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Marvel Super War Gear Guide: The Best Gears for the Top Champions in the Game

Staying competitive in MOBA games take a lot of practice and effort. While most players can easily pick up and enjoy engaging in matches, aiming to secure more victories and rise up the ranks require some hard work. Naturally, luck has its small role in the outcome of each match, as you will constantly be pitted against a team whose composition is unknown until the match itself, and there will also be uncertainties with regard to your team itself when you pair up with random players.

Despite all that you can still veer the chance of victory more towards your favor. Having a good idea of which role to take by assessing your team’s overall capacity and choosing to go with the hero who can synergize best with everyone. It does not end there, however, as you will also need to get to know each possible hero you will use as well as have a good idea what gears they should go for first.

If you have just began playing Marvel Super War and still on the ropes relative to its core mechanics and features, we highly suggest that you check out our Marvel Super War beginner’s guide for some useful tips and strategies to help you speed through the beginner part of the game and help you understand what to work for moving forward.

marvel super war best gear

If you have little to no experience playing MOBA games before or still have little idea about the character classes in Marvel Super War, we also have our Marvel Super War class guide to help you understand the strengths and limitations of each class. Lastly, if you already have a good idea about the characters and classes you want to play as in competitive matches, you can head on over to our Marvel Super War tier list so you can verify which of your favorite heroes and villains are among our top picks. You may discover that some characters whom you choose to ignore may soon become among your personal favorites once you get to know them better.

Having full knowledge of what each champion can do best, what each character needs to work on, or be ready for goes beyond mastering each skill and strategizing around it. Having a good idea of what gears they need to prioritize over others is a necessary aspect of the game to get ahead of competitive play, if not at least be well within it. In line with our Marvel Super War tier list, we will be listing down our gear picks for these champions. If you have yet to explore how to customize gear sets for your chosen hero or heroes, simply tap on the archive banner at the home screen and click on the item tab. Once there you can select your champion and customize 3 different sets of gears for that character.

Truthfully enough, the default gear sets are okay and as a total beginner, going for it will do you some good. There is also a question of secondary roles you plan on taking for some characters as well as bits of customizations based on what you need in accordance to your playstyle. What we went for is what we feel is best overall and if it does not work for you, then feel free to make some adjustments.

Captain America

marvel super war captain america best gear

As our top pick for the fighter class, Captain America has a great mix of stats and skills suitable for players with varying skill and experience levels. His high mobility and more than decent damage, in combination with his range and skill variety gives you enough to work with both on an offensive stretch and a defensive play. The only potential cause of worry is the relatively low defensive stats, which can be a problem despite his high mobility. Given this scenario, we would go for more defensive items.

For starters, going for Stormbreaker aims to enhance Captain America’s damage by adding 50% attack. Beyond the attack boost, though, Stormbreaker also adds 900 HP as well as reduces cooldown by 15%. Having this gear equipped enables Captain America’s attacks to reduce the armor of enemies he hits by 4% and stacks up to 6 times within 6 seconds. It also grants a movement speed boost of 40% when you move in on the afflicted enemy.

Banking on Captain America’s already impressive movement speed, going for Hydra Boots increases his movement speed further by 50. This also comes with a 90 increase in armor and reduces physical damage taken by 6%.

As a second and final consideration for attack is the Nightsword. It adds 100 to physical attacks and gives the attack following a skill do more damage as well. Beyond the attack upgrade, Nightblade also adds 500 HP and reduces cooldown period by 5%. Again, despite being an attack item, we considered this for the extra boost in HP.

No Captain America should be without his signature shield and as a staple consideration, Captain America’s Shield is a must if you want to tremendously boost Cap’s defense values. On top of the 1000 HP and the 200 armor it provides, the shield’s passive ability of boosting armor whenever the hero suffers damage is great for defensive plays.

As ranged energy damage can be a problem for a mid-range champion, going for Deathly Phantom is a smart choice for Captain America not only for the 220 energy resist but also for the extra 1000 HP it provides. If you have not taken damage for 5 seconds, Deathly Phantom raises up a shield that can absorb 200 energy damage.

Megingjord is a great survival equipment, especially given that we have built Captain America to have lots of HP. Megingjord grants 1600 HP and increases healing received by 30%. It’s passive skill enables you to recover 20 + 3.5% of your missing HP per second when outside of combat. The 3.5% extra health recovery may not seem much to a champion that does not have a lot of HP. With 5 of the 6 gears in this list adding HP, Megingjord becomes the ultimate piece of the set.

Scarlet Witch

marvel super war scarlet witch best gear

Scarlet Witch is our favorite power class character in the game for the simple reason that she is relatively straightforward to use. Keeping your distance while blasting away, though, is never always the case and as much as you would like to always keep your enemies where they can’t hit you back, it won’t always go your way despite best efforts. As such, we prefer to build more than a glass cannon with our hex-powered Avenger and for that we consider giving her a bit of control as well as some defense enhancements.

Casket of Ancient Winters is great to have for any power class champion. It adds 180 energy attack as well as 900 HP to give Scarlet witch a little more defense. What is important for this gear is the passive skill it has which leaves a force field at the target’s location when dealing ability damage to an enemy that reduces movement speed. It can be very useful in many situations both for offensive plays and strategic retreats. In addition, Casket of Ancient Winters gives energy damage you deal an added effect that reduces healing of enemies dealt damage, making it an excellent tool that grants Scarlet witch more control abilities.

Martyr’s Boots is our top pick for movement speed augmentation. On top of the +50 increase in movement speed, Martyr’s Boots also adds 45 to energy penetration to help drill into champions who invest in energy resistance. This is actually a tough choice to pick relative to the Upgraded Hydra Boots but if you are playing as Scarlet Witch, you might as well bank on energy penetration a little more than energy resistance.

The Arc Reactor is also an important gear to have for energy-based champions. It boosts energy attack by 180, adds 100% EP regen, and also reduces cooldown by 15%. As a power class, one of your known limitations is energy and having an Arc Reactor equipped will leave you much less time to use your skills. In addition to the stat bonuses, the Arc Reactor gives you a 20% max EP restoration if you participated in the KO of an enemy and also reduces the cooldown period of your ultimate skill by 10%.

While Wand of Watoomb pushes the amplification of energy attacks a lot, we prefer to go with Loki’s Scepter. Loki’s Scepter may only give an additional 180 increase to energy attack compared to Wand of Watoomb’s +240 and a 35% buff, the scepter further increases energy penetration by 40%.

Another booster to both energy attack and HP is the Darkhold, which gives your champion a +170 energy attack, a +500 HP, and an additional 10% reduction in cooldown. These enhancements also come with a passive skill that gives damage over time equal to 6% of the target’s HP, a great help against tanks and other high HP champions.

Last on our list of gears is a defensive one: Cloak of Levitation. This item gives your champion an additional 900 HP, +180 energy resistance, and also reduces cooldown of skills by 5%. It holds 2 very useful passive skills as well. You can gain automatic immunity from abilities once every 40 seconds and also reduce the nergy resistance of nearby enemies by 60.


marvel super war star-lord best gear

If you enjoy doing hit-and-runs and can handle fast champions well, then investing time to play as Star-Lord should be among the things you are doing in the game. You would have to be carried well, though, to earn credits to fund your numerous gear needs but once set-up, it should be a fun ride. For one, Star-Lord differs from most Marksmen for his dependence on his skills. He is also squishy and needs to work on his defensive stats on top of performing exceptionally with his mobility. As such, banking on his speed and boosting his cooldown and survivability is important.

Our first choice for gears is the Valkyrior Bow. It adds 60 to physical attack, boosts attack speed by 35%, and enables a 10% lifesteal. It also boosts basic attack damage by giving an extra damage worth 8% of the target’s HP.

More for movement speed, we pick Hunting Greaves as the most suitable for Star-Lord. It provides an additional 50 to movement speed and boosts attack speed by 35%.

Moving back to attack gears, we choose to with Stormbreaker. Stormbreaker is packed with stat boosts that Star-Lord needs. It comes with +900 HP, +70 physical attack, and 15% cooldown. As we mentioned earlier, Star-Lord relies more on his skills to do good damage and cooldown enhancements are an important bit for that. The extra HP works well in combination with the HP steal that Valkyrior Bow provides, and the attack boost is a given. Beyond the stats, armor reduction is also important to either set enemies up for a latter assault from him or his teammates.

Going the extra mile as far as armor penetration is concerned, we have Gungnir as our fourth attack gear on the list. Gungnir comes with a +110 physical attack, a 25% armor penetration, and an extra physical penetration of 15%. We may not be banking on boosting physical attack stats as much as we can but with armor penetration, no enemy will become too sturdy for Star-Lord.

Another augmentation for physical attack and a boost to life-steal for increased survivability, Dual Blade is our last gear for Star-Lord. An additional physical attack of 110 and a 25% lifesteal in addition to what Valkyrior Bow provides, Dual Blade also comes with a passive that converts HP in excess of your max HP to a shield that can negate 100 damage.


marvel super war hulk best gear

The top-recommended tank for beginners and experienced players alike, the Hulk is easy to strategize around with regardless of how much you want to bank on his role as a tank or his control skills. In any case, our build for Hulk sticks to the basic necessities and likewise augments his already dominant traits.

First off, we choose Stormbreaker yet again as a buffer for several important stats. The HP boost, physical attack addition, and cooldown reduction works great for any physical damage type champion. Damage reduction especially for up close skirmishes should serve the Hulk well and the occasional speed boost it provides is an added value.

For move speed, we are going for the Upgraded Hydra Boots for a bit of energy resistance and much-needed control reduction. The regular Hydra Boots is also in consideration for the basic armor buff and damage reduction but for versatility and overall effectiveness, we feel that the upgraded version is more suitable for a tank.

More armor and HP should come from Glorious Armor. This gear is perfect for most tanks in the game especially if you want to augment defensive capabilities much further. Glorious Armor is packed with an additional 1000 HP and a boost of 180 to armor. Since it also gives an extra 50 energy damage to nearby enemies, and twice as much for non-heroes, Glorious Armor works perfectly for melee tanks that love close combat like the Hulk.

Boosting Hulk’s tankiness even further, our fourth item pick is again, Captain America’s Shield. On top of the +1000 HP and the +200 armor, the progressive defense enhancement it provides whenever the Hulk takes damage is very valuable especially since tanks are naturally build to soak up damage more than any other role.

Starlight Armor over Glorious Armor and Captain America’s Shield seems like overkill but if you want to stay being the toughest in the field then this ought to be your next pick as well. Starlight Armor comes with +700 HP, +190 armor, and a 10% cooldown reduction. Basic attacks following skill usage also gets a 50 damage boost plus 5% bonus based on max HP.

Having massive HP in any game can only be better with better HP recovery and as such, Megingjord completes our pick as the sixth item on the list. With +1600 HP and +30% boost on HP recovery, this armor’s impact only gets better with a passive that recovers 20 + 3.5% of the hero’s missing HP when not in battle for 3 seconds. Tanks need recovery too and while they may stay in combat longer than any other squad member, there will most certainly be opportunities for health recovery outside of combat.


marvel super war quicksilver best gear

As assassins are best suitable for the jungler role in MOBA games, each champion within the class can be built to specialize more on their jungling capabilities. While the same may hold true for our favorite assassin, Quicksilver, we prefer banking more on his burst damage capabilities, which are essentially convenient as well for jungling purposes. Given that he is rather squishy, we do not consider it as much logial to bolster his defensive capabilities but rather, ensuring that he gets the job done and eliminates every target he gets his sights on.

First off is a basic jungler item, Quantum Rifle. This gear comes with a 120 physical attack boost, a 10% cooldown reduction, and an additional 100% HP regen. It deals extra damage to beasts and improves the wearer’s leech capability.

Though it probably won’t help much in the late game, Hydra Boots can be very helpful early on with its basic movement speed boost of +50 and the added armor of 90. The physical damage reduction will help Quicksilver survive easy jungle mobs as well as enemies that are not built for DPS.

Going in further for added damage is Nightsword. Again, this gear provides a 500 HP buff, +100 physical attack, and a 5% cooldown. The passive skill it provides to quicksilver is more important with the added basic attack damage following skill usage and the movement speed boost.

Banking on burst damage often necessitates taking critical rate into consideration. With Twilight Blade equipped, Quicksilver gains an additional 140 attack and, more importantly, an added 20% critical rate. On top of higher crit chances, Twilight Blade also give his critical hits an extra 10% true damage.

Valkyrior Bow is a recommended gear not just for boosting attack but also for increasing survivability. This gear gives a +60 physical attack, a 35% attack speed boost, and a 10% HP steal for attacks. While the passive works well on all enemies in general with its added damage equal to 8% of the target’s HP, the added 150 damage it can deal to beasts is a much-welcomed treat.

Last on our list is Gungnir, as burst damage may not always be enough to off enemies with tough armor. Gungnir adds another 110 to physical attack and more importantly, gives +25% armor penetration and an extra 15% physical penetration, making those tough cookies on the opposing end of the field a wee bit more vulnerable.


marvel super war groot best gear

The Guardians of the Galaxy mascot is our favorite support character in Marvel super War although we like building more around his control tank side. There really is no point in boosting his offensive stats as Groot will less likely aim to eliminate a target. Beyond sponging damage and debilitating enemies, the way Groot can set enemies up for a massive beating care of his teammates is the purpose you should have in mind. Although some support gears can be selected to provide more assistance to your teammates, we considered banking heavily on boosting Groot’s defensive capabilities.

Captain America’s Shield is again one of our picks to go for when using Groot. The extra armor and HP it provides, topped with increasing toughness whenever you take a hit is important to raise survivability and keep Groot in the field longer.

For move speed, Upgraded Hydra Boots is our choice for the extra +75 energy resist and +30% control reduction. Again, regular Hydra Boots come into mind for the armor bonus but having some extra resistance against power types is what we prefer to go with.

Another huge upgrade to defense stats comes from Glorious Armor. With its +1000 HP and +180 armor, Glorious Armor makes for a suitable item for Groot when he holds enemies in place while they take extra energy damage from its passive skill.

Beyond armor and HP, having Groot able to use his skills more often means needing to reduce cooldown time for him and that is precisely why we choose to go with Starlight Armor. Although the passive skill that comes with it does not have much use for Groot, the +700 HP, +190 armor, and +10% cooldown is all we need from it.

Cloak of Levitation further boosts Groot’s energy resist by 180, along with a +950 HP and a 5% cooldown reduction. The passive skill that grants immunity from a skill once every 40 seconds is good to have, but we enjoy having the aura that reduces the energy resist of nearby enemies by 60. Paired with a power type champion, Groot can set enemies up better for his companion with this gear equipped.

Dealing damage to enemies is far from Groot’s usual objectives but helping a bit out to do so should be a welcomed addition to the support he provides. In addition to the 320 armor given by Vibranium Suit, it also reflects basic attack damage to enemies. Beyond that, the other passive skill we find attractive, especially for Groot, is the 15% attack speed reduction it inflicts on enemies within 450 yards.

Before we go, we would like to remind you that these gear setups are just what we recommend for people who have yet to secure a concrete idea of what to go for with regard to the item setups of their chosen champion. As you engage in more matches and experience different scenarios in combat, you will soon find your own unique set of preferences that better suit your playstyle.

Likewise, these gear guide banks on the idea with each hero playing a particular role and you have played enough matches in the game, you will soon discover that there are as many great gear combinations as there are as many scenarios to encounter. We highly encourage you to test your own combinations as later on, no one will be able to provide you with a better gear line-up than yourself.

That sums up our Marvel Super War gear guide and while we were only able to cover our top favorite heroes for each class, we hope that to some extent it can give you a clear idea of how to choose gears for your favorite champions based on the ones we enumerated. We may still be able to cover gears for other characters at a later time but for now, we hope that some, or at least one, of your favorite characters are among the ones we discussed. It is very possible for you to have a different gear idea for the champions we listed above so if you would like to share them with us and our readers, you are very much welcome to do so through the comment section!