using him.


martina dragonheir silent gods


  • Generates her own Rally charges.
  • Decent Rally skill enhancement.

Martina is a great Rally damage dealer whose main draw is her self-sufficiency. The key thing about Martina is that her Rally charge generation is conditional, not chance-based: if she hits two enemies with her battle skill, she gets a charge (and lands a critical) which can then be used with her ultimate to deal big damage that both crits and ignores DEF if it eats a Rally charge. Not a bad deal!



philto dragonheir silent gods
That doesn’t look like gunner armor.


  • Big AOE but meh payoff for Rally.

Philto is your middle-of-the-road Rally character. He doesn’t suck, but he’s not great either. His Rally payoff is just okay. There are more interesting things you could be doing, but if all you want is raw damage, be my guest.


lorentheel dragonheir silent gods
And friend.


  • Facilitates Rally heroes but not particularly noteworthy.

I mean, I guess it’s nice that Rally has some in-archetype support. On the other hand, Lorentheel is not a good example of it as his Rally payoffs are lame and hardly game changing.


tathlyn dragonheir silent gods


  • Captain skill: 30% Crit Damage in Grand Gladiator Arena.
  • Reliable Rally generation for random allies that scales with attack speed.

Tathlyn’s own Rally-consuming skills are nothing to write home about. It’s his (her? I can’t tell with elves) Rally generation for allies that’s her (his? Again, I can’t tell) claim to fame. Do note that the benefactor will be a random rally-type ally, and that you’ll want to give Tathlyn attack speed buffs to maximize Rally charge generation.


alvis dragonheir silent gods
That is one of the most impractical crowns I have ever seen.


  • Copies Rally if another ally gets it.
  • Buffet of buffs, buffs two targets if he has Rally.

Alvis is a decent buffer. While he doesn’t excel in any field, all his buffs are helpful for your damage dealers. The best part about Alvis is that his ultimate buff hits two targets if he has Rally, and he also gains a Rally charge if another ally gets one while Alvis himself doesn’t.


gitouna dragonheir silent gods
What happened to all dwarves having beards?


  • Captain skill: 24% Crit Damage.
  • One of the few sources of true damage in the game.
  • Can snipe enemy backlines.

Gitouna is a decent Rally hero who possess one of the few (if not the only) source of true damage via her Rally-enhanced ultimate. Apart from this, Gitouna also has some use as an assassin as her Full Steam Ahead lets her pick at the enemy backlines.



hegio dragonheir silent gods
More like himbo.


  • Unreliable Rally generation.

Yes, I know that generating Rally charges is important. So why is Hegio so low on this list? Because of the sheer unpredictability of his charge generation.

Unlike Alton, who just straight-up gives a 50% chance to generate and consume a Rally charge if a hero doesn’t already have a charge (and gives them bonus damage if they do), Hegio has a chance to generate a charge for a random ally when he uses a skill. It’s slower, it’s less reliable, and it just pales compared to Alton.

Summon Tier List

SScharlach, Premtsa
ALelwanis, Gaiolere, Irzillas
CZadok, Joyce



scharlach dragonheir silent gods
It’s like the letter “k” doesn’t exist.


  • Captain skill: 30% HP.
  • Strong but shines when lots of summons are on the field.

The more, the merrier. Or the many-er, in this case. Scharlach is a summoner who gets stronger with each summoned unit on the field, incentivizing you to run him in a summoner-heavy composition.


premtsa dragonheir silent gods
How deliciously macabre.


  • Captain skill: 45% ATK in dungeons.
  • Gives dying undead summons a nuke.

Premtsa is another big damage Summon-type hero who relies on quantity, not quality. Her Tireless Devotion passive skill causes all your undead summons to go out with a bang – get enough of them and you’ll really rack up the damage numbers!



lelwanis dragonheir silent gods
Sorry about the theft.


  • Captain skill: 45% Crit Damage in Grand Gladiator Arena.
  • Strong scaling damage.
  • Can sacrifice all undead minions for a powerful nuke.

Lelwanis is a powerful Summon-type carry, who, unlike Scharlach, only needs minions around until she can sacrifice them. Just like Scharlach, Lelwanis benefits from anyone who can continuously pump out more minions (coughGaiolerecough) as the more minions she can sacrifice, the stronger her nuke becomes.

On the other hand, nobody else sacrifices minions, and I’d argue that the extra firepower and bodies they provide are much more valuable than a one-time nuke. Good, but use at your discretion.


gaiolerer dragonheir silent gods


  • Zookeeper.
  • Duplicates summons.

Gaiolere was made with Summon carries like Scharlach in mind. Unlike Scharlach, Gaiolere’s summon is tied to his battle skill. While he summons weaker minions with timed lives, he can call forth a lot of them – thus enabling a lot of shenanigans. If that wasn’t enough, Gaiolere can duplicate and enhance an undead summon, meaning twice the fun and twice the damage.


irzillas dragonheir silent gods


  • Captain skill: 30% ATK.
  • Extends summons, buffs summoners.

Where Gaiolere is the combo enabler, Irzillas is the combo extender. By instantly replacing minions with short-lived skeletons and buffing Summon-type heroes’ ATK, Irzillas ensures that you’ll always be putting pressure on your opponents with your undead army, whether you choose to summon as many guys as possible or sacrifice them all. Again, preferably the former.



isitarian dragonheir silent gods
No, it’s from Trinity.


  • Free dragon at the start of battle!

Isitarian’s main use comes from his powerful Dragon Remnant, a mighty undead minion that he automatically summons at the start of battle. Do note that while he’s thematically linked to Lelwanis, Isitarian is better when it comes to staying power summoners like Scharlach as he has no way to resummon the dragon if it dies or is sacrificed. Even outside of summon compositions though, Isitarian is a good ally – the extra (big) body he brings to the field is very welcome.



zadok dragonheir silent gods
Is not a comic book sound effect.


  • Scales, but nowhere near as good as Scharlach.

Summon-type heroes can get into a lot of shenanigans with their minions, but Zadok easily takes the cake for the most milquetoast bonus. When a summon dies, he gets…4% ATK and some ultimate energy. He’s not bad, just overshadowed by everyone else: he can’t scale as hard and as quickly as Scharlach, he can’t nuke as hard as Lelwanis, and he can’t even do some funny stuff like Premtsa.


joyce dragonheir silent gods
Of course there’s a monster clown.


  • Can be strong but takes a while to get going.

Joyce can be strong in the right circumstances as his summons echo his Mimicry Performance battle skill, leading to a large amount of burst damage on a single target. However, he can’t keep up with the speed of other Summon carries.

Play As You Please!

Dragonheir: Silent Godsmassive hero pool might mean that it’ll be a long time before you get your dream heroes. However, almost every hero is worth using – the real challenge is displaying your skill based on the hand you’ve been dealt. And, ultimately, the important thing in any game is that you’re having fun.

That concludes my tier list for Dragonheir: Silent Gods, and once again, these are my opinions and suggestions, not absolute truths. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this tier list, let me know in the comment section below!


Monday 29th of January 2024

I always check your lineup before investing time and armor in new minions for my Traveler


Thursday 25th of January 2024

Great well thought out list, thanks.